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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 21

Houqing told him, "The Nine Tailed Fox Palace is cold. Take a Warm Pill and be careful not to get a chill."

Xie Xi's mind returned and he looked around. "Your Excelle…"

Houqing's eyes were gentle. "Call me by my name."

Name… what was Houqing's name?

Xie Xi shook his head and Houqing wasn't in a hurry. He whispered softly, "Do you what like. You don't have to be so cautious."

Xie Xi wasn't cautious, he was curious.  In any case, this was a memory that had already pa.s.sed. He wanted to ask directly but was afraid he wouldn't find anything.

Besides, Jiang Xie said that they didn't know their own names. This name was probably just the code name of Houqing.

Xie Xi and Houqing had already reached the main entrance of the Nine Tailed Fox Palace.

There was a snowy fur collar on Nine Tails' cloak which made his skin more jade-like and increased his temperament.

Houqing held Xie Xi's hand and greeted Nine Tails. "How can Brother personally come to welcome us?"

Brother? Houqing and Nine Tails originally had such a relations.h.i.+p?

Xie Xi couldn't help thinking about the dream of the second prince (Nine Tails) in Atlantis. In the dream, he made his brother wear a green hat, bringing his brother's former husband home… well, the second child still had this taste. It was really consistent.

Xie Xi couldn't help wanting to ask Jiang Xie about his secret interests!

Nine Tails' gaze swept over Xie Xi. "You finally went outside so I naturally have to celebrate."

Houqing replied, "There are no big gains."

Once he finished, he introduced Nine Tails to Xie Xi and Xie Xi to Nine Tails.

Xie Xi bowed. "h.e.l.lo, Ancestor Nine Tails."

Nine Tails was very dignified and didn't look different, let alone like he was going to seduce another person!

Houqing held hands with Xie Xi to appease his nervousness. What d.a.m.n nervousness? Xie Xi wanted to raise a shovel when looking at this fox.

The group entered the Nine Tailed Fox Palace and the relations.h.i.+p between Nine Tails and Houqing was decent as they kept conversing.

Xie Xi couldn't add anything and listened attentively. He felt it was very interesting.

The concept of the Demon Sea and Holy Mountain was different. The latter was stiffer and preferred to live in a proper manner. The Demon Sea was more free and slack. These two people were regarded as the demon ancestors but they didn't control manner things. People could come and go freely without restrictions.

Xie Xi's understanding was that status was more distinct on the Holy Mountain. It was more like the Confucian rule. Meanwhile, the Demon Sea was freer and inclined to Taoism.

It was very good and Xie Xi didn't reject it.

Nine Tails had set up a banquet and it was beautifully furnished. After all, it was an ice palace and looked wonderful.

After sitting down, Xie Xi felt that the meal was very abundant and there was one extreme point.

Braised chicken thighs, sweet and sour chicken wings, fried chicken breast, pickled chicken feet, crispy chicken rack…

Foxes, how much do you like eating chicken? Any chickens in the Demon Sea were probably eaten up!

The flower Xie Xi couldn't digest this 'big chicken.'

Nine Tails looked at Xie Xi and told Houqing, "I didn't know you were bringing someone else so I didn't prepare anything."

He paused before asking, "Is he a little demon?"

This statement was very arrogant but Nine Tails' ident.i.ty meant there was nothing wrong speaking to a small rose like this. Houqing smiled. "He is my lover."

Xie Xi's heart shook. It was rare to see such seriousness from the different coloured eyes.

Nine Tails' eyes flashed as he asked, "A rose?"

In fact, NIne Tails could see Xie Xi's body with once glance but there were too many species of flowers and he couldn't distinguish them. After all, there were a few flowers similar to a rose.

Houqing should reply but he actually changed the topic. "He is a bit shy. Brother shouldn't care about him."

Nine Tails replied, "Oh." He looked away like there was nothing exciting and talked about something else.

After a while, Xie Xi held a small jade bottle in his hand. Houqing whispered, "Drink this."

Xie Xi nodded, opened the bottle and sniffed.

Nine Tails looked over again.

Houqing looked up and Nine Tails s.h.i.+fted his gaze.

Xie Xi was aware of it and his heart felt funny.

Sure enough, this fox was pretending. It was a pity that Xie Xi saw through it at first glance.

Xie Xi thought about it. If the memories recorded in the G.o.d's wisdom showed a similar trend, he had to be pried away by Nine Tails. As to how it happened… did he have to make a chance for Nine Tails? Could he really wield this small shovel himself?

Xie Xi glanced over at Houqing and felt strangely distressed.

Old Six was a good person. He was a little angel in the last world, gentle and friendly while always taking care of Xie Xi.

This had already happened a long time ago and Xie Xi could only follow the script. This was the setting created by the souls but he still couldn't help feeling pained.

Xie Xi's heart jerked and he looked over at Nine Tails.

His gaze had just fallen on the person when Nine Tails sensed it and turned around.

This action was too obvious and Houqing wondered, "What's wrong?"

Xie Xi quickly bowed his head while thinking, 'Can't you show a bit less interest?'

Nine Tails seemed to see an illusion and was stunned. "It's nothing."

Houqing glanced at Xie Xi and Xie Xi lowered his head, drinking from the jade bottle in his hand. He seemed to be aware of Houqing's gaze and looked up in a confused manner. "Hrmm?"

Houqing smiled and asked, "Do you like it?"

"It has a good taste."

Houqing told him, "There are other flavours. I'll give them to you tomorrow."

Xie Xi really liked it. This was clear and refres.h.i.+ng and created sensations inside his body. He couldn't help asking, "Can't you give it today?"

Houqing made a fond expression. "Your body can't stand it if you drink too much."

"Okay." He looked down and drank slowly. This was Xie Xi's habit. Once he encountered things he liked, he would swallow it slowly like it would increase the volume.

Nine Tails glanced over and his thin lips twitched slightly.

Houqing smiled. "I have another bottle."

Xie Xi looked at him. "Didn't you say that I can't drink too much?"

"Still, I can give you a taste."

Xie Xi smiled. "It isn't the same flavour?"

Houqing nodded. "It is different."

Xie Xi actually didn't want to drink but he looked at the different coloured eyes and couldn't refuse. "I will taste it and you drink a bit."

Houqing brought out a jade bottle with a different colour. "See which one tastes better."

Xie Xi opened the bottle and smelt the aroma that caused his eyes to light up. "It is a good fragrance."

His sense of smell wasn't the same as when he was a human. He couldn't feel the aroma of meat but was particularly sensitive to the taste of water. This might be indistinguishable from a bowl of water in a human's mouth but a monster could taste most of it.

The taste of this liquid was difficult to describe with human senses but at this moment, Xie Xi really felt that it was delicious.

Houqing whispered, "If you like it, I will prepare more flavours next time."

Xie Xi nodded obediently. He took a sip and handed it over.

Houqing's heart was soft. "It's okay to drink some more."

Xie Xi blinked. Didn't he say that Xie Xi's body wouldn't be able to bear drinking too much?

Houqing explained, "Ah… drink this bottle and don't drink from the previous bottle."

Xie Xi said, "But I lost the bottle lid. I don't want to waste it."

"It's fine. I have a lot of them."

Xie Xi's eyes curved. "It can't be wasted."

He tried to put the lid of the second bottle on the first bottle, so that the unfinished first bottle could be collected.

Houqing finally had to say, "In fact, once this jade bottle is opened, it can't be stored. You can't drink two bottles at a time so pick your favourite one."

Xie Xi was stunned and wondered, "If it can't be stored, why did you open another bottle?"

Houqing, "…"

Xie Xi remembered that in Dream Come True, Jiang Xie had done many similar stupid things. Whenever he bought cakes, he would buy five or six flavours at once. He brought them back and Xie Xi would ask, "How can you and I finish eating all of this?"

Jiang Xie replied, "Who knows which one is your favourite flavour? I bought it all without holding back?"

Xie Xi glared at him. "What a waste!"

Jiang Xie surrendered faster than anyone else. "I won't do it next time."

Next time, he really didn't dare to buy so many cakes in one go but he bought 12 colours of a certain style of clothes of a certain brand. The reason was that Xie Xi looked good wearing them all!

Xie Xi thought this and his heart filled with sweet honey as he looked at Houqing.

The two of them were greasy sweet and Nine Tails had long been expressionless. He cooled the atmosphere with a sentence, "You have a really good relations.h.i.+p.

Xie Xi remembered…

Oh, this was Nine Tails' G.o.d's wisdom and the memory was from Nine Tails. He seemed to have put the cart before the horse.

Houqing seemed to think this outside show of love wasn't good so he sat up straight and started to talk with NIne Tails.

Xie Xi sipped the jade bottle while thinking about business. He had to create an opportunity for Nine Tails or this memory would be wrong. How to create it?

Xie Xi thought seriously and unconsciously drank from the jade bottle. Houqing said he could only drink one bottle but he drank one and a half bottles…

Soon, Xie Xi felt that his stomach wasn't comfortable. He really couldn't drink too much of this thing!

Xie Xi pulled at Houqing's sleeves and Houqing immediately stopped talking to Nine Tails, turning to look at him. "What happened?"

Xie Xi whispered to him.

After his explanation, Houqing was upset. "I wasn't good and shouldn't have brought out two bottles." He shouldn't have let Xie Xi drink too much.

Xie Xi's face reddened. "I will go to the bathroom."

"I'll go with you."

Xie Xi's face turned even redder. "I can do it myself!"

Houqing looked at the jade bottle and was relieved after seeing that Xie Xi had only drank one and a half bottles. "You must tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

Xie Xi nodded and walked through the palace.

He solved his physiological problem and felt that this was probably the turning point.

In the setting, the small rose had drunk too much and unforeseen circ.u.mstances occurred when he went to relieve himself.

In the end, what happened?

Xie Xi intentionally walked in a circle outside and didn't head straight back.

How would Nine Tails avoid Houqing and come out to find him?

Xie Xi couldn't think of an answer. He waited a long time and didn't find a hint of fox fur.

After a long time, he was afraid that Houqing would be worried and had to slowly go back.

He had just reached the door of the palace hall when Xie Xi heard Nine Tails' voice. "This little rose truly looks like him but he doesn't seem like the same person.

Xie Xi stood still. It stood to reason that normal people hearing this would be shattered and want to cry.

However, Xie Xi was unmoved and even felt relieved. He was calculated again.

Nine Tailed Fox, you finally found the courage to wave the small shovel and dig at the wall (seduce the person).

This digging trick was very special and carried the smell of dog blood. He heard Nine Tails say, "You are deceiving him like this. How sad will he be once he finds out?"

Houqing replied slowly, "However, in two or three hundred years, he won't know."

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 22

Two or three hundred years should refer to the life of the rose family. This truly wasn't long for a sacred beast.

Nine Tails cried out, "Do you want to deceive him for a lifetime?!"

Houqing whispered, "Isn't it good? Deceiving him for a lifetime means he won't be deceived."

"No, you are really cruel."

Houqing didn't say anything.

Nine Tails' voice became fiercer. "You are letting him live a lie for the rest of his life. HIs life is a tragedy and will be meaningless!"

Hearing this, how could Xie Xi not understand?

This was truly full of dog blood. The ident.i.ty was unknown but there must be white moonlight in Houqing's heart who couldn't be obtained or died early.

His little rose looked like this person and Houqing loved him as the white moonlight.

As Houqing's brother, Nine Tails naturally saw this with one glance, He felt that his brother was obsessed and was kind enough to come forward. Unfortunately, his younger brother was stubborn.

The rose family had a life span of two or three hundred years. Houqing saying that he could deceive the little rose for a lifetime was truly gentle and cruel.

Letting a person be a subst.i.tute for someone else and not even knowing after death. Living a life that was a lie really caused people's scalps to tingle.

If Xie Xi was really just a small rose flower, he would probably be filled with despair after hearing this.

How good was Houqing to him, how sweet were the two of them and how desperate would the rose be after hearing such a 'truth.'

It was because Houqing's goodness was false. All his words were meant for others and this sweetness would only be for 200 years.

Houqing indulged in his own fantasy, treating Xie Xi as someone else and even planned to lie to him for a lifetime…

It was really too cruel!

Unfortunately, Xie Xi wasn't the small rose. He saw Nine Tails' trick instantly.

All the things in front of him should be illusion magic, not reality.

The reason for his doubts was because the low cultivation Xie Xi could see Nine Tails' illusion but his mind discovered the logic flaws.

How high was Houqing's cultivation? What was his cultivation path?

If Xie Xi could hear the conversation between Houqing and Nine Tails, shouldn't Houqing feel Xie Xi's breath? Houqing felt his breath yet still exchanged such words with Nine Tails?

Lying to Xie Xi for the rest of his life, this was deliberately being spoken to him! The logic was so unreasonable that Xie Xi suspected it was Nine Tails' illusion.

Of course, it was possible that Nine Tails hid Xie Xi's breath so that Houqing didn't notice he came back. After the next set of primers, Houqing told the 'truth.'

The reason why Xie Xi was more inclined to it being an illusion was because in the last world, the sixth prince was a real angel while the second prince (Nine Tails) was a demonic little master. This contrast meant that Xie Xi naturally believed in the angel!

Still, no matter what, the little rose who saw this scene would be unable to think.

He just sweetly sipped the jade bottle and now he heard such a truth. If he could stand still then he must be a strong flower!

Xie Xi didn't rush inside and had to brew his mood.

A subst.i.tute… maintaining his calm while revealing subtle sadness and despair. Not daring to speak because speaking would case his heart pain…

Ah… it was so hard…

Director Jiang, you can act yourself!

By the time Xie Xi entered the room, the conversation between the two of them had turned to different things.

After seeing him come in, Houqing got up and asked, "How do you feel?" Xie Xi was paled and lowered his eyes. "It doesn't matter."

Houwing was upset and held his hand. "If you aren't feeling well, we will go back first."

Xie Xi shook and attempted to pull away before stopping, "Your Excellency…"


Xie Xi moved his lips and spoke in a low voice. "I want to go home."

His voice pulled at both their hearts and Nine Tails even felt a pang of regret…

Houqing frowned. "Are you uncomfortable? I'll take you back."

"I…" Xie Xi bit his lower lip and shook his head.

Nine Tails knew that the home he said was Rose Mountain. This small rose knew the truth and how could he want to go back with Houqing?

Houqing became aware that something was wrong. "What happened?"

Xie Xi barely managed to smile. "Sure enough…I shouldn't be greedy." It seemed that he was talking about his greed in drinking too much.

NIne Tails understood clearly and regretted it so much that he wanted to turn back the clock, so that everything he did before would disappear, so that Xiao Wei would still be sweet with Houqing. Even if… even if…

No, it wasn't really sweet. After all, Houqing didn't deserve him.

Houqing was even more distressed. "It's my fault. I shouldn't have taken out two bottles. Are you very uncomfortable? I'll take you back to rest." He got up and told Nine Tails, "Brother, let's go back first."

Nine Tails nodded. "Yes." No more words were needed. He was afraid that he would rush over and grab at a certain person.

Xie Xi lost his soul and was listless as he let Houqing hold his hand.

In general, Xie Xi wasn't satisfied with this play. She felt that he only acted out 30~40%. However, to deal with a soul, he could only come up with half achievements…

No matter what the souls imagined, Nine Tails' plan seemed to work.

The record in the G.o.d's wisdom was about Nine Tails. Thus, the moment he walked out of the palace to leave with Houqing, he felt a pull, like he popped out of the picture and then entered again.

Xie Xi felt a bit stupid. The moment he opened his eyes, he felt a freezing cold. It was too cold and his petals trembled.

Wait… what petals? Oh, he had turned back into a rose and would soon be frozen in this world of ice and snow.

At this moment, he heard Nine Tails shouting anxiously, "Little Rose, where are you?"

Xie Xi wanted to speak but he was too cold. He couldn't even maintain his human form, let alone open his mouth.

Nine Tails' voice was hoa.r.s.e. "He isn't worthy of your love, he isn't worth it. If you want to go to him, I will send you back. You will…"

At this moment, he finally felt the faint breath of the rose flower that was about to disappear. Nine Tails rushed through the depths of the ice and snow and carefully held the white rose in the palm of his hand.

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