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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 27

Xie Xi was afraid of the souls dying. He couldn't take into account the dazed Red Two and kept running.

Red Two responded quickly and grabbed him.

Xie Xi looked at him anxiously and exclaimed, "Brother Red Two, I really have to pa.s.s. If I let them cause trouble then big things will happen!"

Red Two's soul had returned and he felt complicated. "You are that white rose?"

Xie Xi was afraid of the delay and unceremoniously took off his vest. "I really am."

He said this and there was no doubt about it. Who knew that Red Two would actually sigh. "You say that you are the white rose but how can the gap be so big? One is courageous and fearless while the other is a coward who hides his head."

Xie Xi, "???" What did this mean? He could understand every word but he didn't know how they fit together.

Red Two took his hand. "I can't let you take this risk!"

Xie Xi didn't know if he should laugh or cry. "I really…"

"I know that you want to take the risk for us roses and stop it. However, you can't. Even if you are a white rose, you can't replace him. His sin can only be carried by himself!"

Sure enough, this person's brain was enough to be called two! Xie Xi seriously emphasized, "I really am the white rose, the white rose they are fighting to grab."

Who knew that this vest had a strong glue and couldn't be taken off! Red Two wanted to speak but Xie Xi couldn't wait any longer. He usually didn't show it and everyone really thought he was a weak rose.

Still, don't forget that Xie Xi was a person with the junior qualifications. If he was serious then ordinary people couldn't stop him.

"If you don't believe me, just come with me." Xie Xi didn't shake off Red Two and simply dragged him along.

Red Two exclaimed, "You… you have so much strength!"

Xie Xi was inexplicably reminded of someone's routine: My other place is bigger. What a mess! Sure enough, he should be a follower of the Mohist School.

His face was red as he ran faster. He couldn't let the souls have an accident. Something this bad was dangerous!

Red Two didn't know the little rose was thinking perverted thoughts and was still chattering, "I don't believe you. You are Sage Azure Dragon's fiance. How can you still have time to provoke Nine Tails, Houqing and White Tiger? If you really have this ability, why didn't you give anything to Vermilion Bird?"

Xie Xi paused. "Don't be presumptuous."

Red Two thought he had really 'collected' Vermilion Bird and compromised. "Okay, I will accompany you. It is possible that once the two ancestors see that we are roses, they will listen to our words. It is a good thing if we can stop them."

Forget it. Xie Xi sighed. He was too lazy to explain. In any case, truth and lies would be obvious once Red Two saw it with his own eyes.

Red Two didn't know that his worldview was teetering. He clearly had the opportunity to escape but he came to witness the 'miracle'!

Xie Xi arrived and was shocked by the battle. If there was a G.o.d of war in this war, White Tiger of the Holy Mountain and Houqing of the Demon Sea deserved the name.

Neither of them looked at anyone else. They just stood there but they gave off the momentum of the mountains and rivers.

This was the first time Xie Xi had seen White Tiger in this quasi-world.

Old Gars was actually very meticulous, especially in the first world where he pretended to be a maid and wore women's clothing. In Atlantis, he was a general who constantly won but there was an overly exquisite face under the strong armour. His personality was fierce and he always danced with knives and guns. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any woman who wasn't charmed once he took off the armour.

This time, he wore silver armour with a red cloak flying through the air. His exquisite face was filled with killing intent.

Xie Xi trembled. This Old Three was also good-looking. Speaking of which, he didn't think that the five people would ever look good to him. Now…

If Old Jiang was present, he would probably cover Xie Xi's face with gold. Beauty was in the eyes of the lover, Dear!

After seeing White Tiger, he couldn't help looking at Houqing. He had met Houqing in the G.o.d's wisdom but this was the first time in reality.

Xie Xi took a look and his heart jerked. Houqing's face was white and his different coloured eyes dead. He was clearly standing there but it seemed like his soul had been taken away.

White Tiger shouted angrily, "You're trash."

Houqing didn't say anything.

"Give him to me!"

Houqing was silent and still didn't respond.

White Tiger had the temper of the third child and raised his hand, long knife pointed at Houqing's chest. "Don't hesitate to do something until forced!"

Xie Xi heard these words and basically guessed the situation.

White Tiger thought the white rose was with Houqing but the white rose had long been taken away by Nine Tails.

After Houqing lost the person, he was in a state of despair. Now that he had to face White Tiger's forced questioning, how could he say anything?

This was the so-called 'valuing both equally.' Xie Xi was really pained by Houqing. He was pitiful in Atlantis and this time wasn't much better. First, his lover was dug away by Nine Tails and now he had to face White Tiger's resentment. How miserable was he/

He tried to come forward, only for White Tiger to stab at Houqing's chest.

"Stop!" He hurriedly opened his mouth but it was already too late.

Xie Xi didn't expect that Houqing wouldn't even dodge!

It was true that White Tiger's fighting power went against the sky but Houqing wasn't an ordinary person! He was a person who rivalled White Tiger in strength. How could he not even hide from the knife? Houqing didn't want to hide.

White Tiger turned his head and crimson eyes locked on Xie Xi. Xie Xi's heart jumped. If this gaze could be turned into something real, White Tiger's eyes would be a dense net that tightly bound Xie Xi.

He was stared at like this and couldn't move at all.

Houqing also turned his head. He saw Houqing but there were no fluctuations in the different coloured eyes. It was like a pool of stagnant water, the calm making people feel distressed.

Xie Xi's heart was stabbed and he cried out, "Why didn't you dodge?"

Houqing took a breath and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Was he apologizing for the subst.i.tute matter? Xie Xi didn't care about it at all.

White Tiger pulled out the long blade and demanded coldly, "99, come back with me."

Xie Xi could only manage one person at a time and naturally picked the half-dead one. He didn't look at White Tiger and helped support Houqing. "How are you? Can you stand up?"

White Tiger's veins bulged and his angry voice filled the air. "99, come here!"

His tone was so fierce that he seemed like he was. .h.i.t someone. Xie Xi was afraid of him but didn't turn his head.

White Tiger's voice was on the verge of exploding. "His shadow has been ruined by me and won't live long."

In this quasi-world,  Houqing's setting was a zombie ancestor. His most powerful feature was his undead body. It was actually similar to Xie Xi's puppet but his shadow was stronger and more resistant to a beating.

Previously, the old chief said that the flower G.o.d repaired his three heads and six arms. This was actually Houqing's shadow body. Houqing had two shadows so this was three bodies. Thus, he had three heads and six arms.

The shadow body was killed. For Houqing, this was truly a deadly wound! Xie Xi felt even more anxious. He supported Houqing and wanted to take him back to find a way to save his life.

The white tiger's blade came over, causing Xie Xi's scalp to feel numb! Xie Xi stood in front of Houqing and confronted White Tiger.

White Tiger looked murderous. He was a sage but he seemed more brutal than a demon ancestor. He spoke through gritted teeth, "Do you think I won't dare to hurt you?"

Xie Xi was fearless and stared without blinking.

The atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point and the people watching from dozens of metres away were scared to death.

Would the White Tiger do it? Such a little rose wouldn't be able to stand it!

By all accounts, this was the time Red Two should pop out to save his compatriot. However, he actually couldn't move. Under this amazing momentum, people lost the ability to control their bodies!

Everyone was quiet and shocked by the situation. They felt that the little rose who angered Sage White Tiger was already a dead flower.

Once his anger reached the limit, the White Tiger who seemed to lose his mind suddenly stopped and slammed the long knife into the ground.

They couldn't see how big his movements were but the strength was amazing. The blade struck the ground and cracks opened. It was like an earthquake as an amazing gully appeared and shone with a faint red light. This knife went all the way down to the ground fire section!

Perhaps the force was too big. The long knife shattered and scattered star-like fragments. They were like falling stars in the cold knight. It was shocking and stunning, as if the thing broken wasn't this long knife but… something in the chest.

The white tiger turned and left without looking back.

There was a bad taste in Xie Xi's heart but what could he do? He was only one person and there were two souls. He could only take care of the one in front of him!

Houqing was very weak and his voice was low as he talked to himself. "I'm sorry…"

He repeated these words as if he didn't know what he was apologizing for. Xie Xi put away his emotions and helped him. "I'll take you back!"

Houqing glanced at him, thin lips moving.

Xie Xi stopped him. "Don't say much. I have a way to save you."

Houqing smiled, the tenderness in his eyes making Xie Xi confused on who he really was. "You… always have a way."

His words were too soft and Xie Xi couldn't hear them clearly.

At this time, the 'frozen' Red Two was finally able to move and he chased them. "99…"

Xie Xi told him, "I'll take Lord Houqing back to the palace. You should return to Rose Mountain first."

Red Two gritted his teeth. "How can I leave you alone? I will help!"

In fact, he wasn't useful. Houqing's attendants had already caught up with them.

With their help, Xie Xi could send Red Two back but Red Two insisted on following Xie Xi. Xie Xi thought about it and knew it was time for him to see the truth.

Back in Houqing Palace, Houqing was placed in his room. For Xie Xi's sake, Red Two was treated as a guest of honour by the servants.

Red Two finally noticed that something was wrong. He stayed outside the door and heard the dialogue inside.

Houqing whispered, "Why did you come back?"

Xie Xi told him, "I can't leave you alone."

Houqing was dumbfounded. "You know everything."

Xie Xi whispered, "So what?"

"Nine Tails is good to you. Why are you…?"

How could Red Two not understand after hearing this? He timidly backed away…

G.o.d, 99 didn't lie to him. 99 was truly the white rose. 99 was Azure Dragon's fiance but he took the betrothal gifts of Nine Tails and Houqing and had a cub with White Tiger…

The three views of Red Two officially collapsed!

Xie Xi did this deliberately. At this point, it was impossible to conceal it. Rather than letting the entire rose family be stunned by the worst situation, it was better to let Red Two go back and mentally prepare them. This way, the old chief of the rose family wouldn't be so scared that his soul returned to the ground.

Red Two left and Xie Xi was alone with Houqing. The eyes that had been filled with great sadness came alive. "It hurts."

Xie Xi, "…"

Jiang Xie spoke in a pathetic manner, "My heart was stabbed with aknife, my bones were broken and 80% of my veins destroyed…"

Xie Xi kissed him.

Jiang Xie, "!"

Xie Xi was already at the limit and his face was red. "Is it any better?"

Jiang Xie told him, "My finger bone is good but there are 206 bones, a broken heart and two shadows. If you round up and kiss me 1314 times, it should be…"

Xie Xi cried out blankly, "You can keep being hurt!" Sure enough, it wasn't worth worrying about this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Poor Old Jiang was really powerless this time. Apart from playing a few tricks, he couldn't even handle a few kisses.

Xie Xi's mouth was fierce but he didn't leave this person. He asked, "Is your shadow body gone?"

Since the flower G.o.d could repair three heads and six arms, so could Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie replied, "White Tiger didn't hold back and Houqing didn't resist. It is already fortunate that it is just the shadow."

Xie Xi didn't dare ask about why Houqing didn't resist.

Jiang Xie asked again, "What happened? Explain it to me."

In theory, this was the first time they were meeting and some memories needed to be pa.s.sed along.

Xie Xi explained in full detail while also organizing it for himself.

Jiang Xie was stunned after hearing that Nine Tails was sealed by the G.o.d's wisdom.

Xie Xi asked, "Is Nine Tails okay?" If there was something wrong with the soul then the master should know. Look at Jiang Xie's current situation.

Jiang Xie shook his head. "He is fine."

"But he disappeared into thin air."

Jiang Xie got up and looked past Xie Xi at the G.o.d's wisdom behind him.

Xie Xi followed his gaze. This was Houqing's G.o.d's wisdom and there was also a painting on it. Xie Xi's gaze moved and ink appeared on the scroll.

Jiang Xie wondered, "What do you see?"

"A sea of flowers."

Jiang Xie smiled. "Roses?"

Xie Xi nodded. He couldn't see it but he guessed that it was a sea of roses. A large rose broke free from the vines and lay on the ground like a beautiful fairy descending to the ground.

"Is this where I met Houqing," Xie Xi asked.

"Go in and take a look."

Xie Xi remembered the injury on his body. "Can I change the memory in the G.o.d's wisdom?" The shadow had been completely destroyed and it was impossible to repair it. Xie Xi could only prevent Houqing from being injured.

Jiang Xie wondered, "Why not?"

"Changing the past, won't it affect the present?"

Jiang Xie stared at him and whispered, "Don't be bound by time. There is no limit between the past and the present."

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 28

There were no boundaries between the past and the present? What did that mean?

Xie Xi whispered and repeated it.

"You might understand it better this way." Jiang Xie changed his words. "On the timeline, your position is always the present."

Xie Xi really did understand and it felt like his mind opened. "You mean, there is no past and future?"

Jiang Xie smiled. "Linear time is human imagination. People will die so time continues to pa.s.s, but real time isn't bound by anything. It only exists in the moment."

Xie Xi understood. "However, people use their own way of thinking to understand."

"That's why you only need to use yourself as a reference."

Xie Xi nodded. "I get it!"

He used to go around a dead end. People often thought about a paradox. Changing the past would affect the future, just like the b.u.t.terfly effect. How would the future turn out if there was a slight change in the past?

Now Jiang Xie gave him an answer.

Time didn't exist in the past and the future. The things that individuals experienced was always the present. Even if Xie Xi saw memories of the past in the G.o.d's wisdom, it was still the present for Xie Xi.

With Xie Xi as a reference, time was always the persent. He went to the so-called 'past' but also experienced the 'now.' Since there was no 'past', it didn't matter if he changed the future.

Xie Xi was relieved. "Then I want to stop Houqing from being injured."


Xie Xi still missed Nine Tails and asked, "Is it really fine for Nine Tails to be sealed in the G.o.d's wisdom?"

Today's Jiang Xie was a mysterious old evil. HIs lips curved in a smile. "There is no clear boundary between reality and falsehood."

Xie Xi was stunned and his eyes widened. "This…"

Jiang Xie coughed and covered his chest. "Dear, you really don't plan to kiss me 1314 times to ease my broken heart and bones…?"

Xie Xi glared at him. "I will hit you 1314 times!"

"You want to hit me for a lifetime? Then I can make an appointment for the next life and the next life…"

Xie Xi remembered that 1314 was a h.o.m.ophone for 'lifetime' and wasn't very pleased. "You wait!"

He no longer paid attention to this person and reached out to the G.o.d's wisdom.

Houqing's body was really bad. Despite Jiang Xie's poor mouth, his body was really in pain. The most important thing was to help ease this as soon as possible.

As he entered the G.o.d's wisdom, Xie Xi was still thinking about Jiang Xie's sentence.

'There is no boundary between reality and falsehood.

Did it mean inside the G.o.d's wisdom and outside the G.o.d's wisdom? Or did it mean something else?

The reason Xie Xi didn't ask was because he felt that Jiang Xie also couldn't say it clearly. After all, his contact with this quasi-world was more one-sided than Xie Xi. There were still many things that Xie Xi needed to find the answer to himself.

Xie Xi opened his eyes and was filled with fascinating colours. Where was this? Was this the sea of roses painted in the G.o.d's wisdom?

"Lord Flower G.o.d!" A clear voice was heard and a girl in a goose yellow skirt jumped over. "It's late, let's go."

Wasn't this the G.o.d's wisdom of Houqing? What was this? Where was Houqing?

Xie Xi didn't say anything and the girl blinked. "Lord Flower G.o.d?"

Xie Xi turned to look at her. "Hmm?"

The girl tilted her head and wondered, "Lord Flower G.o.d, do you need to rest?"

This name wasn't a surprise to Xie Xi. In the setting of the quasi-world, he must be the flower G.o.d. He just didn't know how he turned into a white rose.

"It's fine. I was just thinking about something." Xie Xi explained to the girl.

The girl didn't ask much and spoke cheerfully, "Let's go. The flowers are waiting."

Xie Xi had no idea where he was going but the girl said this and he could only follow to explore the background.

It stood to reason that Houqing should be around him, otherwise the memory would jump. However, he looked around and didn't see any different coloured eyes.

The presence of the souls was very high. If he was present, Xie Xi should see him. What happened? The G.o.d's wisdom wasn't the same as before?

Xie Xi temporarily turned off these thoughts and followed the girl outside.

He was in a colourful garden with countless flowers swaying in the wind. The air was filled with fascinating aromas and it was so beautiful that it didn't seem real.

The concerning thing was that there was a wide variety of flowers but no roses. What was going on?

The girl was excited. "This is my first time partic.i.p.ating in the Hundred Flowers Festival. I'm so happy!"

Hundred Flowers Festival? Xie Xi had gone there once in Azure Dragon's G.o.d's wisdom and was injured there. Then he was rescued by Azure Dragon. It turned out that this event originated from the era of the flower G.o.d.

If it was normally like this, the flower festival of this time must be livelier than the later generations.

There was a young man in green pretending to be an adult. "You little jasmine who has never seen the world!"

It turned out that the girl was a jasmine. However, wasn't jasmine mostly white? Why was she goose-yellow?

Well, normally jasmine didn't turn into pretty girls He shouldn't pursue these details.

The little jasmine cried out angrily, "Little daisy, you only partic.i.p.ated once!"

Xie Xi, "…" It turned out this green person was… hey, a daisy.

The little daisy retorted. "When I attended the Last Hundred Flowers Festival, you hadn't transformed yet."

"So what if I hadn't transformed? I am now more powerful than you!"

The little daisy's soft belly was poked. "If you weren't around the flower G.o.d every day…"

The two flowers kept arguing. A woman in white who was obviously older arrived and interrupted them. "What is this noise? How can you act so unruly in front of the flower G.o.d?"

Her words caused the two small flowers to stop. They timidly shrank towards Xie Xi and said, "Sister Magnolia."

The white magnolia bowed to Xie Xi. "Don't be too lenient on them. They are becoming increasingly impudent." She stared at the two flowers as she spoke.

Xie Xi waved his hand. "It's fine."

The two flowers beamed and Magnolia sighed. "Lord Flower G.o.d, you are really too kind."

The flowers came forward again and laughed innocently. "Lord Flower G.o.d is the best!"

Xie Xi didn't have a friendly personality. He didn't like being around many people and usually stayed alone.

Looking at his situation, the flower G.o.d was lively. He had to be like this for a while and… he really didn't hate the little jasmine and daisy.

The group walked out of the garden to the hustle and bustle outside.

The so-called Hundred Flowers Festival, just listening to these words felt colourful and gorgeous. Once it was actually seen, he realized that all adjectives were pale and weak in front of such beauty and colour.

There was no limit to a human's imagination but this bustling appearance wasn't something that an average person could sketch out.

Xie Xi appeared and all the flowers dressed in costumes bowed. Their clear and melodious voices greeted him, "I greet Lord Flower G.o.d. May Lord Flower G.o.d be prosperous and live forever."

Xie Xi saw this and paused slightly. "Get up."

Magnolia came forward and named people one by one. The named flowers were full of joy and sat on a white jade chair in excitement.

Xie Xi heard Magnolia say, "This might be the Hundred Flowers Festival but there are endless flowers in the world. Those on the list shouldn't be too proud. You should continue to work hard to find your place in the flower world."

Xie Xi also knew this. This practice was pa.s.sed onto later generations but unfortunately, there was no longer a gift from the flower G.o.d. It was fixed at 100 flowers.

At this time, the roses didn't seem to have a seat and were considered 'wildflowers.'

The party started and the flowers showed their talents.

Xie Xi was quite interested because the flowers were simple. Their compet.i.tion was also simple and rough. Good was good and bad was bad. The flowers didn't hesitate.

The flowers that received bad reviews weren't annoyed and only spoke in an ashamed manner, "I will work harder next time."

Xie Xi gave a few words of encouragement and the flowers praised him again, calling him kind and affectionate. The flower G.o.d was the only belief in the flower world.

Xie Xi had been paying attention but he didn't see any different coloured eyes among the flowers.

In the present world, Houqing was the ancestor of zombies. What about this memory? Was he already a little zombie?

Xie Xi didn't find any other species among the flowers.

At the end of the Hundred Flowers Festival, Xie Xi didn't have any unexpected discoveries. Was Houqing hiding in this Hundred Flowers Festival, secretly watching him but never showing up?

He was truly a pitiful little thing. How was Xie Xi going to find him? Xie Xi was worried.

The Hundred Flowers Event ended and on the way back, the small jasmine suddenly said, "The rose family weren't seen again this year."

The little daisy replied, "There is no way. If the rose family doesn't transform then they can't enter."

Xie Xi's mind moved and he told him, "You go back first. I have something to do."

The little jasmine hurriedly opened her mouth, "Flower G.o.d, where are you going? We will follow and wait!"

These two little flowers just wanted to play. Xie Xi thought about it and it didn't matter. "Come on, let's go to Rose Mountain."

The two flowers glanced at each other. "Your Excellency is so kind."

Xie Xi, "???" He just wanted to find Houqing. What were these two flowers thinking?

The little jasmine said, "The roses will definitely be grateful to you."

The little daisy smiled. "Yes, when Lord Flower G.o.d came to our Daisy Mountain, I opened my wisdom and became an adult."

The little jasmine yelled at him, "You told me you transformed with your own strength!"

The little daisy gave it away but refused to back down. "O-Of course is it with my own strength. To be seen by Lord Flower G.o.d is based on my strength!"

Xie Xi didn't interject and let them continue. In any case, it didn't hinder him. In the present time, Rose Mountain was very different. The painting on the G.o.d's wisdom was really the scenery of Rose Mountain.

There was a large sea of roses but none of them had transformed to a human form. Xie Xi approached the sea of roses, thinking about how to find Houqing…

Then the little jasmine blinked repeatedly. "Is that a child?"

The little daisy wondered, "Has someone in the rose family finally transformed?"

Xie Xi looked over and saw a small child standing on a small vine. At this time, the small child looked over, the different coloured eyes s.h.i.+ning as beautifully as two clear gems.

Xie Xi was stunned. He never thought he would see such a small Houqing!

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