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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 33

Give these five children names and acknowledge their existence, while at the same time, the flower G.o.d would disappear?

Did the flower G.o.d in the future disappear because he gave them names?

Xie Xi had no reason to hesitate. He must give them names or they wouldn't survive the hundreds of years to meet him again.

Moreover, he had to acknowledge their existence.

They weren't Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Nine Tails or Houqing. They were… Jiang Xie.

Unfortunately, Xie Xi couldn't say anything at this moment. There was a burst of dizziness and he fell into darkness.

There seemed to be someone talking in his ear as he experienced a long dream. The voice of a young child, a bird chirping, noisy bickering…

Later, these sounds slowly faded away. The tender and young voices became pleasing to the ear while the bird chirping became a charming teenage voice…

How long did he sleep? Xie Xi didn't feel relaxed when he woke up. He felt like he awakened from a deep nightmare and didn't know what day it was.

The full adult daisy cried out in a choked manner, "Lord Flower G.o.d, you woke up!"

Xie Xi turned to see a slender and graceful green daisy. He opened his mouth and spoke in a light voice, "You are an adult. How can you cry?"

The dairy wiped his tears and cheered up. "Your Excellency, please wait while I tell everyone. They will definitely be happy."

Needless to say, the jasmine, magnolia and other flowers entered and had red eyes when they saw Xie Xi. The jasmine was speechless from crying.

Xie Xi told them, "I was just sleeping. How can you all cry?"

The jasmine sobbed out, "You slept… for 15 years."

He guessed that he had slept a long time but he was still startled when he heard this number.

15 years…

They had all grown up. He promised to give Jiang Xie a brand new childhood but he slept like this. It was too shameful.

The magnolia was the calmest and she reprimanded the jasmine. "Why are you crying? You should be pleased that Lord Flower G.o.d woke up!" Even so, there were tears in her eyes.

Xie Xi looked around and didn't see the five little ones.

The magnolia hurriedly explained, "Houqing and the others are in the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea. I have sent people to inform them."

Xie Xi got out of bed. "Okay." He didn't know how long he would be awake so it was better to see them as soon as possible.

The first to come back was Houqing. 15 years ago, Houqing had looked around 8 or 9 years old. Now that 15 years had pa.s.sed, he had gone through the youthful period and had grown into a handsome and extraordinary man.

Light was shadowing Houqing so his face couldn't be seen clearly, but his clenched fists and trembling shoulders exposed his emotions.

Xie Xi's heart was pained. He slept while they waited 15 years.

"You're so big." Xie Xi opened his mouth, voice filled with nostalgia.

Houqing adjusted his mood while coming over. The tension and uneasiness were buried in his heart. Xie Xi would be deceived by this calm appearance if he hadn't known Houqing too well.

"You are still like a child." Xie Xi touched him on the forehead. "Show it if you are excited."

Houqing held his hand, countless emotions filled his eyes as he expressed only a bit of his shock. "You are awake."

Xie Xi sighed. "I'm sorry, I…"

There was a bang and the door directly turned into wood chips.

Xie Xi blinked and saw the man standing in the dust. He was generally the same height as Houqing but his facial features were more refined. However, the delicate appearance was suppressed by his fierceness.

Um.. the grumpy tiger had grown into a mad young man.

Xie Xi helplessly wondered, "Did my door provoke you? Why did you smash it?"

White Tiger appeared beside Xie Xi's bed in the next moment. His brow was wrinkled but his tone was pitiful. "How long do you want to sleep? Will you sleep until I get married and have children?"

Xie Xi found this funny. "What? You already want to get married and have children?"

White Tiger suddenly looked up. His gaze was very fierce but his words became, "Don't sleep in the future!"

Houqing glared at him. "What nonsense are you saying?"

White Tiger muttered, "The more he sleeps…"

Houqing's eyes sharpened and White Tiger unexpectedly shut up. If it wasn't for his ears' absence, Xie Xi suspected that he would see two drooping tiger ears.

Xie Xi smiled. "Have you taken care of your brothers?"

Old Six was a responsible big brother and with Old Three there, Xie Xi could feel at ease.

Houqing kept holding his hand and explained warmly, "They are all very good. 10 years ago, Azure Dragon transformed. After two years, Nine Tails and Vermilion Bird also gradually transformed."

Xie Xi had long guessed it but he still felt some regret. The children had grown up but he couldn't see it!

White Tiger opened his mouth. "I don't know where they have run off to. I will go and bring them back."

Xie Xi shook his head. "There is no hurry, wait for them…" He hadn't finished when he felt a gus.h.i.+ng feeling and he couldn't stop his cough.

By the time he stopped coughing, the handkerchief was bright red. Houqing and White Tiger's faces were frozen, as nervous as if they were facing the end of the world.

Xie Xi put away the handkerchief. "Don't tell anyone."

White Tiger couldn't resist. "What is wrong with your body?"

"I'm old and a bit sick."

White Tiger frowned. "You are a G.o.d. How can you be troubled by old age and illness?"

Xie Xi gazed at him with gentle eyes. "I am Xie Xi."

White Tiger was stunned.

The clearly panicked Houqing had no colour in his lips but he stayed strong and calm. "If you are tired, sleep for a while." This was very pitiful. Houqing preferred to watch Xie Xi fall asleep rather than be in greater danger.

Even if this sleep lasted decades, he didn't mind as long as Xie Xi was still there.

Xie Xi shook his head. "I'm not sleepy and there is still work to do."

Houqing protested, "How can it compare to your body?"

Xie Xi smiled and asked, "What's wrong with my body?"

Houqing was silent.

Xie Xi told White Tiger, "Go and bring the G.o.d's wisdom."

"Okay." He went and came back like the wind, bringing the G.o.d's wisdom with him.

It was different from before. Since Xie Xi's name appeared on the cover, it seemed to be detached from time. It didn't become old no matter how much it was read.

Perhaps it was just a paintings book before and became the G.o.d's wisdom when it was given a name.

Xie Xi's lips curved and he told the white tiger, "Change back to your body."

White Tiger was surprised. "Huh?"

"I want to see what you look like grown up," Xie Xi urged.

The fierce white tiger was like a kitten towards Xie Xi. "We have to go outside."

"Okay, go to a s.p.a.cious place."

They went to the garden.

In the large flower sea, Xie Xi leaned lazily on a bamboo chair, his thin body looking like it would turn into petals and fly away with the wind.

Houqing couldn't help putting a blanket on his legs. Xie Xi glanced at him. "I'm fine."

Houqing didn't speak and gave him a pillow for his waist. Xie Xi smiled and didn't say anything more.

White Tiger changed back. Xie Xi was psychologically prepared but his eyes still brightened. "Beautiful!"

The pure white tiger had extremely beautiful body lines. The unfolded white wings added elegance and dominance, making people marvel at the magic of the creator.

White Tiger whispered, "It's handsome."

Xie Xi changed his words. "Yes, very handsome."

White Tiger raised his tail.

Xie Xi m.u.f.fled a laugh. "Stay still and don't move."

White Tiger asked, "What are you doing?"

Xie Xi took out a pen and paper and drew him.

Once he finished, White Tiger came over and became a slender young man. He looked over and asked, "My portrait?"

"It's mine."

This was a bit strange to hear but it caused White Tiger to raise his head like his tail. The painting was of a white tiger but the portrait belonged to Xie Xi.

White Tiger's mood was particularly good. "How did you think of drawing me?"

Xie Xi stared at the portrait and smiled. "Because you are very handsome."

White Tiger stared at him with hot ears.

Houqing interrupted, "Go back to the house. It is cold outside."

Xie Xi glanced at them and asked, "Do you want your own name that belongs to you?"

Both of them were stunned. Xie Xi wrote the word 'White' on the portrait of the white tiger.

The second word hadn't been written when Houqing suddenly grabbed his hand. "Don't do it."

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 34

"Don't do it?" Xie Xi glanced at him and joked, "The name White is too hard to hear."

Xie Xi was joking but Houqing and White Tiger didn't smile at all. Houqing told him, "We don't need names so it's fine."

Xie Xi wondered, "Didn't you want them before?"

"At that time, we were small and not sensible."

Xie Xi stared at the portrait of White Tiger and whispered, "What do you know?"

Houqing didn't speak. White Tiger's tone wasn't very good. "The name doesn't matter. Don't draw anymore in the future." Then he bent and picked up Xie Xi.

"Eh?" Xie Xi was startled and stared at this silly tiger. "Why? In addition, put me down."

White Tiger told him, "Go back to the house. It is cold."

"I can go by myself."

White Tiger retorted, "Why? You are as light as a petal."

Xie Xi felt that his dignity as a father had disappeared. He had been sleeping for 15 years and became lighter!

They returned to the house and Xie Xi questioned them, "What are you so nervous about? I'm just getting older…"

The two people glanced at each other and Houqing's eyes were serious while White Tiger looked fierce. Then they spoke in unison, "Don't say that! You're not old at all!"

Xie Xi, "…" He really felt like he took one step into the tomb.

"What are you panicking about? I have lived longer than both of you."

In fact, Xie Xi's words were just a bluff. No one knew how long the flower G.o.d had lived. The only thing certain was that they couldn't imagine it. Their short life was like the blink of an eye in front of the flower G.o.d. Xie Xi said he lived longer than them and they believed it.

Houqing's demeanour became much more soothing, "…I just hope that you can sleep less."

White Tiger added, "You slept for 15 years. The next time you sleep, I will be dead when you wake up…"

Xie Xi glared at him. "Nonsense!"

He said he was old and they didn't listen. They tried to persuade him and he couldn't hear anymore.

White Tiger muttered, "Then you will…" His voice was very low and awkward. It was amazing since it didn't fit his personality. "Spend more time with us."

Xie Xi's heart instantly softened into water. He looked at the painting in his hand before rubbing White Tiger's head and whispering, "Okay."

The sky was getting dark when Azure Dragon came back. He was still young when they first met and now that he saw Xie Xi, his indigo eyes were filled with amazement.

Xie Xi was aware of it and felt moved. Yes, at the time, Azure Dragon had been too small and his angle of view was limited. It was estimated that he didn't see Xie Xi's appearance.

However, shouldn't Azure Dragon have visited when Xie Xi was sleeping? Perhaps he looked different awake compared to when he was sleeping?

Xie Xi didn't quite understand.

Azure Dragon's emotions were hidden very quickly. He bent down and bowed. "Lord Flower G.o.d." It was a clear tone with a youthful air.

Xie Xi's eyes curved and he smiled. "Come over and let me see you."

This was the first time seeing Azure Dragon's human form and wanting to see it was normal.

Azure Dragon approached and stared into his eyes. Well… 189 centimetres was already really tall!

Xie Xi's heart itched. "Can you change back to your body to let me see?"

Houqing and Azure Dragon immediately cried out, "Don't draw."

Xie Xi smiled. "These brothers are too unseemly. You just allowed me to draw you but you won't allow me to draw your brother?"

Azure Dragon frowned. "You just woke up and need to rest. Drawing is laborious."

Xie Xi wasn't happy. "You have grown up and your wings are hard. You aren't even willing to show me your body."

He slightly lowered his voice and one tiger and dragon became nervous. Azure Dragon replied, "You can see whatever you want, just…"

Xie Xi interrupted. "Don't draw?"

The three men nodded. Xie Xi knew it wasn't easy to fool them and ended up saying, "What are you afraid of? You have existed for a long time so how can I draw another one of you into existence?"

The words stunned all three people. In particular, Houqing's thin lips trembled. "Sure enough, you drew the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea."

Xie Xi, "…"

It was too difficult to explain, whether it was true or not. White Tiger and Azure Dragon's demeanours were very solemn as Azure Dragon asked, "Did you sleep for so long because of the creation of the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea?"

Xie Xi answered, "Sort of."

The trio were unanimous. "Why create them?"


How to explain it…

If there were no Holy Mountain and Demon Sea, where would the sages and demon ancestors in the future come from?

Without them, where did this world come from? Where did the roses come from and where did the flower G.o.d come from?

"Is it for us?" The three people already had the answer. The outside world was chaotic and there were evil things, but those in the flower world didn't have to worry about that. The flower G.o.d and flowers could stay in the flower world without worrying about the things happening outside.

Then the flower G.o.d painted the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea, painting a different world and creating a new world for them.

During these 15 years, they travelled all over the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea, looking at the gra.s.s and trees, the mountain and the water. They thought that everything came from the flower G.o.d's pen and only had admiration and awe in their hearts.

Xie Xi asked a seemingly unrelated topic. "Do you believe in fate?"

None of the three could answer. Xie Xi told them, "Don't believe in it. You just have to believe in yourself."

This was to leave a path for them in the countless years in the future. Xie Xi still painted Azure Dragon's body and then caught the nine tailed fox.

He already had the ill.u.s.tration of Nine Tails but it didn't matter. He still drew it to the same standards. Houqing's painting was already done so he was always a human. Xie Xi didn't need to look to draw Houqing.

As he drew, the four people were worried that he would fall asleep again. Fortunately, Xie Xi's state was very good and showed no signs of exhaustion.

He also loved these drawings. He couldn't help staring at them and the people gradually let go of their worries.

Xie Xi knew that he wouldn't 'disappear' as long as he didn't' write their names.

The bird was the last one.

Vermilion Bird was the youngest and the time he had transformed into a human was also the shorted. His impression of Xie Xi was slightly shallow and he flew further away. After receiving the news, he flew for three days before returning.

It was supposed to be this day and Xie Xi was very excited, so he decided to have a party.

Nine Tails and Houqing went to prepare food, Azure Dragon and White Tiger went to get some fresh things and the bored Xie Xi sunbathed in the garden.

He flipped the alb.u.m in his hand with a faint smile.

Then there was a fascinating bird song and a red light crossed the sky before a teenager in gorgeous feathered clothes fell in the sea of flowers.

Xie Xi looked up and thought this little bird had really returned. The teenage Vermilion Bird didn't chirp like he did as a child. He was beautiful and graceful.

His facial features were most like Jiang Xie and when Xie Xi thought about Jiang Xie having such a young appearance, he couldn't help smiling.

He was about to greet the other person when the bird came over himself, eyes full of surprise. "Who are you?"

Xie Xi, "……"

"You look beautiful." Vermilion Bird bent down and stared at Xie Xi. After watching for a while, he seriously suggested, "How about marrying me?"

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 35

Marry him? How about killing him, this unfilial son!

Xie Xi stared at him. "Don't you know me?"

Vermilion Bird was still young when Xie Xi fell asleep but Xie Xi didn't believe that his 'brothers' wouldn't take the small bird to see him. Vermillion Bird saw the sleeping flower G.o.d so why didn't he recognize Xie Xi?

It was really Vermilion Bird's mistake but it wasn't because Vermilion Bird was blind. It was that Xie Xi with closed eyes was very different from Xie Xi with open eyes.

It was said that the eyes were the windows to the sou. In this mysterious world, the meaning became even more realistic.

In the strange body, there was only one pair of eyes that really touched the heart.

The appearance and body were beautiful but there wasn't much difference in the bird's eyes. It was the eyes that connected all species, allowing them to look into the heart.

It was like the current Vermilion Bird as well as Azure Dragon and Nine Tails. They all had a very shallow impression of the flower G.o.d, only remembering that he was very gentle and sounded good. As they grew up, they only saw the beautiful sh.e.l.l sleeping and didn't miss him like White Tiger and Houqing.

Then once Xie Xi woke up, their eyes met and the love that touched the soul flowed through their body like hot magma. This was the so-called love at first sight.

“Do we know each other?" The teenage Vermilion Bird laughed. "No wonder why I think you're familiar."

Xie Xi's mouth twitched as he asked, "Do you really not remember me?"

"I remember." Someone's poor mouth was ingrained deep into his bones. "My lover of a past life should be recorded on my heart."

Xie Xi, "……"

The teenage Vermilion Bird watched him closely and couldn't help rejoicing. "I think you aren't the lover of my past life…"

Xie Xi heard a familiar routine. Sure enough, the teenager smiled and revealed little tiger teeth. "You should be the lover of my dreams!"

Xie Xi had listened to these words a lot. Apart from some sweetness in his heart, there were no fluctuations on the surface. "Oh." They were indeed dream lovers. In Atlantis, he married the fifth prince (Vermilion Bird) in his dream.

Vermilion Bird continued, "Don't think that I'm casually speaking. Us birds are faithful and we only propose to one person in our lives. If you don't like me, I will never marry anyone else."

So scary. Xie Xi was frightened by him and replied, "Then don't marry anyone."

A thick skin was also engraved into the soul. The teenage Vermilion Bird cried out happily, "Yes, I'll only marry you!"

Xie Xi, "…"

What was this terrible listening comprehension?

At this time, White Tiger and Azure Dragon came back. They followed people and arranged supplies for the party not far away. Once they saw Vermilion Bird, they put the things down and walked over.

Vermilion Bird saw his two brothers and smiled even wide. "I will introduce you…"

White Tiger and Azure Dragon were stunned. What was this introduction? Shouldn't they be introducing him to Xie Xi?

Xie Xi wanted to save the little bird's life. Then he thought about it and realized that this naughty child should suffer a bit. Thus, he gave up.

He only listened as the teenage Vermilion Bird spoke with enthusiasm. "This is my sweetheart. I'm ready to marry him in a few days. Oh yes…" He glanced at Xie Xi and asked, "What's your name?"

Wanting to marry someone without even knowing their name? Little chicken, were you crazy or stupid?

Xie Xi didn't want to talk. White Tiger instantly blew up and picked up Vermilion Bird by the clothes. "What did you say?"

Vermilion Bird was startled by him and glanced at Azure Dragon to ask for help. However, Azure Dragon's demeanour was scarier than White Tiger. His indigo eyes were ice cold.

Vermilion Bird was worthy of being X's soul and couldn't be scared to death. He raised his head and declared, "He is my sweetheart. I proposed to him and…"

White Tiger unceremoniously punched his lower abdomen.

Vermilion Bird caught on fire. "What are you doing?"

White Tiger had a temper and dared to beat anyone apart from Xie Xi. "I'm beating you up."

Vermilion Bird wasn't still. After taking the punch, he opened the distance and raised a fighting posture.

White Tiger had high fighting power and a lot of experience. He wasn't afraid of this chicken with no hair.

The tiger and bird smashed together in a ball and Xie Xi started his daily appreciation of Old Jiang hitting himself.

Vermilion Bird was beaten up by White Tiger and after his defeat, he started to ask for help. "Azure Dragon, you are just watching him bully me! Are you my brother?"

Azure Dragon's lips slightly curved. "I'll help."

Vermilion Bird was happy at the thought of being rescued. Unexpected, Azure Dragon came up to him and punched him.

Vermilion Bird, "???" He was really at a loss. If he was a child, he would be overwhelmed.

Azure Dragon did help but it wasn't helping Vermilion Bird. Instead, he helped White Tiger clean up the small and broken bird.

Xie Xi felt it was almost too much and was about to stop them when there was a yell in the distance. "What is this?"

Houqing and Nine Tails had come back. Houqing was worthy of being the boss. The moment he frowned and spoke in a reprimanding voice, Azure Dragon and White Tiger stopped.

The poor beaten up Vermilion Bird was lying on the ground.

White Tiger was still angry. He thought about what this b.a.s.t.a.r.d said and wanted to kill the bird! Azure Dragon also looked sullen. His fire had been suppressed but he was in the mood for roast chicken.

Houqing came over and examined Xie Xi first. After seeing that Xie Xi was fine, he asked Azure Dragon and White Tiger, "What happened? You're not children anymore and shouldn't mess around."

White Tiger turned his head and snorted. Azure Dragon glared at Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird was wronged and quickly complained to his big brother. "They inexplicably hit me!"

Houqing knew White Tiger's temper and glanced at Azure Dragon instead. Azure Dragon glanced at Vermilion Bird and didn't say anything.

Vermilion Bird mentioned it himself. "I introduced my sweetheart to them and they started to hit me!"

Xie Xi thought… 'Little bird, I'm afraid you will be hit again by your brothers.'

Houqing frowned slightly and asked, "What sweetheart?"

The young and eager Vermilion Bird wasn't afraid of White Tiger and introduced Xie Xi as his future husband.

In an instant, the entire sea of flowers solidified. The swaying petals and blowing breeze all stopped!

Houqing's voice was as cold as the abyss of h.e.l.l. "What did you say?"

Vermilion Bird repeated it. "I want to marry him. None of you can stop me!"

Nine Tails shouted, "I should've eaten you that year!"

They hadn't played against),  each other in the past few years. One loved poultry and the other was poultry (not). It would be strange if they could get along with each other.

Vermilion Bird ignored up and stood up for Xie Xi. "I will…"

Houqing interrupted him. "Do you know who he is?"

"It doesn't matter who he is, I will…"

White Tiger growled, "He is the flower G.o.d!"

The moment these words were spoken, everyone stared at Vermilion Bird. If it wasn't for the more than 10 years of sentiment, they would tear him to pieces and use him as fertilizer!

He dared to insult the flower G.o.d. Dying once wasn't enough!

Xie Xi was very sorry that the good show was over.

Who would expect that Vermilion Bird wouldn't act according to common sense? Once he knew Xie Xi's ident.i.ty, he was only surprised for a moment before acting tough. "What about it? He is the flower G.o.d but I still want to marry him. I just like him and my life partner can only be him!"

Even Xie Xi was stunned by this.

The 15 or 16 year old teenager had a childish voice but his words were touching.

It was a rough straightforwardness but it was also sincere and heartwarming. Liking a person was an extremely complicated and simple thing.

It could be complicated because of a trepidation to move forward or it could be simple as having infinite courage just because they liked someone.

Vermilion Bird's bold declaration was a boulder that smashed into the hearts of the other four, evoking the feelings that they desperately hid and blocked.

What type of feelings did they have for Xie Xi? It was no different from Vermilion Bird.

It was just because of the aura of the flower G.o.d and the ident.i.ty of their adopter… these tedious and mundane things made them suppress it.

Vermilion Bird's nonsense awakened the flames in their hearts, letting long-rooted emotions grow wildly and become a tree that supported their souls.

Xie Xi's heart thumped and he had a bad feeling.

Outside of the G.o.d's wisdom, he was pedalling on five boats. Please let go of this dying man inside the G.o.d's wisdom!

Xie Xi told them, "Don't worry about it, he is still young."

Vermilion Bird frowned. "I don't care who you are. I like you and will marry you!"

Xie Xi's eyebrows gathered together. "You are only 15 or 16 years old? What do you know about liking someone. Think about these issues when you grow up."

Vermilion Bird's eyes brightened. "Then will you marry me when I'm an adult?"

Xie Xi, "…" This bird, if he continued then he really would be killed by his brothers!

Houqing made a rough transition. "We are all together and the table is set up. Let's go eat."

Xie Xi nodded.

The five people all shared the same mood. The flower G.o.d… couldn't be taken away by anyone.

There were no disputes over the seating. Xie Xi had the first seat, Houqing was on his left and White Tiger on his right, then they were arranged according to age.

Vermilion Bird was the youngest and was furthest away from Xie Xi. He was very unhappy but he couldn't do anything lest he be turned into firewood.

A good party became a wake-up meeting. The souls were obsessed and Xie Xi could easily guess what they were thinking about.

Xie Xi's hands itched and he wanted to smash the small bird. It was this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d who disturbed the 'spring water' of the four lakes!

From this day on, Xie Xi's days started to heat up. The brothers who were supposed to get along with each other wanted to get rid of each other to be alone with Xie Xi.

Early in the morning, Xie Xi had just gotten up Azure Dragon arrived and told Houqing, "Something is going on in the Demon Sea. Shouldn't you go and see?" Since discovering that the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea were created by Xie Xi, they started to guard it.

Houqing and Nine Tails were responsible for the Demon Sea and White Tiger and Azure Dragon were responsible for the Holy Mountain. Vermilion Bird wasn't in harmony with Nine Tails so he was inclined to run to the Holy Mountain.

At this time, Houqing didn't think too much and thought something really happened to the Demon Sea. Thus, he left after saying goodbye to Xie Xi.

Azure Dragon had just sat down and the jade dew hadn't been poured yet when Nine Tails entered. "You have to quickly go to the Holy Mountain. White Tiger has lost his temper again."

Azure Dragon had used this trick to send people away and hesitated.

Nine Tails added, "White Tiger is really angry. The black teeth monsters on the Holy Mountain have already been wiped out by him. How can ordinary beasts stand it?"

His words were reasonable and Azure Dragon had to put down the jade dew and tell Xie Xi, "I will go and see."

Xie Xi nodded.

After a while… White Tiger who supposedly lost his temper on the Holy Mountain appeared. The panicked Nine Tails was quickly exposed. Xie Xi glanced at him and wanted to ask…

Nine Tails apologized. "I made a mistake. I will go and call Azure Dragon back."

There was a smug smile on White Tiger's face. Xie Xi understood and knew that White Tiger must've been hiding outside since the morning, waiting for Nine Tails to send Azure Dragon away before coming in to break down Nine Tails' lie.

They acted out such a scheming play that the emperor expressed his desire to dissolve the harem!

For half a year, Xie Xi lived leisurely. Unlike the fighting in the Ming Dynasty, these five only acted in the dark. They were afraid to let Xie Xi know their feelings and could only secretly act. You calculate me, I calculate you, no one dared to overturn the table.

Oh, except for Vermilion Bird… Vermilion Bird shouted every day that he would marry Xie Xi when he grew up.

At first, the other four were nervous. Once they saw Xie Xi's calm face and his indication that he didn't take the child seriously, they felt relieved and thought Vermilion Bird was too childish. He wasn't compet.i.tion and the other three were more difficult.

Xie Xi lazily accompanied them for more than three years until Vermilion Bird came of age.

Once Xie Xi wrote down the names of these five people, his mood was very complicated.

Who would've thought? The disappearance of the flower G.o.d was to escape marriage!

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 36

It had been a while and Xie Xi had long thought of the names for the five people.

In fact, he didn't deliberately think of them. They just naturally appeared in his mind.

Under the domineering Azure Dragon ill.u.s.tration, Xie Xi wrote Long Yin (Dragon Secret).

Under the arrogant White Tiger ill.u.s.tration, Xie Xi wrote Bai Hong (White Rainbow).

Under the gorgeous Vermilion Bird ill.u.s.tration, Xie Xi wrote Feng Yan (Phoenix Late/Quite).

Under the elegant Nine Tails ill.u.s.tration, Xie Xi wrote Hu Jiu (Fox Nine).

The last ill.u.s.tration was Houqing, who was the only human figure. The different coloured eyes seemed to pierce Xie Xi's heart from the paper.

Xie Xi's hand gently rubbed the different coloured eyes and he smiled slightly. He wrote down the 'West' character.

"What are you doing?" The usual calm voice was full of panic and uneasiness as Houqing rushed towards Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn't look up and wrote down the last one…

Xie Xi wondered softly, "Xi Yong (West Harmony), do you like this name?" Then he glanced at Houqing.

Houqing's different coloured eyes were lit to the extreme. His thin lips trembled and his voice shook, "Why?" Why give them names and why leave them?

Xie Xi took his hand. "You have to live well."

Houqing held his hand, veins bulging and his whole body was tense to the extreme. "Why lie?"

Xie Xi stared at him with affection. "Only 80 years is too little."

A human's life span was too short. Houqing's fate was to die from old age and Xie Xi couldn't let him die like that.

Houqing held him, voice extremely hoa.r.s.e. "But now I… I haven't even lived to 80 years."

The words struck Xie Xi's heart. It was impossible for him to not give them names. He couldn't leave their existence unacknowledged and couldn't watch them die after a short time. Because… this wasn't the end, nor should it be the end.

“Promise me.” Xie Xi felt his body becoming very light and he called out with his last strength. "Live well!"

He left behind this feeble sentence as he became a shadow that scattered in the air.

Then the door opened and the breathless White Tiger yelled, "Why didn't you stop him? Why didn't you stop him?" He waved his fist and struck Houqing in the face. Houqing had lost his soul and he remained motionless as blood spilled out.

"It is this G.o.d's wisdom, this d.a.m.n thing!" White Tiger used all his strength to hit the G.o.d's wisdom but it was something that didn't belong to this world. It quietly lay there and showed no wrinkles.

Xie Xi thought he would be popped up but he integrated into the world and saw everything.

He saw the flower world decaying in an instant, the flowers crying and the five souls falling apart.

White Tiger angrily left the flower world and went to the Holy Mountain.

Azure Dragon stood in the withered sea of flowers for three springs and autumns.

Vermilion Bird grew up overnight and found Azure Dragon. He declared that the flower G.o.d wasn't dead and he must be asleep. They should find him!

Houqing took the G.o.d's wisdom to the Demon Sea and looked through it countless times.

Nine Tails found him and his words were the same as Vermilion Bird. Xie Xi wasn't dead. He was somewhere in this world and would definitely come back!

Xie Xi didn't want to leave them with such an obsession. It was too painful. It took a long time to forget a dead person and he couldn't bear to let their hearts be bitten by despair and pain.

In particular, they had to live for such a long time and it would be crueler than death.

Xie Xi didn't want this. It might be the quasi-world setting but he didn't want Jiang Xie to have such painful memories.

As this idea grew stronger and more obsessive, the drawings in the G.o.d's wisdom slowly disappeared…

They weren't gone, it was just that no one could see them anymore.

Countless carefully drawn images became blank pieces of paper. Houqing, who guarded the G.o.d's wisdom, saw this scene and despair filled his heart.

His memories started to disappear as all the memories in the G.o.d's wisdom faded. The other four came in a hurry but they were the same…

The drawings in the G.o.d's wisdom gradually disappeared and their memories were erased. Once the G.o.d's wisdom lost its ability and became blank paper, they all forgot.

Xie Xi sighed with relief when he saw this. Forgetting allowed them to get through the countless years.

However, once a long time pa.s.sed and they saw Xie Xi again, they still fell deeply in love with him. This might just be the romance of the soul but it was also the most profound attachment to Xie Xi.

80 years later, the human Houqing died. He was born again from the grave as the zombie ancestor and became the real Houqing.

In another 10 years, White Tiger's frenzied slaughter caused the black teeth monster to evolve. White Tiger struggled with it for more than 10 days and gradually fell into a disadvantage due to a lack of strength. Then Houqing found him and the two of them completely ended this evil thing born from chaos. They completely rationalized the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea that the flor G.o.d created.

In another 200 years, with the help of White Tiger, Vermilion Bird was reborn from fire and became the first sage of the Holy Mountain. As the last of Nine Tails divinity scattered, he was recused by Azure Dragon and became the first demon ancestor of the Demon Sea.

Another 200 years pa.s.sed and a thunder tribulation fell on the Holy Mountain. Azure Dragon covered the sky and guarded the thousands of creatures living on the Holy Mountain. He was seriously injured but because he comprehended the path of no desires, he cultivated to a higher level and became the second sage of the Holy Mountain.

In their original destinies, they would die from aging, fighting, fire, divinity being extinguished and thunder tribulation. However, Xie Xi gave them names and allowed them to escape death, making them the supreme powers of the continent.

This was actually all interlocked.

If Houqing had died at 80 years old, he wouldn't help White Tiger and White Tiger would've died. Then Nine Tails would've found it hard to survive.

White Tiger died and Vermilion Bird couldn't endure the fire. As for the last Azure Dragon, if he didn't forget those memories then how could he have no desires? Without this cultivation path, he wouldn't have survived the thunder.

Xie Xi didn't believe in fate but all of this was under the shadow of fate. However, fate wasn't constant. Under fate, they still had freedom!

Xie Xi knew it wasn't over yet. He waited for Houqing or White Tiger to think of everything. Why did they think of the flower G.o.d?

Xie Xi didn't know how much time pa.s.sed but it seemed to be getting closer…

White Tiger always hated Houqing. Even if he forgot everything, his hatred of Houqing remained deep in his bone marrow.

White Tiger still hated Houqing despite his help with the black teeth monster. White Tiger wanted to kill Houqing and this obsession couldn't be shaken.

However, Houqing was an immortal zombie. No matter how hard White Tiger tried, there was only a die.

Nevertheless, White Tiger never gave him. He went into closed practice and after a breakthrough, he went to find Houqing again.

Houqing fought him and the two of them tied again.

After fighting for countless years, the two people's innate cultivation climbed and they successively created a baby spirit. The birth of the baby spirit allowed them to slowly recover the sealed memories.

This confused Xie Xi. He had integrated with the world but there was still a limit to his power. He still their memories with his will but this wasn't without a solution.

As long as they cultivated, they could break through the imprisonment set by him and slowly think of everything.

Xie Xi felt mixed when he saw that Houqing and White Tiger retained their obsession but he couldn't say a word.

The two brothers stopped fighting and discovered the roots of their endless battle for thousands of years.

Houqing muttered, "It was because he gave us names that he…"

White Tiger didn't want to hear the word 'death' and his eyes narrowed. "Then we will erase the names!"

Houqing agreed.

It wasn't easy to erase the names but they did it. They made everyone forget the names of the sages and ancestors, including Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird and Nine Tails themselves.

In the end, White Tiger eliminated Houqing's memory of his own name and Houqing also eliminated White Tiger's memories.

They took the initiative to give up their own names. At the same time, the flower G.o.d was resurrected.

The moment Houqing saw the small rose in the flower garden, his eyes were red and he smiled, but it was more like crying. "Please come home with me?"

Xie Xi stared at him while feeling pained. "Okay."

There was no subst.i.tute from start to finish. Houqing just tried to bring the flower G.o.d back to him.

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