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The fight between Bai Yufan and Liu Yunfei was over.

But the impact their fight brought to Lin Yun was only a beginning.

They were almost of his age, but both were already at the eighth level of Martial Practice, especially that Liu Yunfei.

If fighting with either of them, Liu Yun would not be able to take one move.

 “I really have too much to learn.”

Lin Yun sighed in his heart. In the past two years as a sword slave, he was left too far behind.

Besides, they were both top sect disciples. Their talent and comprehension were superb, besides, they had much more resources than him.


There was kind of firm expression flas.h.i.+ng in Lin Yun’s eyes. He meant to leave out of town, but now he changed his mind.

He came back to the Treasure Chamber again.

He met Tong Hu again. Tong was a little surprised, but then said with a smile, “Childe Lin, why are you back?”

Lin Yun said in a deep voice, “I want to buy some elixirs, as good as the sect ones, or I won’t buy the lower quality ones.”

Tong Hu was a little astonished by Lin Yun’s resolute tone.

With the smile gone, Tong Hu said cautiously, “You know about the market of elixirs. The ones we sell can’t compare with those of the sects. The Body Refining Elixirs the sects make are at least 20% more efficient than ours.”

Of course Lin Yun knew the difference. If the elixirs they sold could compare with the ones the four sects made, no one would want one from the sects.

 “But I believe everything in the world can be resolved with money. The point is how much you pay.”

With the eyebrows lifted, Lin Yun said calmly while looking at Tong.

“So you would like to pay extra money?”

 “Of course.”

Seeing Lin Yun’s resolute att.i.tude, Tong Hu got to the point. He lowered his voice, “You are at the fifth level now. So you don’t need Body Refining Elixirs but the Blood Refining Elixirs.”

 “Exactly. How many can you provide?”

 “Blood Refining Elixirs are too precious. I only have two in the shop. I can sell you one for 1,000 lower spiritual stones.”

 “No, I want at least three.”

Tong Hu was a little embarra.s.sed. He muttered, “Well…You need to give me some time. I need to talk to my peers, because I have to make sure that I’ll keep one in case of any emergency.”


Four hours later, Lin Yun got three Blood Refining Elixirs.

But now he only had 500 spiritual stones left now. So he was a little down.

3,000 spiritual stones were gone not long after he got them, so he felt a little pitiful.

From having nothing to owning 3,500 spiritual stones.

So Lin Yun had felt much relieved before, or even a little and had a huge sense of achievement.

But since he saw Bai Yufan and Liu Yunfei’s fight, that kind of pride and sense of achievement was totally gone.

Without any hesitation, he bought three Blood Refining Elixirs with his 3,000 spiritual stones.

If it had been someone else who had no aspirations, one might not have such resolution.

 “Childe Lin, welcome to come again.”

Tong Hu was so happy that he nearly bent over to send Lin Yun out.

How could he not be happy? From his left hand to his right hand, those spiritual stones were back to him.

And the huge price difference really earned him a lot.

As for Lin Yun, he really had no other choice.

Although the sects also had Blood Refining Elixirs for sale and the price was below 1,000 spiritual stones, but there was limited quota.

So most outer disciples still used Body Refining Elixirs for their cultivation even when reaching the fifth level.

For them, even the Body Refining Elixirs were precious enough, let along Blood Refining Elixirs.

 “See you.”

It cost him three thousand lower spiritual stones for the three precious Blood Refining Elixirs.

Lin Yun didn’t leave White Water Town, but chose to stay temporarily instead.

When the darkness enveloped the whole White Water Town, Lin Yun began his cultivation in the courtyard he rented.

Sitting cross-legged, Lin took out a Blood Refining Elixir.

The fifth level of Martial Practice was to refine one’s qi and blood. The strong qi and blood would make the pract.i.tioner animated and maintain a vigorous physique.

The stronger one’s qi and blood was, the more powerful one’s physique would be.

Looking at the Blood Refining Elixirs in his hand, Lin Yun had kind of mixed feelings.

 “Don’t let me down.”

Having made up his mind, Lin took one precious Blood Refining Elixir and waited for its efficacy.

Not long,

Lin Yun felt that his qi and blood was flus.h.i.+ng inside his body, and a stream of heat flow rushed into his pubic region.


He felt like his head exploded. And then his spirit and energy had achieved to an unprecedented degree.

Quick-witted and energetic, he felt like he had inexhaustible strength.

He could feel his heart beating hard with kind of tempo, with his qi and blood flowing rapidly inside his body.

With every beat of his heart, he could feel his qi and blood become one time stronger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flowing qi and blood fold increased. And his qi and blood were strengthened at a crazily fast speed.

 “So strong!”

Lin Yun was a little surprised, for the efficacy of the Blood Refining Elixir was beyond his expectation.

He tried to adjust his breath and quiet himself down with his eyes closed, so as not to be exploded by such crazy qi and blood.

As time ticked away, it was dawn already.

When the dappled sunlight shone on Lin Yun’s face through the window, he opened his eyes slowly.

It was a pair of bright eyes.

Without any sleep for a whole night, you could see no tiredness in his eyes. Instead, he looked in fine fig.

After a whole night’s practice, the efficacy of the Blood Refining Elixir was not so strong as before.

But it still had some effect on him. It needed him a few more days to absorb it all.

After pus.h.i.+ng the door open, Lin Yun stood in face of the sun.

He looked totally refreshed with a pair of bright eyes.

With a strong body and a pair of bright eyes, one could never tell he had been a sword slave before.

After stretching his body, Lin Yun murmured, “The Blood Refining Elixir is really effective. My cultivation has improved 50% at least overnight.”

Of course, this was the benefit the first Blood Refining Elixir brought him.

As for the rest two, they wouldn’t bring such dramatic change to him like the first one.

After walking into the courtyard, Lin Yun took out the advanced lightness skill Wild Goose Script he searched out from Kuang Yan’s body.

He read it while walking. With only half an hour, he had finished reading the whole script.

Then he read it once again, then closed it and tried to recite it.

Now he could even recite it backwards fluently.

Compared with his Pure Yang martial art that needed resources to practice, this kind of martial art that needed savvy and talent was never a problem to him.

With a few days, he had learnt the Wild Goose Script.

With the lightness skill he just learnt, only a light jump, he had already fallen on the roof.

 “This feels good.”

Now he could jump over three meters easily.

Actually he could have jumped over three meters before, but he needed to consume a lot of his inner power.

But now he only needed a light jump.


Lin Yun, who had just mastered the Wild Goose Script, now was jumping in his courtyard with kind of curiosity.

 “Lightness skill is not for escaping. Actually, I need to combine it with my martial arts.”

Lin Yun was crystal clear that Liu Yunfen relied on his lightness skill to defeat Bai Yufan with a flip.

If it had been him, he may not have been able to touch a piece of Liu Yunfei’s robe.

So one could see the importance of lightness skill in a fight.

After Lin Yun got a little familiar with the Wild Goose Script, he began to try to integrate it with his Flowing Wind Swordplay.

And after he tried, the result really surprised him.

After his Flowing Wind Swordplay was integrated with it, it seemed to have become a brand new swordplay.

Every move was flexible, like the whole swordplay came to life.

He felt like his swordplay only had its power in the past. But now his body and the swordplay had been high conformed.

And his understanding of the Flowing Wind Swordplay had come a new level.

He practiced it more and more smoothly. And at one fling, he displayed the whole set.

Swords Rotating to Make Winds!

Flowing Shadow of Reflective Light!

After displaying the lethal move Swords Rotating to Make Winds, Lin Yun felt himself integrated with a stream, and he couldn’t help displaying the second lethal move.


In a sudden, the whole courtyard was all light shadows. And the moment Lin turned around, he had already thrown 81 chops.

And when he put away his sword, the sword shadows formed a perfectly round circle.

Big Achievement of his swordplay!

One could tell Lin Yun’s excitement through his face.

 “Big Achievement of my swordplay! No one has ever practiced it for over a hundred years in the sect, but now I’ve made Big Achievement of it.”

Lin Yun laughed, felling delightful.

 “No wonder I couldn’t made it to Big Achievement in the past. It’s not because I am not talented enough, but I haven’t learned lightness skill, so I couldn’t have made any breakthrough.”

Of course, after he took the Blood Refining Elixir, he became much more quit-witted, which also played a very important role.

Having made Big Achievement and mastered two lethal moves, now Lin Yun had improved his fighting capacity greatly.

Now the vigorous Lin Yun showed kind of sharpness he had never shown before.

With calmness and confidence in his eyes, Lin Yun murmured, “The Blood Refining Elixir is really good value for money. Now I’ve still got three with the one I got from Kuang Yan. I must make good use of them.”

As for now, he only had the last spiritual stone task to accomplish.

Game Loading Chapter 186-187

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