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Chen Xiang felt that the Tao-creation Divine Lord must be very clear about this matter. After exiting the Tao-creation Divine Lord, there was another person who might be aware of this, and that was the Uncle s.h.i.+. ] -79-

Although he did not want to go now, he had no other choice. Now that he was being watched by the Paternoster Race, he could not continue to stay in the Fighting Glorious City, and could only go to the Tao-creation Ancient Place to take a look, and ask the Uncle s.h.i.+ about the situation there.

"Paternoster Race's group of people are born with Supreme Mantra. The two guys I engulfed are a pair of brothers, and the Supreme Mantra they inherit from are all from their parents." Bai Youyou said, "So the Supreme Mantra they master are all the same."

"And some Paternoster Race people are born with one Supreme Mantra. This is naturally gifted, and the young chief that was killed by you is like that. He was born with two Supreme Mantra."

Chen Xiang sighed: "What a pity!"

Back then Bai Youyou had not stepped into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, so Chen Xiang did not think of letting him absorb the young patriarch's memories either.

"Paternoster Race is still very strong, but they have a limit. If they control enough Supreme Mantra, they can't leave Tao-creation Ancient Place!" Bai Youyou continued, "And the Flame Mountain Sect seems to have a way to allow them to break through their limits, which was why they were manipulated by the Flame Mountain Sect! However, many years have pa.s.sed and Yan Shan Clan has yet to succeed in making them leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place. Therefore, there are some youngsters within the Paternoster Race who are very dissatisfied with Yan Mountain Sect. "

"They young people can come out, but those two guys we killed are still very strong. If they come out, they will definitely be able to rule over a region." Chen Xiang said.

"No, they can't leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place for long, so there's still a certain limit. "Bai Youyou said," But there is one thing that is strange, and that is that the Young Patriarch has exceeded the time limit to leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place.

"Yan Shan Gate!" Chen Xiang said, "That Young Patriarch was ordered by the Flame Mountain Sect to deal with Senior Yan. It seems that the Flame Mountain Sect really has a method to allow Paternoster Race to break through the restrictions."

"Actually, from the memories of those two fellows, I could tell that Yan Shan Gate seemed to have grabbed hold of Paternoster Race's life vein. Otherwise, given how powerful Paternoster Race is, it would be impossible for them to obediently listen to the words of Yan Shan Gate." Bai Youyou said: "It's just that the young people of the Paternoster Race do not know what it is about. I'm afraid only the elders of the Paternoster Race know of this. "

"I'll go find Uncle s.h.i.+, he might know something." Chen Xiang had already entered the Tao-creation Ancient Place. From high up in the sky, he could see that the Tao-creation Ancient Place was extremely calm and tranquil.

"He's back!" Little White Fox came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa, and stood at the bottom of the Six Realms mirrors with a face full of emotion. After walking out of the circle, she had also seen the outside world, and it was not as good as she had imagined. It was just like the Tao-creation Ancient Place, a world where only the strong ate the weak.

That was why the silence in You Yao Mountain Villa made her feel the most comfortable and warm.

Chen Xiang was familiar with the route, as he arrived near the gigantic boulder's formation that the Uncle s.h.i.+ was on, and released his illusion body to look for the Uncle s.h.i.+.

Uncle s.h.i.+ sat on a rock as usual.

"Uncle s.h.i.+, I'm here again." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Your illusion seems to have become much stronger, I can't even sense it anymore." Uncle s.h.i.+ said in shock: "Could it be that you have stepped into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank?"

"Yeah, hehe." Chen Xiang laughed: "I thought a big battle would break out here, I didn't think it would be so peaceful."

"Kid, you sure broke through fast!" "The calmer it is, the more terrible it is. There's no way it can stay calm here forever."

"Uncle s.h.i.+, has Tao-creation Divine Lord come looking for you? He has already arrived at the Tao-creation Ancient Place. " Chen Xiang said.

"No, there's no use in coming to find me. I can't help him unless he has the blood of the eighth ancestor." Uncle s.h.i.+ sighed: "I was also restricted by this Eight ancestor contract map. I really didn't think that the other seven ancestors would be so shameless."

"Is it possible for the Seven Great Sects to break through the Eight ancestor contract map?" Chen Xiang was very worried about this matter. If he succeeded and obtained a large amount of resources, the Tao-creation Divine Lord would definitely be suppressed once again.

"Impossible." Uncle s.h.i.+ shook his head.

"Oh right, Uncle s.h.i.+, have you heard of Paternoster Race? "These fellows are very close to the Yan Mountain Gate." Chen Xiang said. He suspected that the reason why Yan Shan obtained the various incantations from the Paternoster Race was most likely to break the Eighth Ancestral Contract.

When the Uncle s.h.i.+ heard this, he was shocked.

"How do you know about Paternoster Race? These guys should be extinct. " Uncle s.h.i.+ shouted anxiously.

Chen Xiang immediately told the Uncle s.h.i.+ about his encounter with the Paternoster Race, including how he killed the Young Patriarch.

"This is not good, the Paternoster Race is a special clan, when the First Tao-creation Ancestor s were creating all kinds of incantations, in order to find some helpers, they created a group of people, they are indeed the Paternoster Race, and they all have a certain amount of Tao-creation Divine Lord blood in their bodies, so they are more capable of understanding Tao-creation's incantations."

"The eight First Tao-creation Ancestor s all grasp different types of incantations, and these incantations are the key to building Eight ancestor contract map! Back then, in order to make the Eight ancestor contract map absolutely st.u.r.dy, they proposed to kill this group of Paternoster Race who possess all of their curses. "

"But from the looks of it, something must have happened that caused the existence of the Paternoster Race to still exist! My guess is that this was caused by the Flame Mountain Sect's First Tao-creation Ancestor, so he could threaten this group of Paternoster Race to help them. "

When Chen Xiang heard Uncle s.h.i.+ talk about this matter, he felt that this matter was extremely serious.

"The Paternoster Race has been restricted. Those who have mastered too many Supreme Mantra can't leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place, and those who have less control can't leave even if they have to." Chen Xiang said, "Who gave them this restriction?"

"Of course it's the ancestors. When they created this group of fellows, they were worried that they would run away, so they made this restriction! Of course, lifting restrictions is an easy task. " The Uncle s.h.i.+ said.

Chen Xiang thought of Little White Fox, and as soon as he swallowed a pellet of the Tao-creation Divine Lord s, the restrictions would be removed. It turned out that the Yan Mountain Sect really could remove the restrictions on the Paternoster Race s.

"Uncle s.h.i.+, we can't go on like this." Chen Xiang said: "What if Flame Mountain Sect breaks open their Eight ancestor contract map?"

"What's there to be afraid of? There's still me!" If they really break it open, they might not be able to defeat us … Back then, Tao-creation Divine Lord had many strong friends in the Eight ancestor contract map. " Uncle s.h.i.+ laughed: "At that time, I might even be able to see you again."

"The Yan Mountain Sect will definitely consider this matter. Therefore, they will definitely not allow this to happen. They will definitely continue to seal all of you." Chen Xiang said: "Uncle s.h.i.+, what should we do?"

"Tao-creation Divine Lord will definitely know about this, we can only depend on him." The Uncle s.h.i.+ laughed, he did not have anything to worry about, since he was trapped here in the first place.

"Uncle s.h.i.+, I want to go to Paternoster Race to investigate." Chen Xiang said.

"That's fine, but you have to be careful. Those guys who can use all kinds of powerful incantations are very strong, I have to be careful even when facing them." Uncle s.h.i.+ warned.

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Game Loading Chapter 190-191

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