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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Although the cultivators here weren't as numerous as they were back at Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Yang Kai quickly noticed that the overall strength of each individual cultivator was stronger.

The World Energy aura here was also rich to the point where it was nearly tangible, like a river that flowed through the valley.  The moment Yang Kai arrived here and took a deep breath, he immediately felt comfortable and relaxed.

The mountain valley was enormous to the point that Yang Kai, who was floating high up in the air and looking down, couldn't see the end of it, surprising him greatly.

Instead of calling it a valley, it was more appropriate to describe it as a concave plain.

Around the valley, there were a hundred mountain peaks that towered high into the sky like blades.  These mountains were filled with birds, beasts, spirit, and spirit medicines, exuding a rich vitality.

These mountain peaks seem to be randomly scattered around the valley, but upon closer inspection, Yang Kai felt that there was something special about their arrangement.  The distant World Energy seemed to be attracted by some kind of invisible force and pa.s.sed through the surrounding hundred mountain peaks and flowed into the valley, nouris.h.i.+ng the cultivators, beasts, and plants that resided within.

Cang Yan and Fei Yu both secretly nodded to each other once more.

Yang Kai being able to so quickly notice the mysteries of this place clearly indicated his vision was extraordinary.

"These hundred peaks are the foundation of my Soaring Heaven Sect," Cang Yan explained.

"Oh?  Do they serve some kind of profound purpose?"

"Indeed they do," Cang Yan gently nodded, "You should also be aware that the outside World Energy is gathering towards the sect, this is because of the Hundred Peak Spirit Array.  The hundred and one peaks here act as nodes for this grand Spirit Arrays! What's more, only half of these peaks were naturally formed."

"What about the other half?"

"They were created by Martial Ancestor," Cang Yan grinned.

Yang Kai's eyes trembled as he exclaimed in shock, "Your Sect's Martial Ancestor is incredible."

"Naturally, when one's strength and cultivation reaches a certain height, they become capable of boiling seas, raising mountains, and even plucking the stars themselves. Rumour has it that there are supreme masters capable of leaving this realm and traversing the Starry Sky in order to seek out the incredible resources and opportunities scattered amongst the stars."

"Traversing the Starry Sky?" Yang Kai couldn't help showing a brilliant look, as if a grand door in front of him was slowly opening, allowing him to spy on a profound mystery he had never even dreamed of before.  His eyes flas.h.i.+ng a brilliant light, he opened his ears and listened carefully to every word Cang Yan was saying.

"En, traversing the Starry Sky!" Cang Yan nodded repeatedly, "You saw the strange cyan stone in Old Man Du's hand a few days ago, right?  That was a product from the Starry Sky; it doesn't exist in Tong Xuan Realm. That stone is incredibly valuable, it's a pity it was ultimately destroyed."

"The Starry Sky has an innumerable variety of medicinal herbs and ores, many of which actually even exceed Saint Grade; there are also giant beasts with the strength that exceed that of Saint Realm masters, even the smallest of which is bigger than my Soaring Heaven Sect's entire valley."

Yang Kai's jaw dropped slowly, a look of amazement and disbelief appearing on his face.

What Cang Yan had just told him, was simply too incredible.

"Well, this is only what the legends say. As for what the Starry Sky actually looks like, n.o.body knows!  No master has ever managed to successfully travel the vast Starry Sky and return to tell the tale," Cang Yan rubbed his nose and added.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment but soon laughed and nodded, "Even so, your Soaring Heaven Sect's Spirit Array is still amazing. Where I'm from, such a wondrous formation even existing would be inconceivable."

"Where you're from?" Cang Yan was intrigued.

"En, I'm from a small, remote backcountry that's far, far inferior to here," Yang Kai explained vaguely.

"I see," Cang Yan nodded slightly. "The Hundred Peak Spirit Array is truly a magnificent accomplishment.  Even throughout the entire Tong Xuan Realm, few Spirit Arrays are its equal. This Spirit Array doesn't just gather the surrounding World Energy, if the Sect ever encounters a great disaster, the Hundred Peak Spirit Array can also play a defensive role; of course, no one dares to invade my Soaring Heaven Sect, so I have never actually seen the Hundred Peak Spirit Array fully open before."

"Enough idle chatter you two, hurry up," Fei Yu interrupted the two men's conversation impatiently.

"En, I'll finish introducing Little Brother to everything around here later," Cang Yan said in a friendly manner, he had already decided to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Yang Kai.

Cang Yan no longer spoke about these matters and instead led Yang Kai and Fei Yu down towards the valley.

Perhaps because the World Energy here was so rich, when one looked down at this place from the sky, everything seemed somewhat illusory, like a light fog was enveloping the entire valley, adding a layer of mystery and danger to it.

A moment later, the group of three landed.

As Cang Yan leisurely strolled forward, the Soaring Heaven Sect disciples that met him along the way all bowed and greeted him respectfully.  These cultivators were all quite strong, most of them have at least broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. The aura surrounding these disciples was thick and solid, clearly, they were much stronger than average cultivators in the same realm and stage.

Yang Kai silently expressed his admiration.

Each of Soaring Heaven Sect's disciples had vigorous yet well-restrained auras, their vitality, physique, meridians were all extremely solid while their True Qi was dense and potent, their combat power was obviously not to be underestimated.

After handing over the five disciples they had rescued to some disciples to take care of, Cang Yan led Yang Kai to a relatively remote courtyard and said, "You can stay here for now, after I report to Martial Ancestor, I'll come and find you."

"I don't need to see your respected Martial Ancestor now?" Yang Kai frowned, he had thought he would immediately be meeting Soaring Heaven Sect's Martial Ancestor.

After all, Yang Kai had many doubts in his heart, so he was quite anxious to meet this Saint Realm master and clear up his own confusion.  But from Cang Yan's words, obviously, he would have to wait for some time.

"When Martial Ancestor summons you, I'll lead you to see him," Cang Yan smiled and didn't say anything more, turning around and departing casually.

Fei Yu turned her eyes to Yang Kai and gently consoled him, "You don't need to worry yourself, it's impossible for Martial Ancestor to have any malicious intentions towards a little boy like you, if that were really the case, he wouldn't have specially sent Cang Yan out to find you.  Good, let me give you a gift for you to pa.s.s your time with."

Saying so, she suddenly threw two things to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai instinctually caught them and found that they were actually a pair of shackles made from some unidentifiable stone material.

"What are these?" Yang Kai examined them and, to his surprise, couldn't discover anything extraordinary about them.  They weighed less than half a kilogram each and there was no trace of any Spirit Arrays engraved on them or any kind of energy stored within them.  It really seemed like an ordinary toy.

"Try pouring your True Qi into them, remember to pour in as much as possible!" Fei Yu instructed.

 Yang Kai nodded unsuspectingly and quickly poured his True Qi into the two stone shackles.

In the next instant, he suddenly felt an incredibly heavy weight pulling down on him, causing him to fall forward and nearly plummeted to the ground.

After tumbling unsteadily through the air, Yang Kai somehow avoided embarra.s.sing himself.

*Hong Hong…*

With two m.u.f.fled thuds, the two shackles fell to the ground and smashed open two deep pits.

Yang Kai paled slightly, a surprised and shocked look appearing on his face.

Hearing an enchanting burst of laughter to his side, Yang Kai slowing turned his head and saw Fei Yu giggling happily.

"You tricked me?"  Yang Kai knit his brow as he stared at this beautiful woman.

Because he felt that this woman had no malicious intentions towards him, Yang Kai naturally hadn't thought much about things and had thus been successfully pranked by her.   These two shackled were obviously not ordinary toys, but instead, valuable tools.

"Elder Sister is just teaching you a lesson, don't readily believe anyone," Fei Yu giggled lightly.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and nodded, "I have indeed been taught, aunty is quite a sinister character."

Fei Yu's laughter came to an abrupt end and her pair of beautiful eyes immediately flashed a dangerous light as she glared angrily towards Yang Kai.

Suddenly, from a nearby treetop, a burst of laughter rang out.

Fei Yu whipped around and pushed her hand forward, sending out a water dragon towards the man hiding in the tree.

"Just try laughing again and see if I don't rip your mouth from your face!"  Fei Yu stared at the man coldly.

The man shrank his neck, and he didn't dare to laugh again, pointing his finger out and releasing a burst of light towards Fei Yu's Water Dragon, smas.h.i.+ng it before he too shot off like a bolt of lightning and disappeared, his voice pa.s.sing over from far away, "Kid, if you want to live a bit longer, stay away from this crazy woman. The farther the better!"

"Li Wan, today is the day of your death!" Fei Yu's tender body flickered and immediately chased after the retreating figure.

All Yang Kai could do was stare blankly.

[Another Third Order Transcendent master!]

The man who just appeared had been hiding right next to him yet Yang Kai didn't even notice his presence, his method of concealing his presence was perfect.

Although it was only a glimpse, Yang Kai also saw the face of this man, his build was short and thin, as was his head, atop his mouth was a distinctive mustache that gave his face a particularly nefarious look.  In short, he was a master who left quite a memorable impression.

On their way here, Cang Yan had told Yang Kai that Soaring Heaven Sect had four Transcendent Realm Third Order Protectors, of which he and Fei Yu were two of them.

This Li Wan should also be one, and as for the remaining one, Yang Kai had yet to meet him.

However, Yang Kai now faintly realized that these four all had their own fields of expertise.

Cang Yan specialized in fire, Fei Yu in water, and Li Wan's forte should be either speed or explosiveness. From the explosion the latter created a moment ago, Yang Kai could naturally sense how tyrannical his power was.

Standing there for a while, with no one coming up to disturb him, Yang Kai's expression became slightly weird.

He arrived at this extremely powerful Sect through a strange series of events that he had no control over, but for some unknown reason, this place made Yang Kai feel somewhat disquieted.

However, now that he was here, he didn't think too much about it because there was really nothing he could do about it. He could only place his hopes on Soaring Heaven Sect's Martial Ancestor, hoping the latter could dispel his doubts.

His eyes flas.h.i.+ng, Yang Kai turned his attention to the two strange shackles that were currently lying in pits of their own making in front of him, reaching out and picking them up.

The moment he lifted them, Yang Kai was surprised to find that these two shackles no longer possessed that terrifying weight and instead weighed at most half a kilogram now, just as they had when he first received them from Fei Yu.

Of course, the fact that they had weighed a tremendous amount only a short time ago was a fact, the two giant pits being all the proof Yang Kai needed to know he hadn't imagined it.

Frowning for a moment, Yang Kai slowly poured his True Qi into the shackles.

In the next instant, Yang Kai's brow relaxed and as he expected, with the addition of True Qi, the two shackles became significantly heavier, causing his arms to tremble lightly from exertion.

As he continued to pour in his True Qi, the weight of the shackles also increased.

Even before Yang Kai fully pushed his True Qi, he found that he was somewhat unable to hold up the two shackles.  By now they weighed at least five or six thousand kilograms.

The ground around where Yang Kai was standing suddenly trembled and spider-web like cracks began spreading from his feat.  Obviously, the earth here couldn't withstand the tremendous pressure.

After understanding the function and method of use of these shackles, Yang Kai wore a joyful expression, suddenly feeling that Fei Yu had really thrown him a valuable gift. Not only would these shackles give him something to fiddle with to pa.s.s the time, but it would also allow him to exercise his physique.

Game Loading Chapter 184-185

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