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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 7

This was too thrilling.

Xie Xi didn't have access to any of his items or skills since entering the world. He only had the G.o.d's wisdom and sketch pen.

Xie Xi was in the bag and he had these two things appear out of thin air. He imagined a different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld in his mind and drew a circle.

The different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld was invisible to people in the quasi-world and only Xie Xi saw the transparent arc.

It was fast and wrapped around Jiang Xie the moment the car approached.

In fact, in this dangerous moment, Jiang Xie still tried to minimize the damage. He knew he couldn't hide and lowered himself, trying to go underneath the car to avoid a direct collision.

This reaction ability was terrible. It was necessary to know that Xie Xi could call out the G.o.d's wisdom and draw the different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld in such a short time because his qualifications were full. In an ordinary world, he was equivalent to Superman.

Jiang Xie was just an ordinary teenager yet he had such reaction speed. It was enough to see that he was strong before entering Central.

The car was an off-road SUV and the cha.s.sis was very high. Under the protection of the different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld, Jiang Xie was unharmed.

The car stopped and everyone was in shock.

Kang Hong's face was white as he yelled. "Jiang Xie!"

Xie Xi also jumped out of the schoolbag to check this person's situation. He knew Jiang Xie wouldn't be hurt but he was still scared.

Jiang Xie sat up with a furrowed brow.

The SUV owner hurriedly got off the car and he was covered in sweat. "No, it's fine!" He had been on the phone and quarrelled with the other person on the line. In a fit of rage, he hit the steering wheel but unexpectedly didn't see the person in front of him!"

Jiang Xie whispered, "It doesn't matter." Then he stood up.

The driver saw he was fine and sighed with relief. "Would you like to go to the hospital?"

Kang Hong was about to open his mouth when Jiang Xie waved his hand. "I have no injuries."

The driver was full of happiness. He had been scared but fortunately, a miracle happened and the person was fine. Still, his conscience couldn't let it go. The driver opened his wallet and pulled out thousands of yuan. "You are fortunate but this was indeed my fault. Please take this money as compensation for your mental loss."

Jiang Xie, "…"

Kang Hong was worried. "You should go to the hospital for a check up." It was too terrible. A car had crashed straight into Jiang Xie. How could there be nothing?

The driver also said, "Yes, go to the hospital to check!"

Jiang Xie stubbornly shook his head. "No." He was indeed fine and he didn't want to see more people.

Finally, the driver handed over the money and left.

Kang Hong exclaimed with shock, "This time it was thanks to you. If you hadn't pushed me away, I would be finished." He didn't have the ability to go below the car. If he was. .h.i.t, he would definitely fly out and be half dead.

Jiang Xie didn't say anything. He just picked up his bag and walked away quietly. Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie's trembling hand and could guess what this kid was thinking.

Kang Hong chased after them. "This driver was really distracted. It was too dangerous!"

Jiang Xie accelerated his pace and opened the distance. Kang Hong ran over. "What are you doing by walking so fast?"

Jiang Xie suddenly stopped, his eyelids lowered. "You still don't understand?"

Kang Hong froze.

Jiang Xie told him, "You were almost hit by the car because you were close to me."

Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie's tightening on his bag. The youth had good-looking fingers and at this moment, the joints were white because of the force. They were like stretched out rubber bands.

Kang Hong frowned. "How can you say that? It is because you were there that I didn't die today."

"If you weren't near me then you wouldn't be hit by the car."

Kang Hong was a good boy of this scientific society. "If you weren't there then the driver wouldn't be talking on the phone? This is illogical."

Jiang Xie didn't say anything else. He just restored his indifferent appearance and headed straight back to the community.

Kang Hong just met up with his mother who returned home after work and didn't chase them. He instead turned to talk to his mother.

Jiang Xie returned him and shut the door. Then all his iciness disappeared like it evaporated in the heat.

Xie Xi poked out his head, climbed up his arm and licked his chin. Jiang Xie's senses returned and his lost eyes focused on the black and white kitten.

Xie Xi told him, "It isn't your fault."

Jiang Xie stared at him before suddenly asked, "Was it you who saved me?"

Xie Xi was shocked. Then Jiang Xie shook his head and laughed at himself for being stupid. How was it possible? This was just a kitten.

Xie Xi's senses returned and he asked, "Did you see it? Did you see the different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld? Or did you see me drawing?"

Unfortunately, all his words were still meows. Jiang Xie just said, "I will prepare food for you."

Xie Xi, "…" He really didn't want to eat. It was too bad that Jiang Xie didn't understand the cat language.

Once the cat food was set in place, Xie Xi found Jiang Xie sitting next to him in a daze. The incident today had a great impact on the teenager.

Nothing happened to Kang Hong but he encountered a car accident after just one day of contact with Jiang Xie. Who knew what would happen afterwards?

Xie Xi couldn't eat and could only arch up against this person.

Jiang Xie glanced at the food bowl and asked, "Why aren't you eating?" He picked up the kitten and the kitten licked his palm, as if to comfort him.

Jiang Xie was warmed by this feeling and his mood became much better. He patted the kitten's head and said, "Thank you." The kitten couldn't do anything but it could bring him unlimited warmth and comfort.

Xie Xi gave up on the exchange and went back to dinner.

After a while, Jiang Xie's doorbell rang. The sound was so strange that Jiang Xie didn't react for a moment. It was only when Xie Xi jumped up and ran to the door that Jiang Xie knew someone was ringing the doorbell.

He went to open the door and Kang Hong was standing there with two preservation boxes. "My mother's pickled fish is especially delicious. I brought you some!"

Jiang Xie's senses didn't return for a long time.

Kang Hong added, "My parents also wanted to thank you but I know you don't like to meet people. Thus, I didn't let them come."

Jiang Xie finally recovered and he opened his mouth. "I said…"

Kang Hong didn't listen to these superst.i.tious words and sneaked in. "Little Clever, are you welcoming me?" He dropped down to pounce on the cat and Xie Xi dexterously avoided this abnormal person!

Jiang Xie couldn't say anything as Kang Hong told him, "You haven't eaten yet. Try it. It won't be delicious if it is cold."

He opened the box and the fragrance of pickled fish emerged. Cat Xie moved his ears.

Kang Hong shook his head at the cat. "You can't eat it. There are many seasonings in this."

Xie Xi scoffed. "I'm not eating."

"It isn't good to be petulant."

Xie Xi, "…"

'You are petulant, you are petulant day and night!'

They finished eating and Kang Hong did his homework (played with the cat). Once he left, the tired Xie Xi felt sleepy.

Jiang Xie saw the kitten's eyelids lowering and said, "Sleep."

Xie Xi climbed into his arms and found a comfortable position to sleep. At 2 or 3 in the morning, Xie Xi woke up. He had big things to do.

He couldn't always speak like a cat. He had to find a way to become a person. Jiang Xie had already untied some knots and once Xie Xi became a person, he could help Jiang Xie out of the shadows more quickly.

Not to mention, he suspected that Jiang Xie's const.i.tution had a problem. It was too inconvenient to protect Jiang Xie as a cat.

Therefore, he had to work hard to transform. How to transform? It was naturally with the help of the G.o.d's wisdom.

Xie Xi thought hard for a long time and didn't find any clues from the world of Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas.

By all accounts, that world should have a transformation pill. After all, the beasts and flowers there could transform.

Unfortunately, Xie Xi only contacted people who independently transformed and they didn't need to rely on a transformation pill.

Xie Xi tried to imagine the effect of the transformation pill in his head and then drew a spherical shape in the G.o.d's wisdom.

The G.o.d's wisdom was indifferent. Not only was the transformation pill not created, it also wiped out Cat Xie's drawing that he put effort into.

Xie Xi didn't believe it was impossible and tried to think of several transformation pills, drawing 17 or 18 spheres.

The transformation pill wasn't created and the eraser function of the G.o.d's wisdom became quicker.

Xie Xi threw the pen. He wouldn't draw! It seemed that he couldn't draw things he hadn't seen. Xie Xi could only give up on drawing the transformation pill. However, how could he become a person if he couldn't draw?

The unsuccessful Xie Xi returned to the bedroom and climbed onto Jiang Xie to sleep. Jiang Xie's chin lay on the soft fur and he slept very well.

There were no dreams and the next day, Xie Xi continued to follow Jiang Xie to school.

It wasn't surprising that yesterday's incident had spread throughout the school. After all, the location wasn't far from school and there were many students coming and going. It was normal for them to see it.

Jiang Xie reached the cla.s.sroom and heard the whispers inside.

"I talked to Kang Hong but he didn't listen."

"It is really too evil. Who hasn't been unlucky after being looked at by him?"

"I heard that he killed his mother when he was born and his father was also seriously ill. His grandfather died and any family who took him in are in tatters."

"What else you say? After he came to our school, anyone who had contact with him was unlucky!"

Jiang Xie was probably used to these words and his att.i.tude didn't change at all. Even so, he didn't enter the cla.s.sroom and seemed to be afraid of them.

There was one person who couldn't listen anymore. Kang Hong strode into the cla.s.sroom and cried out, "Can you stop talking nonsense? If it wasn't for Jiang Xie saving me yesterday, I would be lying in the hospital right now!"

The students were stunned and spoke the same words as Jiang Xie yesterday. "If you stayed away from him, you wouldn't have encountered a car accident."

Kang Hong was extremely angry. "According to what you said, I would be dead and Jiang Xie wouldn't have saved me. Now, not only am I fine, Jiang Xie himself isn't hurt!"

This was quite unusual because the previous people were unlucky without any exception.

Their cla.s.smates couldn't refute the words and Jiang Xie wasn't willing to listen anymore. He walked straight in and headed for his seat.

It was a safe day. Once school ended, Kang Hong once again followed and Jiang Xie didn't refuse him.

Xie Xi couldn't calm down. His ears were p.r.i.c.ked as he watched intently for any trouble, but nothing happened.

A few quiet days pa.s.sed and the weekend was ushered in.

On Friday night, Kang Hong suggested, "I'll go to the hospital with you tomorrow."

They made an appointment with the pet hospital to give Xie Xi a check.

Xie Xi didn't care about the check and vaccination but sterilization was another matter…

He stared at Jiang Xie. "If you dare to sterilize me, I will…" He couldn't think of anything and eventually said, "You will regret it!"

Kang Hong added, "What about a name? Do you like any of the ones I sent you?"

"I will look again."

"Don't just look at it yourself. You have to ask the little cat."

Xie Xi heard those words and was stunned.

Jiang Xie replied, "Okay, I'll ask tonight."

Kang Hong saw that it wasn't early and was afraid of being scolded. He asked before leaving, "You really don't need me to go with you tomorrow?"

Jiang Xie shook his head. "It's fine."

Kang Hong really wanted to go together but Jiang Xie said this and he couldn't follow.

Regarding Xie Xi's name, Jiang Xie had been very hesitant.

Xie Xi knew what he was hesitating about. A week had pa.s.sed but Jiang Xie was still unsure whether he could raise a cat. Giving it a name might be blessing or cursing it. Thus, Jiang Xie was uncertain. However, it couldn't be lacking a name forever.

Jiang Xie sighed and asked Xie Xi, "Do you want to be with me?"

"No kidding!" Then Xie Xi arched his head against Jiang Xie's palm.

Jiang Xie smiled. "Then I'll give you a name, okay?"

"I have a name."

"I always feel that you can understand me."

"Too bad you can't understand what I'm saying."

Jiang Xie took out his phone from his pocket and read the list of names Kang Hong had sent him. "Meng Meng?"

Xie Xi, "…"




Xie Xi batted the phone away. Jiang Xie was slightly startled before laughing. "You don't like it?"


"I also don't feel it is very good…"

Xie Xi cried out, "My name is Xie Xi!"

Jiang Xie was holding the cat when he suddenly had a thought. "Little Rose… is this name good?"

Xie Xi just wanted to be called Xie Xi but in comparison to the previous names, um… this was very good.

Jiang Xie's eyes lit up. "Shall you be called this?"

Xie Xi had no way of saying his name and could only grudgingly accept it.

"Little Rose," Jiang Xie called out to him. Xie Xi looked up at him. The teenager had a rare childishness to him as he called out, "Little Rose."

Xie Xi's ears moved. It was too noisy. Jiang Xie hugged you. "You will be my little rose in the future."

Xie Xi felt at ease and rubbed his head against the teenager's chest. Jiang Xie's mood was very good and called his name a lot, as if making up for the previous days.

Once it became dark, one cat and one person snuggled up to sleep. It had rained during the day and the clouds dispersed at night, the bright moonlight s.h.i.+ning through the window.

Wisps of silver fell on the two sleeping people and Xie Xi felt something that caused him to wake.

Jiang Xie muttered in his dream, "Little Rose…"

Xie Xi's heart warmed and he licked this person's chin, comforting Jiang Xie in his own way.

Jiang Xie smiled in his sleep and unexpectedly bowed his head slightly, lips touching Xie Xi's mouth.

Xie Xi was stunned as he felt a cool breath flowing through his body. He felt that his body was strange and when he opened his eyes, he found himself slowly getting bigger…

This also shocked Jiang Xie. By the time the ray of moonlight faded, Xie Xi found himself becoming human.

Jiang Xie felt something slipper in his arms and opened his eyes to find himself holding a naked… teenager?

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