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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 11

Xie Xi was confused at first. 'What resources do I have you for?'

Then he remembered the scene when he first entered the world.

He opened the laptop and wanted to check his information. The result was that there were all G movies. He turned it off one by one and dozens more overlapping movies were open!

At that time, he encountered Jiang Xie and was dying of embarra.s.sment. Thus, he angrily swept through the laptop. He deleted everything and threw it into the corner like it was a hot potato.

During the past year, Xie Xi had forgotten this and didn't even know where he threw the laptop…

Originally, the hundreds of G movies were learning materials! His succubus was a top student!

Speaking of which, if the original wasn't a top student then how could he qualify as an exchange student?

Just like Jiang Xie needed to be a.s.sessed to come to the Demon World, Xie Xi had to pa.s.s an a.s.sessment to go to Heaven. He must be very outstanding to have this qualification.

The courses in the Demon World were obviously different from Heaven. It was obviously just by the words 'learning about s.e.x.'

Unexpectedly, Xie Xi actually deleted his hard-working 'study notes', 'treasure trove', 'five year simulation for the three year university entrance examination' with one key.

The demon student was still crying. "Xiao Xie, it's fine for you. You just returned to school and don't have to take the exam. The first lesson is the day after tomorrow and the professors will whip anyone who is unqualified!"

Xie Xi felt sorry for him but couldn't help.

"I'm sorry." Xie Xi put the blame on Heaven. "The courses in Heaven are different from ours. The things we learn are prohibited there so I deleted them all not long after entering the school."

The demon cla.s.smate, "???"

Xie Xi added, "There is nothing left."

The demon cla.s.smate went crazy. "You deleted all the learning materials you worked hard on for decades?"


Xie Xi's lips pursed. Yes, the lifespan of angels and demons was very long.

Xie Xi 'endured the pain' and said, "Yes."

"Demon G.o.d…" The demon cla.s.smate's moan was probably translated as 'Heaven, Earth, I want to die!'

This cla.s.smate struggled very hard and found some hope. "What about your learning machine?" If the laptop was found, maybe they could restore it?

Learning machine?

Xie Xi reflected on the words for a moment before equating them with the laptop that only contained G materials.

In a way, it really was a learning machine!

Xie Xi wiped out his last hope. "I threw it away in Heaven."

The demon cla.s.smate screamed and ran away crying.

In the dormitory, Xie Xi and Jiang Xie faced each other and really didn't know what to say.

Jiang Xie had been full of vinegar all day and thought that Xie Xi's 'predecessors' could lean up all the way from Seventh Heaven to the Seventh Domain. As a result… they all came to him for tutoring?

Xie Xi smiled. "Don't worry about him. If he works hard on weekdays then he can pa.s.s the exam without holding onto me." There was a clue in the script and he could run with it.

Jiang Xie stated, "Originally, those were learning materials."

The scene where the two people met was in Jiang Xie's mind.

Opening the door to see a roommate watching a G movie was an impact that ordinary people couldn't forget.

Xie Xi was able to blurt out, "I didn't know about Heaven at the time. I just went there and wanted to study hard. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the courses." Studying was watching movies, what was this dirty setting?

Jiang Xie, the originator of the setting, was embarra.s.sed. "It was like this."

Thinking carefully, Xie Xi was indeed a serious and eager student. He always listened carefully to cla.s.s in Heaven. If there was time, he would go the library to check the information. The only leisurely time was when he and Jiang Xie were together. In addition, he would ask about the history of Heaven from time to time…

Jiang Xie had also wondered why such a clever and conscientious Xie Xi would watch G movies in broad daylight in front of his roommate when just starting school.

It turned out to be studying.

Jiang Xie instantly sketched out a scene where a succubus arrived in a new and unfamiliar environment. He was afraid his results wouldn't be good and he would lose face for his hometown.

Um… it was cute.

Xie Xi added, "I later learnt about the curriculum of Heaven and knew these things weren't suitable for Heaven. Thus, I deleted them all.:

Xie Xi didn't have any fluctuations in his heart when he said this and he even wanted to laugh.

Jiang Xie had completed placed Xie Xi in the setting of a top student and was distressed.

Think about it from another angle. In order to adapt to the new environment and not make trouble for the students, Xie Xi reluctantly deleted all the learning materials he acc.u.mulated for more than 10 years. What determination and perseverance!

Jiang Xie said, "I wasn't good. I always told you to follow the customs of the world you are staying in but I forgot to understand the situation of the Demon World."

His words must've put pressure on Xie Xi. Otherwise, how could he be so determined?

Jiang Xie felt pained and remorseful. He felt that he had been wearing coloured and always misunderstood Xie Xi!

Xie Xi saw this person's demeanour and knew what he was thinking. Xie Xi couldn't speak for a while because he was afraid he would laugh at the scene!

Jiang Xie was apologetic. "You can rest a.s.sured that I will study with you in the new course. We will sort out the materials together and definitely not fail."

The Demon World was too harsh. Doing badly in the examination meant being whipped and eventually becoming a skeleton soldier.

Jiang Xie secretly made a decision. He couldn't drag down Xie Xi. He was previously a top student and later he would become a better top student!

Xie Xi couldn't listen any more and said, "It's fine. As long as you listen in cla.s.s and do your homework seriously, you won't fail."

"Yes, let's work together."

The next day, Xie Xi and Jiang Xie finished reporting in. They received the corresponding items and also the login accounts for the school forum.

Xie Xi went to check and sure enough, it was full of wailing.

Last night's demon cla.s.smate had spread the news and it was full of crying about students failing.

"Demon G.o.d, why did you send our Xiao Xie to be an exchange student?"

"Heaven is really a place of tigers and wolves, even the study materials were deleted."

"Is Heaven so evil? What isn't allowed to study at school? Do they eat, drink and have fun?"

"No wonder why everyone wants to go to Heaven. There is no need to study there."

"Focus, please talk about the main point. Our Xiao Xie's information is gone? What should we do about tomorrow's starting exam? Professor Succubus' whip isn't a joke. You might die if you are whipped!"

"Oh… because Xiao Xie was coming back, I took a break over summer vacation and didn't watch any movies!"

"I am the same as this big brother. With Xiao Xie, I could watch a movie and make up for it one night in advance."

“I didn't expect…”

"I never thought…"

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I'm already a skeleton soldier ^_^"

In the end, even the avatars were replaced by skeleton soldiers and they gave up.

Xie Xi didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

Jiang Xie was ashamed. "I dragged you down."

'Don't tease me anymore. Xiao Xie is really going to die of laughter!"

Xie Xi turned over the previous post and sure enough, he was a diligent and eager to learn top student.

The information he worked hard to organize was never hidden. He would share it enthusiastically as long as someone asked for it. Anyone who had his 'guidance' might not get high schools but they definitely wouldn't fail.

Given the nature of demons, a large number of lazy students simply saw him as a mother or father helping them making a living.

They could lie down and pa.s.s, it was too comfortable!

Xie Xi's resources were gone but none of his demon cla.s.smates blamed him. They all blamed Heaven. They felt that the terrible Heaven polluted their top student and indirectly harmed them.

Looking at the demons' imagination of Heaven, Xie Xi had stomach pain from laughing.

Just as angels didn't know much about demons, demons didn't know much about angels.

One post carefully a.n.a.lyzed Xie Xi's experience in Heaven, which was called 'depraved.'

The post writer concluded, "Fortunately, Xiao Xie is a succubus. If he was a gluttony or sloth student, he probably wouldn't eat until fat or sleep as a dead body!"

No wonder why the two worlds needed exchange students. The misunderstanding was the size of a mountain and 100 exchange students would probably need to be sent if they wanted to change this!

The first s.e.x cla.s.s of the Demon World finally occurred and Jiang Xie was quite nervous. Xie Xi was relieved. He was able to see through the man around him. This typical evil person had no guts. Imagining something like this was simply to wrap up a package.

Professor Succubus entered and the entire cla.s.sroom was silent.

Worthy of being a professor who majored in s.e.x, it was a confusing person. Xie Xi stared at them for a while, unclear if the professor was male or female.

The demon students had resistance to this area, unlike the angel students.

If the other angel cla.s.smates were present, they would probably be red-faced and running to the toilet. The demon cla.s.smates were much more stable and even discussed, "What whip did the professor bring today? I think the red one is most painful."

The professor glanced around and raised their eyebrows when they saw Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie didn't change colour.

The professor showed their approval and seemed satisfied with the Heaven exchange student who pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment.

Xie Xi thought, 'Angel Xie, you are cheating!'

They had just returned from Heaven University so Jiang Xie and Xie Xi escaped a disaster. They avoided the starting exam while the cla.s.smates were miserable. There were seven or eight unqualified ones who stood on the podium and were whipped.

Xie Xi really couldn't see it. This was called cla.s.s? This as S&M! The Demon World was really extraordinary.

After cla.s.s, Professor Succubus gave Jiang Xie and Xie Xi homework. "I don't care what you did before. If you come here, you need to do well in cla.s.s and keep up with the progress. This is the course of the previous year. Go back and study it. Next week is a new lesson and no one will wait for you."

The words were very serious. If the tone wasn't so seductive and the course so perverted, Xie Xi would believe it!

Jiang Xie attached great importance to the professor's words. On the way back, he suggested, "Let's go to the library and find some teaching materials."

Xie Xi naturally had to cooperate with his hard work. "Okay."

There was a faint guess but his eyes still hurt when he saw the library's erotic study section.

The tip of Jiang Xie's ears was red as he said, "This cla.s.s really isn't easy for students from Heaven."

Xie Xi told him, "It is also troublesome for students in the Demon World."

Jiang Xie raised his spirit. "It's fine. We will look at it and find clues."

Xie Xi, "…"

This person wouldn't only find clues but also skills!

They borrowed a bunch of textbooks and returned to the dormitory. The two people worked hard together to learn but this efficiency…

They looked and then rolled in bed.

If Xie Xi wasn't a succubus then he would've long kicked Gemini and given up on repairing this trash world!

A month pa.s.sed like this and a moth emerged. Xie Xi finally realized how Gemini lived up to the 'twin' section of the Gemini star sign!

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