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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 13

The Demon G.o.d?

Xie Xi remembered the purple-eyed Jiang Xie and his last sentence, 'Then I don't need to exist.'

Xie Xi's head buzzed. There was another soul? Wasn't it only one soul for every small world? How could the Gemini world…

Xie Xi finally reacted. Gemini… there was the twins part!

Without thinking, he hadn't expected there to be another soul so Xie Xi didn't look at all. He was only concerned about Angel Jiang.

According to the law, the souls should revolve around him. How long had the other Jiang Xie been secretly watching him and become disheartened enough to give up last night?

What should he do? Xie Xi had been fed so much sugar in this world that he forgot the days when he danced on the tip of a blade.

His thoughts were a mess as Jiang Xie pulled him to take refuge in the first auditorium.

This was the first time that Xie Xi saw elements of magic. The students who arrived were shrouded by huge s.h.i.+elds that the teachers supported.

The teachers usually put their wings away and looked like ordinary people. Now they all showed their demon appearance, huge black wings filled with an unknown power and bringing endless security.

The students in the auditorium were panicked and couldn't help whispering.

“How could there be such a big shock?"

"I heard the teacher say that the Demon G.o.d has fallen…"

Once these words came out, the entire auditorium was silent before someone's scared voice was heard. "How is that possible? How could our Demon G.o.d…"

A wrath demon said, "It is an angel's intrigue?" A sloth student blocked his mouth. "You will die if you speak too much."

It was true that they couldn't say this. Heaven and the Demon World had been peaceful for many years. If such an idea was born, there would be a big mess.

Fortunately, rationality prevailed and no one was angry with the angels.

The sloth demons might have lazy bodies but their minds were clear. One brother said, "The Demon G.o.d has been sleeping for more than 100 years and didn't the last festival. The domain masters thought he would wake up for this festival. Who knew…"

These things were unknown for Xie Xi. He p.r.i.c.ked his ears and listened carefully. After all, it was an important clue.

Xie Xi was 105 years old this year. The Demon G.o.d fell asleep over 100 years ago? Did it have something to do with him? Wasn't he born after the Demon G.o.d fell asleep?

It didn't matter if the Demon G.o.d was sleeping. After all, their lifespan was long and governance of the Demon World had long been a.s.signed to the domain masters. There was no need for him to interfere.

However, the fall of the Demon G.o.d was fatal. He was the pillar of the Demon World. Once he fell, the Demon World would fall apart. The domain masters could temporarily hold it up but this was just a drop of water in the bucket. It wouldn't last long.

The discussion of the crowd focused on two points. One was why the Demon G.o.d fell. What happened? The other was the fall of the Demon G.o.d causing the collapse of the Demon World. What should they do?

These questions couldn't be answered by the students taking refuge here.

Jiang Xie held Xie Xi's hand and told him, "Don't be afraid."

The Demon World might be ruined but there was Heaven. He could take Xie Xi out of here.

Of course, Heaven couldn't ignore such a big thing as the Demon World collapsing. If the Demon World's collapse was truly irreparable, they would find ways to accept the demons.

Xie Xi wasn't afraid there was no place for him. He was afraid that something would happen to the souls!

It could be concluded that the Demon G.o.d was definitely Jiang Xie's soul, otherwise the entire Demon World wouldn't collapse.

Did this world really have two souls? He only touched Angel Jiang but ignored Demon G.o.d Jiang?

Who wanted this?

Wasn't Demon G.o.d Jiang too efficient? He said he would fall and he fell. Couldn't he leave some room for Xie Xi?


The panicked Xie Xi became a bit calmer.

If the Demon G.o.d truly died then the angel in front of him wouldn't be safe.

The souls moved the entire body. If one was in an accident then all of them would suffer.

Thus, there must be a turnaround!

Xie Xi stabilized. The thing he had to think about now was how to calm Angel Jiang while coaxing Demon G.o.d Jiang.

The Demon G.o.d was dying and must be double coaxed. Angel Jiang experienced such sweetness for so long that if he saw Xie Xi being good to others, he could really kill himself with jealousy!

He hadn't figured this out yet when someone came to find Xie Xi.

The sudden arrival of four-winged demons shocked the audience.

The sloth, envy and greedy demons knelt down and shouted, "I greet the domain masters!"

That's right. Three demon masters had come and one of them headed straight to Xie Xi. "Come with me."

The envy domain master reached out for Xie Xi but Jiang Xie held Xie Xi's other hand.

Xie Xi definitely had to go but Angel Jiang…

"Let's go together>" The sloth domain master glanced at Jiang Xie, no emotions in his light grey eyes.

The next moment, Xie Xi found that he and Jiang Xie were in a different place.

They weren't in the crowded first auditorium but a grand hall with a dome.

The floor of the temple was a smooth black mirror with six pillars on each side. Each pillar had a different pattern and the exquisite carvings were impressive.

There was an empty throne and the throne's back was very high. It was as high as the pillars on both sides and had complicated lines on it. It was unknown where the light came from but there was a dark purple halo on the throne.

Even Xie Xi could understand it. This was the Demon G.o.d's Hall in the Seventh Domain. The throne in the middle was the position of the Demon G.o.d while the six pillars represented the six domain masters.

Xie Xi sighed with relief with he came here. According to this situation, there was still a chance of saving the Demon G.o.d.

Xie Xi was sure that he could restore the Demon G.o.d as long as there was one breath left!

It was an emergency and the domain masters didn't speak nonsense. Greed opened his mouth. "We will temporarily stabilize the Demon World. You quickly wake up the Demon G.o.d!"

Xie Xi asked, "Hasn't the Demon G.o.d fallen?"

Greed replied, "He gave up the position of G.o.d. It is the same as falling!"

Just giving up the position of G.o.d, okay…

Xie Xi wanted to continue asking but Jiang Xie took his hand. "If the domain masters can't wake up the Demon G.o.d then what can Xie Xi do? He is just a student who hasn't yet graduated."

His voice was cold and a tremendous uneasiness gripped Jiang Xie's heart.

Envy sneered. "A student who hasn't graduated yet? He was one of the seven favourites of the Demon G.o.d 100 years ago."

Xie Xi could easily accept this type of setting but since Angel Jiang was present, he had to pretend to be panicked.

Greed opened his mouth. "He was reincarnated. How can he remember this?" He was obviously referring to Xie Xi.

Envy cried out, "If he hadn't reincarnated then the Demon G.o.d wouldn't have fallen asleep!"

Sloth didn't like to talk but his words were the most useful. "Don't talk nonsense. The urgent task is to save the Demon G.o.d."

Envy sneered and was silent.

Greed came forward and told Xie Xi, "You don't remember anything but 100 years ago, you were the demon master of l.u.s.t and the lover of the Demon G.o.d. We don't know what happened between you but as a result, you reincarnated without a word and the Demon G.o.d fell asleep."

Xie Xi knew it. How could there be no previous setting? This wasn't a relations.h.i.+p. It was being engaged in a previous life!

He saw Jiang Xie's brain hole and could basically guess more of it. Xie Xi loved this person but he was treated as a tool for a dog blood drama.

Xie Xi was really wronged. Since when did he treat Jiang Xie as a tool for X?

He wanted to be abstinent day and night! Wait…

Xie Xi thought of Angel Jiang beside him and glanced over. Sure enough, this person had thin lips and was pale.

Xie Xi had long been accustomed to this type of scene and didn't find it strange.

Greed continued, "Only you can make the Demon G.o.d return."

Xie Xi was really afraid that the Demon G.o.d would come back while Angel Jiang would leave!

Jiang Xie didn't release his hand and his voice was low and cold. "Since he is reincarnated, he is no longer the master of the Seventh Domain. What will happen if he goes?"

Envy said, "If it wasn't for your existence, would the Demon G.o.d become disheartened?"

Jiang Xie had no fear. "I can't let him go. He is my lover. Another person's life has nothing to do with him."

Envy grabbed at Jiang Xie's collar and scolded him, "If the Demon G.o.d doesn't exist, the Demon World is finished. Do you believe that I won't kill you?"

Jiang Xie's face didn't change colour. "I won't give Xie Xi to anyone."

"You…" Xie Xi saw that Envy really wanted to act and was anxious.

He knew that the soul couldn't be a simple student but Xie Xi didn't want to fight here. No matter who lived or died, it would be a half death and this meant death!

Xie Xi told them, "I'll go so don't hurt him."

These words could only be described as 'wonderful.'

It meant he would go to wake up the Demon G.o.d but it also subtly comforted Angel Jiang. 'I'm not going because of the previous life's melodrama but for Jiang Xie.'

Jiang Xie was really coaxed. He said, "No, this is the Demon G.o.d's choice. Xie Xi, you…"

Envy reached for Jiang Xie's neck.

The 'frightened' Xie Xi cried out, "Don't… the Demon World is my home. I don't want to watch it fall!"

Envy released his hand but Jiang Xie didn't release his grip on Xie Xi from beginning to end.

Xie Xi said, "Can you let Jiang Xie go with me?"

Envy questioned, "Why? Are you afraid that I will kill him if you leave?"

Envy's words were delivered quickly and accurately. Xie Xi declared, "I must guarantee his safety or I won't go anywhere."

Sloth spoke up, "Let them go together."

There was a faint trace of mockery in the grey eyes that stared at Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi felt a bit uneasy but he couldn't throw away Jiang Xie.

Forget the domain masters, even Xie Xi himself wasn't at ease. The best way to save the gourd was to place the gourd right underneath his eyes!

Xie Xi's previous words barely give Jiang Xie a stimulus. Regardless of what the domain masters said or what happened 100 years ago, at least the current Xie Xi loved him and only him.

This gave the angel endless comfort and allowed him to stabilize his mind in front of this great change.

What was the domain master or Demon G.o.d's lover? It was all in the past and Xie Xi had discarded it. He was now with Jiang Xie.

This comfort disappeared instantly after seeing a portrait of the Demon G.o.d.

Xie Xi also never imagined that the place to wake up the Demon G.o.d would have such a huge portrait.

The man with six wings coming from his back had a pair of purple eyes. His eyelashes drooped slightly and he looked downwards. His distant line of sight seemed to contain the magic to penetrate into the hearts of people.

This was only a portrait yet it contained such a majestic pressure. It could be imagined how powerful the real person would be.

The three domain masters saluted to the portrait.

Xie Xi stared at it in a dazed manner, senses not returning.

Jiang Xie lost all blood the moment he saw the portrait, all previous comfort disappearing like a ghost.

The Demon G.o.d in the portrait looked exactly the same as him. The only difference was the colour of the eyes.

Sloth glanced at him and spoke slowly, "It seems that even after reincarnating, the only one in Lord l.u.s.t's mind is the Demon G.o.d."

Now Xie Xi understood why Sloth agreed to let Jiang Xie come and the previous mocking in his eyes.

Xie XI was used to seeing the different 'forms' of Jiang Xie and had forgotten this!

'It must really be fun. Jiang Xie, how much do you like acting as a subst.i.tute? Can't you change the pattern? Hey, forget it… you should develop fewer tricks to abuse yourself!'

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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 14

Even without Sloth stirring up trouble, Jiang Xie's brain could make up 100,000 words.

Such as Xie Xi couldn't forget his old lover even after reincarnation, he saw Jiang Xie who looked exactly the same and felt something…

These thoughts changed the sweetness that the two people experienced together, the sugar changing to a knife that could piece people's heart, liver and lungs.

Greed added firewood. "It is the first time I've seen someone who looks like the Demon G.o.d."

What was so strange? They were all talented people!

Xie Xi was afraid that Jiang Xie would abuse himself and hurriedly changed the topic. "I have no impression of what happened in the past. How do I wake up the Demon G.o.d?"

He was worthy of being an 'old hand' at this. The translation was that he didn't remember the Demon G.o.d at all and the next sentence drove forward the main point and making it a gesture of public service.

This att.i.tude barely gave Jiang Xie a slight comfort. Then Sloth deliberately stimulated Jiang Xie. "As long as you absorb the memories from before your reincarnation, you will know how to wake up the Demon G.o.d."

Xie Xi knew there was a pit in front of him but he hadn't expected the pit to be so deep!

If he didn't recover his memories, Jiang Xie would think he was a subst.i.tute. If Xie Xi took back the memories, he could wake up the Demon G.o.d but what about the angel? Would it be minutes before Heaven collapsed?

The world was innocent. Don't let it be destroyed so easily!

Jiang Xie immediately cried out, "No!"

He was already very upset. If Xie Xi acquired the memories, would he still be with Xie Xi?

Envy sneered. "There is no room for you to speak here." This was too much.

Xie Xi wasn't happy but he could understand the mood of the domain masters. After all, the Demon World would collapse. If it could be saved using the memories of Xie Xi's past life, they wouldn't frown if they had to sacrifice Xie Xi.

Still, Xie Xi wasn't happy. Angel Jiang was pitiful enough, why keep bullying him?

Xie Xi held Jiang Xie's hand and told him, "I will listen to you."

The words stunned everyone present. Jiang Xie glanced at Xie Xi but before he could open his mouth, Envy cried out, "Xie Xi, are you crazy? For this man, you don't care about the Demon World?"

Xie Xi gazed at Envy. "Don't talk nonsense. The Demon World has nothing to do with me."

It was the Demon G.o.d hurting the Demon World and this was related to Xie Xi but… he wouldn't tell this to Envy!

Envy muttered, "You…"

Sloth was much calmer. He stopped Envy and said to Jiang Xie, "I apologize for Envy. He said something wrong just now. This really does require the opinions of both of you."

He had emotional intelligence and high judgment.

Xie Xi had to cooperate with them but he also had to look after Jiang Xie. He couldn't let people bully him! Xie Xi stayed close to Jiang Xie and didn't speak.

Sloth looked at Jiang Xie. "Xie Xi is the master of l.u.s.t. Even if he doesn't absorb the memories before reincarnation, he will inherit the position of domain master and will remember it."

One of the six pillars of the Demon World was Xie Xi. Once Xie Xi gained enough power, he would inherit the position of Lord l.u.s.t and also think of these past things.

However, this was on the premise that Xie Xi would inherit it. If the Demon World was gone, the pillars would be finished and Xie Xi would…

Unfortunately, the other five domain masters wouldn't allow such a thing to happen.

Sloth said Jiang Xie's opinion would be considered but Jiang Xie couldn't stop it. The three domain masters wouldn't just watch the Demon World collapse.

Xie Xi also knew these things yet he still said he would listen to Jiang Xie… Xie Xi was worried and comforting him. Jiang Xie felt it but still felt bitter.

If… Xie Xi and the Demon G.o.d really…

Sloth spoke again. "Some things can't be solved by escaping. It is only when we face them that we can hope to eradicate them."

This was exactly what Xie Xi wanted to say.

He gazed at Jiang Xie and took the opportunity to ask, "How about we go together?"

Jiang Xie was stunned.

Xie Xi added, "Together, we will receive the memories of before my reincarnation."

The three domain masters hadn't expected Xie Xi to say this…

Xie Xi had no other way. Rather than let Angel Jiang think wildly, he might as well watch the 'pre-existing summary' and maybe he could resolve the world in one fell swoop!

Of course, Xie Xi had another idea. He always felt this wasn't a dead knot but a knot that could be opened with a slight pull.

This was a worthwhile gamble. He would either clarify the situation or maintain the status quo. Why should he block it?

Jiang Xie muttered, "The memories before your reincarnation…"

"I don't want to hide anything from you. It doesn't matter so shall we face it together?"

It was so moving. How could Jiang Xie refuse?

Even if Xie Xi really loved the Demon G.o.d in his previous life, at this moment, Jiang Xie believed that Xie Xi was in love with him and loved him wholeheartedly.

Jiang Xie was satisfied with this firm confidence and trust. "Okay."

The three domain masters looked at each other and exchanged opinions with their eyes.

Finally, Greed pulled out a pure white ball of light and told Xie Xi, "This contains the memories of your past life. If you want to share it with Jiang Xie then you can go in together."

Xie Xi nodded and picked up the white light ball. The three domain masters retreated, giving them enough privacy.

Jiang Xie stared at the light ball. "I really…"

Xie Xi approached and kissed him. "Trust me, I love you."

He didn't dare say that the past had pa.s.sed since he didn't know what the past was.

Jiang Xie's expression became determined. "Yes."

The two people's minds entered the light ball and a large number of memories instantly filled their minds. They understood it all at once.

Xie Xi's heart was happy and he recalled this pre-existing summary.

The memories of his childhood pa.s.sed quickly and he focused on the party after Xie Xi entered university.

Xie Xi was once again a stop student. It wasn't only this life but his life before reincarnation. The master of l.u.s.t was an academic master.

Jiang Xie really arranged Xie Xi neatly.

Xie Xi might be a succubus but he was a unique succubus.

In his soph.o.m.ore year, his professor shouted at him, "You can't drag it out any longer. You have to accept the ceremony of adulthood."

Xie Xi nodded. "I know."

The professor was very worried about him."Don't just say you know with your mouth! Your body should also adapt. A succubus not liking s.e.x is going against nature!"

Xie Xi didn't make a sound.

The professor sighed. "How is there a succubus like you? Pick and choose, who do you want to choose?"

Xie Xi replied, "I don't like people and I can still get high scores."

The professor was angry. "You are very powerful. You only watch movies yet you are the most accurate student. You can get first in the year but what is the use? You are a 22 year old succubus and a virgin! If this is known, the entire Demon World will laugh!"

Xie Xi didn't open his eyes and his lips were tightly pressed together.

The professor said, "I'm not interfering with your private life but you have to think about yourself. You must hold the adulthood ceremony at the age of 23. You also know that experiencing the ceremony as a virgin will lead to death!"

Xie Xi's brow was tight. "I know."

"I have a seminar in the Sixth Domain the day after. Come with me."

Xie Xi looked up at him.

The professor was really angry. "You don't look at any of the stinky people in the First Domain. If you go to the Sixth Domain and still don't pick a person then I won't care about you!"

Xie Xi spoke with some shame, "Professor…"

The professor poked him in the head. "How is there a person with your brains?"

It was no wonder why the reincarnated Xie Xi would experience such danger in the adult ceremony. He was both a theoretical and practical idiot!

In his last life, he had a professor who cared about him. After reincarnation, he went to Heaven and knew nothing about the situation of succubi. Of course, it was useless to know. Who would guess that a succubus would have no experience?

Xie Xi followed the professor to the Sixth Domain.

Ordinary demons of the First Domain weren't qualified to come here. It wasn't only a status problem but they also couldn't withstand the pressure of the deeper demon realm.

Of course, Xie Xi's trip wasn't a long-term stay and it was only temporary. His body could withstand it for a few weeks or the professor wouldn't have dared bring him.

He was called an a.s.sistant but the professor just wanted him to go out and hook people. Thus, the professor didn't care about Xie Xi at all and even rushed him away.

Xie Xi wanted to live up to the professor's heart and went out.

He didn't know why he was like this. Succubi used s.e.x as food and it was like ordinary people eating and drinking. He was like an anorexic person and it was inevitable that the professor would worry about him.

Xie Xi really couldn't go on like this. He couldn't drag out the adult ceremony and once the ceremony was held, he either needed to have s.e.x with someone or he would die.

Rather than choosing anyone because he was hungry, it was better to choose someone pleasing in advance and quickly get rid of his virginity. Then he wouldn't have to worry.

Thus, Xie Xi seriously went to a bar every night. He wanted to find a slightly eye-catching person to resolve the current crisis.

His professor had told him, "You stinky boy, if you don't even look at people in the Sixth Domain then do you want the Demon G.o.d in the Seventh Domain?"

Xie Xi even said, "No, that won't happen."

The professor said, "Don't you dare say that you know."

Xie Xi smiled bitterly, "How am I worthy to meet the lord?"

The professor chased him away, "Go ahead, come back and be sure to let me see a new you."

Poor Xie Xi spent five or six days at the bars and wasn't interested in any demon.

During this period, many big demons came up to talk to him. Men and women, black and white-skinned… there were all types.

However, Xie Xi became nauseous when he thought about sleeping with them and didn't even want to talk to them.

By the eighth day, if Xie Xi wasn't afraid of the professor then he really didn't want to go out.

He was drinking in a corner when a grey-haired demon approached him. "Go with me?"

Xie Xi had previously rejected him and today he wasn't interested. "No."

Who would've expected the big demon to suddenly grab his hand and pull him up. "Low level succubus, what are you doing here? I have to sleep with you tonight."

A demon who could live in the Sixth Domain definitely wasn't low grade. Xie Xi was his opponent but just his wrist being held gave the illusion that his hand would be broken. "You, let go!" He cried out painfully.

The grey-haired demon pulled him straight up. "Let go? I'll let you…"

“Let him go.” A low voice was heard.

The grey-haired demon opened his mouth. "He is with me first, you…"

He hadn't finished his words when he saw the person behind him. The demon who was as arrogant and domineering as a rooster suddenly lost all momentum. "DDDDDD G.o.d…" He couldn't speak.

Xie Xi turned his head and met a pair of deep purple eyes.

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