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Collapsing 9 Boundaries 10

The thing that made Xie Xi extremely worried was that in the past, he wasn't present and there was no s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld or high-tech weapons. How did Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe escape?

He couldn't think of it or imagine it.

The only thing that could be determined was that the bright lights of the strong were paved with their own blood.

Jiang Xie became familiar with the strange s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld. Once it was placed around him, he started quickly and scared them off at the fastest speed.

As a result, he wasn't injured and also consumed a lot of physical strength. He placed the tip of the knife against the ground to support himself and he gasped, "Go!"

They couldn't stay here. Those who were pursuing a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger would come here.

There would be shocked and scared people but nothing would be achieved without boldness.

Xie Xi hurriedly cried out.

Jiang Xie pulled out Little Chirp from the small hole in the tree and patted the head. "Big."

The little bird swelled like a balloon.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhe cut his wrist to release blood. Jiang Xie didn't refuse and drank it.

He wasn't injured but needed to recover his strength. Since Yan Zhe couldn't hide his ident.i.ty, let's just face it!

Yan Zhe was able to control his own wounds. For example, if he wanted to bleed then the wound on his wrist wouldn't heal quickly. When hit by a bullet, he gathered all the blood in his body to cure himself. That's why he said he couldn't endure a second hit.

The others saw it as instant but he actually healed himself thousands of times in a flash.

It was reasonable to say that Yan Zhe had this ability and other people wouldn't be able to get his blood without his permission.

So instead of cutting his skin to make him bleed, the other people used syringes to draw blood while Yan Zhe was unconscious.

They quickly punctured the blood vessels and blood would instinctively come out to try and repair the wound. This facilitated the blood entering the wound and more blood could be drawn than ordinary people.

There was a short break before the three people continued on the road. Xie Xi became big and it was much more convenient. He secretly drew an invisible flying charm for himself and placed it on the soles of his feet. This way, he could walk much more conveniently.

Their destination was the Zone.

Under the squeeze of the black fog, the route was extremely singular and Jiang Xie ended up punis.h.i.+ng people as an example to others.

It might be good or bad to not act timidly. Jiang Xie's physical strength couldn't last forever and Yan Zhe's blood needed time to recover.

As for those who were ambitious and powerful…

There was no way back. They could only fight!

In fact, Xie Xi could draw a flying aircraft and allow the three people to fly straight to the Zone.

Xie Xi didn't draw it for several reasons. One, he couldn't explain it. Two, he was afraid to miss any important points.

He was here to fix the world and needed to know as much as possible about it. This would allow him to figure out the final knot in his relations.h.i.+p with Cancer.

Drawing the aircraft and easily going to the Zone was putting the cart before the horse.

Xie Xi didn't draw an aircraft and Yan Zhe and Jiang Xie could only go to the city to look for a car.

The black fog wasn't slow so it was dangerous to go too slowly.

There were trucks on the farm but they had all turned into sc.r.a.p iron with the earthquake and couldn't be driven. On the way, they saw many cars on the road but no one would stop for strangers. Everyone was desperately rus.h.i.+ng to the Zone.

Before entering the city, Jiang Xie asked Xie Xi, "Should you become smaller first?"

In fact, he could knock on the head and say two words and Xie Xi wouldn't be able to refuse. However, Xie Xi was his family and he respected all wishes.

Xie Xi hurriedly told him, "I won't become smaller, it is too dangerous!"

Jiang Xie already knew this. Xie Xi couldn't speak when he was small and it was also difficult to use his ability.

In fact, there was no use in the ability to create roses. There were no restrictions on the G.o.d's wisdom but he couldn't hold the pen when he was too small. Xie Xi couldn't explain these things to Jiang Xie and could only say it was difficult to use his ability.

Jiang Xie told him, "Still, you will be safe."

The big bird was more eye-catching than Yan Zhe. As long as he became small, he was the safest.

Xie Xi exclaimed, "If you die then I will die too!"

This was the master's contract but Jiang Xie suddenly became warm.

Jiang Xie felt that Little Chirp wasn't considering the contract when he said this. Little Chirp was expressing the thoughts in his heart.

Jiang Xie patted him on the wings. "Okay, we'll be fine."

In the end, Xie Xi kept his big appearance and followed them.

The sights in the city were completely different from imagination.

All the buildings here had collapsed and the towering buildings became a ruin. There were countless pieces of debris and there was a desolate feeling.

There was no one present and no breath of life… there were just countless remains of the things people had created and no humans.

Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe felt heavy. They looked at the masonry debris, the gla.s.s flakes, the wood chips, the flattened plastic and the metal products on the ground and… couldn't imagine what they used to be.

Many movies and television dramas had interpreted the end of the world but people could never imagine one-thousandth of this bleakness and tragedy without seeing it with their own eyes.

"Self-righteous… ignorant… eating their own bitter fruit…"

A neurotic voice rang out behind them and Jiang Xie gripped the weapons hanging from his waist.

The speaker didn't move. He just murmured to himself, singing a sad song in this once gorgeous city. "Retribution, human delusions angered the G.o.ds. This is a sin, a punishment, G.o.d who gave up on us…"

Jiang Xie squinted and saw a well-dressed old man in a corner.

His hair was pale, his beard untidy, his eyes and mouth blocked and the eagle hooked nose exposed to the outside was eroded by wind and was covered with wrinkles and cracks.

He whispered, "G.o.d has left… there was such a disaster… we have been abandoned… we have been abandoned!"

Jiang Xie stopped and looked at the old man.

Xie Xi's heart beat faster. Rationally, he knew this was a normal phenomenon after a disaster. There must be people who were extremely pessimistic and attributed everything to heavenly punishment. They gave up their beliefs and hopes, staying in the same place to die.

It was just that the old man's words poked at Xie Xi.

The soul was drawn away, which was equivalent to G.o.d leaving.

The world was broken and could only wait to be wiped out.

The old man's pessimistic imagination reflected the feelings of the souls who had been left behind.

Jiang Xie didn't know his ident.i.ty but these words would stab at the more secret pain in his heart.

The souls didn't know what was going on or the experiences of the main body and Xie Xi. They didn't know they weren't abandoned but where being saved…

Xie Xi stretched out his wings and covered Jiang Xie.

He said nothing but he brought back Jiang Xie's heart.

Jiang Xie gazed up at Xie Xi and soothed him. "I'm fine."

Xie Xi told him, "We haven't been abandoned."

Jiang Xie smiled. "Yes."

Yan Zhe also recovered his senses and whispered, "Let's go."

The old man sat here but his soul had already left.

They found a car. Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe didn't have a driver's license. Xie Xi had several types but he was currrently a round bird and so big he couldn't get into the car. How could he drive?

Jiang Xie made Xie Xi small, held the bird in his arms and drove himself.

Xie Xi had to stay in Jiang Xie's arms. This way, he could become bigger no matter what happened.

Yan Zhe sat in the pa.s.senger's seat with the seat belt fastened and he grasped the handle tightly. He obviously didn't believe in the driving of the unlicensed Jiang Xie!

Jiang Xie also didn't have much hope. He stepped on the accelerator and roared forward.

Yan Zhe's face was white and the hand holding the handle was blue. His smooth silver hair swayed like a wave several times.

He was very beautiful but he was clearly afraid.

Xie Xi was much better. After all, the bird was small. At most, his skull hit Jiang Xie's chest but it wasn't painful because of the fur.

Jiang Xie was a novice on the road and people wouldn't dare to teach him.

It was fortunate that all the traffic light cameras had become or 12 licenses weren't sufficient for all the points deducted.

Fierceness was fierceness but they moved smoothly along the road.

The journey was much faster with the car. Another advantage was that as long as they hid in the car, no one could see Yan Zhe's appearance.

Everyone was busy on the road and didn't have time to check for the blood bag.

The journey was smooth but tiring.

After half a month, they finally got close to the Zone.

The road wasn't completely safe. There were times when they came across others while refueling. The people saw Yan Zhe and started with ill-intentions. Jiang Xie couldn't use his skills in the car and had to get off.

The opposite side was in a car and wanted to directly smash Jiang Xie. As a result, they were ruthlessly bounced off the s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld and the car destroyed.

Jiang Xie got back on the car and Yan Zhe was miserable. He said, "I will be more careful in the future." He couldn't stay in the car all the time. He had to get off to go to the toiler and other matters.

Jiang Xie told him, "It's fine."

This was inevitable. These people might not know G.o.d Yan's ability but they had a l.u.s.tful heart. Jiang Xie knew these things but didn't say it.

Xie Xi was in his arms all the time and knew it. Thus, he whispered to Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie patted him on the head and appeased him.

By the time they arrived at the last shelter, the black fog was also approaching. At this speed, the black fog would approach the Zone in half a month.

As for what would happen afterwards, no one knew.

The Zone was already the last surviving place. If the black fog didn't stop, this world would be completely lifeless.

Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe didn't relax their vigilance after arriving here.

This wasn't the end for them but was the beginning of the battle.

The Zone was only so big but it was full of people. Those who could arrive here were already the strongest among the strong.

If they had bad intentions towards Yan Zhe, could Jiang Xie really fight all of them with his strength?

Before they could enter the Zone, they were stopped.

Xie Xi looked up at the huge silver-white building and was in a trance.

He always felt that this was the Hall surrounded by water curtains in Central. Countless players would walk out of light columns, take a task and then walk into light columns.

Central was a very large and small s.p.a.ce. It was only one Hall but the s.p.a.ce in the Hall was indeed unlimited.

What about this place?

It wasn't just Jiang Xie but many people who were stopped at the entrance. Someone yelled, "Let us go in! We rushed here through many hards.h.i.+ps. Why aren't you letting us enter?"

The entrance contained guards holding weapons. They aimed their guns at the crowd and explained, "The s.p.a.ce in the Zone is limited. Only those who have outstanding abilities can be accepted. Those who are weak or non-transformed people, please leave quickly!"

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Game Loading Chapter 251

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