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Published at 1st of August 2019 01:45:07 AM Chapter 269: 269

Collapsing 8 Boundaries 13

Jiang Xie used to come and wake Xie Xi up in the morning . This might be a strange place but the habit he maintained for so long couldn't be changed .

In particular, he had such a dream again and felt a deeper guilt . He couldn't help wanting to see Xie Xi .

He couldn't have imagined that he would see such a sight when the door opened .

The national teacher, who was usually covered up with a cloak, had a slightly open collar and he was holding Xie Xi who had messy clothes .

Xie Xi's cheeks were red and there were pale pink marks on his neck . His clothes were messy and most of his shoulders and chest were exposed, while his long legs were covered . The rounded toes exposed to the outside were like dew covered flower bags . They were cute and s.e.xy .

Early in the morning, two people in the same bedroom…

Jiang Xie's head buzzed and his fingers pierced his palm so strongly that he seemed to break his fingers .

At this moment, Xie Xi couldn't wash himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River .

He hadn't promised anything to Leo but they were certain to have a love affair in the future . The current opening method was like having an affair and parting ways!

Xie Xi was panicked even though the national master didn't let him go .

The national teacher felt the tightness of his body and his eyes sank . “What's the matter?” He was asking Leo .

The lion s.h.i.+fted his gaze away . “Nothing . ” It was spoken through gritted teeth .

Xie Xi awkwardly spoke . “You go to the dining room first . I have to go to the medicinal bath .

The lion was silent .

Xie Xi also told the national teacher . “Put me down, I can walk by myself . ”

The national teacher leaned down and whispered, “Your clothes…”

Xie Xi, “!” There were still the aftereffects of the dream!

This dialogue had another meaning in Leo's ears . He felt sour and that it was stupid to stay here . He couldn't maintain the etiquette as he turned and strode away .

The national teacher stared thoughtfully at his back .

Xie Xi didn't have time to guess what this person was thinking .

The effect of the medicinal bath was very good . The taste was unpleasant and the skin felt a bit itchy when soaking in it but Xie Xi felt unprecedentedly light after coming out of it .

He was like a plant full of water . His body was full of vitality .

Xie Xi's mood was much better . “The medicinal bath is really comfortable . ” Unfortunately, he didn't know the herbs and couldn't draw them himself .

The national teacher stared at Xie Xi's chest with sad eyes and whispered with lowered eyelashes, “It is this subordinate's privilege to worry after Your Majesty . ”

In fact, this national teacher was quite strange . He had a high position and could claim to be the minister . Yet he used 'this subordinate' and his ident.i.ty was almost like a personal attendant .

However, it was true that he was personally taking care of Xie Xi one-sidedly .

Xie Xi didn't want to ask a lot and could only temporarily speculate on their previous business . Did the national teacher start as the beast king's servant?

The daytime clothes were grander than last night . They were black and Xie Xi's skin was white, making the black royal clothes especially stand out .

This outfit had a waist section . Once the maid tied it well for Xie Xi, the eyes of the national teacher kept drifting to his waist .

Xie Xi gazed at him through the mirror . “I don't look good, right?” He was too thin and his waist was too weak .

The national teacher retracted his gaze . “…It looks good . ”

Xie Xi didn't care . “Once my body is better, I have to eat more food . ” Then he would match the clothing .

The national teacher stared at him . “Your Majesty…”

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

“I want you to be healthy and prosperous . ”

This seemed a bit sudden? However, Xie Xi's body meant he really needed lucky blessings and he replied, “I'll borrow your words . ”

At breakfast, they saw Leo .

The little lion was sitting at the end of a long table . Half the meat hadn't been eaten and he stared at the plate like the meat was a heinous sinner .

Xie Xi inwardly sighed but it wasn't good to say anything in front of the national teacher .

He ate breakfast but Leo didn't eat anything .

The national teacher leaned closer to Xie Xi, almost attached to his ears . “I have a meeting . Your Majesty, would you like to go and see it?”

Leo's gaze s.h.i.+fted over but he took only one glance before retracting it .

Xie Xi saw the look but what could he do?

He was such a slag…

“I won't go . ” Xie Xi told the national teacher . “You can decide on your own . ”

“Do you want them to come to the small hall to see you?”

The meeting was in the main hall while the small hall was equivalent to the royal study room and was the king's own study .

Xie Xi was afraid that seeing more people would reveal something and he said, “No, you have been doing very well . I'm relieved . ”

The national teacher didn't insist and he glanced over at Leo .

Leo's brain was on their intimate words and Xie Xi's trust in the national teacher .

He clenched his fists again, as if it was the only way to stop the stinging of his heart .

Of course, Xie Xi trusted this person . Two people who shared the same bed, what couldn't be trusted?

Leo got up and made a polite bow . “Your Majesty, I have finished . I will go back first . ”

His tone was cold and hard, containing a fiery temper that a young person couldn't hold back .

Xie Xi told him, “Wait . ”

In the end, Leo didn't leave . It wasn't because he was afraid of disobeying the king but because he didn't want to defy Xie Xi who raised him to adulthood .

Xie Xi spoke to the national teacher . “You are busy so go . I will take a walk with Little Xie to the back garden . ”

“Okay,” the national teacher replied . He glanced over to a maid and the maid brought a black cloak over .

He accepted the cloak and gave it to Xie Xi . “The wind is big today . Be careful of the cold . ”

It doesn't matter . ”

The national teacher carefully tied it and arranged the neckline .

The little lion watched from a distance and found it dazzling .

Xie Xi's cloak was different from the national teacher . One white and one black, one plain and one flashy, they stood next to each other and inexplicably matched . It was a beautiful picture that could accommodate no one else .

The little lion gritted his teeth, a stone in his throat .

Once the national teacher was sent away, Xie Xi went to Leo . “Walk with me to the garden?”

Leo's beast ears were pulled and his thin lips tightened .

If this time wasn't inappropriate, Xie Xi really wanted to rub the round ears!

“Come on, it's beautiful . ” Xie Xi steadied his restless hand and invited Leo .

How could the lion not go? He asked, “I heard the garden is full of roses?”

Xie Xi hadn't seen it but he had a guess . After all, he was Beast King Rose . Xie Xi deliberately told him, “You will know when you go and see it . ”

Leo saw the smile on this person's face and his heart was full of bitterness . He was always regarded as a child and never as an equal adult! Actually… he really was far from Xie Xi . The little lion became even more bitter .

The two of them went to the back garden together and were stunned by the sight .

Leo's heart jumped violently . For a time, he was unclear if this was reality or a dream .

In front of them was a very beautiful rose garden . It was filled with pure white rose bushes and grew vigorously, beautifully and persistently in the direction of the sun .

Xie Xi was stunned because it was a bit like Central's garden .

Of course, it was impossible for it to be exactly like Jiang Xie's garden . This place was more realistic and the pavilion couldn't change its size at will .

Xie Xi asked Leo, “Is it beautiful?”

Jiang Xie turned to look at the other person and only felt guilty . He wanted to kiss Xie Xi like he did in the dream . He wanted to lay this person among the beautiful flowers and kiss every inch of skin, giving the same joy as if in the dream .


Leo's eyes lowered as he whispered, “You and the national teacher…”

He couldn't help it . He wanted to know the answer . Even if it was a disaster, he would stare straight into the abyss!

Xie Xi didn't expect him to ask so straightforwardly .

“This morning…” Xie Xi paused . “It isn't what you think . ”

Leo glanced at his neck where the black cloak didn't cover the hickeys on the white skin .

Xie Xi, “…” There was evidence and it was really indisputable!

Still, Xie Xi remained steady . “Don't think about it . I can't do anything with this body . ”

This remark shocked Leo .

Xie Xi deliberately coughed and spoke ambiguously, “I can't breathe after taking two steps . How can I have the strength to make love to people?”

Once upon a time, his face would be like a red rose when he heard these words . Now he could say it without changing colour!

The person who was most shameless had red ears, “But… you…”

This person stuttered and didn't know what to say .

Xie Xi didn't dare to say too much . What if he was caught by the national teacher?

Xie Xi posed as an adult sc.u.m male . “Once you grow up, you will understand . ”

“You just…” Leo was guided to the right place and he blinked . “You are both males!”

Hearing this, Xie Xi inwardly thought, 'You were struggling with this?'

Well, this world's background was really different . After all, they had to serious breed in order to create future generations . If all male tigers and lions engaged in s.e.x, they would probably be wiped out .

Xie Xi had to open this person's brain . “So what if we are males?”

Jiang Xie was stunned .

Xie Xi explained, “You don't have to restrain yourself . If you want to find a male partner then it is also possible . ” Like me .

Leo was silent as his three views were reshaped .

Xie Xi saw this and his heart was full of amus.e.m.e.nt . The little lion thought that males couldn't be together? No wonder he had been arguing and refusing to get married .

Xie Xi thought he had been euphemistic enough but he hadn't expected Leo to have such a straight character .

They walked around the back garden and ate the refreshments prepared by the servants . Once they were ready to leave, they ran into the national teacher .

The national teacher was followed by several ministers who all bowed when they saw Xie Xi .

Xie Xi raised his hand and they all got up, but their heads were still lowered .

The national teacher told them, “Go back . ”

The ministers respectfully replied, “Yes . ” They took three steps back before turning away .

The national teacher asked Xie Xi, “Your Majesty, how do you feel? Are you cold?”

Xie Xi wanted to reply when the silent Leo looked up .

The national teacher noticed Leo's gaze and raised an eyebrow .

Leo opened his mouth . “Sir, I don't want to marry anyone . ”

Xie Xi, “???”

There was a bad feeling in his heart . Sure enough, Jiang Xie always made people worried .

Leo declared, “I like you . ”

Game Loading Chapter 269

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