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Can't Be Erased 18

If Xie Xi had a chance to ask N, would N tell him?

Once he heard Yan Zhe's words, Xie Xi's heart always had a strange feeling.

The confusing jigsaw puzzle in his heart was always missing something so he couldn't see the whole picture. At this moment, Xie Xi felt this was the final puzzle piece. Once he found it, his doubts would clear up.

Even now, he couldn't say what he couldn't understand. Ask N? Xie Xi would ask. It wasn't just N. He would also ask Jiang Xie.

The previous Jiang Xie was indeed used to doing everything on his own but now Xie Xi believed in him. The moment he asked, Jiang Xie would tell him.

By the time Xie Xi and Yan Zhe separated, the sky was already bright.

Xie Xi hadn't slept for a night but he didn't feel tired. After all, he wasn't a real human.

He first went to check on Libra. The black dragon was still asleep and his body had almost recovered.

Then Capricorn came to him. "Breakfast is ready."

Xie Xi nodded and saw Scorpio on the way to the dining room.

Scorpio bowed and Xie Xi asked him, "How was your rest?"

"I slept well. Thank you, my G.o.d."

Xie Xi smiled and wanted to say something more when he saw Aquarius coming with Pisces.

They rested for one night and both had recovered. One had an unhindered body and the other was full of energy.

Xie Xi also asked about their situation.

Both men answered very respectfully. Their eyes slightly drooped and one looked better than the other…

Cough, Xie Xi felt he was becoming more and more improper.

The only one who didn't appear was Sagittarius. Sagittarius, who didn't eat yesterday, was sullen today?

Xie Xi was quite worried.

The group went to the dining room and Xie Xi saw the red-haired youth sitting in the first position to the left.

He was tall and handsome, with long red hair that occasionally fell on his cheeks.

He was currently staring at a gorgeous bowl in front of him like he wanted to make a whole in it. What's going on? Was he still angry?

Xie Xi told him, "it is rare to see you so early."

Sagittarius looked up with red eyes. He didn't know why but Xie Xi felt this person was a bit pitiful.

He was finished, his heart was soft. Xie Xi couldn't stand Jiang Xie with this expression!

Sagittarius got up and bowed to him, stating good morning in an aggrieved voice.

Xie Xi didn't take a seat and walked over to him. "Are you in a bad mood this early in the morning?"

His voice had just dropped when he saw the bright red liquid in the gorgeous bowl.

Sagittarius stated, "I can always be hungry."

Xie Xi stared blankly.

Sagittarius leaned towards him. "I have been hungry for many years and I can be hungry later." Until death.

Xie Xi was in a room full of people and couldn't really speak the words in his mouth.

Sagittarius continued, "If you don't want me to suck your blood, you can tell me. I will never force you."

Xie Xi, "???"

Wasn't it just a bowl of blood? Why was he so wronged?

Sagittarius finally poured out the truth. "The bloodkin family never drinks cold blood. Please don't punish me like this."

Xie Xi understood a bit of Jiang Xie's setting.

Did he feel that the blood bowl in front of a bloodkin was a punishment?

Or was it an insult?


Based on Sagittarius' words, Xie Xi knew that the bloodkin species was very demanding when eating. Once they found their favourite prey, their preferred position and drank their favourite blood, they didn't want anything else. The environment was romantic and the atmosphere was harmonious. It was best to make love.

Placing cold blood in front of him was tantamount to telling him: Happy breakup, here is an airplane cup for you.

Xie Xi felt dizzy from his own foolish thoughts.

At this moment, Sagittarius' mind was basically the same.

What could Xie Xi do? He had to dump the blame on someone.

He glanced at Scorpio.

‘I wonder who arranged the bowl of blood.'

This look gave Sagittarius endless hope. His spirit shook as he muttered, "This isn't your arrangement…"

Xie Xi didn't have to talk.

Scorpio spoke coldly. "It is currently a crisis and the master needs to maintain his strength. How can he let you suck his blood?"

The bloodkin species was resurrected in minutes. He looked at Scorpio and stated, "I don't know who was defeated by the enemy and lost his flesh, alarming the master."

Scorpio sneered. "It is better than some people who haven't weaned and drink the master's blood all day."

The moment these words came out, not only was Sagittarius stunned but Xie Xi's cheeks were also hot.

He felt embarra.s.sed, especially in front of Yan Zhe's group…

As for the men in the area channel, they were busy laughing!

What's more, Sagittarius' words were like a ma.s.s weapon of destruction.

It wasn't only directed at Scorpio but also stung Aquarius and Pisces. After all, the two of them were also injured. They shot back. "The temple is in crisis. The waste who can't even eat should get out of the way."

Sagittarius' eyes were red and his small fangs were exposed. "Who are you calling a waste?"

Aquarius raised his eyebrows. "People should know themselves."

Sagittarius raised his left hand and a black sword emerged. He stood at the table and declared coldly, "Come, I see that you are wounded. I will allow you 10 strikes."

He emphasized the word 'wounded' again.

Aquarius immediately brought out his weapon. "I will allow you 10 strikes, hungry little boy."

Xie Xi, "………………"

Jiang Xie lost face!!

seeing that the seniors had expressions twisted with laughter, Xie Xi had to stop the children from fighting.

"Okay." This was the first time Xie Xi used the 'pressure' of the evil G.o.d' and it was to stop the Jiang Xies from fighting.

Gong Rui expressed regret: I could almost record a wonderful scene.

Nan Yi: I will make a bet. Quickly fight! Sagittarius will win over the other three!

Yan Zhe: I truly feeling tired for Little Rose…

Breakfast ended and Xie Xi held a small meeting. They weren't allowed to fight the current enemy. Danger was approaching, no fighting. Stay in good health, no fighting. Eat if hungry, no fighting.

Yes, the key was no fighting!

Xie Xi suspected that he wasn't a G.o.d but a kindergarten teacher leading a group of small Jiang Xies!

Fortunately, as long as Xie Xi was with at least two Jiang Xies, they were quite normal. One was calmer than the other, one was better than the other and one was more reliable than ht other.

In order to not let them lose more face, Xie Xi could only try to get along with them as much as possible.

At noon, he went to see Libra. Libra woke up and was a bit dazed.

Xie Xi checked his body and found that he was recovering well, his throat healed.

Xie Xi sighed with relief and asked Libra, "Do you still want to kill the dragon G.o.d?"

Libra's pupils shrank and his look towards Xie Xi was extremely serious. "I would like that."

Xie Xi held his hand. "Then protect your body and you wish will soon come true."

Libra looked down at his white hand and couldn't help moving his fingers. "Master…"

Xie Xi wondered, "Hrmm?"

Libra suddenly looked up at him. "Once my wish is fulfilled, can you give me three days?"

Xie Xi was startled before remembering that Libra sacrificed his soul. Once his wish was accomplished, he would give his soul.

Actually… Xie Xi was about to comfort him.

Then Libra smiled, his gentle gaze wrapping around Xie Xi like he was pouring out his soul. "Just three days, I want to stay with you for three days without any concerns."


What was three days? Three years, 300 years, 3,000 years, 300,000 years were all okay.

Xie Xi smiled at him. "Don't think too much and stay healthy. It isn't easy to kill a G.o.d."

Libra raised his courage to hold Xie Xi. "With you, I can do anything."

Xie Xi's smile deepened. He didn't say anything but his heart gently repeated—

'With you, I am omnipotent.'

Four or five days later, Zong Xia received a message from N.

He spoke in the communicator. "Everything is ready. They expect to act tomorrow night!"

Zong Xia had sent the coordinates of the temple to N. There was also the six main G.o.ds so it was easy to find the temple.

Tomorrow night…

Xie Xi looked at the grey sky and felt the calm before the storm.

He had enough preparations and drew everything that could be drawn. He even made the different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld into a spell and gave them to each Jiang Xie, as well as G.o.d Yan's group.

Nan Yi saw this and looked confused. "This is too much! It is like a cheat in an online game!"

Xie Xi thought of his G.o.d's wisdom… was it a cheat in an online game?

Zong Xia spoke carefully. "Can you carry so many items?"

Even a golden items box couldn't hold so many things.

Xie Xi explained, "This is the privilege of a Repairer. It is only possible in this small world."

He didn't tell a lie. It was indeed because of the repair mission that he had the full version of the G.o.d's wisdom. Once he left these small worlds, the G.o.d's wisdom wasn't so invincible.

Zong Xia didn't ask anything else and only stated, "It is indeed a unique G.o.d level occupation."

Gong Rui interjected, "We don't have to worry about the six main G.o.ds. We have to be careful of N since he also has a unique occupation that is G.o.d level."

Yan Zhe was a healer and Xie Xi was a fixer. It was enough to imagine how strong N's occupation was in contrast to their peers.

Xie Xi nodded. "Be careful."

N was currently in the dark but who knew what he was thinking and if he had any cards hidden.

In short, they couldn't be too cautious. For them, this was a fight that couldn't be lost!

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Can't Be Erased 19

It was a battle without suspense.

Once the six main G.o.ds came in person, the entire continent was boiling. All races and nations responded to call to exterminate the evil G.o.d.

Everyone agreed that evil would fall because the six G.o.ds represented the pinnacle of the world.

Once they appeared, there was nothing that couldn't be overcome!

It wasn't just them. Even the six main G.o.ds felt there was no suspense.

They all came in order to harvest the beliefs of the people they sheltered, so as to not be robbed of the limelight by the other G.o.ds.

No one ever thought of the possibility of losing.

How could it be possible? This group of ugly people were just ants who could be crushed by the G.o.ds moving their fingers.

They thought so but in fact, Xie Xi's side thought the same.

There was no suspense about the battle with the six G.o.ds.

The six star signs had the different s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld so it was impossible to lose to anyone.

Xie Xi's only concern was N.

N had a strong pharmacist ability. He was a powerful backup for the six main G.o.ds and it was unknown what strange tricks he had.

Yan Zhe and the others couldn't go to meet with N. After all, they were 'captured' and could only stay in the dungeon to try and lure N to save them.

Xie Xi thought this and stayed outside the dungeon.

The six star signs went to fight. Xie Xi tried not to let himself think too much but his heart was divided into several parts. He wondered if Scorpio and Libra's bodies had completely recovered, remembered that Sagittarius hadn't eaten enough and wondered if Pisces' mental state could cope with Poseidon's attacks. Of course, he was also worried about Capricorn. His temperament was steady and calm but his combat power was slightly worse. It was unknown if something would happen…

Xie Xi suppressed the urge to go out and see. He believed they were prepared to do their best and nothing would happen.

He couldn't walk away. He had to hold N. This was the most important thing.

Only by making N give up the mission would the danger be completely eliminated. Otherwise, there would still be dangers even if the six main G.o.ds fell.

Xie Xi suppressed his thoughts and examined the surroundings.

Would N come to save Yan Zhe's group? It was highly probable. After all, General QIn's combat power wasn't small and Yan Zhe was the G.o.d milk who could save anyone. The odds of winning would increase with their presence.

Xie Xi held his breath and almost integrated into the darkness. Not a single sound could escape his ears.

Now he was by himself and had to depend on his own strength to guard Jiang Xie!

Just then, something shook in front of him.

Yan Zhe's voice was heard in his ears at the same time. "N found us. Be careful!"

Xie Xi destroyed the communicator and completely hide himself in the darkness.

For a strong person on the same level as Jiang Xie, Xie Xi could never take this opponent lightly.

There were many magical items in Central and he couldn't measure N.

The communicator in his ear might've exposed his whereabouts. He wanted to calm down and use all his spirit to capture the person who could come to him at any time!

Suddenly, Xie Xi felt a pulling sensation.

This familiar feeling scared him.

He would experience such a pull every time he left the quasi-world…

What was going on? He was leaving the quasi-world?

Had the souls killed the six main G.o.ds and completed the protection mission? Impossible! It was impossible to resolve the hidden dangers just by killing the six main G.o.ds!

Then… N didn't come here and went directly to attack the souls? Xie Xi's back was cold and he strove to stabilize his chaotic heart. If the souls died, if Jiang Xie, if…

His vision was dark.

Xie Xi was standing in a void s.p.a.ce when he opened his eyes again. It was dark and isolated from everything. This wasn't the temple, the small world or Central.

Where was this place? The first thing that came to Xie Xi's mind was the white s.p.a.ce. Jiang Xie had used it several times in order to wake up Xie Xi. This obviously wasn't the white s.p.a.ce. It was…

"Are you a player?" An ordinary voice rang out behind him.

He didn't know why but Xie Xi, who was so nervous that his back was wet, miraculously calmed down.

This was N.

Xie Xi didn't know the location of this place but he was at ease once he knew that N was with him. N didn't go to attack the souls and Jiang Xie was fine.

This information was like giving the sea G.o.d's power to Xie Xi, allowing him to stabilize the violent wind and waves.

Xie Xi turned and saw a man who almost integrated with the darkness. He wore a black cloak and only a pair of eyes was revealed. It was a pair of plain eyes like his voice. It was plain with no character, letting people easily forget him.

Xie Xi stared for a while. He thought this was N's disguise and N had deliberately concealed his original appearance.

"I am," Xie Xi answered the question. It wasn't necessary to hide this.

N stood far ahead and seemed to be separated from Xie Xi by a star river.

He paused for a long time but it seemed to be just a moment before his unwavering voice rang out again. "Why are you in this world?"

Xie Xi summoned the G.o.d's wisdom and sketch pen and stood motionless.

The two items were suspended in front of him but N seemed unaware, making Xie Xi sigh with relief.

He could use the G.o.d's wisdom and there would be no problem with self-protection  He would win as long as he could protect himself.

Xie Xi stared at him. "Do you have to erase the world?"

N's eyes moved slightly. "Answer my question."

Xie Xi wasn't afraid as he stared at N and questioned. "Do you have to kill the six fallen star signs?"

N watched Xie Xi. "Who are you?"

They both asked each other questions and didn't answer the other person's questions.

In fact, this method of inquiry could also find out some things.

For example, N realized something. "Are you guarding this world?"

There was little doubt in his tone, showing he clearly understood.

After all, in the eyes of G.o.d level players, those who entered a world being erased were either teammates or compet.i.tors, nothing else.

The meaning of these words was clearly to determine the mission objective.

Xie Xi replied, "I'm going to repair it."

He didn't mention Jiang Xie, say this was Jiang Xie's quasi-world or mention that the six star signs were Jiang Xie.

However, this answer tripped all of N's nerves. He cried out almost immediately, "You are IE!"

Xie Xi was stunned for a moment. Oh, he remembered… After repairing the Collapsed G.o.d, he redesigned the quasi-world with Jiang Xie.

The system wanted to publish the designer's name so he gave himself a code name. Jiang Xie was X and he was IE, together it was XIE. Xie Xi thought of the IE browser and inexplicably felt a bit of amus.e.m.e.nt.

Yet N could so quickly guess it was him. This was worthy of being a famous G.o.d player in Central.

As for the repair mission, the Central Government didn't make it public and Xie Xi's occupation also wasn't public.

N was really wise to guess so much from a few short words.

Xie Xi answered, "Yes, I am."

N paused for a long time and when he spoke again, his voice slightly trembled. "Why can you design a SSS-grade quasi-world?"

The Collapsed G.o.d was repaired and redesigned to become a SSS-grade quasi-world.

Xie Xi didn't open his mouth and just looked at N.

N immediately understood his meaning and declared, "I can give up the erasure task."

Hearing this sentence, Xie Xi released his clenched fists. It was easier than expected but this was also expected. Abandoning this mission was a small loss for N. As compensation, he could get important information from Xie Xi and this was very cost-effective.

Xie Xi explained, "After the repair, the quasi-world can be redesigned."

There was a certain risk saying this. After all, the designers of the SSS-grade world were he and Jiang Xie. Perhaps N could infer the designer of this world…

Xie Xi really didn't want to expose Jiang Xie since he was always afraid that N would hurt Jiang Xie.

N instantly exclaimed, "This is X's quasi-world!"

Xie Xi was tense and ready to fight.

Fortunately, N wanted to surpa.s.s Jiang Xie but there were no ideas of killing him. N just muttered, "No wonder it is so complete."

This was something Xie Xi was inexperienced in. He hadn't been to other collapsed quasi-worlds and didn't know what those worlds were like. He only thought there were thousands of collapsed worlds and countless possibilities apart from Jiang Xie.

In fact, only a handful of people could design such a complete quasi-world. In particular, this quasi-world was collapsing yet the system was still perfect.

N glanced at Xie Xi and asked, "If you repair the quasi-world and then redesign it, the rating can improve right?"

There was nothing to hide and Xie Xi nodded. "Yes."

N paused before seeming to speak with slight difficulty. "Once you are back in Central, can you please do me a favour?"

Xie Xi stared blankly.

"I can help you complete the repair task here. After returning to Central, you can ask me for anything. I only hope that you…"

Xie Xi understood. "You want me to help you repair the quasi-world that you designed?"

N nodded.

Xie Xi explained, "The repair tasks I receive are random and I can't specify which world to go to."

In fact, he was designated as the exclusive Repairer of Jiang Xie. However, if this was Jiang Xie's last collapsed world then he might be able to repair other quasi-worlds.

N replied, "It's fine. As long as you receive my quasi-world, try to repair it."

Xie Xi, "…"

He suddenly thought that this Yunge master was a bit miserable. Xie Xi couldn't help thinking of Yan Zhe's previous words to him. Both Jiang Xie and N had touched the centre.

Xie Xi hesitated before opening his mouth. "If I meet your quasi-world, I will fix it but I have a question."

"Say it, I'll do whatever I can."

Xie Xi opened his mouth again. "You touched the centre, right?"

N was silent.

Xie Xi continued to ask. This was the best opportunity and he would regret it if he missed it. “Can you tell me what you saw?”

N's eyes stared at Xie Xi, as if staring into the depths of his soul. "You want to know what X saw."

At this point, there was nothing to hide. Xie Xi nodded. "Yes, I want to know."

N still stared at Xie Xi and after a while, he muttered, "X's luck is so good."

Xie Xi, "…"

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Can't Be Erased End

If it wasn't that N's tone was too sincere, Xie Xi would think he was satirizing Jiang Xie…

After all, Jiang Xie's luck was well known. His face was so dark that no one could match it.

Of course, there were Yan Zhe and the others who saw X's path. They knew how he reached all the way to his present point.

Xie Xi waited for N's next words because he thought N would tell him.

N carefully examined Xie Xi for a while before stating, "I'm unsure about what X saw and can only explain my own."

"Thank you very much."

N's eyes flashed as he seemed to be remembering something. "It was an indescribable experience. Even now, I can't fully understand it…"

He spoke slowly and Xie Xi listened with some fascination.

The so-called touching the centre didn't really touch anything. For a moment, the player's consciousness became the central consciousness. They went from a single individual to an omnipotent existence.

He saw thousands of worlds with one glance. He saw every mountain, tree, gra.s.s and even the small ants hiding in the gra.s.s and countless tiny microorganisms.

The infinite perspective was infinitely fine. The s.p.a.ce that couldn't be measured seemed to have only one point.

With just a glance, he saw the past and future of countless people and things in the world.

It felt like life was being born in their eyes.

N spoke, "It was an indescribable shock. It is difficult to understand without experiencing it."

Xie Xi nodded. "It is really hard to understand."

Infinity and one point, the past and future, the various contradictory affairs mixed together and human thoughts that were beyond understanding and couldn't be imagined.

Xie Xi asked again, "What did you realize to make you start designing quasi-worlds?"

N smiled and replied, "I can help you guess what X was thinking."

Xie Xi was startled.

N continued, "In that look, it was possible to skip time and s.p.a.ce to see the future. Such as…i if you are lucky, you can see the birth of a person who fits your soul. This person will fill in your vacant soul and become your belief in living, making your dull life brilliant."

Xie Xi's eyes widened and he felt that things were more incomprehensible.

N stated, "If I'm not mistaken, X must've seen you."

Xie Xi couldn't say a word. He didn't know how to understand these words. He suddenly wanted to see Jiang Xie and ask him.

N then said, "Designing the quasi-worlds at all cost isn't only for the continuation of Central. it is because only by going forward can you get out of the island."

Then N repeated his previous words. "X is lucky."

He saw the dawn in 'the future' and fought hard to move forward, waiting for this man to finally arrive.

Xie Xi's senses couldn't return for a long time and N told him, "My skill is time-sensitive. We will soon return to the quasi-world."

Xie Xi didn't ask him what this place was and he didn't care to ask.

He could imagine that it was similar to Jiang Xie's white s.p.a.ce.

Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi to the white s.p.a.ce to protect him. N used this s.p.a.ce to restrain the enemy.

The heavy Xie Xi once again stood in the black and gold grounds of the temple.

N still looked the same as he told Xie Xi, "I have given up the erasure task. I will see you in Central."

Xie Xi saw his figure disappearing and his senses only returned after a while. "Thank you…"

N told him, "Hopefully, you'll fix the quasi-world that I've designed."

"Yes, I will take seriously every world I repair."

N disappeared and left the quasi-world.

At this time, Yan Zhe's group hurried over. "How was it? Did you get hurt?"

As he asked, Yan Zhe's hand was covered with the unique light of his magic.

Xie Xi's lips curved. "I'm fine, I have no injuries."

Yan Zhe was relieved.

Then Nan Yi exclaimed, "N gave up the task!"

They were a team and could see the news. The other four were stunned as they glanced at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi had nothing to hide and told the ins and outs. Of course, he didn't mention the touching the centre.

He wasn't clear about this thing and rather than being vague, it was better to wait until the time when they touched it themselves.

Listening to the entire story, Nan Yi muttered, "If I had designed so many failed worlds, I wouldn't offend the person who could repair them and raise the rating."

It wasn't just not being able to afford to offend the person, the repairer was directly an ancestor!

Yan Zhe glanced at Xie Xi. He didn't open his mouth but Xie Xi understood. He gently nodded and Yan Zhe relaxed when he also understood.

"In that case…" Yan Zhe said, "We'll quickly give up the task."

If they gave up, they would leave this quasi-world. Gong Rui and Nan Yi showed regret since they obviously hadn't seen enough. They wanted to keep watching Old Jiang tear himself up.

Yan Zhe yelled at them. "Go, oversized light bulbs!"

Xie Xi bowed deeply to them. "Seniors, thank you."

Looking at him like this, Nan Yi was strangely embarra.s.sed. He scratched the back of his head and said, "We didn't do anything." They just watched the hilarious video while watching melons."

Xie Xi told them, "The fact that you entered this world is the greatest help."

This was true. If it wasn't for Yan Zhe's group entering the world that was going to be erased, Xie Xi would never be so relaxed.

They came here for the sake of Jiang Xie. Xie Xi understood this and felt grateful.

Yan Zhe opened his mouth. "Well, Old Jiang might be that type of person but he really fought for us."

The feelings were mutually beneficially. If Jiang Xie hadn't treated them with all his heart then they wouldn't trust him so much.

Xie Xi's chest was hot and he really longed for Jiang Xie, this bad but gentle man.

Yan Zhe's group disappeared in front of him and Xie Xi strode out of the temple.

It was sunny outside. The battle was over and there was no blood on the open field. There wasn't even a trace left of the  main G.o.ds.

The others had long since fled, leaving only the six star signs standing there.

Xie Xi saw the black-winged Capricorn and the adult Libra in giant dragon form. He saw the eye-catching and handsome red-haired Sagittarius, the nimble Aquarius, Pisces with his long hair to the ground and Scorpio with his huge scythe behind him.

All six of them were watching him. They were different people but at this moment, they all had the same line of sight. They were all happy and contented because they had protected their G.o.d.

Xie Xi's nose was sour and his eyes were hot as he said, "It was hard on you."

Xie Xi left the quasi-world and woke up again in the rose garden.

He looked at the 12 Jiang Xies in the garden and was startled…

It wasn't over yet? He thought he would go straight back to Central.

Then the man closest to him moved.

Xie Xi just wanted to turn around when the person behind him hugged him, cool lips against his neck. "Master, I am hungry."

He deliberately used Sagittarius' tone but Xie Xi was clear about the ident.i.ty. "If you're hungry then starve!"

Jiang Xie's eyes were full of laughter as he stated, "Cruel child."

Xie Xi looked up and his eyes suddenly filled with tears. He tightly held onto Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie asked him, "What happened?"

Xie Xi didn't know what to say. There was so much stuff in his chest that he couldn't tell what was going on.

Jiang Xie had the memories of six star signs and could guess.

He asked, "Did Yan Zhe have a big mouth again?"

Xie Xi was silent.

Jiang Xie sighed. "What did you and Old N talk about?"

Xie Xi released him and seriously asked, "What did you see when you touched the centre?"

These things were so long ago that Jiang Xie had almost forgotten. What did he see…

As N stated, he saw countless things but also seemed to see only one point. There were thousands of worlds but in the end, there was only a small person. The man who took him off the island.

Jiang Xie sighed. "…I saw you."

Xie Xi stared at him. "I don't understand."

Jiang Xie leaned down towards him and asked, "Do you understand time?"

Xie Xi didn't know how to answer. He said he understood but he didn't understand.

Jiang Xie told him that time was created by humanity. Whether it existed or not was undetermined.

Xie Xi didn't make a sound and Jiang Xie added, "The pa.s.sage of time is when we become old, sick and die."

He continued, "Of course, you can also interpret it as the state of heat flowing."

For example, a piece of paper was ignited, turned into ashes and could no longer be changed back to paper. Time pa.s.sed for a person from young to old until they finally died.

How could time be defined at Central? Players didn't become older and paper that turned into ashes could change back to paper.

The reference for time was lost. Xie Xi could understand this but he didn't understand.

Jiang Xie smiled and continued, "The moment I touched the centre, I saw the future."

Xie Xi's eyes widened. "What does that mean?"

Did Jiang Xie know everything that happened so far?

Jiang Xie knew what he was thinking and comforted him. "My future had countless possibilities and I saw countless endings. I finally decided on a new one."

Xie Xi understood a bit. "Your saying… your future…" Many of them didn't have him.

He couldn't say this.

Jiang Xie kissed the tip of his nose. "You are the one I desire most."

He would pay any price for this.

Xie Xi couldn't recover for a long time.

Jiang Xie embraced him, "Don't think too much. Time doesn't exist and the future is now."

Jiang Xie touched the centre and saw countless things, giving up countless things.

He saw what the future held. What did it matter where he was standing or where he was in time? He only wanted what he wanted, a future with Xie Xi.

No. In fact, there was no future because every moment was now.

As long as he stepped on this point, there was nothing to fear, even if there was infinite emptiness around him.

Xie Xi understood a bit. "You gave up on the known future and chose the most difficult path?"

"I finally met you."

Jiang Xie's luck was very poor and he often wandered on the edge of life and death because he avoided the established future, avoided the way ahead and embarked on the most th.o.r.n.y road to the complete unknown.

It was because at the end of the road was a beautiful rose garden where the future he most desired was standing.

It was now—embracing Xie Xi.

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