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It took a while for Xie Xi's senses to return…

This was something he couldn't imagine.

Jiang Xie didn't see their future but he created their present. Jiang Xie didn't wait in place. He plunged into the darkness towards the unknown with clenched hands.

Xie Xi remembered the first encounter between them, remembered that Jiang Xie forgot everything in the open world but was still close to him. He remembered that in the many small worlds after that, the souls had a deep affection for him.

Even if s.p.a.ce, time or the body was erased, Xie Xi was the only coordinate in front of Xie Xi.

Unsuppressible heat flowed in his chest cavity. Xie Xi touched his forehead to Jiang Xie's forehead and his lips quivered. “You are… stupid.”

Jiang Xie's mouth curved and his voice was low and pleasant. “Smart Xie Xi, please like the fool in front of you?”

The words destroyed the atmosphere. Xie Xi stared at him and declared, “I don't like him.”

Jiang Xie bent over and watched him with a smile.

Xie Xi hugged his neck and kissed his lips, declaring, “I love him.” What like? This was love.

Jiang Xie knew the answer but hearing it still caused his heart to jump. He deliberately asked, “Who is he?'

Xie Xi's voice was very small and light.

Jiang Xie heard it but still wanted to hear it. “Huh?”

“Jiang Xie, I love Jiang Xie.”

Jiang Xie picked up the other person and threw him on the bed. If he could bear this then he wasn't human!

The two people loved each other for a long time. It wasn't until Xie Xi was too tired to even move his hair that Jiang Xie stopped.

Xie Xi had drawn a house in the garden. It wasn't only the bedroom but also the bathroom, living room, kitchen etc.

It was easy to draw when he could think of anything.

Jiang Xie gave Xie Xi a bath and fed him a big tonic.

Xie Xi mostly recovered but he still made a look of embarra.s.sment and wanted to beat a certain someone who once given an inch, wanted a mile.

He still remembered the matter in his mind and asked Jiang Xie, “The task should be completed?”

The souls were back so why hadn't they returned to Central?

Jiang Xie replied, “The souls are found and should also need repair.”

Xie Xi sat up and gazed at this person. “How to repair them?”

Jiang Xie smiled. Xie Xi saw his smirk and had a bad feeling.

“It might be to satisfy their wishes…”

Xie Xi, “???” What other wish wasn't satisfied?

Jiang Xie was using Sagittarius' body. He had been holding back the small tiger's teeth previously but now he deliberately bit Xie Xi on the neck. “For example, feed me?”

Xie Xi's eyes widened. “You… you…”

“Appet.i.te and s.e.x are important instincts. Being able to satisfy them together is a very happy thing.”

Xie Xi felt a slight sting from his neck followed by an unspeakable numbness all over his body. “You… this a.s.shole…”

What d.a.m.n repair? This person was full of perverted thoughts!

It was a pity that Xie Xi was a paper tiger made of sugar paper. He was weak in front of Jiang Xie.

The thing that gave Xie Xi even more of a headache was that Jiang Xie's bad idea was really right!

After feeding Sagittarius in all senses, Xie Xi finally saw the long-lost system panel. The lower right corner of his vision showed the repair progress: 1/12th.

Jiang Xie deliberately asked him, “How is it? Was my solution right?”

What d.a.m.n solution?

Xie Xi shared the progress.

Then Scorpio woke up and a cool hand touched him. “The undead don't have any body temperature. Master, please warm me up.”

Xie Xi, “…………………………”

Jiang Xie really made up his mind to recover what was owed in the small world.

The small cat ears, stiff abstinence of the suit, a succubus who didn't like to wear clothes, Little Chirp with the white-feathered cloak, Beast King Rose, the high status evil G.o.d… Jiang Xie tasted all of them. The conclusion was… he wanted them another 3,000 times.

Xie Xi really fell on his head this time. Usually, Jiang Xie was unrestrained. With justification, he was simply… a beast! Oh, Leo, Virgo and Libra were all actual beasts! He wasn't as good as a beast!

In short, once the progress bar was full, Xie Xi's first sentence to Jiang Xie was, “Once we go back to Central, you will be abstinent for 3,000 years!”

Who knew that after Jiang Xie woke up one by one, all 12 people would wake up at the same time.

Xie Xi was stunned.

The Jiang Xies had curved lips as they asked, “Baby, what did you just say?”

Xie Xi, “………………”

Then the task was complete. Xie Xi heard the system prompt and thought he could immediately return to Central.

Unexpectedly, a line popped up in his lower right corner. [The repair of the true spirit is completed and the restoration of the 12 Boundaries world is completed. A new Central is born because the origins of the 12 quasi-worlds are the same.]

Jiang Xie also saw the line of words and his entire body was a bit stunned.

Xie Xi stared at the words for a long time. He split almost every character into strokes and then looked at it again.

In the end, he was sure that he wasn't mistaken. The birth of a new Central? The new Central?

Xie Xi glanced at Jiang Xie…

Jiang Xie had enough experience. After a paused, he pulled Xie Xi into his arms. “…You designed a new Central.”

Xie Xi's brain couldn't keep up. Many thoughts appeared as he asked. “Central? Here…”

Jiang Xie smiled and kissed the top of his head. “n.o.body knew how the Central World came about. Now you have unlocked the secret.”

Xie Xi was still bewildered. “I didn't do anything.”

This wasn't… Xie Xi finally calmed down.

He didn't do much but Jiang Xie did a lot. He cut apart his soul to create so many quasi-worlds. These quasi-worlds had the same origin because of the relations.h.i.+p between the souls.

As long as their quasi-worlds were all connected together, a new Central would be born. It was Xie Xi's repair mission that tied them together.

Xie Xi stared at Jiang Xie. “You are the real designer.”

“I'm nothing without you.”

The new Central was designed by the two of them. The absence of one of them would mean no new continuation.

Xie Xi looked at the s.p.a.ce that infinitely spread in front of them and suddenly, the last missing puzzle piece in his heart was finally found.

Perhaps the Central where they lived was born like this.

There was a great player who sacrificed himself to design the quasi-worlds. He saved the Central Government and the thousands of worlds sheltered by the Central Government.

At the end of the day, all his quasi-worlds were strung into a ring and gave birth to a new Central.

Perhaps the Central world wasn't in the form of a matryoshka but was a huge branch that infinitely forked out.

There were no ups and downs, only the vastness that continued to extend outwards.

Xie Xi looked at Jiang Xie. “Do we need to do anything?”

A new Central was born. What should they do?

Xie Xi felt that he had no power to control this place. He gave birth to it but it had nothing to do with them.

Jiang Xie smiled. “Do you remember the world of the collapsed G.o.d?”

Xie Xi couldn't forget.

Jiang Xie continued, “We are the incompetent creators.”

Xie Xi was shocked and understood the meaning.

Creation didn't represent domination. The so-called Creator wasn't high above. They might be ordinary or even weak. Still, there were no doubts. It was they who broke through the darkness and left hope.

Game Loading Chapter 304

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