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Lost Atlantis 5

Xie Xi didn't feel well as he saw the progress bar rise and fall this way.

Didn't the sixth prince like to eat? Did Xie Xi choose what the prince hated the most? Sixth prince, was he superficially polite while feeling dislike in his heart?

Xie Xi was afraid this orange progress bar would return to zero and hurriedly sat upright, not showing any more traces of concern.

Sure enough, the task of the perverted X wasn't so simple. It seemed that the sixth prince's nature was very eccentric.

How could he gain the love of an eccentric person? Xie Xi didn't have any normal love experience and couldn't figure it out.

He didn't dare pay attention to the sixth prince anymore. It was only now that he noticed the fifth prince on his other side was silent.

He felt good towards the fifth prince and was in the mood to reciprocate. He got up and helped fill the fifth prince's empty wine gla.s.s.

The fifth prince looked up at him and Xie Xi smiled politely.

The fifth prince spoke in a stiff manner, "This is the work of servants. There is no need for you to do it."

Xie Xi lowered his voice and spoke at a volume only the other person could hear. "Your subordinate should pour the wine. It is thanks to Your Highness' magnanimity that I got the opportunity to taste such delicacies."

The fifth princes' eyes and lips curved. "The Hall family is honourable. You don't need to be so self-deprecating."

Xie Xi's fish tail showed that his blood was impure and it was also estimated that the name Hall wasn't among the n.o.bles.

Xie Xi smiled in a dumbfounded manner.

The mission progress rose from 1% to 3%…

The progress bar was a very long line and the progress of 3% was small. Due to the bright orange colour, it was very conspicuous and easy to see.

Why had it gone up again? Xie Xi glanced at the sixth prince from the corner of his eyes.

The sixth prince was stable as he seriously ate. He didn't look at Xie Xi at all.

Was it only when ignoring the prince that the affection would rise?

Xie Xi couldn't understand. Was the sixth prince mentally ill? On the other hand, this was X's soul. The master was so crazy. The soul was just an immature wisp and would be even more crazy…

Since it would make the progress rise, let's ignore him.

Xie Xi completely didn't look at the sixth prince and talked happily with the fifth prince.

Xie Xi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. By the end of the meal, Xie Xi hadn't glanced once at the sixth prince yet the progress bar had risen to 8%!

Once it was over, the fifth prince said to him, "Go and find me when you have time."

Xie Xi replied, "Okay." In fact, he replied in a perfunctory manner. 'If you don't live with the sixth prince, I won't come and find you.'

The second prince was a troublemaker. He glanced between Xie Xi and the fifth prince and smiled. "Your beauty is matched with talent. Small Sein really has vision."

Xie Xi, "…" f.u.c.k your beauty!

The third prince was filled with bitterness. "Fickle person."

Xie Xi, "???"

How good of a young man was he? He made this group of psychopaths violently angry.

The fifth prince defended him. "Don't say that to him. Small Sein is a guard of the royal family. He is very talented…"

He didn't finish his words before the second prince interrupted. "Yes, he doesn't serve those who don't look like a king."

Xie Xi heard that the mother of the third prince was a servant of the queen. She was noticed by the king because of her beauty, admitted to the harem and gave birth to the third prince.

Once the second prince said this, the third prince blew up. HIs eyes were red, his lips thinned into a line as he stared at the second and fifth prince, also implicating Xie Xi along the way.

Xie Xi, "…" Get lost, they were all in the way of the sixth prince!

The fourth prince coughed, breaking the atmosphere. "Brothers, this isn't good. Poor hospitality will make my brothers unhappy with me.

The second prince smiled. "How can that be? You are secluded in this beautiful and quiet place, filled with delicious food and wine. Brother should be very happy."

The third prince wasn't provoked by the second prince to make trouble for the fourth prince. He scoffed and left.

As soon as the third prince left, the second prince glanced at Xie Xi and went away with an ambiguous smile.

Xie Xi couldn't help cursing, 'Gaudy person!'

After returning to the royal guards, Xie Xi didn't get in contact with the sixth prince again and the task progress stopped at 8%.

However, Xie Xi felt this progress was very good. It had risen by nearly one-tenth after one encounter. After becoming thoroughly familiar with each other, wasn't it a matter of time until he completed the task?

Xie Xi looked at the orange progress bar in a contented manner. He just lay down to rest when he received a hint.

[The elf egg has successfully hatched. Please accept it.]

It finally hatched? Xie Xi's eyes lit up and and sat up.

He shouted in his heart, "I will receive it." Then a light flashed and something white fell on his palm.

Xie Xi just felt that the palm of his hand was soft. He looked closely and his lips curved.

The little furry guy, its white hair seemed to be s.h.i.+ning as bright as the stars.

Xie Xi reached out and poked him.

The little fellow twisted and the body that was in a ball gradually stretched out.

It looked like…

A small kitten?

Xie Xi thought this elf would be like the small creatures in animated cartoons. He didn't expect it to be a small animal.

He liked small animals and in particular, he had no resistance towards furry ones like this.

He couldn't help poking it again. Unexpectedly, the small cat had a pair of white wings on his back.

The little fellow flapped its wings and flew up. The short legs dangled down and its eyes opened.

Xie Xi, "!"

“Meow~ Mommy!" The small cat slammed into Xie Xi's arms.

Xie Xi, "…"

"Mommy!" The small cat stared up at him with watery eyes. "Uh… Mommy, you look a bit ugly but it doesn't matter. I don't hate you."

Who didn't hate whom?

Xie Xi picked up this little fellow and stared for a while.

The kitten's eyes, one was sky blue and the other was sunset red…

It was really a Persian cat!

Xie Xi endured it and managed not to throw the cat away!

The small cat was unaware and asked him, "Mommy, what is my name?"

Xie Xi, "…"


Xie Xi's lips curved downwards. "Fork…" X should be read as Axe but he read it as 'fork' in his heart! (TL: Remember, different Chinese characters.)

The small cat asked, "Fork?"

"Roast Pork Bun!"

The small cat was silent before he struggled to survive. "Can you change it? It is so hard to hear…"

Xie Xi was ruthless. "No."

The small cat made tearful eyes. "Mommy~"

This call made Xie Xi even more determined. "My name is Xie Xi. I'm a man and I'm not your mother."

The small cat, no, he was Roast Pork Bun now, made a wronged expression. "Elves are very rare. All of you should treat elves as babies…'

Xie Xi asked, "Should I?"

“That's right." Roast Pork Bun cried out. "It is written in the hatching training courses. We will transform into the appearance our mother loves the most and will be pampered. We only need to eat, drink, sleep and occasionally spoil…" This was different from what was taught!

Xie Xi, "…" He didn't care about this bulls.h.i.+t hatching course. His mind was full of the words, 'The appearance our mother loves most.'

Did he really like this Persian cat? Oh, he was thinking too much. He wanted to kill that person!

The more Xie Xi thought about it, the angrier he was. "What is your use?"

Roast Pork Bun stared with big eyes. "Aren't I cute? Am I not likeable?" He turned in a circle to show how cute he was. Unfortunately, his mother was blind. "Isn't this Mommy's favourite appearance?"

Xie Xi, "…" He wanted to cover him with the blanket.

He remembered the tip in the item bar: Gold grade. Hurry to sell it. Exchanging it for money is more cost-effective than raising this thing!

He should've sold this elf for money. Sure enough, X wouldn't give him anything good!

Roast Pork Bun hummed. "In every quasi-world, I can help you resist three fatal injuries." His mother wasn't normal. He had to try hard to survive QAQ!

Xie Xi asked, "What else?"

Roast Pork Bun's eyes were watery. "I can also sell meng…"

Xie Xi, "…"

Roast Pork Bun wanted to cry. Wasn't selling meng a skill? As long as he sold it well, he wouldn't be afraid to travel anywhere in the world. The training course was wrong!

Xie Xi was sleep and pulled the cat into his arms. He found the cat was too small to even be suitable as a pillow.

Roast Pork Bun didn't move until deep breathing sounds were heard. He just wanted to climb out when he heard his mother saying, "…If I had known, I would've sold it for money."

Roast Pork Bun shrank back and didn't dare move. This was different from what he expected.

And… wasn't a golden elf exclusive to wealthy tyrants? Why did he feel like his mother was a bit poor…

Xie Xi used two days to study and understand Roast Pork Bun.

The name wasn't wrong. This really was a roasted pork.

The only active skill: Immune to three fatal injuries. The advantage is that there is also a painless effect. This skill reset after leaving the quasi-world, meaning it could be reused in the next quasi-world.

There was also a stealth pa.s.sive skill in the quasi-world. As long as Xie Xi didn't want it, no one could see this Roast Pork Bun.

As for the other abilities… he could really chatter!

Xie Xi hatched him and signed an attachment treaty with him. Thus, Roast Pork Bun unconditionally relied on Xie Xi. If Xie Xi didn't want him, he wouldn't be able to survive.

Roast Pork Bun, "Mommy…”

Xie Xi glanced at him.

Roast Pork Bun changed it to, "Daddy…"

Xie Xi was only 19 and didn't want to be a father. "Call me by my name."

Roast Pork Bun didn't dare think about it. He thought for a long time before hiding the name. "I am still small. I can evolve after I grow up."


Roast Pork Bun hurriedly said, "Yes, I can evolve as long as you raise me well!"

Xie Xi asked, "What is the method to raise you well?"

Roast Pork Bun, "…" This wasn't written in the training course. It was written to sell meng and live well! However, his mother didn't eat the meng that he sold!

Roast Pork Bun stammered, "You will know after I evolve."

Xie Xi smiled.

Roast Pork Bun cried out, "Really… I will really become amazing!"

Xie Xi carried the cat in his collar.

The small head of Roast Pork Bun hung from the collar and felt a burst of warmth… His mother was somewhat fierce but didn't seem to hate him.

Xie Xi met Thomas and Thomas' eyes lit up. "I happened to be looking for help with an errand."

Xie Xi hurriedly said, "Captain, please command me.'

Thomas smiled. "It is almost the holy day and His Majesty has prepared gifts for all the palaces. If you aren't busy, please help." The old king gave birth to so many children that it was troublesome to send them one by one.

This was an opportunity! Xie Xi instantly replied, "I'll help."

Thomas nodded, "Okay, then look at the delivery and make sure everything is the same. After the delivery, sign there on that line." There were many princes and princesses and everyone was busy.

Xie Xi had to repeatedly go through the

He took a gift and didn't hesitate to go to the sixth prince's palace.

How could he miss such a chance to increase the progress of the task?

Due to the job, XIe Xi received a brand new and high-tech product with a small navigator. He followed the prompts and moved forward.

Roast Pork Bun probed his thoughts. "Mom.. cough, where are we going ya?" Did he add a word at the end to act cute?

Xie Xi replied, "…To sell you."

Roast Pork Bun, "!!!"  After a long time, he reacted. This was a quasi-world. Who could afford him? Boo hoo, Mommy is too bad QAQ!

Xie Xi's lips curved and his chin inadvertently rubbed against this furry little fool.

Roast Pork Bun didn't dare to scream.

The palace of the sixth prince was very depressing. No mermaids could be seen along the way and even the shrimp soldiers weren't present. It was like a cold palace.

Xie Xi vaguely knew something…

The sixth prince had different coloured eyes and his mother died as soon as he was born. Soon afterwards, all of his mother's family died and even the servants didn't live long.

Over time, the entire palace shunned him. The old king had many women and children but remembered him. Later, no one mentioned the sixth prince and even the old king forgot him.

His mother was gone and his father was absent. The sixth prince's days were miserable.

Xie Xi pitied him and started to understand the sixth prince's strange personality.

It wasn't easy.

Xie Xi walked in and whispered, "Your Highness…"

There was a click as something was broken. This sound was extra harsh in the dark and secluded palace.

Xie Xi saw that the sixth prince was writing.

The sixth prince was sitting upright. His long hair was untied and hung close to his side. He wore very ordinary black clothes and his cuffs hung down from his waist, revealing white skin that wasn't thin.

He held a pen in his slender fingers and the pen had just broken.

Xie Xi bowed to him.

The sixth prince glanced at him. "What's the matter?"

Xie Xi raised the gift over his head. "The holy day is coming. This is the gift His Majesty prepared for you."

The sixth prince was evidently startled. He got up and walked down. "F-Father?"

Xie Xi's heart tightened. Unexpected, this seemed like the first time the sixth prince had received a gift.

"It has been hard on you." The sixth prince raised Xie Xi up, voice slightly hoa.r.s.e. "Get up."

Xie Xi got up and looked at him.

After seeing these eyes, he felt the prince was as pitiful as Roast Pork Bun.

The sixth prince was slightly startled. "Aren't you… Guard Sein?"

Xie Xi smiled and said, "Sixth Prince has a good memory. You still remember the name of this subordinate."

The sixth prince smiled at him. "Sit down and drink some tea."

Xie Xi wanted to say no but he was suddenly stunned.

There was a change in the lower right corner.

The task progress had gone up from 8% to 12%, but the colour had changed!

The front 8% was orange while the back 4% was blue.

How come there were two colours?

The sixth prince noticed his strangeness. "Guard Sein?"

Xie Xi's spirit returned and he barely managed to smile. "This subordinate won't disturb Your Highness."

The sixth prince looked calm. "Okay."

The 4% progress dropped slightly.

Xie Xi suppressed the absurd thoughts in his heart and said, "I have to go and give gifts to the other palaces. Sixth Prince, please forgive me."

The sixth prince's eyes brightened. "You haven't gone to my brothers yet?"

"Yes." Xie Xi replied, "I came to Your Highness first."

He watched the blue progress bar rise a bit more.

The sixth prince said, "Go quickly and don't delay your business."

Xie Xi bowed and departed, his body in a state of confusion.

Why were there two colours?

The orange was 8% and the blue was 4%.

What does this mean?

Xie Xi had an absurd idea…

Wasn't the orange progress bar regarding the sixth prince? Who else could it be?

During the previous meal, the fifth prince had showed enthusiasm towards him.

No way.

Xie Xi's heart beat like a drum. Surely it wouldn't be so pitted?

The task clearly wrote that it was the sixth prince, right?

Roast Pork Bun felt that his mother's mood was wrong and whispered, "Are you cold?"

The little body moved closer to him as he spoke.

Xie Xi's spirit recovered.

If this was the case, it would be easy to test out.

He just needed to send the presents…

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Lost Atlantis 6

Xie Xi was horrified by the possibility.

If what he was thinking was true… could he really finish the task?

Xie Xi sighed and calmed his emotions, deciding not to scare himself. What was the truth? He just had to test it.

He went to get another present and headed to the palace of the fifth prince.

Roast Pork Bun hung from his neck. "Your heart is beating fast."

Xie Xi didn't say anything. He was so frightened, how could he not be unhappy?

Roast Pork Bun asked again, "It is because you have seen your sweetheart?'

Xie Xi's steps paused. "Who is my sweetheart?"

Roast Pork Bun replied, "The handsome man just now. His pair of eyes were really handsome."

Xie Xi remembered how Roast Pork Bun said that Xie Xi was ugly when just hatched. Xie Xi didn't feel it himself but other people said he wasn't ugly… then what was Roast Pork Bun's aesthetics?

Xie Xi was afraid of his fantasies and explained, "He isn't my sweetheart."

Roast Pork Bun asked again, "Is your heartbeat accelerating because you are about to meet your sweetheart?"

What was this mess?

Xie Xi's chin struck the cat's forehead. "Shut up!"

Roast Pork Bun was afraid he would be sold in this quasi-world and didn't dare ask anything else.

The fifth prince lived far away and his palace was as big as a town. It was fortunate that he could swim as a mermaid. If he used two legs to walk then he would probably die.

To tell the truth, even swimming was exhausting. Xie Xi's swaying tail quickly cramped up.

Finally, he arrived at the fifth prince's palace. Xie Xi saw a luxury that was quite different from the sixth prince's palace.

It was obviously the same architectural style but one was cold and depressing, while the other was magnificent with s.h.i.+ning lights.

The two brothers had very different personalities.

One was lonely and the other was pa.s.sionate. It was like the progress bar. One was deep blue and the other was a hot orange.

Xie Xi didn't want to accept this conjecture. He refused to admit that the different colours on the progress bar represented different princes!

The fifth prince's birth mother was the queen of the underwater kingdom. He was the only legitimate prince who by all accounts, should inherit the throne. There was no reason to hesitate.

Unfortunately, the fifth prince himself was extremely disgusted with the court and political affairs. He was accomplished in art and was a famous artist in the underwater kingdom.

Such a prince must inherit the throne if there were no other brothers. However, his four older brothers and even his younger brother were very good. Don't look at the fourth prince's illness and the sixth prince's different coloured eyes. They had clear minds and were extremely adept at government affairs. One was a powerful person who tamed the Lord of the Abyss.

Not to mention that the first, second and third princes each had their own supporters and their voices were extremely high.

In contrast, the fifth and legitimate prince had the highest popularity and most n.o.ble bloodline. However, even his most enthusiastic fans felt he wasn't suitable for the throne.

Of course, it didn't matter if he could become king or not. His treatment was excellent, meaning the palace was gorgeous and extraordinary. Xie Xi arrived and was greeted by a beautiful female mermaid. "Royal Guard, thank you for the trouble of coming in person."

It was a gift from His Majesty. According to etiquette, as long as the prince was in the palace, he must come forward and thank Xie Xi in person.

Xie Xi told the maid, "I will trouble you to inform him."

The maid replied, "Please wait a moment."

A while later, the maid came out and said to Xie Xi, "Please come in."

Xie Xi gave the gift to the shrimp soldier beside him, followed the maid and walked into the well-deserved 'Crystal Palace.' Even if he had seen the sea floor, the sight in front of him was extremely beautiful.

The coral groves had beautiful colours that had never been seen on land and little fish swam freely, like beautiful b.u.t.terflies among the flowers. Not to mention the pearl white l.u.s.ter of the porch, the fine carvings and the s.h.i.+ny jellyfish stretching out in the sea…

It was like Xie Xi was entering the Grand View Garden and he was dizzy from the sight.

Then once he got to the main hall and saw the scene inside, he felt that the luxuries outside were nothing but embellishments.

The man's eyes were drooping as he fiddled with the harp and sound emerged. In an instant, there seemed to be countless flowers blooming. In the wide hall, there seemed to be beautiful dancing.

Xie Xi's eyes widened with amazement.

The sound of the harp stopped and the illusion disappeared. The fifth prince got up and walked straight towards him. "Do you like it?"

Xie Xi bowed to him. "I have seen Your Highness."

The fifth prince helped him up and asked, "You don't like it?"

The tune was nice and there was an indescribable allure. Under normal circ.u.mstances, XIe Xi would find it hard to say he liked it but now…

He hung his head and whispered, "I like it." He felt like his teeth were hurting when he heard this!

The fifth prince grabbed his hand. "There is another one that I have specifically written for you."

Xie Xi, "…" We only met once. What ghost song did he write?

He was in a complicated mood as he watched the orange progress bar rise again.

Did it still need an explanation? Was he going to keep deluding himself?

Xie Xi wasn't willing and tested it a bit more. "Your subordinate still has more orders. I have to go to the other palaces…"

The fifth prince asked, "Isn't there anyone else in the royal guards? Why do you have to go?"

"It is your subordinate…" Xie Xi gritted his teeth. "If it wasn't for this errand, this subordinate wouldn't be able to hear your heavenly voice." The implication was that he took this job for the prince!

He had just finished speaking when the orange progress bar shot up!

Xie Xi, "…" The d.a.m.n self-centred X!

The fifth prince's eyebrows rose as he said, "I was thoughtless. I should've sent someone to pick you up."

Xie Xi told him, "Your Highness is n.o.ble. Why should you remember these little things?"

The orange progress bar rose again at his words. To some extent, the prince was really simple!

The fifth prince said, "Don't worry over it. I will immediately…"

"There is no need." Xie Xi patiently explained, "This subordinate has just entered the palace. I have neither an ident.i.ty or background. It will be hard to gain a foothold so I hope you will be considerate."

The fifth prince frowned. "Come to me and I will take care of you."

Xie Xi said, "If Your Highness really appreciates me, wait for my position to be higher. Once I can apply for deployment then serving you will be more logical."

The fifth prince stared at him for a long time. "Then I will listen to you."

Xie Xi's heart beat like a drum. Why? Why was he doing this?

He was about to leave when the fifth prince asked again, "Have you been to see Sixth Brother?"

Xie Xi, "!"

Xie Xi didn't understand before but he did now. Was the prince thinking about the meal they had together?

Xie Xi was a good youth yet he was experiencing a slag man's dilemma.

He didn't say anything and the fifth prince's expression became more subtle.

XIe Xi's brain turned quickly. He couldn't hide this type of thing since the fifth prince might check.

Xie Xi told him, "I have checked first."

Sure enough, the orange bar dropped a bit.

Xie Xi swore at X in his heart!

The fifth prince wondered, "Why go to him first?"

The slag Xie Xi forced out, "In past years, people neglected their duty and didn't go to the sixth prince. This year, they specifically told me to go to the sixth prince first…"

He had only spoken half his words when the orange progress bar rose again.

Xie Xi felt a bit guilty. 'Don't be so gullible!'

The very good fifth prince was distressed. "It has been hard for you."

Xie Xi, "…" He wouldn't be able to hold it in if he didn't leave now!

He left the fifth prince's palace and looked at the progress bar. His heart was like a mirror.

Xie Xi hadn't gone to the other princes yet but the facts in front of him were quite ill.u.s.trative.

If there was only the orange progress bar, he could suspect that the fifth prince and sixth prince were swapped.

However, the sixth prince also had the blue progress bar.

What did that mean?

It meant that the mission task of collecting the love of the sixth prince was collecting the love of all six princes, not just the sixth prince!

Six and sixth…

X, was your Chinese taught by your PE teacher!?

The Central Garden.

Jiang Xie's garden was covered with snow.

He had been watching the live broadcast and naturally knew what Xie Xi had experienced.

If Yan Zhe was present, he would pat his thighs and laugh at him. "Old Jiang, you are green with jealousy of yourself. Are you kicking your own head with a donkey?"

He would also say, "Aren't you going crazy because of love?"

Jiang Xie wasn't like this. Before he met Xie Xi, he didn't think about love. After meeting Xie Xi, he was really excited. He wanted to get along with this person.

However, he couldn't be so stupid.

This wasn't just a pit for Xie Xi but also a pit for himself!

There was no need to mention anything else. He just had to look at the goodwill falling like a waterfall to know how miserable he was.

Why did the two worlds turn out like this?

Things were a bit complicated.

Lost Atlantis was a complete quasi-world. Not only was the seabed designed in great detail but the short was also a complete structure. Jiang Xie had only designed the planet but if cleared, the missing parts would be spontaneously filled it by the laws of causality.

Jiang Xie poured a lot of effort into such a complete world. It was obvious just by the number of souls.

Love to the Left or Right only had three souls while this world had six.

The quasi-world was released after a review from the Zone. Due to his souls, the world wasn't activated until Xie Xi met the conditions and were selected.

The core tasks of the quasi-worlds were mostly derived from the strongest will in the quasi-world.

It it wasn't Xie Xi but someone else clearing the world, they might receive serious tasks like seizing the position of the prince, fighting for power, racial conflict, marine protection…" These were very serious tasks. Still, it was Xie Xi who entered. The souls were basically branches of Jiang Xie. They inherited things from their master and were very concerned about Xie Xi.

The previous three souls were still weak. In Love to the Left or Right, the preferred the death of the demonized Sein Hall and the task was to survive for seven days.

Lost Atlantis had six souls, meaning six souls wanted to be close to Xie Xi. This will was to powerful and the task became—collect the love of the six princes.

They were eager to fall in love with Xie Xi, thus setting this core mission.

Jiang Xie looked at Xie Xi's appearance on the water curtain and felt pained and worried.

What should he do?

Should he wait for Xie Xi to clear the instance and hope Xie Xi would listen?

Based on this b.l.o.o.d.y goodwill, he was afraid that the little guy wouldn't even bother giving him a fake smile.

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