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Lost Atlantis 9

The kitten realized he was excited and called out the wrong name, correcting it, "Oh my G.o.d, Daddy is strongly hugged!"

Xie Xi staggered but he didn't have the strength to break free of the second prince's imprisonment!

He was much shorter than the second prince and there was a gap in their body size. The second prince was slender but contained brute strength. His expression didn't change but Xie Xi couldn't move.

The third prince openly ridiculed them, "Is this a meeting?" The guard had stopped him, saying that the prince was in a meeting. As a result… the second prince was hugging a little mermaid.

The second prince spoke in an ambiguous manner, "What is more important than this?" He winked at Xie Xi. If this was an ordinary mermaid, it was highly likely they would be fascinated by him. Unfortunately, Xie Xi was extremely immune to this face. Not only wasn't he affected, he also wanted to hit the prince.

The third prince had hurriedly arrived on business and he frowned as he got to the point, "The Haiqiu Country is stirring up trouble yet you are advocating the reduction of armaments in the north. This is simply being short-sighted and stupid to the extreme!"

He had the heart to talk about business but the second prince was 'captivated' by the small mermaid and was absent-minded.

The third prince was furious and wanted to stab this shameless man…

The second prince inadvertently moved sideways, revealing Xie Xi's face. The third prince looked over and recognized him with one glance. This was… Colin Hall. His heart sank and a murderous energy overflowed from his body.

From his point of view, Xie Xi's face was red and his eyes full of water vapour. He looked like he welcomed these desires but in fact… Xie Xi was tired. It had been a long day and he was going to die of exhaustion!

The second prince suddenly relaxed his strength and Xie Xi was finally free. He gasped, sighing with relief. Then he felt a sharp gaze piercing him.

Xie Xi, "…" He turned his heart and met Gars' dark red eyes that were filled with anger.

The second prince didn't suspect anything and whispered, "Third Brother, you are scaring him."

He blamed the third prince while his gaze towards Xie Xi were full of indulgence.

If it wasn't for the progress bar refusing to budge, Xie Xi would really believe this person had deep feelings!

At this moment, the red progress bar that had slightly increased disappeared like a flame blown out by the wind.

Yes, the second prince's lie was exposed by the progress bar while the third prince's bar decreased. Sure enough, he shouldn't take care of this sc.u.m!

Xie Xi decided to give up on the unreliable second prince and tried to win the third prince.

“Your Highness, please respect yourself!" Xie Xi quickly distanced himself and even approached the third prince to look for help.

The moment he said this, both brothers were stunned.

The second prince probably didn't expect someone to reject him and the third prince guessed what was going on.

Xie Xi continued, "His Majesty's gift has been sent. This subordinate will go back!" He turned back, his body tight with anger.

The third prince sneered. "Third Brother is really becoming worse, forcing someone to do something like this."

He spoke this sentence and turned to leave.

The second prince stared at the backs of the two men and raised his eyebrows.

Xie Xi swam out of the second prince's palace, tired and angry. He was unaware of the person behind him.

Gars chased and saw the little mermaid who was shamed to tears. The little mermaid had a tender face, his eyes bright and round. He was like a small bubble in the water, crystal clear and one that could break at any time.

He was so upset that he spoke in a rare warm manner, "Don't cry." There were no tears but the red eyes already explained everything.

Xie Xi, "…" What d.a.m.n crying? He was angry!

The third prince asked him, "What is going on?"

Xie Xi knew this was a good opportunity to recover the loss and spoke in a resentful manner, "This subordinate was ordered to give a gift to the second prince. It was originally good but later, the second prince inexplicably came down and…"

He got gooseb.u.mps as he spoke. However, he saw the red progress bar rising again and had to stick to it.

The moment the third prince heard this, he understood what happened. "Aix-en was probably dealing with me. He knew I would come to him and deliberately bullied you." He paused and continued, "I let you be wronged."

Xie Xi lowered his eyes and shook his head.

The third prince patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go, you must be busy. I will find you later."

Find? Find him?

Xie Xi was startled and asked, "Your Highness, why would you be looking for me?"

Gars wasn't angry, the red light of his eyes looking very beautiful. "Is it impossible to look for you?"

Xie Xi was afraid he unexpectedly exposed something and quickly said, "What can this subordinate do for you? I am dirty and messy…"

Gars replied, "This is nothing. I used to be part of the guards when I was younger…" He stopped before continuing, "Yes, it isn't the same."

He made a slightly gloomy expression and asked Xie Xi, "Is your communicator on you?"

Xie Xi, "???"  Communicator?

Gars asked, "You don't? Then take this." He placed a dark red item on Xie Xi's palm.

Xie Xi knew that the technology level of the underwater kingdom was very high. However, he hadn't received his salary yet and didn't have the money to understand it in depth.

He said, "This…"

"Wait until I contact you."

Xie Xi glanced at the 3% progress bar and accepted the gift. "Your Highness, thank you."

"Go ahead." The third prince watched him leave.

Xie Xi played with the communicator in his hand, thinking that this was a good thing. He could make use of it. He had to refine the data on the first and second face, saving himself from being exposed.

He had the reserve faces and many difficult things could be done with ease.

The communicator in his hand wasn't much different from the phone on land. It was just that the style was more novel. It was worn on his wrist and a floating interface popped up when pressed. He could directly click on it.

Xie Xi saw the only name recorded in the address book—Gars Atlantis.

This was the surname of the royal family. It was said that they were the only descendants of this lost empire. Thus, they kept this surname to remember the empire forever.

Xie Xi turned off the communicator, wondering if he should go to the eldest prince or the fourth prince. The second face didn't work on the second prince so he had to try it on the remaining two princes.

He had to guarantee one face for two people. Xie Xi only hoped that he wouldn't become confused in the future.

He was just thinking this when there was a sigh behind him.

Xie Xi paused. What did this sc.u.m want now?

"I'm sorry." The second prince's voice was really a foul. He deliberately lowered his voice to make it pleasant for people to hear, so that they would soften.

Xie Xi was unmoved. He looked at the progress bar that didn't move and was too lazy to use this face on the prince.

The second prince moved around and stared into Xie Xi's eyes. "I didn't mean to use you to provoke Third Brother."

Xie Xi sneered at him. "Your Highness, what do you really want to do?"

The second prince was astonished and didn't speak.

Xie Xi was disappointed in him and was too lazy to act. "If there is nothing, this subordinate will leave first!"

He swam forward as he maintained the merciless att.i.tude.

Aix-en was stunned before laughing loudly.

Roast Pork Bun spoke in an indignant manner, "Bah, the person who strongly hugged Daddy is a bad guy."

Xie Xi couldn't help picking him up and rubbing his fur. "Don't talk."

Roast Pork Bun's soft face was rubbed into a bun. "Wasn't it difficult? He is strong, strong…"

Xie Xi pinched the small mouth and didn't let it speak.

Suddenly, he released Roast Pork Bun and looked at the lower right corner with astonishment.

A different colour had appeared behind the orange, blue and red progress bars.

The purple progress bar had risen by 1%.

Who was purple? Was it the sc.u.m second prince? Why did it suddenly go up? What did he do?

Xie Xi recalled his actions. Was there anything apart from the anger, cold words and expression full of dislike?

Shouldn't it be the opposite of progress? The second prince was insane! Still, this unexpected joy allowed Xie Xi to determine the second prince's nature.

The second prince and third prince were handed over to the second face, while the remaining two princes would be left to the first face.

He returned to the guard's office. He had just swam to the door when he saw the sixth prince.

Xie Xi was still unskilled in this type of thing and felt panic in his heart. Which face corresponded to the sixth prince?

The sixth prince asked softly, "Is Sein Hall here?"

Roast Pork Bun loved the sixth prince's eyes and shouted, "Mommy, the person in front of you is so handsome!"

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Lost Atlantis 10

Fortunately, Xie Xi placed Roast Pork Bun in stealth in the quasi-world. If people heard what he said…

Xie Xi would really be his father and killed by him.

The sixth prince was still watching him. Xie Xi finally reacted and bowed. "I have seen Your Highness."

He had previously used Sein Hall on the sixth prince so he had to carry it through to the end without being exposed.

"I've only recently arrived and don't know many people. I don't know who Sein Hall is." Xie Xi kept his head down and tried not to look at the sixth prince.

The sixth prince lived in a simple manner and had little contact with people. He didn't want to alarm many people and said, "He is also a guard here. If you see him, help me give him a message. Tell him to come see me if he has time."

Xie Xi replied, "Yes, Your Highness."

The sixth prince left and Xie Xi was relieved. He had enough trouble dealing with the sixth prince alone and now he had to use three ident.i.ties to face six people…

It was like walking a tightrope. It wasn't easy for a person to walk on a wire. Now he had to walk back and forth on six steel wires!

Xie Xi went back to his place, locked the door and turned off the Camouflage technique.

He didn't panic and lightly stroked his face.

His real skin: Sein Hall, corresponding to the fifth prince and sixth prince.

The second face: Colin Hall, corresponding to the second prince and third prince.

The first face: Jesse Hall, temporarily a.s.signed to the eldest prince and fourth prince.

Xie Xi repeated it several times to ensure he would remember. Then he recorded the progress of the task.

A 100% progress bar meant the task was completed. There were six people at the moment. On average, each person was 16.6666%… why couldn't it be a constant number?

Xie Xi thought about it. Perhaps it might be a good thing that it wasn't constant? If it wasn't evenly divided, perhaps he could focus on one person and collect as much love as possible? Then he would collect the rest from the remaining people. This seemed much simpler.

For example, the fifth prince was easy and he could coax 60% love from him. Then the remaining 40% would be the other princes since the task was collecting the love of the six princes. The difficulty between 1% and 60% was quite different.

For the crazy second prince, getting 1% instead of 60% was much simpler.

Could he really do this? Xie Xi was deeply skeptical.

Jiang Xie watched Xie Xi, who was biting the pen while seriously thinking, and felt worried. He was worried that his goodwill would drop after Xie Xi knew the truth.

The number was already terrible. If Yan Zhe knew then he would most probably say that there was no chance in heaven and earth.

This task certainly wasn't that simple. It was 16.6666% for each colour. This represented the love of a single soul because love was endless, so the number was endless.

Since all love couldn't exceed this percentage, there was no way to collect 60% from a single prince.

Xie Xi put away the small book and decided to go to the sixth prince first.

The sixth prince came to him specifically so there might be something urgent.

This was also a preference. Compared to the slag third prince and temperamental second prince, the 'simple' fifth and sixth prince were much lovelier.

Time was life. Xie Xi immediately went to the palace of the sixth prince.

Once the sixth prince saw him, the dark eyes lit up.

Roast Pork Bun sang his praises. "Ahhh, the second most handsome person under the sea!" Don't ask who the first one was. There were only two beings with different coloured eyes under the sea.

Xie Xi bowed and the sixth prince helped him up.

"Is there anything I can do for Your Highness?"

The sixth prince paused and said, "There is something I wanted to tell you."

Xie Xi glanced at the active progress bar and was happy to spend time with the sixth prince. "Your Highness, please speak."

The sixth prince hesitated before finally saying, "Tomorrow, I'm going up to the land."

Xie Xi was startled. The land?

The sixth prince continued, "Thus, I wanted to have a word with you."

Xie Xi was tense and he asked, "How long will you be gone?" If he was gone for a few months, wouldn't it be impossible to complete the task?

His nervous appearance made the sixth prince relax, saying gently, "It isn't too long. Three or four days at the most."

Xie Xie Xi spoke in a relieved manner, "I thought you would be gone for a long time."

The sixth prince's eyes flashed. "No."

Xie Xi was somewhat puzzled. If it was just three or four days, why specifically tell Xie Xi? Of course, he couldn't ask this. The sixth prince was pitiful and probably had no friends. Was this why he paid extra attention to a person who was good to him?

Xie Xi felt a bit ashamed when he had this thought.

"This subordinate…" He wanted to say something about when the prince came back, only to suddenly stop.

There was a green light flas.h.i.+ng on the jade table next to him. If Xie Xi wasn't mistaken, this was a save point.

The sixth prince noticed his pause. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing."

The sixth prince felt doubtful but didn't ask.

Xie Xi moved quickly and chose to save. His heart was beating quickly and he had a bad feeling. Why was there a save point? Was there going to be an important event next?

The last save point helped get him into the palace. What was it this time?

Xie Xi couldn't figure it out for the moment and it wasn't good to snub the sixth prince. He pushed away the thoughts and asked, "When will Your Highness leave?"

The sixth prince answered, "Tomorrow morning."

Xie Xi sincerely told him, "This subordinate will be waiting for you to come back."

The sixth prince laughed in a light manner that inexplicably made a person feel sad. "Yes."

Xie Xi was comforted as he looked at the 7% progress bar.

The sixth prince asked, "Do you still have errands to run?  Go ahead."

Xie Xi hadn't finished giving out the gifts and didn't dare delay. He left with a bow.

Xie Xi's heart wasn't comfortable. This save point made him uneasy. A save point wouldn't appear unless there was an important decision.

Did he make the right choice? He didn't know.

Xie Xi changed his face and went to give the gift to the elder prince. However, he didn't see anyone. The eldest prince was busy and working overtime. Xie Xi turned and went to the palace of the fourth prince. The fourth prince was the only one with a legitimate reason to not see any guests.

He was ill. He could say no if the king's personal attendant came, let along a small guard.

Xie Xi was slightly sorry but he wasn't in a hurry. There was no need to test anything. The six people had already been a.s.signed to the three faces. Now it was just creating opportunities to approach them.

He was really tired from this day and fell asleep.

He had a dream. In this dream, he became a small fish and was chased by six big sharks. He swam desperately and was finally torn into six servings for the sharks.

Xie Xi woke up and smiled bitterly. How was it a dream? This was reality!

Today he wasn't very busy. He didn't try to pick up a fish and instead perfected the information of the other two faces. Camouflage was a big bug and he could do many things. He naturally had to make good use of it.

First of all, he used it to become the steward of the palace and recorded the first and second faces into the register of palace guards.

Fortunately, this was a technologically advanced underwater world. The authority was verified with fingerprints and the iris and Xie Xi could easily pa.s.s.

After changing the register, he arranged a proper family background for his three faces by entering the household registration management department. Xie Xi also used this opportunity to find out a lot of prince-related information and was ready to go back and study it slowly.

This was a squandered day but Xie Xi felt it was worthwhile. After all, he needed to hone the blade to cut the wood.

The next day, a maid came to find him. "Mr. Hall, there is a request from His Highness."

Xie Xi, "…"

For a moment, he couldn't tell which face he had on. Miss Mermaid, couldn't she call his name and mention which prince?

Fortunately, Roast Pork Bun was taught and knew some things. He shouted, "Sein, Daddy is now Sein Hall!"

Xie Xi was relieved to know which prince sent the maid.

The sixth prince didn't have a maid, not to mention that he had gone up to land. This could only be the maid of the fifth prince.

Xie Xi followed after the maid.

The fifth prince was waiting and greeted him. "Sein, come here."

Xie Xi was pulled by the fifth prince before he could react.

The fifth prince was wearing rare formal attire. The uniform outlined his figure very well and his long legs could make a mermaid die from envy. After being a fish for a long time, Xie Xi really missed the taste of Earth.

The fifth prince noticed his gaze and asked, "Do you like my legs?"

Xie Xi, "…"

The fifth prince bent over and whispered, "In fact, my tail is also beautiful. If there is a chance, I will show you."

Xie Xi, "!" Why did he feel so weird?

The fifth prince laughed. "Small Sein, you are so cute."

Xie Xi glanced at the rising orange bar and said, "Your Highness, please don't… tease this subordinate."

The fifth prince held his hand. "I'm not teasing you, I'm looking at you."

Xie Xi felt the heat from his palm and felt… wasn't this progress a bit too fast after a few days? He would be even more surprised if he knew that 16.6666…% was the fullest possible value.

The fifth prince's progress bar had already reached 13%. This was also after some progress had been lost!

Xie Xi didn't say anything. The fifth prince thought he was shy and stopped teasing him. "Let's go, I will take you to a concert."

Xie Xi was surprised. "A concert?"

"Yes. It is a song I wrote. I'm sure you will like it."

Xie Xi didn't hate it. The fifth prince was versatile and just casually fiddling with the strings created a heavenly sound. The song that the prince wrote… Xie Xi was looking forward to it a bit.

The underwater kingdom also had 'cars'. Of course, they were called airs.h.i.+ps instead of cars.

After all, there was no need for a highway under the sea. The vehicle shot out with a loud sound. A mermaid's speed wasn't slow, certainly not slower than an airs.h.i.+p. However, a fast speed would consume physical strength. This was an enjoyable means of transportation so who would willingly swim?

There was no need to mention the grandeur of the fifth prince. Xie Xi might not understand the technology but he could see how luxurious his transportation vehicle was. It was estimated to be superior to two Rolls-Royce on land.

The fifth prince treated Xie Xi so well that he was slightly ashamed. He might be forced by the task and wasn't doing this willingly, but he was still deceiving the fifth prince.

If the soul was like the second prince then he wouldn't care. However, the silly fifth prince was really…

The fifth prince asked him, "Is it delicious?"

Xie Xi swallowed the pastry in his mouth and nodded. "It is delicious."

"I will ask them to prepare more for you."

"No, I have…"

The fifth prince told him, "You are too small. You should move out and come to my palace."

How could Xie Xi dare do that? He frowned. "Your Highness, please give me some time. I can arrange my own life."

The fifth prince didn't force him. "Okay, don't be angry. I will leave it to you."

Xie Xi felt more and more guilty.

They had just arrived at the concert hall and hadn't walked in yet when the fifth prince's communicator rang.

It was very sharp and especially shrill, like it was some type of alarm. The fifth prince frowned and quickly pulled out the communicator. He glanced at it and froze.

At the same time, a huge screen was projected in the screen, the square clearly visible.

The third prince dressed in military attire appeared. His posture was majestic and there was a deep look in his eyes. The words from his mouth blasted the entire sea bed.

"Sixth Prince Sirius Atlantis went up to the land and was brutally killed! How can we so back when the land people are so cruel and insolent?"

Xie Xi was stunned. What? The sixth prince was dead?

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Lost Atlantis 11

The third prince had been to a battlefield and wasn't angry. At this moment, he was impa.s.sioned and he shook the mood of the people on the seabed.

There was originally an irreconcilable contradiction between the sea and land. Now the prince's death caused it to ignite and explode in an instant.

"The land people are too deceitful!"

"How dare they kill our prince! It is outrageous!"

"The pro-land dogs are too optimistic. The land people are on our heads!"

"Down with the land people! Down with the land people! Down with the land people!"

This slogan was chanted, the loud noise causing waves to surge. Xie Xi was in the centre and became unstable from this vortex.

The fifth prince grabbed him by the waist and pulled him to the side.

Xie Xi looked up while in this bad posture and saw hatred in the fifth prince's carefree eyes.

Xie Xi's heart thumped.

He checked the information and was very clear that the fifth prince was part of the land-faction. He dissociated himself from the struggle for the three and borrowed his mother's att.i.tude, supporting the peace-minded monarch.

He didn't want to start a war with the land people and hoped that the two sides would live in peace, not interfering with each other. Now… the death of the sixth prince broke this possibility.

If even the fifth prince of the pro-land faction felt hatred towards the land people, imagine the others.

The sixth prince wasn't valued but he was still a prince of the empire, a symbol of the empire.

The land people killed him, which was tantamount to declaring war on the sea floor!

Putting aside his task, Xie Xi didn't like war at all, not to mention that he couldn't let the sixth prince die.

There is a new tip in the lower right corner: [Please note that the current save point will disappear after 10 minutes.]

This meant there was no chance if he didn't load the file now. Did he still need to think about it? Xie Xi chose to read the file.

After a slight dizziness, Xie Xi returned to two days ago and stood in front of the sixth prince.

The sixth prince was asking him, "What's wrong?"

Xie Xi couldn't recall the situation for a moment and replied in the same way, "Nothing."

Then he remembered the save point and felt a bit fl.u.s.tered. Xie Xi sighed and tried to ask, "When will Your Highness leave?"

He shouldn't have asked. It was only after he finished speaking that he remembered.

Sure enough, the sixth prince said, "Tomorrow morning."

"This subordinate knows this is offensive but… "Xie Xi looked up seriously. "Your Highness, can you not go to the land?"

The sixth prince was shocked.

Xie Xi decided to play a straight ball. "The land is dangerous. Why should your n.o.ble body take the risk?"

These words flowed into Sirius' heart like a warm current. His eyes lightened and he said softly, "The land isn't as dangerous as you think. I've been up there many times and it's fine."

How was it fine? He lost his life!

Xie Xi asked anxiously, "Must you go?"

The sixth prince's heart was warm. He normally didn't speak many words but now he was talkative. "Rest a.s.sured, I will come back in two or three days."

Xie Xi didn't care about the progress bar rising and asked again, "Can this subordinate go with you?"

The sixth prince's body stiffened. He obviously didn't expect Xie Xi to say such a thing.

Xie Xi couldn't let him die again. He stared at the prince and wondered, "Is it okay?"

The sixth prince looked at him with puzzled eyes. "Why?"

The excuse that Xie Xi came up with was very lame. "This subordinate hasn't been up to land and wants to see it."

"You just said that the land is dangerous."

Xie Xie Xi blocked him. "Didn't Your Highness say that the land isn't as dangerous as I think?"

The prince was so worried that he had forgotten.

However, the more he thought about it, the faster his heartbeat became.

For so many years, almost no one had taken the initiative to speak to him, let alone wish him well. The person in front of him gave him food and sent him his father's gift. Now…

The sixth prince's eyes were extremely gentle. "Don't worry, I really will be fine. I will come back in two or three days."

Xie Xie Xi was obstinate. "If there really is nothing wrong, why can't you take a subordinate? Your Highness, do you have anyone to serve you while travelling?"

"…" The sixth prince was used to being alone and there was no one to serve him.

Xie Xi said this but he hadn't thought the sixth prince actually went alone and died in a foreign land. This was too miserable.

He slowed down his voice. "Your Highness, take this subordinate to see the world. I have never left the sea."

The sixth prince couldn't refuse this softness. "Okay, I will take you to see it. The land is also very interesting."

Xie Xi was a land person and how could he be curious about the land? However, he was happy to be able to block the sixth prince's death and smile. "Yes! Your Highness, I will see you tomorrow!"

The sixth prince was swayed by his smile and called out his name. "Sein."

Xie Xi was used to this name and replied, "Hmm?"

The sixth prince shook his head. "It's nothing. You still have errands to run so go ahead."

Then he smiled. The different coloured pupils gave off an unknown feeling but once he smiled, the colour lightened. It was as if the clear sky was merging with the gentlest sunrise, creating a gentle and beautiful light.

Xie Xie Xi felt awkward and left with a bow.

Roast Pork Bun screamed, "Really handsome! He is worthy of being my future father!"

Xie Xi raised the bun and rubbed his little head. "Who is your father, huh?"

Roast Pork Bun spoke unclear words, "Mommy is baba, ouch ouch…"

Xie Xi rubbed harder.

Thanks to his last experience, Xie Xi didn't waste time going to the eldest prince and fourth prince. He used the Camouflage technique to fill in the ident.i.ty of his other two faces, giving himself a fake ident.i.ty.

It was lucky he had the reserve faces or these things would've worried him to death.

Even so, it was troublesome. Xie Xi could only hope that this time, the sixth prince was successfully saved and he wouldn't have to load the file again!

Xie Xi held Roast Pork Bun and went to sleep. The next day, he was full of energy and psychologically prepared.

The sixth prince was really 'poor.' The fifth prince could freely go to see a concert while the sixth prince had to go on a business trip, only bringing Xie Xi. In addition, Xie Xi was the one who volunteered to go.

Halfway through the bow, the sixth prince smiled and helped him up. "The land is different from the sea. There is no need to be so courteous."

"This subordinate is stupid. There are some things I don't understand so I am asking Your Highness to forgive me."

The sixth prince corrected him. "Don't call me Your Highness or call yourself my subordinate."

Xie Xi pretended to be surprised. "How can this be done?"

The sixth prince explained, "The land is different from the sea. They have abolished the monarchy and their social structure is more equal."

Xie Xi certainly knew this but still had to pretend to be surprised. "The land people are really wild. They don't understand courtesy."

The sixth prince was patient. "Isn't equality good? No matter the status, everyone has a chance to get ahead.''

Xie Xi's brain circuits were attuned to the undersea people. "Still, how can civilians compare to the royal family?"

"Why can't they compare?"

"Only the royal family has strong mana and can transform their perfect legs."

The sixth prince's pupils shrank. "If you eat enough, who can grow these two pieces of meat?"

Xie Xi was surprised.

Roast Pork Bun was different and cried out with wonder, "A handsome guy speaking such words!"

Xie Xi, "…" The good atmosphere was destroyed by this roast pork.

The sixth prince glanced at Xie Xi. "If you go ash.o.r.e, you have to walk on legs."

Xie Xi had walked on legs for 19 years and was probably more proficient than the sixth prince. It was a pity he still had to act. "Is it hard?"

"It will be hard at first but don't worry, I'll help you."

"Then I will trouble Your Highness."

"Call me Sirius."

Xie Xi called his name and the sixth prince smiled. "It is the first time I've felt that my name is so nice."

Xie Xi, "…"

The d.a.m.n Roast Pork Bun shouted, "Ahhh, the handsome man can talk!"

Xie Xi really wanted to throw this roast pork away!

The sixth prince spoke again, "We will arrive on land in one hour. I will first help you transform your legs."

Xie Xi's mana wasn't sufficient enough to have legs but the sixth prince could help him.

Xie Xi nodded.

The sixth prince asked Xie Xi to sit on the chair with his tail to one side.

Then the sixth prince knelt before him and placed a hand on the fish tail. It was really quite wonderful. The sixth prince always had a sullen face in the past and didn't look at strangers. After people became familiar with him, they would find that his character was simple. It was just that he didn't know how to get along with people.

It made Xie Xi think of himself. Before coming to this inexplicable world, he was also like this. He was abandoned by his father, abandoned by his mother and isolated by the whole world. He could only live alone in his own world, dazed and helpless…

“It might be a bit uncomfortable. Please bear with it." The sixth prince softly told him.

Xie Xi's spirit returned and he nodded. "It is fine…"

Before he could finish, he experienced an unbearable itching. It would've felt better to experience pain than this terrible itching. It was as if his whole tail was lightly electrocuted.

The sixth prince look up and asked in a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, "Is it painful?"

Xie Xi bit his lower lip and shook his head. "No."

"I have controlled the strength so it shouldn't hurt. Still, I will do it a bit slower."

Xie Xi would rather he hurry up and finish it. This was too uncomfortable.

The always unpleasant Roast Pork Bun covered his eyes with a paw, squinting through a slight gap. "Good, good se*ual air!"

If Xie Xi could move then he would grab this roast pork and throw him away!

There was some silence in the cabin. Once the sixth prince's hands were removed, Xie Xi was finally freed from this d.a.m.n numbness. He took a breath and calmed his emotions.

The sixth prince's Adam's Apple moved as he whispered, "Take a break. I will call you when we are almost at the sh.o.r.e."

Xie Xi wasn't sure when the accident would happen and didn't want to be separated from him. "I'm fine. Your Majesty, stay here."

The sixth prince, "…"

Xie Xi didn't notice any problems with his words but the progress bar rushed to 13%, surpa.s.sing the fifth prince!

Xie Xi was stunned and couldn't figure out exactly what was going on.

The sixth prince coughed, the tips of his ears slightly red as he asked, "Do you want to get up and try walking?"

Xie Xi, who was afraid the prince would die after leaving his sight, replied with a simple, "Okay."

He had been walking for 19 years. How could he forget it right away? Unexpectedly, he found that his legs were powerless and useless once he stood up.

“Eh…" Xie Xi almost fell.

The sixth prince quickly held him. "Don't worry."

Xie Xi grabbed his arm as support and barely managed to stand.

The sixth prince was afraid Xie Xi would be disappointed and explained, "You are used to a fish tail. Now that it has become two legs, you need to slowly adapt."

Xie Xi was a genuine two-legged being! Unexpectedly, he couldn't walk after a few days of having a fish tail!

"Your Highness, sit down? I'll try while supporting myself against the wall."

"It doesn't matter. You can hold onto me."

Xie Xi was still worried about the prince dying and wasn't polite. He held onto the prince's arms and tried to adapt to his legs.

After Xie Xi gritted his teeth for more than 10 minutes, the sixth prince smiled. "Very good."

Xie Xi, "…" How was this good? He was bow-legged.

The sixth prince continued, "When I just gained legs, I treated it as swimming with two tails."

"You were very young at the time."

"My big brothers could walk on their feet when they were three years old."

Xie Xi's heart stirred as he thought about the sentence the sixth prince just said. If everyone could eat well, would they grow legs? Were the legs innate from birth?

Xie Xi told him, "You are no worse than anyone else."

As soon as he said this, the blue progress bar shot up again to 15%!

Xie Xi was a bit excited. If the sixth prince's progress exceeded 17%, did this mean he didn't have to pick up so many fish?

By the time they finally landed, Xie Xi had adapted to his legs and could walk steadily with the sixth prince's help.

The sixth prince said, "Drink this."

This was a water retention agent developed by the underwater world. After taking it, the mermaids wouldn't become dehydrated on land. However, there was a time limit on it. It only lasted for up to three days.

Xie Xi drank it.

The sixth prince saw the white neck. His eyes widened and he looked away.

Xie Xi put down the empty bottle. "It tastes good. It is sweet."

The sixth prince smiled. "Get ready. We're going ash.o.r.e now."

Xie Xi nodded. "No problem."

What was the problem? He was a native land person! It was a pity that this thought disappeared as soon as he left the water.

It was dry, hot and uncomfortable.

Xie Xi frowned. It was like he was walking into a sauna. He couldn't open his eyes from the hot air blowing into his face.

The sixth prince's voice was heard in his ears. "Don't be afraid. Try to breathe."

Xie Xi held his arm, closed his eyes and breathed for a bit until he finally got used to it.

Who would've thought of this? A land person wouldn't be able to adapt to the air on land one day.

A faint coolness came from the palm of the sixth prince. Xie Xi found that he was covered with a thin layer of water and the hot feeling faded. He was suddenly more comfortable.

The sixth prince told him, "Adapt slowly. There are no land people here."

Xie Xi's body was covered with a faint layer of water. If ordinary people saw this then they would probably yell.

Xie Xi saw the thin beads of sweat on the sixth prince and knew that maintaining the water was draining his power. Xie Xi shook his head and said, "No, I have to adapt sooner or later…"

He hadn't finished when he felt the air splitting apart.

Xie Xi was surprised but his dull body couldn't avoid the incoming bullet.

It was aimed for the middle of his forehead and he would undoubtedly die.

Then the sixth prince took Xie Xi into his arms, blocking the bullet with his back.

Xie Xi's eyes widened.

Sirius' brow was furrowed and his different coloured eyes extremely gentle. "…Go back to the boat." Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth.

Xie Xi didn't delay and immediately loaded the file!


The Central Garden.

Jiang Xie looked at the degree of goodwill.

The many days of 'red rain' finally stopped but he felt a bit complicated about the floating green +1.

The goodwill had gone up. It was green.

It was really doing something for the occasion.

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