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Lost Atlantis 21

Xie Xi couldn't figure out what fairytale the third prince was thinking about.

Atlantis was originally on land so there were many land-based ancient legends.

The third prince was born into the royal family and his education was more comprehensive than ordinary mermaids. He was exposed to a lot of knowledge about the land, including various fairytales.

Xie Xi was on the short, dangling in the air from the second prince's claws.

He didn't have the normal burning sensation of mermaids on land. In the third prince's dream, he was a land person instead of a mermaid.

There was no burning sensation but the wind was so strong that he could barely open his eyes.

Roast Pork Bun was excited. "Third prince is the hero coming to save the beauty!"

Xie Xi felt his brain hurt. This was a really embarra.s.sing dream.

There was a burst of sound and the third prince dressed as a knife jumped down from the heights, falling steadily onto the dragon's back.

"Let Prince Colin go!"

He shouted in a serious manner while Xie Xi was numb. If he wasn't being held by the dragon then he would fall and turn into meatloaf!

Outside the dream, he was the small follower of the third prince. In the dream, he became Prince Colin.

So many plays were really worthy of the soul of a big designer!

Xie Xi couldn't see the scene of Knight Gars fighting the dragon but they fought very fiercely. He was shaken around, his head stirred up and he almost pa.s.sed out.

Fortunately, this was the third prince's dream so the third prince was bound to save 'Prince Colin.'

Eventually, the second prince declared in a cruel voice, "I will come back!"

The dragon's claws loosened and Xie Xi fell. This sense of weightlessness made him feel cold and he suspected that he would die in the third prince's dream! Fortunately, the third prince didn't want him dead.

He gave up chasing the dragon, shot straight towards the ground and hugged Xie Xi just as he was about to hit the earth.

The two men clung together and rolled on the gra.s.s for several laps before stopping. Xie Xi was miraculously unhurt. His skin didn't even receive a scratch.

The third prince was in a much worse state. In order to protect Xie Xi, his arms had been rubbing against the ground and it was completely b.l.o.o.d.y.

Xie Xi hurriedly asked, "Are you okay?"

The third prince stood up with Xie Xi in his arms. "I'm fine. Your Highness, are you hurt?"

This way of calling him made Xie Xi feel very uncomfortable and he was astonished for a moment.

The third prince thought he was afraid of blood and put down his arm. "I am competent and failed to catch the dragon."

Xie Xi had to cooperate with him. "If you didn't save me, I would've already been taken away by the dragon." You missed it because the evil dragon was cunning and threw me down. I know that you let it go because you were trying to save me."

Once he said this, Xie Xi saw that the red progress bar had risen to 15%.

Oh my G.o.d, so easy to coax!

Xie Xi wanted to laugh out loud.

The third prince steadied him "I let Your Highness feel fear."

Xie Xi was in a good mood and happily accompanied him in the dream. He looked at the third prince's arm and said, "I will help take care of your wound."

"There is no need." The third prince didn't want Xie Xi to look at the blood arms.

Xie Xi told him, "You risked your life for me. How can I leave you alone?"

Then he pulled the arm of the third prince. The third prince was tough outside and it was the same in the dream. His brow didn't wrinkle, as if he didn't feel the injury.

Xie Xi wondered, "How did you hurt yourself so badly?" He said as he carefully placed sticky weeds on the arm and tried to clean it up.

He was so focused that he naturally couldn't see the expression o the third prince.

Fortunately, there was the Roast Pork Bun broadcast. "Oh, the third prince is blus.h.i.+ng."

Xie Xi laughed in his heart.

Roast Pork Bun said again, "Daddy, whenever you blow on it, his eyelashes tremble. He seems very ticklish."

The pain became a tickle, this truly was a dream.

Xie Xi dealt with the wound while thinking about how the third prince's arm was really bruised in reality. Could it be that he fell asleep with a hurt arm, so he dreamt that his arm was hurt?

It was really possible. Xie Xi felt funny and strange at the thought and handled the prince more carefully.

Then the sound of horseshoes was heard in the distance. The third prince said, "Your guards have arrived."

Xie Xi thought, 'It is true. The guards are always late.'

Next, the news about the warrior repelling the dragon and saving the prince spread throughout the kingdom. As they rode high horses and stepped into the capital, the roads were full of people clapping.

Xie Xi observed them and found that the people weren't featureless. They were all distinct and different.

The third prince wasn't an artist like the fifth prince but the dream was so real. It seemed they were all influenced by X.

This was great. It was no wonder why he could design real worlds.

The people chanted the name of the empire and the warrior, as the third prince and Xie Xi moved in front of them like newlyweds…

Xie Xi had a bad feeling.

What happened when a warrior saved a princess in a fairytale? Didn't they get married?

Xie Xi felt that his guess was completely correct.

They entered the palace. Perhaps the third prince didn't know what the palaces on land were like. He completely copied the underwater palace and even the appearance of the old king.

Yes, he placed his father as his father-in-law and surely wouldn't suffer.

The old king met the warrior Gars and showered him with praise. He basically used all the praise words possible.

The third prince was very humble and reserved. He didn't need praise and was just doing his job.

Unfortunately, this was his dream. Everything the old king said was what he was really thinking…

Xie Xi desperately tried to hold back his laugh.

The old king went around for a while before finally getting to the key point. "Gars, you've made such great achievements. What rewards do you want? Just tell me!"

The third prince glanced at Xie Xi. Xie Xi was afraid of laughing and bit his lower lip, trying not to look at the prince.

The third prince whispered, "I don't need any rewards. I am already satisfied with saving His Highness."

The old king was a competent NPC and patted him on the shoulder. "You are so heroic and excellent. You aren't greedy despite your power. I appreciate this and have decided to give Prince Colin to you!"

Xie Xi stumbled and nearly fell.

It might be a dream but this was too crazy! He could understand marrying the princess but marrying the prince… what was in this old king's head?

Unexpected, the third prince was still reserved. "How can this be done? I am a commoner with no merits. How can I be worthy of His Highness…"

The old king told him, "If it wasn't for you, my only son would've been taken away by the evil dragon. You saved him and you are the great benefactor of our country!"

His own son… married off…

Third prince, the logic of your dream is too rough!

The third prince was still polite. "Marriage is still a matter of mutual willingness." He glanced at Xie Xi and asked, "Prince Colin, are you willing?"

Xie Xi was unwilling! He didn't want to get married!

The third prince was prepared in his dream. He was afraid that Xie Xi wouldn't say it because he was shy. Thus, the dream arranged a servant who showed Xie Xi's heart. "His Highness has long been enamoured with you! You saved his life, regardless of the risk to your own life. He only has you in his heart for a long time!"

Xie Xi, "…" Okay, let's save his gooseb.u.mps.

The dream of the third prince was very stable and there weren't many troubles. The old king had no logic and gave his son to an unknown person!

Xie Xi was too lazy to care. This was a dream and it depended on the dreamer.

This side ordered a marriage and started to prepare for the wedding. Xie Xi looked at this cheap father and wondered if he had a grudge against Xie Xi. Why was he in such a hurry to marry off his son? He was more anxious than the third prince!

The third prince perfectly implemented his plan and wasn't in a hurry. He waited for people to 'beg' him to get married.

It was a pity that this was his dream. Xie Xi couldn't help wanted to laugh as everyone moved fast.

Let's pretend and see what would happen.

Time in the dream flashed and a few days pa.s.sed.

For Xie Xi, this was in the blink of an eye and he didn't feel anything.

He found himself in a garden pavilion, slowly drinking tea. His attendant ran in the distance and panted out, "Your Highness, Mr. Gars is pa.s.sing by the garden. You haven't slept for a few days while thinking about him. Quickly go to see him!"

Xie Xi, "…" Who was thinking about him for a few days?

The servant said, "Your Highness, Mr. Gars cares about your reputation and won't see you in advance. However, you are already engaged and should do whatever you want. Why bother to wrong each other? Hurry and see him. I am sure he also misses you!"

Xie Xi wanted to laugh so hard that he almost cried. He was amused to death by the dream of the third prince.

He just got up when the third prince 'pa.s.sed by'. The attendant shouted, "Mr. Gars, High Highness has been waiting for you!"

The third prince quickly walked over. His steps were steady and his voice very calm, but his eyes were hot. "It is very windy outside. Are you cold?"

Xie Xi shook his head, wanting to say that it wasn't cold. Then he felt an evil gust of wind and couldn't help sneezing.

The third prince stepped forward and held Xie Xi in his arms. "By all accounts, we haven't got married yet and this is very rude. However, the weather is too cold. I can only temporarily wrong you."

Then he held Xie Xi a bit tighter.

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Lost Atlantis 22

Xie Xi's waist was grabbed by the third prince while his face was pressed against the other person's shoulder. They couldn't be more intimate.

The third prince continued to transmit heat to him while asking in a worried manner, "I haven't seen Your Highness in a few days. How have you lost so much weight?"

Xie Xi wasn't good at saying these things but sure enough, his attendant started to sing about how he was so haggard.

"Mr. Gars, His Highness has thought about you day and night and couldn't sleep well. He has become haggard from thinking about you!"

Xie Xi's mouth felt sour while the third prince was pained. "How can Your Highness not cherish yourself?

Our wedding will soon arrive. There will be many ceremonies and you will have to give sacrificial offerings to your ancestors and pray for the people. How can you last?"

Xie Xi thought, 'You are the one making me think that I can't sleep!'

The attendant responded, "Yes, I also advised His Highness but he really can't sleep. I am so distressed that the best way was to ask you to see him."

Forget it, some people's heads were too broken to manage.

The third prince sighed. "Your Highness, promise me that you will eat well and sleep well."

This time, the attendant didn't help him speak. Xie Xi's mouth thinned as he realized the third prince wanted to hear him say it himself!

Xie Xi knew how to make the dream perfect but… it was hard to talk!

The third prince urged again, "Your Highness?"

Xie Xi looked at the red progress bar and gritted his teeth. "I also want to eat and sleep but whenever I can't see you, I feel that the delicacies are tasteless and I can't sleep when lying in bed."

He said it! He actually said it! Keep the gooseb.u.mps steady!

The third prince was sweet in his heart but his mouth was still stiff. "After a few days, Your Highness won't have such a hard time.

Hard? No, who was the one having a hard time?

The attendant came forward to push the plot again, "Mr. Gars, it is better for you to stay for a while, so that His Highness can have a good meal and get so sleep. If he continues like this, his body really won't hold on." After he finished speaking, he wiped at his tears. It was really realistic.

The third prince naturally replied,

"This isn't appropriate. If anyone else knows, it will dishonour the reputation of His Highness."

What d.a.m.n reputation? The only prince of the kingdom was already going to marry him.

Forget it, this was his dream and Xie Xi could only cooperate with the show. Xie Xi looked up at the prince with eager eyes.

The third prince was stunned and his eyes heated up, as if he wanted to eat the person in his arms.

The attendant perfectly conveyed his heart. "Mr. Gars, don't be so rigid. Is there anything in the world more important than His Highness' body? In a few days, you will be sheltered by the G.o.ds and supported by the people. Who cares about these few days before marriage?"

The third prince was still hesitating.

The attendant said again, "How can the beloved prince be wronged by a valiant man like you?"

Xie Xi was going to die from laughter. What was this? The third prince was crazy enough to block himself!

His body trembled slightly as he suppressed his laughter and the third prince naturally felt it. Thus, his 'thoughts' pa.s.sed onto the attendant.

The attendant immediately shouted, "Mr. Gars! You see, His Highness is s.h.i.+vering from hunger. If you stick to etiquette, His Highness will faint from hunger!"

Xie Xi, "Pfft!" Who could bear it anymore?!

The attendant had the ability to turn everything into a way for the third prince to step over obstacles. "Listen! His Highness is crying from sadness!"

Forget it, who was crying!

The third prince finally softened and he quickly said, "I'm stupid.I only thought about your reputation and ignored your body!"

The attendant hurriedly said, "Mr. Gars, His Highness can't stand. Carry him into the house while I will prepare a delicious dinner!" He was a slave selling his master!" The third prince whispered, "Your Highness, I am being rude."

Then he picked up Xie Xi in a side carry.

Xie Xi, "…"

He buried his face in the third prince's chest to hide his uncontrollable mouth. The third prince naturally misunderstood it as…

The attendant sighed, "Mr. Gars, you should've done this earlier. Then His Highness wouldn't have cried so bitterly.

The third prince felt very guilty. "It is my fault. I'm too old-fas.h.i.+oned."

Xie Xi almost laughed out loud. He was really old-fas.h.i.+oned! This dream was full of 'old-fas.h.i.+oned' flavour!

The third prince decided that he was sobbing and gently patted Xie Xi on the back, not wanting him to feel any more pain.

Once they entered the house, Xie Xi needed cold water to calm down his facial expression. He bowed his head and said, "I have to go get myself under control."

He 'cried' for so long that it wasn't good to eat in this state.

The attendant immediately said, "Your Highness, I have the hot water ready."

Hot water? No, Xie Xi needed cold water to cool down. His face was red from laughing!

By the time Xie Xi finished and came out again, the table had been set up with food.

Xie Xi glanced at it and sure enough, the table was full of seafood. The third prince was an underwater person and didn't understand the food of the land people. Therefore, these aspects were all based on underwater standards.

The thing that made Xie Xi feel warm was that the third prince remembered what he loved to eat. There were big crabs, lobster, salmon and a plate full of crescent fruit…

The attendant was particularly interested. His back was straight as he watched the third prince carefully deal with the hard of the seafood for Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was really hungry and ate seriously.

The third prince was very happy in his heart while his mouth said, "You have to eat well, even if I'm not with you. Okay?"

Xie Xi thought, 'If you weren't here, I might've eaten more comfortably.' However, his mouth said, "I'll try my best."

The third prince was satisfied.

After eating, the third prince took Xie Xi to digest his food and then coaxed him to sleep.

Xie Xi could only try to get some sleep in the dream.

Due to the third prince's politeness, once Xie Xi went to bed, the prince pulled the curtains and sat down beside the bed.

"Your Highness, rest a.s.sured, I am here."

Xie Xi thought about it and understood what line to say. "Will you leave after I fall asleep?"

The third prince didn't make any noise, which was counted as an agreement! Of course he had to go! How could a man stay overnight?

Xie Xi requested, "Can't you stay the night?"

The third prince told him, "Your Highness, go to sleep."

Xie Xi couldn't sleep at all!

The attendant came again. "Mr. Gars, you might as well hold His Highness' hand. If he feels that you are here, he will surely sleep with peace of mind."

Xie Xi, "…" There was still this trick!

The third prince hesitated. "This…"

Xie Xi took the initiative to extend his hand. The third prince instantly held it and said, "Outside is cold." Then he placed Xie Xi's hand in his under the covers.

Xie Xi turned a blind eye. 'Okay, this is your style.'

However, Xie Xi still underestimated the 'inconsistent' third prince.

After a while, the attendant hurriedly ran inside. "It's bad! Your future mother-in-law is coming!"

What? Mother-in-law?

The attendant added, "Mr. Gars, you must not let her see you! If she sees you, she will surely reprimand His Highness!"

For a moment, Xie Xi didn't understand what path this was taking.

The third prince was anxious. "I'll leave now."

The attendant immediately said, "It's too late. She is coming now. She will definitely see you while you are leaving!"

Xie Xi wondered, 'Aren't we engaged? How can it still be like sneaking around? There were too many things in the royal family!'

The third prince cried out, "How can it be like this?"

The attendant was a bit clever. "Mr. Gars, hide in the bed first! Once Mother-in-law comes in, I will tell her that His Highness is sleeping. She will at most open the curtain to take a look and won't pull off the blanket."

Xie Xi, "!"

He knew this road! You really have many ideas, Little Gars!

The third prince froze while his voice was very tight. "This isn't polite…"

"It will be even more difficult if Mother-in-law sees you in His Highness' room. What if she reports it to His Majesty and the engagement is cancelled?"

The attendant didn't forget to add, "His Highness knows what type of person you are but outsiders will definitely misunderstand you!"

Xie Xi laughed. 'There is no need to explain but there is already an explanation to cover up.'

The third prince was persuaded. He raised the blanket and looked at Xie Xi. "Your Highness, I…"

What could Xie Xi do? He had to accompany the prince in the dream by saying, "Hurry up. Mother is coming."

It was an invitation so the third prince helplessly got into bed next to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn't care about sleeping with him in the bed. They were both men and sleeping together didn't matter.

At this moment, there was no waiter to deliver the steps and the third prince could only stay, "I will hug you to prevent any accidents."

After all, it was two people in a bed. They had to gather together to look like one person.

Xie Xi nodded and entered a hot embrace as the other person clung tightly to him.

There was the sound of the door opening and then a conversation between the attendant and an old woman.

"Mother-in-law, His Highness hasn't slept well these days and is very tired. He just lay down and went to sleep."

The mother-in-law said, "His Highness is really infatuated. It is touching!"

"Yes, His Highness is a perfect match with Mr. Gars."

Boasting and more boasting.

…It was a lot of boasting.

The mother-in-law said, "I heard that Mr. Gars was born handsome and has the strength of the sky. His personality is also very good!"

The attendant continuing with the boasting, "Yes, he is sincere towards His Highness and fought the dragon, regardless of life or death. After the dragon dropped His Highness, he caught His Highness and they tumbled to the ground. His Highness was unscathed while his arms were bloodied."

The mother-in-law blew another wave of boasting, "Mr. Gars is a rare hero in the world. He is the only one worthy of our honourable prince."

The two people sung the same tune and Xie Xi almost laughed to death. He thought about how this world was written by Gars and couldn't help shaking gently as he choked on his laughter.

The mother-in-law left and Xie Xi moved. He thought that he could finally get rid of this hot octopus.

Unexpectedly, the third prince got out of the blanket and asked, "Your Highness, do you have a fever?"

Xie Xi, "???"  What fever?

The attendant came over and opened the bed curtains. "Mother-in-law is gone!"

The third prince frowned. "Your Highness was shaking just now. Do you have a cold?"

He didn't have a cold. He was just choking!

The attendant was also nervous. "These days, His Highness hasn't been eating well and there was a cold wind blowing today. Is His Highness feverish?"

The two of them said this and Xie Xi was affected by their trick.

He shrank back and actually felt cold.

The third prince got back into bed, still acting old-fas.h.i.+oned. "Your Highness, I'll test your forehead." As he spoke, his palm fell onto Xie Xi's forehead.

Xie Xi blinked up at him.

The third prince was relieved, "Good, it isn't too hot."

Xie Xi was also relieved. He thought he would have to experience the trace of illness in the dream.

The attendant wondered, "Is he just cold? Perhaps the temperature of the room isn't high enough?"

Xie Xi knew he hadn't been cold but now he really felt cold.

The third prince said, "Perhaps the cold wind has entered his body and made him a bit cold."

Xie Xi shook and his teeth chattered.

The third prince hurried to hold him and asked, "Is it warmer like this?"

Xie Xi guessed his mind. "Yes, much better."

The attendant opened his mouth. "In this weather, there is no fire basin in the house. The other bedding is drying outside. What to do…"

Xie Xi thought, 'This royal family is really poor. There isn't heating in the prince's bedroom and even the blankets are missing!'

The attendant continued, "Mr. Gars, what if the cold wind enters again after you leave? You should warm His Highness first while I watch outside."

The third prince was very embarra.s.sed. "This is the only way."

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Game Loading Chapter 50-51

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