Dragonborn Chapter 159: Troubled Times (8) : Skydiving Was A Bad Idea!

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The flash entrance to a battlefield by four Flame Atronach Hawks surely took everyone's attention. The Flame Atronach Hawks only meant one thing and one thing only…

Jon Dare is here!

Everyone who was affiliated with the Hidden Clans that were involved in with the recent trouble around Winterhold will surely know that these are the birds were the harbingers of disaster that caused a devastating loss to the 'Blood Horkers' and completely removed the Bloodsails' influence from Winterhold.

Now, and with the appearance of these Flame Atronach Hawks, the scene took a rapid turn to the worse for the eyes of the Bloodsails.

"Bring them down. Before anything else… Bring these d.a.m.n things down." The Patriarch of the Bloodsails shouted at his men.

The archers that were on the second wave attack have fully retreated and tried to intercept the four Flame Atronach Hawks. In response, Jon and his team flew even higher. Not a single arrow could catch them. The four kept flying higher and all the parties got concerned. The Firemanes thought it would be dangerous and the Bloodsails felt that the disaster may be scarier.

"Give me that!"

One of the strongmen among the Bloodsails took a spear from one of the soldiers and aimed at the flying atronachs. He then activated his Aura and focused it all on his right shoulder and arm. Once he locked on one of the flying atronachs, he threw the spear with all the power he could muster.

The spear flew forward leaving behind an afterimage and closed on the flying atronachs in a second.


Jon shouted as he detected the spear and all the Flame Atronach Hawks performed a maneuvering spin in the air dodging the incoming attack. The target of the spear seemed to have been Jull's atronach but thanks to Jon's warning, everyone one pulled it out untouched.

Jon took the chance to use the telekinesis spell 'Grab' and caught the spear that flew behind them and started to pull it to him.

On the other hand, and due to Jull's vengeful nature, she would never such a thing go. As soon as she stabilized her Flame Atronach Hawk, she took out her lever-action crossbow and opened the fire of retaliation.

Even from her distance and alt.i.tude, he bolts found its target like a charm. The first bolt hit the man's shoulder, the second pinned his left foot, the following few claimed the life of all the guards around him.

"f.u.c.k! s.h.i.+eld him!"

The Bloodsails' patriarch shouted frantically and ordered the guards to protect the man with s.h.i.+elds as it seemed that the man was his direct descendant. However, Jullanar was shooting arrows filled with decisiveness and power. The lever-action crossbow that was designed by Jon, built by Wulfur and enchanted by Alina's wind magic was so fearsome that it could rival a sniper rifle in Jon's eyes.

The luck was on the Bloodsails' man who was being protected right now as he managed to be saved in time. Jullanar clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction but Jon didn't let the chance go. He was still holding the spear with telekinesis and he aimed it like that. He then launched the spear with all his power at the man.

Meanwhile, between the Bloodsails' ranks, the patriarch was checking on his son that barely made it back and turned around to look for a healer but he heard a weird sound that made him look back at his son once again.

The scene he saw almost made his hair go all white. The spear that his son just threw a while ago was penetrating his son's skull from the back and coming out from his mouth pinning into the ground. The son's eyes were still open and he was looking upward, it met with his father's line of sight and the atmosphere around that scene.

Up in the air, Jon was still going higher and higher followed by his team.

"How much alt.i.tude is that?"

"We still aren't there yet."

Their flight speed wasn't slow and Jon was aiming for a very strong attack. The Firemane Chargers were a few seconds away from clas.h.i.+ng with the enemies front lines.

Just as the two forces met, the charge of the cavalries was too strong that it caused the first and the second line of defense to get sent flying and the Firemanes themselves were using the waves strategy and kept a charge after a charge.

Meanwhile, Jon has reached the highest alt.i.tude his Flame Atronach Hawk can reach.

"Senior, this is too high!"

"Don't worry, Jull and I have done something similar before."

Alina didn't speak more when she learned that Jullanar and Jon had done that madness once. She would be d.a.m.ned if she can't do what Jullanar had done with Jon.

Jullanar and Wulfur were a bit silent but both were on the verge of crying. Wulfur had his reasons to try this move-out and Jullanar wanted to refute that the time when they got down from the 'Throat of the World' they were gliding.

"Okay! Here weeee GOOO!"

The scene from the ground looked crazy. Jonrad, Hilda and Sigurd as well as most of the main Firemane family held their breath.

"These kids are crazy!"

That was the idea most of them had in mind.

Jon idea was a skydiving attack. Jon turned the four Flame Atronach into their attack mode which is the suicide attack. The four of them were supplied with enough Magicka to turn into four 'Meteor' spells and were all sent down.

Jon, Jull, Alina and Wulfur were performing a skydive right at the moment.

Jon had given them a brief introduction of how to perform a low alt.i.tude skydive and they were ready mentally for it at the beginning but now things turned different.


That was not Jon. That was Alina.

She was going on spins around herself while immersing herself in the feeling of being in the air.

Due to the use of magic, the rules of the normal skydiving weren't applied here. Alina used the Wind Magic to gather as much wind as she could while going down.

"If you need more Magicka, I'll supply some to you."

"Yes, please."

This part of the attack was totally depending on Alina. She was using her magic in a style that was going to cause a disaster if she casted it in normal circ.u.mstances but Jon provided the mean to do it.

Alina was gathering a lot of wind with this skydiving alone. And to tell the truth, Wulfur and Jullanar were her mostly for fun and to provide support later.

On the ground, the onlookers were watching the skydive while not being able to do anything. It was a daring move and its effect was something that they were trying not to imagine.

*boom* *boom* *boom* *boom*

The first thing that touched the ground was the four 'Meteor' spells that went down with speed. They targeted the right flank of the enemy forces and that was the part where the undead horde of the Blackrock clan was positioned in.

From the eyes of the onlookers, the whole black was covered with flames. As if h.e.l.l itself broke open in that place, the Flame Magic 'Meteor' spells caused a large explosion that wiped out any and everything where it landed.

The explosion took everyone by surprise.

It was far from the Firemane Chargers but they felt the effect of the explosions and some of the week steeds couldn't calm down after what happened. Even the coming charge of the Firemanes stood still far away from the site and most of the guards gulped on their saliva.

Still, the big attack hasn't arrived yet.

The other flank where it was mostly made of Bloodsails' infantry, they started to notice the change above them.

"Look, at, that!"

"... Ysmir!"

"Is… is that, really happening?"

Above them were the team of four skydivers that was going down at a crazy speed. Alina in the center while being supported from all directions and above her head was what can be described as a 'Piece of the Sky' or what would Jon describe as an acc.u.mulated air after being gathered all the way down and got pressurized to the max of Alina's ability.

"Senior, I don't think I can hold on much longer."

"Fine, we will land down in 3… 2… 1… NOW!"

Just as there were less fifty meters from the ground, Alina released all the pressured wind she could contain with here magic and with the supply of Jon's Magicka. The target was the whole flank of the enemies forces.

Just as the pressured wind ball struck down, a ma.s.sive wind happened.

"SENIOR! WHAT [email protected] #@$%^ IS THAT?"

"... d.a.m.n! Hold tight!"

The Air Blast was far too strong than Jon antic.i.p.ated. He could only reach out to his team and try to take the impact as one heavy object.

Still, the blast that successfully took away the whole flank, blasted some away, and made some into a meat-paste, that blast itself sent Jon and his team away.

'Dammit! I should have seen that one coming.'

Jon made preparation for landing and used 'Featherfall' spell one everyone in his party, they landed safely a couple of seconds later.

"Oh boy!"

But it seemed that the place where they landed was the center of the enemy forces.

A pale old man stood looking at Jon directly in the eye while holding a bloodied spear in his hand.


"... s.h.i.+t! Skydiving was a bad idea!"

Dragonborn Chapter 159: Troubled Times (8) : Skydiving Was A Bad Idea!

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