Dragonborn Chapter 169: A Small Challenge Gone Big!

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[Nurina's POV]

We were waiting for Jon outside the entrance of the Corprusarium. He went in there an hour ago and it seemed that there is no problem so far.

I don't know how exactly did he find out about the Corprusarium and all this knowledge about the Magecrafter Yagrum Bagarn but it clearly had to do with his past life thing.

To tell the truth, I wouldn't have believed it even if Jon tried to prove it before, but to think it was all true and his soul lived once in a faraway realm. From what he mentioned, that world is knowledgeable about ours and they view the chronicles of the Nerevarine and the other heroes as tales of legends. And so, by using those memories of a past life, he had a great advantage in many things.

Maybe it is the case with all the Heroes, they get this push from the world to be the best versions of themselves relying on whatever the world can provide.

Still, Jon is a boy. He even died at a young age in his past life. He still isn't mature enough and makes me worry all the time.

"Stop sighing already, being a mother is this boring?"

Alfe was as indifferent as ever towards my worry about the boy. It gets on my nerve but I don't blame her. Being the first born clone to an ancient mage is tough and she had to face it all alone at first unlike the sisters that came after her. This was part of the reason she is not so open to people.

She, who is my master, is a very stern and strict teacher. She is also known to be the smartest and the strongest of the sisters as she was the one to receive the education personally from Grandmaster Fyr. Even though we hated each other at first, I chose to be her student to prove myself against her.

Beyte, on the other hand, was the second sister and she knew her ways around Lord Fyr. She learned from Alfe's mistakes and didn't annoy the grandmaster or argue with him. She can cook and sing and do anything that makes Lord Fyr pleased.

Just like Beyte, Delte was a great help to Grandmaster Fyr. Delte is the third daughter and she is absent at the moment. Haven't seen her in forty years but I am sure she is just the same. The kind and efficient person who solve all the problems and keep everything running.

The youngest and the fourth sister is Uupse, the one I can get along with the most and the one who saved my life when I was a child. She is a person with a big heart and takes care of all who are around her.

I was talking with the three present sisters who are my elders in a sort and was offered some Sujamma to calm down my nerves, the Corprusarium is my least favorite place in this house for many good reasons and I never wanted Jon to be down there… but who am I kidding? This kid is going to slay dragons or whatever, right?

"It has been years since we sat and had a talk like that." Uupse was the one who is enjoying the reunion from the heart, Alfe only joined for the drinks and Beyte is curious about Jon.

"So, how is our young Hero doing?" Beyte asked.

"Go upstairs and ask Lord Fyr if you want, he almost fainted from happiness when he heard there is a new challenger and was about to add a few more special traps… barely stopped him." Uupse said something that made me go pale for a second.

"Well, this is my first time having a fourth generation disciple from my line, I wouldn't want the boy to die that quickly." Alfe said.

"Tsk, how poisonous can you be, old hag?" I said and was about to clash head to head with her.

"Now now! Let's enjoy this and wait for Delte, and also we can hear about Jon, I want to ask some questions too." Beyte stopped said to keep me and Alfe from fighting.

I took the chance to show off how awesome Jon is, I also included Alina to show off how talented the kids I bring up can be. I am the only third generation disciple from the line of Divayth Fyr's daughters so having two talented fourth generation like Jon and Alina was something I can brag about day long.

"Speaking of which, aren't there other fourth generations other than Jon and Alina?" I asked about something that came to my mind.

"Yes, there is. Dreyla Indavel has established a magic school in High Rock and had some apprentices who are masters since long time ago. There should be fourth and even fifth generations by now." Uupse said.

Dreyla Indavel is one of the greatest mages in the world and a known figure in the mage societies. She is Lord Fyr's brightest disciple and she is a really old Arch-Wizard.

[A/N: from ESO]

"Delte wanted to take an apprentice once but she couldn't stand how dumb people can be and gave up too early."

"Oh! Speaking of the devil." As Alfe said that, the s.p.a.ce around us distorted and another Dunmer female appeared in the room.

"You three lazy b.u.ms, didn't I say I would need a hot tub as soon as I teleport in… Eh! Nurina?"

Delte, who just teleported in the Onyx Hall, started cursing around. She seemed to be covered in some sort of a sticky substance.

"Long time, Delte." I said.

Delte and I are always on the same page, and right away I conjured a hot water tub for her.

"Ah! Always the efficient one. I always knew you would be a great mother one day." Delte praised me like she always did.

"Tsk! You are the one who ruined her with all these motherly legends you tell her." And Alfe was not happy about it as always.

The story about me and Delte is a bit interesting when it comes to our relations.h.i.+p. Ever since my birth mother pa.s.sed away during the events of the Red Year, Delte took the role of being a motherly figure to me as she herself was curious about the role and always wanted to know more about being and having a mother.

Alfe was mostly displeased about it because the mother and daughter play Delte and I were in and she always claimed that Delte was hindering my studies.

To conclude it, my relations.h.i.+p with the Fyr sisters is unique. Alfe was my childhood bully and later my master, Beyte was the person I learned womanly things from, Delte was the motherly figure, and Uupse was the first person I had a crush on.

Later on, I learned that Lord Fyr let me live in his tower and be the responsibility of the four daughters for the sake of making them come together and share a common interest. It was an experimental idea in the end and I was a bit offended at first but I owed them a lot so I didn't really try to think about it in the end.

Delte joined the meeting and Uupse started telling her about what happened until the part when Jon entered the dungeon.

"HE DID WHAT?" Delte freaked out all of a sudden.

"... Wait, what's wrong?"

"He can't be in the dungeon… Not now, the place, it is not safe!" Delte said in a tone that made me worried.

"It's okay, the kid can handle it anyway." Beyte tried to a.s.sure her.

"... No, you don't understand. There is something in the dungeon, I found it a few days ago and was planning to clear it by the night."

Delte was a bit panicked when she tried to explain it. It seemed that some Alits and Kagoutis has found a way into the dungeon by the old cave on the Azura coast and colonized a swampy part of it.

"It is not a problem for Jon you know, let alone an Alit, a Kagouti will be a good challenge." I said as I didn't think it would be much of a challenge.

"I am not talking about a normal Kagouti here, there is an Alpha Bull Kagouti, and it is the mating season."

[Jon's POV]

I was acting as cool as possible while facing the Kagouti that appeared from the small swamp in the dungeon.

I decided to use Flame Magic against the b.l.o.o.d.y thing, I used my Fire Magic skillfully the way Jonrad had taught me and showed the ugly dinosaur who is boss.

Still, it was too resilient. No matter how many burns the creature suffered, it was still agile and started roaring around as if it didn't receive any hit.

"Alexa? Is this thing going to last forever?"


I cast 'Scan' and the System started a.n.a.lyzing the data on its own.

"How is it?"

Race: Kagouti

Estimated States:-

Level: 28

HP: 64/416

SP: 21/264

MP: 36/36

Weakness: Lightning

Oh! Seems good!

'It seemed to be vulnerable to Lightning. Fine, that's my strong point.'

I looked around and evoked 'Sparks', the channeling spell of beginners and aimed at the water of the swamp the Kagouti was standing in, I didn't forget to float above the water of course.

Lightning and water is the worst combination for many reasons and as soon as the spell struck, the Kagouti started s.h.i.+vering and its HP stating going down.

"Haha! Look at that, you should know who is boss now."

I increased the output of my spell and the Kagouti was already at its limit when something very very unpleasant happened.

Roars, similar to that of the Kagouti ahead of me, sounded from around the place. The small swamp started moving and a lot of silhouettes appeared.

"These are… f.u.c.k me!"

Of course, a lot of Kagoutis appeared from all around the place. Even the tunnels surrounding the area stated showing some similar reactions on my 'Scan'.

"Where the f.u.c.k did all of those come from?"

I was a bit taken aback but I was making preparation for a big spell this time. Still, a presence among the Kagoutis made me feel a bit threatened.

I looked around and focused my vision on the place tunnel it was coming from and…

"... f.u.c.k you, guys! This is not legal! Against the rules... No one said anything about a b.l.o.o.d.y T-Rex."


"f.u.c.k you! I am out of here!"

Dragonborn Chapter 169: A Small Challenge Gone Big!

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