Dragonborn Chapter 218: The First Phase

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A/N: 5000 Votes for my Falmer Blood Elixer... I mean Extra Chapter!

The Staff of Sheogorath, some may confuse it with the iconic Wabbajack but it is really different in both appearance and functionality. The Staff of Sheogorath, a powerful Daedric artifact, is the symbol of the Daedric Prince of Madness. It contains the power of the s.h.i.+vering Isles, and is needed to a.s.sume the t.i.tle of Mad G.o.d and sit upon the Throne of Madness. The Staff is the namesake of Sheogorath. In its traditional appearance, the Staff is a simple walking stick with large thorns surrounding the eyeball on the top.

The power of the staff is not that awesome but it is still something to be feared, as was said, it is a walking cane with some large thorns surrounding the eyeball, that eyeball is very lively and is looking around left and right on its own, it does nothing unless it gets controlled by the wielder of the staff, as soon as you give it some Magicka and command it to look at any being, this being can either be paralyzed or lose balance depending on the will of the wielder. It can fair much better than a normal Paralyzing Spell which is rather most likely to be resisted with a strong will from its victim. The normal functionality of the staff is still there and it can still cast empowered spells from any kind just like the Skull of Corruption. With those two in hand, I can pretty much wreck as much havoc as a guns.h.i.+p like the Soaring Flame.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Staff of Sheogorath."

I turned around with the staff in my hand and showed it to my little merry band.

Sadly, no reaction.

"Jon, you always mess with the Daedric Artifacts like it is nothing, you have the Savior's Hide which you always go around with, the Skull of Corruption with is both scary and awesome, the Black Star, and now this weird looking Staff of Sheogorath. Won't there be consequences to your actions regarding the Daedra?" Alina said.

She seemed to be worried about me.

I smiled and couldn't reply, she is right, I deal with a lot of Daedric stuff. Any sane person would just take his fill with one experience. I know that I get excited when I get the things I used to have in the game but this is not the game, this is clearly reality and let's admit that not everything goes like how it was in the game I played.

"I see, I'll be more careful."

I couldn't help but to hug Alina and kiss her forehead.

She was harmed by the Daedra and I still… I… I really don't want her to live with the mask on forever.

Sigh… how depressing!

"Also, when you get a lot of good stuff, don't forget to share." She said so in my embrace.

"Well, that is what all of today will be about." I replied.

"Hm?" Everyone looked at me questionably.

"Well, I learned of a number of Artifacts that is somewhere in Solstheim, remember that Unearthing operation we are about to do? Well, we are going to get some good stuff from that place so make sure to be ready and some Ancient Nordic Ruin delving."

"Ancient Ruin?" Bjorna jumped up.

"Really?" Wulfur also stood up with a smile on his face.

"Hehe! Sorry I kept that away from you guys but this is not some normal Ruins we are about to go into so make sure to be prepared anytime for a strong struggle against some Undead."


"Cousin, you are awesome."

Rather than h.o.a.rding all the artifacts for myself, I would give the ones that are not dangerous to my family here, family is power and it is best to keep everyone geared up. I am not going to kill dragons alone after all.

We returned to Raven Rock after we packed up and found some guards patrolling ahead of the main gate.

"Sir Jon Dare and his company, am I right?"

An armored Dark Elf in Bonemold gear approached us and inquired for me.

"I am Jon Dare."

"It's an honor to meet you, I am Captain of the Redoran Guard here in Raven Rock."

"Oh, Captain Veleth?"

"You have heard of me?"

"Yes, I asked around about the good people of Raven Rock and all talked about Captain Veleth as the Hero around here."

"Oh, you flatter me a lot. Excuse me but I need to ask about something, eyewitnesses reported that Sir Jon and his people left Raven Rock yesterday at night right before the Ash Storm strikes, did you happen to know the reason why it stopped so suddenly?"

So they are investigating that.

"About that… Jon may have used a strong and ancient Nordic Magic to stop the Ash Storm." Wulfur said.

Captain Veleth looked at Wulfur with a funny look on his face.

"Didn't you hear the thundering voice that sounded with the end of the storm last night, it was Jon's voice calling away the storm."

"There was indeed such a voice last night but… is it really true?" Captain Veleth asked.

"Let me demonstrate then." I said.

He nodded and all the guards around him looked at me with antic.i.p.ation.

I signaled to their ears so they should cover it.


With the power of the thu'um unleashed from within me, the effect of the word I said spread all around me giving off a harmonious feeling.

The Dark Elf guards were shocked but as I always say, attach magic to anything and it will make an absolute sense in this world.

"This was… it is true! Azura's light! How did you do that?" Captain Veleth seemed to be utterly impressed.

"It is the Nordic Thu'um, a power few understand and less can wield. My cousin here is a genius in the Thu'um, he will become a Greybeard one day." Bjorna was acting so proud and started ranting around with Nord this and Nord that.

"... Okay okay, thanks. Basically, I spoke the name of the G.o.ddess Kyne in the Thu'um so I can demonstrate it without causing panic. Kyne's name is used for soothing in the Thu'um."

"Oh, I see. A religious power regarding the Nordic G.o.ddess of the Storms, this is truly amazing!"

"Thank you."

"If you'll excuse me, I will report this to the Second Councilor."

"Please before you go, we would like to report about a bandit subjugation, I understand that this guy is a Reaver Lord." Wulfur took the b.l.o.o.d.y sack and grabbed the head inside it.

"... You stopped the Ash Storm and subjugated Vandal Dreth? I am not sure what to say from now on."

"He is famous?" Wulfur asked.


"Wait a minute! Did you say his last name is Dreth? Like the Dunmeri family Dreth?" I asked.

"Oh! You know about them? d.a.m.n fools are causing a bad name for the Dunmer, everyone surnamed Dreth are either thieves or bandits, and they never die out." Captain Veleth said in a bad mood.

"Anyway, I must thank you for your great services to Raven Rock, Councilor Morvayn will hear of those deeds a reward will be paid out with the bounty."

"Thank you in advance."

"No, thank you. Also, that sc.u.m Vandal Dreth used to carry an Ancient Nordic Artifact that he stole from house Redoran, a Greatsword called Stormfang, it is said that it was carried once by the Nerevarine when he helped a Nord Hero to pa.s.s to the Afterlife. The bounty paper said that the sword is for whoever slays Vandal so it belongs to Sir Jon from now on." Captain Veleth said.

"Thank you very much."

"Have a nice day then." He turned around and left.

I too turned around to my friends and took out Stormfang from my Haven Ring.

"Is the story true? Was it once held by the Nerevarine?"

"It is indeed true, Once a Nord Warrior called Ulfgar the Unending wanted a pa.s.s to Sovngarde and asked the Nerevarine for help. Ulfgar was slain and his sword was claimed by the Nerevarine after that."

This happened in the events of the 'Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind'. I looked at the sword and felt its power. It had a strong enchantment of Lightning within it. Its handle was longer than normal handles is blade was a bit shorter but it was a really good artifact. [A/N: Its appearance from Morrowind, not Skyrim.]

"This sword suites Bjorna the best. She rarely uses magic and she loves big weapons." I handed the sword to Bjorna right away.

As I said, my friends and family should get well equipped too.

"Thank you, cousin. I'll treasure it."

"I know you will. Wulfur, make sure to temper it and renew it for her."

"Sure, bro. What is next?"

"Well, it's about time for us to start our real work here. Let's get going."

We moved right away and went into our place in Raven Rock, we all got geared up and took all the weapons and the Troopers with us leaving only two to guard our place. On the way out of Raven Rock, we met Second Councilor Adril Arano who was coming to see me with a big sack of coin as a Reward for the Subjugation and a 'Thank You' for handling the Ash Storm.

With all the formalities said and done, we headed out of Raven Rock once again to where our s.h.i.+p was.

Ongeim was camping outside the s.h.i.+p and there were a lot of carts loading down all the crates we had on the s.h.i.+p, these were the people of Raven Rock transporting the goods to the town.

"Captain Ongeim."

"Boss Jon, Chief Wulfur, and Ladies. We are done with most of the goods."

"Good, how are the men doing?"

"As your commands were, we headed deep into the land a few times and started fighting and hunting the weird beasts in this land. Nex Hounds, Ash Hoppers, Burnt Spriggans, I am not sure what is wrong with this land but it is not peaceful at all."

"Well, we have our wolves, trolls and bears to worry about in Skyrim."

"Yes, but these Ash Sp.a.w.ns are the worst, a lot of men couldn't handle their appearance and some were burnt by them, it was really a mess to deal with them, even our mages are all busy healing the wounded."

"As long as there is no grave injury, what is important is the experience and the courage they gain. I want you to treat them fairly and take some to the town every now and then, I heard there is a broth… Ehem!… you know what I want to say."

"Ehem! I see I see."

"Now, bring some of the men that need more training and line them up for me. Take the other men and secure the excavation site I told you about, hire some miners from Raven Rock and wait for my return."

"By your order, Boss. Where are you heading then?"

"Me? I will go to Fort Frostmoth just to the east of here. We need to secure that place too."

"Understood." Ongeim turned around and started doing what I said.

Fort Frostmoth. well... this will be the beginning of the Frist Phase.

Dragonborn Chapter 218: The First Phase

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