Dragonborn Chapter 279: Bubble Butt

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The argument between Ulag and Akara didn't end well. Ulag the Orc was infuriated that the girls who brew for him were behind schedule. He would normally threaten Ysolda but that Khajiiti girl is not someone he can deal with on his own, he at least need some help.

Lucky for him, he has his own bodyguards too. Ulag is a bandit after all but his band never had it easy and chose to stick close to Whiterun and operate in Skooma instead of fighting.

When the Khajiit girl Akara threatened to hurt him if he doesn't back off, he thought of bringing his band over and returning to teach Akara a lesson. It didn't take long until he managed to gather the ten men he has and went back to the Chillfurrow farm. Once he reached the windmill, he and his men stormed in from and blocked the entrance.

"Where are they?" Ulag questioned as he found no one in the windmill. Only the cauldron and the mix of the Skooma spilled all over the ground.

His head almost went in blank and was about to cause a ruckus but one of his men spoke.

"Hey, where is Toriyth?"

"Huh? Wasn't he behind you?" Another man replied.

The men looked behind them but that Toriyth seemed to have vanished.

"... Hey, look! Isn't that his boot?" One man pointed at a boot that was not far away from the windmill.

The men started to feel that something was wrong, Ulag himself walked towards the boot and looked at it but he found nothing strange. He looked back at his men and was about to a.s.sure them but he froze.

"... Hey, where did Jeer-Maht go?" He asked the men.

The men looked to where the Argonian Jeer-Maht was supposed to be but he seems to have disappeared. Strange as it sounds, that Argonian followed Ulag directly and became at the back when Ulag turned to the boot.

"Gather around! Gather around! Form a circle!" Ulag panicked and started ordering the men to go into formation.

The pitiful appearance of the band that had barely any armor on and all their weapons were iron made Jon, who was right above them, feel bad about wiping them.

Ulag, who was in the middle of the circle formed by the remaining eight men, noticed something and looked up. There, he saw a figure floating in air clad in black with a large sinister sword in hand. Ulag froze from terror but he moved right away when he saw the figure land directly towards him.

Ulag jumped from the middle of the circle and Jon landed in his place. As Ulag's men noticed what happened, Jon waved his Bloodskal sword, that was reinforced with [Greed], and ma.s.s murdered them in one 360 degrees slash.

The terrifying sight shocked the only survivor of the drug band, Ulag. The terror appeared on his Orcish face that somehow turned pale despite his green color and looked toward the other direction to run.

'Oblivion! What is that… It can't be!'

Ulag was in terror as he ran and ran towards the mountains in the south, he was so afraid that whatever that being that killed his people would be running after him.

Ulag looked at the back and tried to see if that being was chasing him but he found no one running towards him. He was about to feel relief but he saw the being flying instead of running or walking. It spread two large wings in the sky and flew as if it was a being from Oblivion.

"s.h.i.+t! It has to be them… it has to be those girls! They conjured something from Oblivion!"

That was the only explanation! But right now, the first thing on Ulag's head was to survive this disaster.

The being that was chasing him flew left and right while making strange sounds. Sometimes he could see it, sometimes he could not, sometimes that being would fly in front of him.

Jon used [Greed] to make himself wings and put a more intimidating air. He was clearly toying with Ulag as he had nothing better to do.

Even though Ulag knew he was being played, he was aiming for the forest way that leads to Riverwood, he can hide there for sure.

Fear made Ulag go faster than he would ever run and successfully reached the White River, he then ran through the trees trying to find any place to hide.

As he found a good spot to hide, the being suddenly appeared in front of him. Ulag screamed and started running again. He held some stones and started through around at everything that moves.

"Stop following me! I am not afraid of you! Leave me alone!"

The Orc went into a state of berserk and his Orcish genes kicked in. He howled and threw stones everywhere.

"Where are you?!" Ulag screamed as loud as he could.

"Here." a hoa.r.s.e voice came from behind him.

Ulag turned around towards the source of his trouble only to get his throat pitifully slit!

Jon stood in front of the dying Orc and shook his head. Other than his having fun mimicking Batman, Jon had strong hate towards drug dealers. If a drug dealer appeared in Winterhold, there would be a public execution no matter what time of day it is. It was a hate that Jon inherited from his past life.

Jon searched the body of the Orc in front of him but found no clue that may link this Orc to any major drug operation. He didn't give it too much thoughts and case [Ignite] on the Orc torching him to ash.

As Jon turned around and was about to walk back to Whiterun, he felt a change in the air around him. He moved his head to the back dodging whatever came towards it and with his hand caught another flying projectile.

It was a well-aimed arrow.

"You can hide well but your killing intent sucks. Can't you keep a cool head when killing? I advise you to pull back before you hurt yourself, amateur." Jon stared coldly at the spot where the arrows were shot.

"..." The shooter didn't respond to Jon and shot another series of arrows.

Three arrows came towards Jon in almost an instant in between them. Jon raised his brows to the shooting speed but nothing would change in front of him.

He waved his hand while casting [Telekinesis] and the arrows that were shot got reversed towards the shooter and flew even faster.


One of the arrows seemed to have hit.

"Told you!"

Jon grinned at the fool a.s.sailant who didn't heed his warning. He was about to step towards the a.s.sailant but he stopped as he felt the change of energy around the a.s.sailant.

A figure started to rise from the pushes that the arrows came from and it started to grow larger and larger. As it fixed itself to a certain size and form, it roared to the sky.

It was a werewolf.

Jon narrowed his eyes. He saw a werewolf with timber fur and s.h.i.+ny green eyes.

As the werewolf roared, it held the arrow that hit it and was stuck on its shoulder then pulled it out. As it did so, the wound started healing at a rapid pace.

"Oh, interesting!"

Jon seemed surprised with the healing speed, he checked the werewolf closely and realized that it is more powerful than any werewolf he fought before. He also noticed one more thing, the Energy around the werewolf was Anuic based, in other words, the werewolf is a female.

It didn't make difference anyway, female werewolves were smaller in size than the hunky males but way faster.

"Want to play, little pup? I am a cat person but I will spare some time to play."

Jon taunted the werewolf casually and the werewolf roared at Jon angry.

Without even taking a breath, the werewolf moved towards Jon like a bolt of lightning waving her right hand towards Jon.

Jon only stepped back once and avoided the attack, he was smiling as he was really interested in the speed of the werewolf. She was far stronger than he thought.

The werewolf didn't seize to attack and waved its claws left and right towards Jon who would only use the minimum required distance to dodge.

The werewolf was infuriated and launched stronger attacks, she roared and used both of her hands to try and grab the annoying mage only to find her face punched.

The punch was so heavy that she almost felt her neck break and her teeth fall. She flew backward and b.u.mped into a tree.

Jon's fist attack inforced with the enchantment of [Ahzidal's Fists] was not something anyone can just withstand.

"Hey, I am not seven feet tall for show. Don't drop your guard close to me or you'll lose teeth."

Jon lectured the werewolf but the later didn't take his goodwill and attacked faster and more reckless than before.

"Your funeral."

Jon put the sword away and decided to take this seriously. He dodged the werewolves attacked by bending forward and counterattacked with a scorpion kick to her head. He continued the moved and rolled forward with his shoulders on the ground and unleashed a cobra kick that sent her to the air. He didn't stop and continued the roll standing on his feet then jumping up to the werewolf who was still mid-air bypa.s.sing her alt.i.tude and dropping on her with an axe kick after a mid-air roll.

She landed on her face and he made a superhero landing.

"Never gets old."

Even though she took three artistic moves from Jon, the werewolf's body became started healing and she stood while staggering. Her body didn't hurt that much put her mentality and pride were screaming.

"Again?" Jon taunted her again and it worked without him even needing to taunt.

She walked slowly and unleashed her [Beast Aura]. She was furious and didn't want to let Jon get away with beating her like that.

Her [Beast Aura] seemed to be having a life to itself, it reinforced her body and put her on a new level of strength. The smile on Jon's face turned from mockery to s.a.d.i.s.tic, his [Tyrant Aura] exploded around making the existence around him submit. If the werewolf didn't unleash her Aura first, Jon's would have broken her willpower, that doesn't mean she is not affected.

In her eyes, Jon was a predator rather than a prey and she is fighting not for making a comeback at him but for surviving. Her fighting style was only based on attacks and she never bothered to defend. Jon was going like that too but he does that because he is completely positive that all his. .h.i.ts will land without fail without his opponent even managing to touch him.

The werewolf began the new round with short and fast attacks not daring to charge at him or misstep. She realized that it is best for her fighting style to focus on dodges rather than charging, even stepping back like how Jon did was not shameful as she thought but actually, it had a sense of grace to it.

Still, she needed speed and the only way to catch up to Jon is to charge at him, she was baited a few times in this round and met up with Jon's punches and kicks that were relentless. His Aura was ravaging hers and caused a fair amount of damage that her natural healing as a werewolf didn't resist anymore.

As the final showdown came up, Jon started to make big dodges and the werewolf made big charges. She thought that Jon was trying to make a big move from afar so she had to keep closing on him and not give him the chance.

Jon's aim was to give her that illusion and he successfully did. He would jump nimbly from a tree to tree without making any sound or noise while her attacks would obliterate the trees and trunks he lands on.

If someone was seeing this fight, they would be shocked senseless. The power of both Jon and werewolf have transcended the level of humans and entered the realm of the superhuman. This is not strange in the case of werewolves as the point of them becoming werewolves is to be superior physically but Jon… he was a complete mystery but the werewolf girl was so engrossed in the fight and didn't notice that she was fighting a human at all.

In the end, the bait Jon made was complete and he reached the tree he wanted to jump from. When the werewolf girl followed him to where he wanted, he jumped towards the nearby river and she blindly did too.

She noticed the river but she was more focused on Jon so she just followed but she understood what Jon was doing a bit too late.

At the final jump, Jon jumped slowly and rolled mid-air enough for him to be facing her when she reaches him. As her move was broken, she found herself in Jon's range of attack before and a punch was landing on her head.

She took a direct hit, her brain circuits blacked out for a second and the next thing she knows was cras.h.i.+ng in the river.

Jon landed gracefully on the river surface with [Featherweight] spell. He kept looking at the werewolf who was completely exhausted and got washed out on the bank of the river.

She was crawling on her arms and legs completely tired and started to transform back to human as she laid on her front. Jon quietly walked towards her with the intent of confirming the ident.i.ty of the girl he guessed but he soon came to a halt when he saw something.

The girl's b.u.t.t!

When werewolves transform to beasts their closes normally gets in the way so they either remove it or don't get bothered and let it get torn, and when they return humans, they surely are naked.

Jon knew that just like anyone but still… the sight of the girl's b.u.t.t made the 'S' inside him open its eyes widely.

The b.u.t.t was well rounded with the perfect amount of muscle and fat, she looked jiggly but yet firm. It was something akin to perfectness.

It was a perfect bubble-b.u.t.t.

Jon's hand moved on its own and felt the perfect shape of the bubble-b.u.t.t of that girl whoever her ident.i.ty may be. With one idea in his mind, Jon identified this b.u.t.t as a pinnacle-grade bubble-b.u.t.t.

The shape, the texture, the softness, the jiggliness.

It was amazing. It was worthy.

Jon immediately knew.

He raised his hand up and opened his palm… the girl noticed what was about to befall as she looked at Jon and opened her eyes wide… Jon's hand was faster than any reaction she can make aaaaand…



Dragonborn Chapter 279: Bubble Butt

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