Dragonborn Chapter 316: Loose Ends

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Four bodies collided with each other in a close manner, erotic moans and huffs went loose only to be blocked from leaking outside by the trusty enchantments on the walls of the room. Jon and his women were having a love night in the middle of the night in their home.

Aela was opening lying on the bed having Jullanar over her whose waist was raised while being bounded by Jon. He, on the other hand, was carrying Alina and engaging with her in a heated kissing battle.

He switched between the three girls every now and lined them up to have his way with them. Unlike the other girls outside his household, those three girlfriends of his were all powerful warriors that can withstand him going all wild.

The loving Alina, the energetic Jullanar and the wild Aela were the best he can ask for. Other than them, ordinary girls don't last anymore. He even stopped going to the Bathhouse after what happened in the [s.h.i.+vering Isles].

After putting the three girls down and they laid nude around him, he started thinking of the rise of power he possessed he looked at the status window provided by the Augur and sighed.


-Jonhild Firemane (Jon Dare)

-Human (Nord)

-Level 9 - Iron Bone Stage - Dragon Frame Realm

-Vitality: 1521

-Magicka: 3979


-Agent of Talos: [Fortify Thu'um]

-Agent of Kyne: [Empower Thu'um]

-Agent of All-Maker: [Root of Power: 2500% Magicka Regeneration]

-Agent of Sheogorath: [Mad Champion: 2500% Vitality Regeneration]

-The Guardian Dragon: [Ashen Flame]

-Black Book: [Bardic Knowledge]

-Shadow Stone: [Blur: Fortify Speed] [Hide in Shadows: Fortify Sneaking]

-Firemane: [t.i.tanborn: Beast Master] [Fireborn: 50% Resist Flame Element]

-Nord: [Battle Cry] [Frost: 50% Resist Frost Element]

-Battle Spirit: [Tyrant Aura] [Mad Aura] [Lightning Aura]


-Mysticism: [Expert]

-Destruction: [Expert]

-Conjuration: [Expert]

-Enchanting: [Expert]

-Alteration: [Adept]

-Restoration: [Adept]

-Illusion: [Apprentice]

-Alchemy: [Apprentice]


[Unrelenting Force] [Clear Skies] [Aura Whisper] [Frost Breath] [Fire Breath] [Whirlwind Sprint]

"G.o.dd.a.m.n! When did I become this ridicules?"

Jon shot up to Level 9 Iron Bone stage after meditating the past few days and was on the verge of a breakthrough to the next stage.

The power bestowed on him by Sheogorath was surely something but there was a sure surprise that Jon discovered there. He understood that the Blessings of G.o.ds are like marks they cast on mortals, these marks are made of Energy and it is possible to absorb it. With further process in his meditative training, Jon was sure that he can turn those blessing from a mere gift into independent characteristics that are part of him and not from the authority of some Original Spirit.

The idea was terrifying in a sort. He can have as much power for his own for life even if he went out of the influence of those Original Spirits.

"What are you smiling at?" Alina seemed to be still awake.

"Eh? Nothing. Just a few ideas in my head."

"Mhm, then let's leave those sleepy heads in this room and continue somewhere else." She said while smiling brightly.

"I am awake."

"Me too."


None was asleep as it seemed.

"I recover so fast nowadays." Aela said.

"Perks of being one of us." Jull said.

"Okay." Aela said and closed her eyes.

"Hey, Jon. This wolf girl is so stern and bites a lot." Jull complained.

"I am not sure what to do with that too." Jon replied.

Aela has a stern personality and barely smiles. She also has many secrets and keeps to herself. Other than her hunting gear and favorite dagger collection, Jull and Alina knew few about her.

Jon heard a few stories about her childhood from her but his feelings for her were because of her personality none the less. He likes how she acts and loves her rough nature. Sure the others would take some time to get used to her.

"You three act nice when I am not around or else."

"Yes." "Okay." "Mhm."

"It is almost dawn, I will go wash and head to the office."

Jon went off and the girls went to their own affairs. Alina was normally free so she would only go to the College to or help at the company, Jull took the [Anuic Glowing Potion] that she made from Nirnroot and stored it in the room, and Aela went to sharpen her new arrows and get ready for another hunt.

It was the 15th of Sun's Dusk (November) and Jon had to conclude a lot of work today.

The first thing he needed to do was to finalize the schedule of the new projects for the new year and prepare a worthy [Old Life] and [New Life] festivals for Winterhold and Neo Saarthal.

He also reviews the last year activity reports of the Seven Major departments of the [Dare Dragon Company] and they are [The Dare Security], [The Dare a.r.s.enal], [The Dare Pharmacy], [The Dare Constructions], [The Dare Trading], [The Dare Fleet] and [The Dare Essentials].

He couldn't help but smile when he saw the huge growth of his company compared to last year and how it took thousands upon thousands of warriors, scribes, farmers and miners. He was truly a king in the world of business and even if the hypnosis spell was removed from Jarl Korir, there is no getting rid of the Dare Dragon Company as long as Jon is breathing.

And that brings him to the second issue he had to solve, Jarl Korir.

Up until now, Jarl Korir was under Jon's complete control and there was no way he would break unless someone knowledgeable about hypnosis came to erase the control. Still, that didn't mean Korir was in a normal state. Sometimes, his inner consciousness would try to fight that control and it comes in the form of lags and panic attacks like how it happened in front of the Imperial Envoy once. Jon was sure that his enemies will try to use such a thing to expose him in front of the a.s.sembly and he had to solve this one.

At noon, he went to the [Black Room], the new prison of Winterhold. Accompanying him was Jullanar, Jarl Korir and some loyal guards from [Team 0].

They arrived in a certain room that was prepared beforehand and Jon, Jull and Jarl Korir entered. The room was completely empty except for one torture chair.

"Jarl Korir, would you please sit on the chair here."

"Oh, gladly." Korir answered the way he would always answer with and sat on the chair like an idiot.

"Jull, strap him to the chair."

Jullanar nodded and did what Jon asked. She was in Winterhold from the beginning and knew how vicious and cruel Jarl Korir was, she was happily strapping him to the chair and Korir cooperated easily.

"Thank you." Jon said and Jull left the room.

Now there was only Jon and Korir alone.

From the [Cube], Jon called a small enchanting table and took a few tools then looked at Korir and spoke.

"Program 1, deactivate. Program 2, deactivate. Program 3, deactivate."

The hypnosis was broken from Jarl Korir and he froze, Jon simply took the [Helm of Winterhold] off the head of Korir and started erasing the Enchantment on it.

Jarl Korir was still frozen in place being hit by a long train of realizations.

Rage, anger, humiliation, sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, wrath, dread, hopelessness, more anger, more of those emotions… two years or so worth of shock and disbelief.

He looked at Jon who was simply working on his next evil scheme and his face twisted, he had a lot in mind but all these emotions ended up in a pained cry.

A man… weeping!

Jon paused for a little before returning to his work again.

"YOU… YOU… I… I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Jarl Korir's face was red with all those suppressed emotions.

"…" Jon didn't reply.

"You… what you did… I am Jarl… I AM THE d.a.m.n JARL! HOW DARE YO…"



Korir's face turned swollen from the slap. Jon's hand was not something any man can get slapped with and remain intact afterward.

Korir was still looking with hate towards Jon.

"… Why?"


"Why? Why would you do that to me?" Korir was infuriated.

"Oh! Well… I guess for one to rise, one must fall."

"... The G.o.ds won't let that slide! You, evil mage! The G.o.dS WON'T LET YOU OFF!"

Jon laughed and shook his head.

"And why would those guys feel wronged for you? Who do you think you are, mere mortal? Those so-called G.o.ds of yours, the Nine, the Eight, the Daedra and all those Spirits... You think they care about you for just being hypnotized for 2 years? They saw you do more than that for much longer than that and they were pretty much cool with it."

"You are a monster… manipulated me, humiliated me. You are a monster!" Korir's tone was heavy.

"HA! Acting righteously now?" Jon mocked and shook his head, "The likes of you disgust me, Jarl Korir. What you got is far less than what you deserved. I ended your former masters, the Bloodsails and the Blood Horkers, I removed all kinds of influence the Jarl of Winterhold had and put them all in my hand, h.e.l.l, you don't even have a single loyal guard, they all work for me now. I pay them after all."

"Just you wait… just wait… you can't kill me, you can't keep me here either, once I get out, I know how to get everything back."

"You think so? Will see."

"We WILL see, Jon Dare."

"Stop acting like a third rate villain and shut up then."

"Villain? You think I am a villain? You are the villains! ALL YOU MAGES ARE VILLAINS! YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.dS!"

Jon stopped what he was doing and looked to Korir then took out a chair and sat facing him.

"Mages? Was it all about mages and how you hate them?"

"Yes! It was always about mages! It was always you, you evil low sc.u.m! You filthy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! You bring crisis, plagues, evil. You even wanted to bring Oblivion itself and doom the world! And the Collapse! That was the last stroke! The world will know…"

Korir kept going on and on about his hate to mages until Jon got bored.

"I have your wife and child." Jon said.

"…" Korir paused and his face turned pale. He didn't speak.

"Don't worry, your kid joined a school where they teach useful knowledge as well as a small course of magic, as for your wife, she has made a very profiting business for herself. They couldn't be better under your rule and now they are better under mine, they are safe and happy. That wife of yours that was just as an Anti-Magic fanatic as you is now happy knowing that her son is learning magic at the school with other kids. She knows that he will grow to be a smart man with a bright future." Jon smiled and opened his hand wide. "I made that happen to him and to many others."

Korir body was twitching, learning that his son is using magic now. Just how far did things go out of the way!

"Change happened, Jarl Korir. Change is inevitable, change is sacred, change is nature. You stepped on those good people of Winterhold thinking that this way, you can ama.s.s enough force to drive away the College. Did you know that the one who built the College was one of the greatest Mages of all time? He was a Nord and his name is Shalidor. He built the College and the town came to be later to become the Capital of Skyrim. What a history!"

Jon stood up and strode across the room.

"Such a beautiful world has an oppressor like you who hates magic! I'd say that those who discriminate against magic are idiotic monkeys, people who should revert to the Stone Age and live like animals. Magic! It means freedom, power and ability. Oppressors like you must hate a power that is free for everyone and can tilt the scale of power with a single spell… why? Because you are sick control freaks.

Let me tell you a story about a world that has no magic or any special way for its inhabitants to make a difference. There are advanced science, power of finances, knowledge, voice of the populace and all that jazz. Still, there were limitations due to money and the people were always oppressed by governments controlled by the likes of you.

That Winterhold, a town that was destroyed 80 years ago… 80 years for f.u.c.k's sake! In a world of Magic! 80 years of complete sitting still! How the f.u.c.k was that even possible? What did you and your predecessors do apart from nothing useful?

In that magicless world, a country called j.a.pan was really strong and domineering, its people were vicious and scary. These people partic.i.p.ated in a b.l.o.o.d.y conflict called [World War II] and they carved a b.l.o.o.d.y scar on one of the world's superpowers back then. The only way to put them down was to smite them with an atomic bomb. Do you know what an atomic bomb is? It will make the Great Collapse and the Eruption of the Red Mountain look likecomplete silly jokes. The Oblivion Crisis was even manageable. But that… that was a piece of doomsday itself. After that war, j.a.pan was surely domesticated by the victorious Allies and got brainwashed generation after the other to convince them of being peaceful and non-violent… Well, I am losing to the tale. The point is here… after they got bombed, they needed much less than 80 years to get back on their feet and become a leading country in the world once again. They made a strong economy and a solid base to support their country for generations.

On the other hand, there were countries like Egypt, one that didn't partic.i.p.ate in the war whatsoever. They suffered some minor losses and lost a few soldiers but in the end, the never did s.h.i.+t. What they did was to overthrow the Egyptian King and make a republic that made matters even worse and the economy remained s.h.i.+t, the military power was also s.h.i.+t. Do you know why, Jarl Korir? Because the ones who governed Egypt were all like you, no real democracy, no real economy. The reason was simple, there was just another country that was acting like the Bloodsails and made the weak countries its little farms, mines and barns.

That's how the world works. Fancy people in fancy places deciding the lives of the small folk whether they are their populace or just another country they use. Those fancy people would hate for the small people to acquire what they can defy them with and that was simply power. Call it knowledge, science, hacking or even Magic, to people like you, it is your poison. Seeing the small folk controlling their own fate just makes you scared and causes you to feel weak and not in control.

This is why you hate magic, Jarl Korir. You just can't accept it around. Any Jarl other than you, that idiot Skald the Elder of Dawnstar has his Court Wizard but you… If you were to know the power you could just possess by magic, things would have turned the other way around for this hold.

You may not be the same monster as much as those ones I was talking about but I think you are a pitiful disqualified man as person, as a ruler and as everything really... I am going to fix that."

Jon finished his long speech to the silent Korir that was just looking at him with bloodshot broken eyes.

"Oh! Look how much time we have wasted! You are really a good listener, Jarl Korir. I give you that. Now to the matter at hand."

Jon started to organize his work and finished what he was doing.

"… What will you do to me? What magic will you curse me with this time?" Korir spoke in a weak defeated tone.

"Curse? Sadly no. I am doing you a favour this time. Something that you don't deserve." Jon said as he reviewed his note on the enchantment he just made on a regular circlet.

He took the circlet and put it on Korir's head properly as the later tried to resist.

"I am making you into a proper Jarl. No more tricks or hypnosis. This is the real thing. The enchantment on this thing will make your Mind and Will vulnerable, not that you will feel it but it will make you tell the truth when spoken to and stuff like that… pretty simple. But the fun part is not here yet. The use of this is to weaken your mind momentarily and then we will get rid of it, what I need it for now is to use it to change you… in other words, to 'Bend' your 'Will'."

What Jon said made Korir's eyes widen. He understood what he was doing right away.

It is going to change him, cleanse him and redo him forever. The Korir that entered this room was a man and the one after this process will be another man.

How could he not understand when he is strapped to a chair and was about to have such a thing done to him.

"You… you… that's… how can the G.o.ds allow… such magic to exist? It's forbidden! Stop! I beg you… please… stop… I have a kid… please."

"Easy, relax. It is not that bad." Jon smiled brightly. "You will be you, just a better you. Someone who is happy that Winterhold is doing better. A new start for you Korir. You will be a different person. You won't be judged for your sins. h.e.l.l, people have already forgotten about you and we will present them a new Korir. Now, I can give you back your work that I was doing for two years, you finally can become a better person. Isn't this the dream, Korir?"

To the warm genuine smile on Jon's face. Korir wished to die where he sits. He is just going to get erased and rewritten. Even the evilest among people would know that this is no different than execution but Jon had it in a better way.

The only reason he had to use this method was that he can't fully use the full version of it. What that means is that the Thu'um he is going to use is not fully learned by him and he only knows one word of the three so he needs to use other external helping factors.

And now, the shout he was going to use was on the tip of his tongue. A mighty and powerful shout that was used to enslave mighty beasts. He only learned one word after a great effort and the effect he wanted needed two words thus the enchanted circlet became necessary.

This shout was [Bend Will].

"GOL hah dov!" (Earth, Mind, Dragon)

[A/n: Note that the Dragon Words not written in capital are not shouted. Jon could only shout 'Gol' without 'Hah' or 'Dov'.]

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