Dragonborn Chapter 277: Star-Sung

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We all gathered in Ysolda's house.

"A Thane of an entire hold, a businessman and an adventurer. I always knew you have a talent for everything. Mama is proud." Ysolda said with a sly smile, I shook my head while smiling wryly.

After inviting us in, Akara and Ysolda kept staring at me for a long time, probably because of the unexpected increase in my size. That's why I had to tell Ysolda everything first.

"And what about you? How are you fairing with life?" I asked.

"I am good. I do a lot of business and life is really good."

"So, you managed to become a trader?" Wulfur asked.

"... No, it is still hard. The business in Whiterun is really crowded."

"Then why didn't you take my offer and come to Winterhold, we are desperate for good traders." I said.

"Business prefers a good base that can reach all the places it needs. Whiterun is the most suitable place for my business."

"If you don't mind me asking, what business do you do?" Alina asked.

"I trade with the Khajiit Caravans, they don't go inside the cities so I buy from them and sell inside. Of course, I face a lot of pressure from the General Goods Stores around the town but I manage in the end." Ysolda replied.

"That doesn't sound like a solid business, Ysolda. It will be best for you to take Jon's offer." Wulfur said.

"In Winterhold? Where it is freezing cold even in the middle of Summer? Come on, Wulf, you know I like an easy life."

I don't think Ysolda will agree anyway. She must have her reasons to run her business that way. What I know is that after the death of her parents, there was no much inheritance for her due debts and now she is trying to regain all what her parents had on her own.

"What about you, Akara?" I asked.

"This one likes to live here. The place is warm enough and the business is good." Akara replied in her iconic third person speech style.

"What do you do?" Wulfur asked.

"She works as Caravan Guard and the only job she takes is the Whiterun - Riften trade route." Ysolda replied instead.

Wulfur and I made understanding faces, it seems that Akara is after her parents killer.

"You know I offered you help in that matter, you don't have to do it alone." I spoke to her.

"... It's okay. This one can do it." She said.

"If you ever need help, come to Winterhold."

"Winterhold you say? The Pale itself is too cold for Khajiit, what do think of a place called 'Winterhold' would do for Akara?" She said.

"... Fair point."

"Exactly! It is so cold here in Skyrim, yet this one sees Nords in walking around the snow in sandals. Madness!"

We couldn't help but laugh at Akara's remark. It is hard for any other race to adapt like how Nords do, even the fur of the Khajiit doesn't help.

Anyway, the good thing about today was that we could still get along after all that time. We spent some time at Ysolda's then we decided to return to the inn. Our stay in Whiterun was quiet and we didn't want to attract anyone's attention so we moved quietly.

As we were leaving, Ysolda asked to have a word with me on the side.

"There is that thing I want your help with."

"Okay, I am glad to help. Do you want money or anything…"

"No no, keep your money, what I need is a strange request."


"If you could bring me a Mammoth tusk, I would really appreciate it." She said.

"A mammoth tusk?"

"Yes, it is a weird thing to ask for but I really need one, some of my trading partners are really asking for one and the other traders are high on alert, it would be good if you could secure me one soon."

It was really an unusual request. Usually, Ysolda would ask for anything from me without being shy or feeling weird… also the request itself, it happened in the game too.

Ysolda asks the player for a mammoth tusk and that's it. No real reason behind it.

The thing is… the game events are 3 to 4 years from now. Is she going to look for a single Mammoth Tusk for that time? These things are not that rare or expensive.

I thought for a second but decided not to ponder for long. Something is strange but I am not that curious or going to meddle in Ysolda's business even though she is acting suspiciously.

"Fine, here is your tusk." I clapped my hand and a mammoth tusk appeared out of thin air… or rather from the Cube.

"Woah! You were carrying one… how?"

"... Do I really need to say it?"

"Yes, you are the magic boy, hehe. Thanks… but this one is too big to fit." Ysolda said as she was about to take it from me but I took it away.

"Too big to fit? Hey! What are you planning to do with it?" I felt bad about it.

Ysolda paused for a second and she glared at me. It seems that our thoughts met.

"Hey, what did you think of just now?"

"You're the one who said is too big."

"... Are you even listening to yourself?" She said as she took the mammoth tusk from me, she then looked at me and spoke. "Don't even think of any funny ideas. You have two beautiful ladies following you now and I know a lot of your dark history."

"Humph, I don't hide anything from them so don't even think of threatening me with that." I grinned at her.

"Oh really? Should I go and ask them about the Horker Tusk s.h.i.+pment?"

As she said so, the grin on my face disappeared.

"Yes, I thought so." She smiled as she went away.

d.a.m.n you, Ysolda! This girl knows too much.

The 'Horker Tusk s.h.i.+pment'! I thought that secret died in Riften's Ratway… this was a scandal!

I couldn't help but to shake off the bad ideas from my head and sigh.

As I returned to my group and we gathered back in the inn. Across the fire pit in the Bannered Mare, there was a girl singing an unusual song and all the patrons gathered around her.

Wulfur and I smiled ear to ear.

"That's Svidi."

The little girl we once knew has grown taller than we thought. It seemed the family genes of her and Wulfur have finally caught up to her. She became brighter and more beautiful than before. She was wearing an expensive blue dress and held her lute. Everything quietened down and she sang.

"♪ Oh, misty eye of the mountain below ♪

♪ Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls ♪

♪ And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke ♪

♪ Keep watching over Durin's sons ♪"

[A/n: I See Fire - Ed Sheeren]

Oh, goodness! I am so glad I taught her that song. She literally made the time freeze. Until she finished the song, the world didn't dare to interrupt her.

"That was epic!" Even Jull, who has high standards in music, couldn't utter anything but that.

"Thanks." Svidi was happy with the group's reaction.

Each one introduced themselves to Svidi after we got the hugs of course. Even Nefert.i.ti found Svidi more approachable and decided to take a nap on her leg.

"I am really happy that you boys came today, I heard a lot about you in Solitude and even here in Whiterun."

"Really… there is a lot of false news though." I said as I remembered what Jon Battle-Born told me today.

"Yeah, haha! Something about you scoundrels acting heroic or whatever." Svidi said with an innocent laugh.

Yep, she took it completely the wrong way. Even Wulf made a disheartened face.

"So, I need details. How did you manage to scam a jarl, Jon?"

"Yeah, that's a long story." I said as I patted Wulfur who seemed to be breaking into tears.

"Tell us about yourself first. These boys told us many stories about you." Alina managed to divert the subject.

"Oh, alright! I studied for more than two years away from my brothers. Thanks to the money you guys kept sending me, I didn't have to work and graduated earlier than most. I also learned horsemans.h.i.+p and trained on the magic books Jon kept sending. However, my real joy was in the messages Wulfur and Jon would send every month."

"... Yeah, we should have included that we are not scamming people though." Wulfur was still depressed.

"Hehehe! Come on, brother. You don't think I don't know, do you? Not everything out there is just bad rumors, you know. There people whose lives were saved thanks to that business of yours. You don't like hurting people and Jon likes to act evil while doing good things. Just two big scary boys with fluffy hearts."

As she said so, Wulf and I almost cried. How can such an angel exist?

"Did you guys realize that she just played you around?"

"No we didn't, but we are still too happy."


Svidi is that kind of girl who looks innocent and pure whatever she does. She is a person who no one can see as bad.

"So, did you face any hard time at Solitude?" Alina asked.

"Not at all. If Battle-Born can't solve it, then mentioning my brothers' names would make everything go smooth. I am afraid I am getting used to it." Svidi said with a smile.

Even the way she said it can't make anyone feel mad at her.

"And how was the trip back to Whiterun?"

"Nothing unusual. I came back, met Ysolda and Akara, sang in the inn a few times and was invited in Dragonsreach so Olfina Grey-Mane came with me. And here we are, I didn't even spend more than two weeks here already."

"Things are good then."

"Yes, pretty much… oh! Once I heard that Jon and Wulf are now engaged, I always knew that I shouldn't come from Solitude empty-handed. What do you think, I brought some Cyrodilic Silk and Elven Velvet from Solitude, come with me."

Svidi took the girls and left Wulf and me behind. It was their first time meeting even though we wrote to her a lot about them so they have to bond for a while. Nefert.i.ti went into the Cube and left decided to continue her nap in there.

Wulf and I sighed and looked at each other.

"You noticed, right?" I said.

"Yeah. She is hiding something. Have any clue?" Wulf said.

"Nope. According to Battle-Born, the people in Dragonsreach and here in the inn treated her really well especially when they knew her relation to us."

"Hmmm… what else then?"

"I don't want to think about things too much but I think it has something to do with Ysolda. Svidi would normally stay at Ysolda's instead of the inn… also, Ysolda was acting weird."

I told him what happened and we became silent for a while.

"So, that mammoth tusk? Did you just give it to her?"

"I can trace back if you want. I left a mark on it… I was a bit curious what would it be used for."

"... Seriously, man?!"

"Wh- Why are you looking at me like that? Girls use Horker Tusks, not Mammoth Tusks."

"You seem to be very knowledgeable about this stuff."

"I own a bathhouse for Dibella's sake."

"Fine fine, don't bring the G.o.ds in this. Can you trace the tusk then?" Wulf asked.

"Yeah pretty easy…" I traced it but I noticed something.

"What? Why are you silent?"

"Hmm! Something is not right… the tusk is outside Whiterun?"

"At this hour? We were clearly less than an hour away from midnight."

Wulf and I nodded to each other went out of the inn right away.

Dragonborn Chapter 277: Star-Sung

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