The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 11-12

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The three men who were there first knew she had a bundle behind her back. But the later arrivals didn’t. By the time the other pa.s.sengers entered the room she had already moved to the corner with her back to the wall. Because of this they were unable to see little bun behind her.

“Is that child your brother?” someone couldn’t help but ask.

Feng Wu handed a diaper over to Tian Ke fully expecting him to take over.

Feng Wu answered seriously, “No he’s my son.” Other than Auntie Lian, little bun was the closest relative she had so she didn’t like other people misunderstanding their relations.h.i.+p

“Son?!” The three men from earlier were shocked. This Young Miss was a mother? Their surprise nearly shook the roof.

“Hey it’s too noisy in here. Keep it down.” A red haired teen promptly commanded as he entered the room. It wasn’t just his hair that was red, even his eyes were a crimson color. The red colored pants he wore only added to the image of a fireball disguised as a person. Oddly enough he still looked good with clean clear skin, fine features, and a respectable height of 1.7 meters. Sometimes beauty can over power even the poorest of fas.h.i.+on choices.

Beautiful or not, the crowd was still angry that he crashed their room. Who was this kid? Didn’t he know it was impolite to casually enter someone else’s room? Someone finally asked him who he was.

“I’m a ticketed rider for this room obviously. Or do you all not believe me?” His brow wrinkled after sniffing the room. Ugh these people urinating everywhere. Disgusting! There were just no rules here. Glancing around the room again he noticed a cute dark haired girl in the corner. The white dress she had on gave her a charming appearance and made others looking at her feel very nice.

Of course what she looked like wasn’t the important thing, the important thing was that she was here at all. He went through great pains to travel incognito, not even daring to book a single room. He knew those annoying women would find him out instantly if he did, thus the common room situation. If it weren’t for the fact that he was positive no one knew his route, he would have thought she lodged in the common room specifically to hinder him. If anyone found him, it would be over and he’d have to give up and admit defeat.

“Are you really a lodger here?” someone dubiously asked. He wasn’t the only one that felt this was hard to believe. Others also felt that with his temperament, he was not the type to travel cheaply.

“What? I can’t be here?” an unhappy Jier asked.

The crowd didn’t say anymore. However this kid wanted to live his life was none of their business. It was just that his att.i.tude was really annoying and made them itch to hit him.

“Hey woman! What are you doing here?” Jier hollered. Females were a nuisance, trouble, and a ha.s.sle. He disliked them immensely!

Feng Wu was used to the surprise people had when they saw her in the room. She a.s.sumed he was just checking to see if she belonged in the room so she took out her ticket and displayed it in her hand.

This incensed Jier even more. What the h.e.l.l!? She refuses to even speak? “You can’t talk or something? I ask you why you’re here and instead you show me your ticket?”

Feng Wu looked up at him. She thought the other person would just read the ticket and understand but it seemed like the poor boy couldn’t read.

“What’s with that look?” Jier was not mistaken. The look she gave him clearly said she thought was was an idiot.This realization made him even angrier. He was not the kind of person to hold in his anger or the kind of person to differentiate between men and women - if he wanted to teach someone a lesson then he was going to do so regardless gender. The look he saw in her eyes was clearly a challenge, and although he couldn’t kill her, he would definitely teach her a lesson. He chanted a spell and a fireball appeared in his hand. He aimed it right at Feng Wu.

The speed was so fast no one had time to react. The other pa.s.sengers could only lament in their hearts that such a pretty girl’s life would be snuffed out by such an intense fireball. Everyone was shocked when they saw Feng Wu draw a sword from her palm. She raised it and blocked the fire with the blade. To their further shock they watched as the fireball completely dissipated! All this happened within the s.p.a.ce of seconds. It turned out these two young people were masters!

No one could have imagined that such a cute and adorable girl would have such amazing fighting abilities, to even destroy a fireball in midair!

“You bully! You’re a bad person! How dare you bully Sister Feng!” Tian Ke put little bun down on the bed and rushed at Jier. Even if the other person was twice his size Tian Ke was not about to back down. This person was clearly a bad person. That he would dare bully Sister Feng was unforgivable. Since he was traveling with her, he had to do his best to protect her!

Jier saw that Tian Ke was just a munchkin so he really didn’t bother too much, only exerting a force field a meter away. No matter how hard Tian Ke tried, it felt like he was. .h.i.tting soft fabric, no damage whatsoever.

“You are surprisingly strong. With that kind of strength do you intend to test into the Xingguang Academy?” Jier touched his chin thoughtfully. This girl is slightly interesting.

In the meantime Tian Ke was still trying his best, rus.h.i.+ng Jier several more times to no avail. He just couldn’t break through the other’s defense! He could only hate the other person in his heart. Finally after giving Jier a ferocious glare he returned to Feng Wu’s side.

“No we’re looking for someone.”

“You’re really not going to the Xingguang Holy Academy? You should be able to test in with your abilities.” He initially thought the other person was in the same freshman cla.s.s as him. To think the person didn’t intend to test at all was a surprise. To think someone with such strength would so foolishly not utilize it was a mystery to him.

“Why should I go to this Xingguang Holy Academy?” Although she had heard this name before she didn’t know anything about it.

“Well to learn magic of course! Based on your skills and weapon, you must be a swordsman. As long as you pa.s.s the entrance examination the academy will provide you with lots of learning opportunities and resources. You’ll be able to advance your sword skills for sure. Isn’t that good?” What rock has this girl been living under, to not know what the academy is...

Take Off

The scene was surreal to the onlookers. They’d just witnessed what looked like a fight to the death between the two, and now within the s.p.a.ce of minutes, they were chatting very politely to with each other. The politely part was what really amazed everyone.

Sword skills? Master already taught me those. “Don’t want to go.” She shook her head. She had Master and Master had already taught her lots.

“Well whatever, your loss,” the teenage boy muttered to himself.

Feng Wu didn’t understand why he would say this.

“Sister Feng, don’t bother with this guy. He just wants to pick a fight.” Tian Ke couldn’t stand it anymore. He couldn’t keep watching as this villain tried to deceive Feng Wu.

Feng Wu blinked. “Hm? I don’t understand.” Since the other party didn’t attack with murderous intentions Feng Wu didn’t feel a need to be hostile.

“Nevermind, it’s too late now.” Tian Ke rolled his eyes upward. This girl could be too dense and too honest at times.

An employee came in and told everyone to get ready for take-off, to brace themselves so they wouldn’t fall over. Everyone returned to their places and Feng Wu held onto little bun. There were no seat restraints so without proper care and balance it was easy for people to fall and possibly injure themselves. The red haired teenager didn’t bother since he had martial arts abilities. He just went to a corner and stood to the side out of the way, staring at the little bun in Feng Wu’s arms.

Little bun looked adorable with his peachy skin, puffy cheeks, and red glistening lips. He was nestled in Feng Wu’s arms with small dribbles of spit bubbles coming out the side of his mouth.

People started to move about after the ascent was completed and the ride became more smooth. Jier went over and poked at the little guy teasingly. “Your brother?” Back at home he was the youngest child so this was his first time seeing someone so small.

“He is my son.” Feng Wu answered.

“Yours?!” Jier exclaimed in shock staring at the drooling baby in her arms. “You mean to say you gave birth to him?”

"Yea." Feng Wu nodded.

Tian Ke nodded in commiseration. He too was shocked that day in the well when she told him.

The other pa.s.sengers nearby overhead the conversation and remembered they were discussing this earlier before the red-head interrupted them with his entrance. They tilted their heads and paid attention to the conversation.

“So you’re married?!” What were her parents thinking forcing her to marry and have a child at her age? Jier complained against Feng Wu’s parents in his heart, thinking that they were very irresponsible parents.

"No." Feng Wu shook her head.

"No?" Jier wanted to ask for clarification but upon noticing how the people around them were quiet and seemed to be listening in, he decided to stop instead. This was a personal matter after all. Whether or not she was abandoned as a result of misfortune was not something he could ask in public. It was most inappropriate of him to probe about her private matters with so many ears around.

He asked, “Are you hungry? Want some chicken?” and pulled a big roasted chicken leg out from thin air. His smile was so dazzling it temporarily made Feng Wu dumb.

When she came to she sniffed and sniffed. The chicken smelled delicious! “Thank you!” After saying that she promptly took the chicken and took a huge bite out of it.

Tian Ke was drooling. It looked delicious and he did want some as well, but he refused ask for some. He still remembered how this villain had attacked Feng Wu.

“Want some?” Jier held out another piece to Tian Ke.

Tian Ke looked… and looked some more. He swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. Fine! Forget it. Whatever. I’ll forgive you this one time! But if you dare mess with Sister Feng again I’m gonna beat the c.r.a.p out of you. Tian Ke had quickly forgotten the gap in strength between them. He reached over and grabbed the chicken greedily.

“Wah! Wah!” Little bun was hungry and wanted to be fed too!

“Hm? Hungry?” Feng Wu held the chicken leg in one hand and little bun in the other.

“Ah! Ah!” The little guy waved his chubby hands around.

Feng Wu knew this little guy really liked to eat. She looked at her hand and the chicken thigh that was in it, then she looked at Tian Ke’s hand and the chicken thigh that was there. It only took a second for her to decide. She turned resolutely to Jier, placed little bun in his arms and said, “Feed my baby.”

“What?” Jier reflexively gripped the baby tightly afraid he’d drop him, then fearing he’d squish the baby he loosened his grip, then afraid of dropping him he tightened his grip, then loosened then tightened. Finally at his wits end he asked, “You’re OK with giving your baby to a stranger!?” This girl, her sense of vigilance is just too low! How’d the little guy manage to stay alive till now?

“How are you considered a stranger?” The teenager in front of her gave her a warm feeling, like a tiny s.h.i.+ning Sun. It made her feel very nice.

Feng Wu lived a very simple childhood on Yuehua Mountain. It was basically her, Master, and a bunch of animal companions. There were no other people around, nevermind other children her own age. She never felt lonely though, having Master was enough. However, this lack of human interaction meant she didn’t know how to interact with other people or how to make friends. She could only use her feelings as a compa.s.s to move forward.

Although she didn’t understand the finer points of human interactions she did interact a lot with the animals on the mountain. Because of this she was very sensitive and was able to intuitively know when someone meant her harm. When he threw the fireball at her earlier, although it was fierce, there was no killing intent behind it. It was similar to what the animals on the mountain did. They would attack one another in play, testing each other’s strength.

The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 11-12

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