The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 126

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Chapter 126:
[December 6, 2019] ...

Ai Lin was relieved to know Jier wasn't a male love interest in the story. She couldn't allow friends.h.i.+p to develop between him and Zi Cheng. If at any time Zi Cheng's favorability rating with him reached 100%, she'd have control of an artifact wielder. Her counterattack plans would be ruined!

Yifu was the most affected by the news. She couldn't best Feng Wu so her hatred kept festering like rotten mold.

Summer's heir… he was destined to enter Star Marshal Hall in the future. To know the person she hated most was friends with someone that powerful was disheartening.

Feng Wu had a hazy understanding of the season G.o.ds. They were mentioned in the books she read in the virtual world, so she had a general idea about what was going on, but she didn't dwell too much on it. It didn't have anything to do with her. Jier was her friend; that was all.

The kids in the upper grades weren't surprised. Being friends with Ming Xi numbed them to most things already. To a certain extent, they'd already guessed Jier's ident.i.ty.

The one most surprised was Princess Nai Nai. The person who she thought was just an ordinary adventurer was actually a big shot. It was like meeting a beggar on the street only to find out later that the person was actually a king touring his country while in disguise.

"Even if you are a successor of the G.o.ds, you're too young, too weak. You only recently gained owners.h.i.+p of your weapon. Given a few more years, you could pose a threat to me, but as you are currently, you're not a problem. I can run away easily." Thunder was confident.

"You're wrong. You think you can escape from this master in front of you now? You can't." Jier licked his lips, a cruel smile played on the corner of his mouth.

"Arrogant and conceited!" Thunder disdainfully snorted. He raised his hands up and two black spheres of light appeared. The spheres attacked Jier with a ferocious dark magic.

The only one Thunder cared about, saw as a true opponent, was Jier. Everyone else faded into the background.

Jier didn't evade the black spheres. He stood firm and chanted a spell. "Gla.s.s of fire, burn all life."

A dazzling red light erupted from his staff when he finished. It charged at Thunder.

The light hit the black spheres on its way, causing the spheres to dim before disappearing altogether. The red light didn't slow down but continued toward Thunder, only stopping when it crashed squarely into him. Thunder fell to the ground cursing. His aura fluctuated as the injury he was healing from reopened. He was in even worse shape than before!

"Spell of seals, seal this curse!" Ming Xi had opened what looked like an ordinary book. It floated in the air. While Jier was attacking he had flipped through it and found a spell.

The demon named Thunder was immediately sealed inside the book.

"That's the Divine Seal book isn't it? Specifically used for sealing away magical ent.i.ties? My G.o.d! The cost for one of those is enough to scare a person to death!" Pei Qing ogled the book as it floated in the air.

"Stop drooling. You couldn't buy it even if you saved for a lifetime." Wind said as he shook his head. It was impossible for the likes of them.

Feng Wu watched the whole thing with big, sparkling eyes. Jier was amazing! How did he make a weapon drop from the sky? She couldn't do that! (Technically Xiao Chun crossed dimensions to drop from the sky for her when she was fighting the worms/insects in the virtual world. So I think her stuff is even cooler.)

"No impossible! How can Thunder be defeated?! You! How dare you imprison the son of the G.o.ds! You stupid fool! How dare you sin so greatly!" Princess Nai Nai raged at them. She threw herself at them but Liffman caught her before she could reach anyone. She was screaming and flailing crazily.

"Son of the G.o.ds? Are you out of your mind? He's obviously a demon! His body wasn't even whole!" Elena glared coldly at Princess Nai Nai.

Princess Nai Nai shook her head at their ignorance. "What nonsense! It's clear he's the son of the G.o.ds. He was injured in the ancient war; the demons destroyed his body, so he could only exist in spiritual form. Once he recovered his full strength he would become the master of this world, I would take my rightful place as his wife, and our children would inherit everything!" She finished telling them the glorious future she saw for herself.

In Nai Nai's bright future where she and Thunder ruled the world, her high and mighty elder sister wouldn't even have the right to look at her face. She would only be allowed to kneel at Nai Nai's feet.

Their parents would regret all those years they favored her sister. She herself would become the nation's pride. She and Thunder would live a blissful happy life, traveling and sightseeing the world together. Her son would grow up and become the new king after inheriting the throne. It was all so clear in her mind's eye.

But these peasants were saying Thunder was a demon. How dare they?! Thunder was the son of the G.o.ds - a prince from the higher realm!

They wouldn't be able to convince her otherwise. She refused to believe anything else. He was a prince meant to rule the human realm. Her son would definitely inherit the throne and rule the world!

"This is Xiao Lan's. She wanted you to read it carefully," Feng Wu said as she handed a letter to the princess.

Princess Nai Nai reacted when she heard Xiao Lan's name, after all Xiao Lan had served her for many years. With shaking fingers, the princess opened the letter and read the content, then promptly tore the letter to shreds after reading it.

"No. Lies. Xiao Lan is scheming. What does she know? Nothing! My man is not a demon but a prince, a son of the G.o.ds!"

Princess Nai Nai kept getting louder and louder, as though increasing her volume would b.u.t.tress her shaking confidence. She squared her shoulders and stuck her chin out defiantly, her resolve firm.

Neither Meiren nor Xiao Na dared to approach the princess. They despaired knowing it was the end for her and for them.

"It's impossible for humans and spirits to conceive together. The baby was deceived by the faint demonic aura coming from your belly." Feng Wu corrected Nai Nai.

How could someone not believe when the facts where so clear?

The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 126

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