The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 27

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[August 13th, 2018]

Yifu was among the injured.

“What the h.e.l.l did you do?! Why is the fire crocodile so angry?!” Xi yelled as she evaded yet another plume of fire.

“I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything!” Yifu cried. She had never cut such a sorry figure before in her life! Her arm was injured and her pretty hair was completely in shambles slightly burnt, the style utterly ruined. Overall she looked a mess.

No one had the extra energy to call her out on it since they had their hands full just trying to evade the crocodile. Everyone knew death meant failure, which meant they would never be able to enroll in Xingguang Academy.

“Feng Wu what are you doing! You want to die?!” Xi screamed.

The others in the group noticed that Feng Wu wasn’t running and hiding but was instead walking directly towards the crocodile.

Does she want to fight the crocodile on her own?! You’ve got to be kidding me!

That’s an eighth level wild beast!

Argh! Instead of escaping you run up to it? Man you must really want to die!

Just when everyone thought the fire crocodile would smash Feng Wu with its claws something unexpected happened. The crocodile stopped attacking altogether and started screaming at Feng Wu. It spoke in a mournful voice, like it had been wronged. It almost sounded like it was crying to Feng Wu.

“Don’t be angry. It’ll be OK. I’ll help you.” Feng Wu touched the crocodile by its mouth and an invisible breath pa.s.sed between them. The crocodile still wanted to find its child, but it had calmed down considerably and stopped trying to madly attack everyone.

“It’s OK. You guys can come out now.” Feng Wu yelled out.

The others gradually came out when they saw it was safe.

Xi patted Feng Wu on the shoulder and she excited asked, “Feng Wu are you a beast trainer? You’re so powerful!” Then it hit Xi. “But wait no... That couldn’t be. You’re a swordsman. How can you be a beast trainer?!”

Instead of answering Xi’s questions Feng Wu walked over to Yifu who was hiding behind Zi Cheng.

“Hand it over.” She spoke in a soft but firm voice that brooked no room for refusal.

“Hand what over? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Yifu screeched like someone had stepped on her tail. She held onto Zi Cheng’s clothes as though she was seeking comfort.

Ai Lin gave Yifu an odd look before asking, “Feng Wu, do you want Yifu to give you something?” I knew it. This girl did do something to make the fire crocodile go berserk. To think I was nearly ruined by her. Stupid to the end, so stupid she’ll definitely die.

“Egg. The mother crocodile says you stole it while she was away.” Feng Wu pointed to the crocodile before looking unhappily at Yifu. This person stole then lied. Bad person.

“What?! You took its egg? No wonder the fire crocodile went crazy!” Xi was so angry she wanted to slap Yifu. Dare to take something like that! How brainless can you be?!

Kyle yelled, “Hurry up and give it back! If you want to die then fine, but don’t go around dragging us with you!” Knowing that Yifu purposefully brought such danger to the group made him really angry so his tone wasn’t very nice.

“Yifu take out the egg. Give it back to the crocodile.” Even the mild tempered Pei was angry. If it weren’t for Feng Wu we’d all be dead right now, not even making it past the second day of a.s.sessments. The thought of failing and losing the only chance he would ever have of entering the academy was enough to turn his face ugly.

“I said I didn’t take it. The crocodile went crazy on its own and just started chasing me. You all gang up on me just because Feng Wu says so?! I didn’t do anything wrong! Don’t treat me like a criminal!” Yifu cried out tearfully. This combined with her injured appearance made her appear really pitiful.

“Maybe it’s a misunderstanding?” Zi Cheng felt uncertain looking at the crying Yifu.

“Yeah. Yifu isn’t a liar. We can’t just believe the words of a wild beast.” Oman couldn’t bear to see Yifu crying and his heart was moved.

The others also began to doubt. The other party was a wild beast...they couldn’t just take its words as truth.

“Whether you guys believe the wild beast or not, I believe in Feng Wu. She wouldn’t lie.” Xi’s instincts were telling her that Feng Wu was an honest girl, Yifu on the other hand… she didn’t like the girl at all.

“Hey! Hey!” The crocodile roared. It had quietly listened to the group talk the entire time. It didn’t understand everything that was said, but it knew enough to be angered by what it heard. Killing intentions reappeared in its eyes.

“Feng Wu! What’s it saying?!” Melis took a step back in fear at the roar.

“It says you have two choices. Either hand over the egg or hand over the person. If you don’t choose then it will just kill everyone along with her.” Feng Wu pointed at Yifu as she spoke.

All those who stood up for Yifu earlier didn’t dare saying anything more. Even Zi Cheng was silent.

In the silence Feng Wu said, “Return the baby egg to the mother. If you don’t you really will die.”

“We have so many people. I don’t believe we can’t take it down. It’s just one wild beast. If we work together we can definitely defeat it!” Yifu retorted back trying to rally everyone together to fight the crocodile.

No one was fooled though. They came here in hopes of a better future for themselves. Why would they risk life and limb for someone they barely knew? [notes]

“Beat it yourself! I’m not helping. The fire crocodile only wants you. Why should we all fight just because you say so? Who do you think you are?” Although Xi was harsh, what she said represented what everyone in the group thought.

“You… you...” Yifu pointed at Xi dumbstruck. She looked around at the others in the group. They were silent, not giving voice to their opinions. “Xiao Cheng, you’ll help me right? Right?” Yifu grabbed Zi Cheng’s hand as if it was a life-saving straw.

The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 27

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