The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 69

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Extra chapters because, well, Danwoo is trying so hard. Thanks for the two! 
[Translation: otwentyfirst]
[Apr 21st, 2019]


The awkward expression didn’t remain long. Jier wiped it off his face before either Pierre or Feng Wu noticed anything amiss.

“Strange. Should those two be in Rime-Frost? I’ve never seen them at these kinds of events before.” Pierre was born and raised in Rime-Frost. He knew everyone who was anyone in the city. To suddenly see two unknown people of obvious rank appear made him very curious.

“Those two aren’t important. Don’t worry about them. Just keep an eye out for an opportunity to introduce me and Feng Wu to Wenda and Dusha. Just introduce us as the ones who are investigating the case.

“But if Mr. Wenda is the one who killed all those girls, it’ll be dangerous for you!” He wanted to save Clara but he didn’t want innocent people hurt.

“Don’t worry. We’re not ordinary people. Think he can injure us? Tch. Let’s see if he has the strength.” Jier spoke confidently.

Pierre looked to Feng Wu. Her face was a complete blank; it was obvious her focus was on the food in front of her. Why did he think she would have an opinion?

After she finished eating, he led her and Jier over to Mr. Wenda and Ms. Dusha.

“Uncle Wenda, it’s been while.” Pierre greeted Mr. Wenda.

“Pierre. It has been a while. How are you?” The return greeting was smooth and pleasant. No one hearing it would ever think the man behind it was a murderer.

It was hard for him to miss the two striking teens behind Pierre. They looked like well-bred children, especially the boy; he held himself like an aristocrat. Wenda knew all the n.o.ble families in Rime-Frost, and he was certain he’d never seen him before. That in itself struck him as strange.

Noticing Mr. Wenda’s gaze, Pierre took the opportunity to introduce them. “These are the two adventurers investigating Miss Clara Wenda’s case.”

Other than slight surprise, Mr. Wenda showed little change in his expression.

In contrast, Ms. Dusha’s reaction was more interesting. She had been smiling lightly as she stood next to Mr. Wenda. At the mention of Jier and Feng Wu taking the case, an odd expression flitted across her face.

Though fleeting, both Pierre and Jier noticed. They were more certain than ever there was something suspicious about Ms. Dusha.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Wenda, Ms. Dusha.” Jier greeted them politely, his usual arrogance completely hidden.

This kind of polite and formal Jier didn’t surprise Pierre as he’d never seen the fully arrogant Jier. Feng Wu had, but she never gave it much thought. Because of this she didn’t comment about his unusually polite behavior.

Jier was very good at presenting himself as a gentle well-bred young man. He was a master at hiding his true colors.

“What an outstanding and courteous child. It’s no wonder you’re an adventure despite being so young. Truly amazing,” said Wenda as he smiled indulgently at the young man in front of him.

“You’re too kind,” Jier said, looking slightly embarra.s.sed. “Please rest a.s.sured, I will clear Miss Clara Wenda’s name and reunite your family.”

Mr. Wenda’s face stiffened for a moment. “Please. I will have to rely on you youngsters. Mrs. Malin’s death caused me great grief. I don’t know how to face Clara.”

Jier exchanged a few more pleasantries with Mr. Wenda before taking his leave with Pierre and Feng Wu. They went to a corner and discussed what just happened. That is to say Pierre and Jier talked while Feng Wu worked through her plate.

Pierre looked around making sure no one was within earshot before whispering, “Don’t you think Ms. Dusha’s reaction was strange?”

“Both of them were strange. Ms. Dusha had a weird expression on her face when she heard our names. Mr. Wenda was calm, too calm. He didn’t look worried about his daughter at all. It was like he was talking about an acquaintance, not his own flesh and blood.” Their reactions, both of them, weren’t natural.

“I think so too. Before Ms. Dusha appeared Ms. Clara Wenda was Mr. Wenda’s most treasured person. But now that he has Ms. Dusha, it’s like he doesn’t care about Miss Clara Wenda at all. I’ve always thought it was too dramatic of a change. It has to be Ms. Dusha’s doing.”

“Is it possible Ms. Dusha used some kind of enchantment spell to make Mr. Wenda forget his family?” Jier rubbed his chin as he voiced out his thoughts.

“Yes, I think so. How can someone change so much so quickly otherwise?” Pierre had suspected the possibility but he didn’t have the ability to confirm it.

“It’s possible. But the thing is I’ve been watching him, and he doesn’t look like a man under a spell.” This was a point Jier couldn’t figure out.

“No? Couldn’t it that Ms. Dusha is simply too powerful and you can't see through her spell?” Pierre couldn’t overlook the fact that Jier was very young. A boy so young, his vision for discernment couldn’t be that strong.

Jier wasn’t offended by the Pierre’s voiced lack of confidence in him, after all he himself was also doubtful. The two people were just too strange. Their reactions were excessive. Mr. Wenda was too calm while Ms. Dusha was too surprised. What did their completely contradictory reactions mean...?

Feng Wu finished her plate while the two were talking so she walked back to the buffet table to get a refill.

Feng Wu was pleased; the chef was skilled so the food was delicious. With a buffet of unlimited quant.i.ty in front of her, of course she was going to take advantage! There were so many combinations to make! The table was filled with so many kinds of meats, fermented sausages, boiled, baked and roasted vegetables, cakes, sweets, savories, so many things! Feng Wu’s eyes glittered at the possibilities.

There was a constant stream of people filling up. Feng Wu was one, only instead of taking her plate and leaving she stationed herself at the table, refilling as needed. She ate fast, but it was still bad manners to eat standing at the table.

‘My G.o.d! You act as though you’ve never had anything to eat in your life!”

An incredulous voice sounded beside Feng Wu. She glanced up quickly but didn’t notice anyone, so returned her focus to the food on her plate.

The girl that spoke was none other than the one who accompanied the blond. She was standing slightly behind Feng Wu, looking at her with eyes full of contempt.

The Otherworldly Adventures Of A Super Naive Girl Chapter 69

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