I Am A Big Villain Chapter 2

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The Abandonment of the Educated Youth's Wife 2

Yan Chu still didn't know what should he do to make the young girl felt happy. After all, in his previous life, his closest contact with the opposite s.e.x was his mother. There's no way he could took Lin Ding Ding the same as his mother, OK?

He was frowned, putting on his coat on the side and get off the kàng[1], opened the door for the young girl outside.

Now it was Desember, still far less than the coldest day of the year. It's just that Yan Chu burning up with fever, his apparent temperature was different from ordinary people, it was necessarily important task to stay warm.

"Yan dà gē[2], I just heard from Lin dà gē that you have a fever. This is the medicine I got from my uncle for you, you must take it, OK?"

Lin Ding Ding's father was the leader of the production team, her jiù jiu[3] was a commune secretary, her èr shū[4] was farmer with paramedical training, there was also a xiǎo shū[5] in the county's transportation team to drive the long-distance freight wagon[6].

Lin family and Lindingding's lǎo lao[7] aside, she was the only daughter in this generation. All the other shū shu[8] and jiù jiu had sons, everyone was spoiling her like she was their own daughter.

She looked delicate and pretty, curved eyebrow, delicate upturned nose tip, cherry pink lips. It wasn't the kind of stunning beauty at a glance, looking at it made anyone had a very comfortable feeling.

As a farmer's daughter, even if favored one, the basic housework still had to be done. There were three older brothers above Lin Ding Ding. The whole family's labor already sufficient, she didn't need to earn work point[9]. On during the day, she only needed to feed the chickens and ducks at home, and helped to wash the family's laundry and to prepare a meal. Therefore, her skin was definitely rougher than the young lady who was pampered and spoiled since childhood in the city. The skin didn't look white, with a little healthy wheat color, somewhat with a lot of jīng qì shén[10].

"I don't know if there's any hot water in the kitchen, this medicine has to be taken with hot water. Yan dà gē, you go lie down on the kàng first, make sure you don't catch a cold, it will aggravate your condition."

The young girl's temper was quite refres.h.i.+ng, can be a little bit shy to the sweetheart, two suspicious blushes on the cheeks, wandering eyes, from the entering the door up until now, not once she look straight to Yan Chu's eyes.

Yan Chu was taken to the kàng by the young girl. Watching her got busy, he suddenly realized, at this time, the original body already came in contact with Lin Ding Ding and the other already had a little crush on him.

A sc.u.m, really a sc.u.m!

Yan Chu ruthlessly spat on and cursed the original body in his mind. On second thought, it's not right, ah! Now, he was this world's Yan Chu, same as the one in the young girl's heart. Wouldn't it mean the man that she had a good relations.h.i.+p with was him?

He quickly opened the mission panel. Sure enough, the originally degree of progress for main mission was zero but it changed a little, the progress was now displayed as 8%. It means that now Lin Ding Ding's happiness was 8 points. If he at this time suddenly confessed the other party, 「I actually didn't like you, previously you were the one who imagined that one's love is reciprocated」, I am afraid this progress would become a negative point at once.

Yan Chu somewhat felt a little embarra.s.sed. You makes it awfully easy for him to earn money, to make him fall in love with the young girl, he can't, ah!

"The kitchen has hot water. Yan dà gē, I helped you mixed the medicine powder with water. Hurry up, you drink it while it's still warm."

Lin Ding Ding came through the door, with the bowl in one hand and the kettle of hot water in another: "I'll leave the kettle in the room. If you want drink the hot water, you pour it."

"Thank you, Ding Ding." Yan Chu was very embarra.s.sed to see that the young girl was busy, without delay picked up the bowl she was handed.

The medicine's bowl was exactly contained in the common rice bowl. When he took the bowl, he was inevitably touched into Lin Ding Ding's fingers. This was the young girl's first time in such close contact with him, immediately ashamed to withdraw her hand.

"Well, you drink your medicine and rest early. I, I'll go first."

Her little faces was burning up. Lin Ding Ding looked at the man on the kàng, even if he was ill and he could not open his eyes, still looked so handsome. Her delicate fingers was wringed the dress corner, they were about to turn it into a cleaning rag.

"Wait a minute, Ding Ding."

Yan Chu thought about it, the young girl specially brought him the medicine, he can't let her went home in vain, right? With his upbringing, he can't do that.

"This is the má huā[12] I bought when I was in town, also this bag of candy, it was sent by my mom. You girls should like to eat these sweet things."

Yan Chu was the one who replacing his step-brother as an educated youth. About the money, the family did not treat him too badly. Even the birth mother, in order to express her having no alternative[13] at that time, was five miles away, she would send him something.

The original body unable to suffer in hards.h.i.+p. Every time he went into the town, he had to buy something good to improve his food. These things, he was almost always enjoyed it alone, never thought about sharing it with others.

Yan Chu, at this point, was ten times better than the original body. Beside, he was sick now. He can't even taste the flavor when he ate those things, might as well make the young girl happy. She was happy, which means it was one step closer to getting the mission done, then he would be happy, too.

Lin Ding Ding didn't mention how much sweetness in her heart. Previously Yan Chu, although she used to be different from other girls in the village and those female educated youths, was never as gentle as he was today. He also sent her má huā and candy, what a precious thing. This made Lin Dingding, who had some doubts about the relations.h.i.+p between them, was set her heart.

This also bewildering Yan Chu, although he inherited the original body's memory, his common sense of this world was still insufficient. He naturally didn't realize, the cheap má huā and candy in his era, in this era's zero lack of non-staple foods, was such precious things.

Also this act of his, completely made Lin Ding Ding convinced, the other party was really liked her a little bit.

Lin Ding Ding's heart was happy, but also remember her mother's teachings. She and Yan Chu weren't in a relations.h.i.+p right now, can't accept something expensive like this, refusing to leave at once.

Yan Chu didn't think that much, thought the young girl was just being polite. He picked up the little package that was placed next to the pillow by the original body, then getting up from the kàng. He pulled the little girl's hand, and put it directly in her hand.

He, he, he held her hand!!!

Lin Ding Ding felt his slight heat and soft touch when their palm touched, and her heartbeat was so fast as if it going to jump out of her throat.

There's no denying it, right now, she was like a kitten that stepped on its tail and then turned around and ran away, with the little bag that he had just given to her.

Looking at the empty s.p.a.ce and the young girl who fled, Yan Chu didn't dare to open the mission panel once again. The completion of the main mission had jumped from the original 8% to 30%, what a qualitative leap.

It seems that the happiness of the young girl had improved, then why did she run?

Nevertheless, ten thousand years old man Yan Chu said he didn't understand what the girls way of thinking. But since giving the young girl a bag of snacks can made her so happy, he seems to found something to make her feels happy. As long as you could earn money later, giving her more delicious food already enough, right?

He uncertainty thought to himself in his mind.

“Ding Ding, where have you been, and what is in your hand?”

Huang Ru Hua watched her daughter run away from the path of the educated youth courtyard. There was a suspicious flus.h.i.+ng on her face, immediately guessing what her own stupid daughter was up to, it was just clever thing to show.

"No, nothing."

Lin Ding Ding looked at her mother standing outside her own family's courtyard, her heart panicked, subconsciously hiding the things behind her body. But when she thought about it, there was nothing to be ashamed of, and the opposite was her own mother, what was easy to keep her in the dark?

"I just heard educated youth Lin dà gē said that Yan dà gē was ill. He's the only one left in the educated youth courtyard, so I went to èr shū and gave him a fever-reducing medicine."

Lin Ding Ding looked at the yellow earth under her feet, biting her lip, and said somewhat shyly.

She liked Yan Chu, almost all her family knew about it, OK! But neither her parents nor her brothers supported it. To think about it, Yan Chu was city person and still high school student. Although she could read the book too and still attended junior high school, both of them, regardless of family background or educational level, are not matched.

"You're an unmarried girl, it's not good for you to go to the educated youth courtyard alone. In the future, in this kind of thing, let your older brothers to go."

Huang Ru Hua didn't have the heart to do blame the child, she was also the one who take of her daughter since childhood. Yan Chu was the best one in the educated youth. At her age, she had never seen a boy looked handsome this much. The young girls loves good-looking things, this was inevitable. But Huang Ru Hua wasn't optimistic about her daughter's feelings for Yan Chu. Although the girl always spoke well of that child in front of them, Huang Ru Hua still faintly felt that Yan Chu was apparently hanging her daughter. This relations.h.i.+p, he simply didn't invested any sincerity at all.

She didn't want her daughter to get hurt, can only used up any means to keep the two people away.


Lin Ding Ding just recently thought about the intimate movement of her Yan dà gē who took her hand. She felt that her cheeks were very hot. Granted that her mother didn't say it, she didn't dare to go to see Yan dà gē again in a short time, she was shy.

The daughter's words let Huang Ru Hua breathed a sigh of relief. Remembering what she just hid behind her body, she questioned closely without delay: "What did you just have in your hand?"

"it's nothing. It was the má huā that Yan dà gē bought from the city, and the candy that his mother sent him. He told me to take it home to share and eat it."

The latter half of the sentence was Lin Ding Ding's own addition, for Yan Chu to brush her own family's goodwill.

"Mom, I put these things in your closet. We're about to celebrate the New Year, and can we arrange two dishes?"

"Dead girl, how good to request other people so many expensive thing."

Huang Ru Hua stomped her feet anxiously outside the courtyard. Undeniably, because of this matter, she re-examination this person, Yan Chu. He could to give away the candy and the má huā so generously, perhaps that one, Yan Chu, wasn't the kind of person she was thinking about.

[1] a heatable brick bed

[2] big brother

[3] mother's brother; maternal uncle

[4] second uncle; father's younger brother

[5] brother-in-law

[6] goods wagon, ref link

[7] maternal grandmother

[8] father's younger brother; uncle

[9] measure of work completed in a rural commune in the PRC during the planned economy era

[10] jīngqìshén: the three energies of Chinese medicine: 精 jīng, 氣 qì, and 神 shén;

[11] huólì: energy; vitality; vigor; vital force (T/N: i don't know what's the difference between huólì and qì of Jīngqìshén when they have same meaning)

[12] fried dough twist (crisp snack food made by deep-frying plaited dough)

[13] to have no alternative (idiom); compelled by circ.u.mstances; forced into something

I Am A Big Villain Chapter 2

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