The Heir Of The Dragon Emperor And His Bride Corps (WN) Chapter 7

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—-Lizette viewpoint—-

    Before departure, Lizette launches an arrow with a yellow cloth tied to it.  The color signifies that we are safe and that the monsters have been defeated.  We can't let the villagers to worry about us.

Lizette then starts the journey towards Hazama village.

[Shomsama wishes to learn about the situation of this world, correct?]

[Yes, we can talk as we walk, but please teach me more about it.]

[I understand.]

Where I should start?  I'm a bit troubled.

[The place that Lizette is living in now is the country of "Alicia" on the continent of Fieza. Alicia now is very chaotic and messy.]

Lizette says while walking besides Shomsama.  The children also pay close attention to Lizette's words, everyone really respects Shomsama.

Shomsama is a human came from the other world.  And he is a very realistic person.  Lizette is very happy that my knowledge is able to help Shomsama.

["Alicia" is a country founded by the Dragon King. It's been ruled by the descendants of the Dragon King since, but…. For the past few decades, a group of sages has taken power by controlling the descendants.  Province lords also refuse to obey orders from the centre government, and under the influence of this chaotic age, the monsters are rampaging and have been causing problems everywhere.]

[Then how about the place we are in right now?]

[Yes, we are in the territory of "Alicia". We are at the western border of the country, Lizette's clan, the "Demi-human" autonomous district.]


[It is a person with features different from ordinary people. This is something Lizette has, a trait of "Demi-humans".]

Lizette touches the peak behind her ear upon finis.h.i.+ng her explanation.  There rests a crystal-edge like shape that can't be found on normal humans.

[This is proof to the dragon blood in Lizette. However, Lizette is a distant relative of the descendants, someone like a cousin to the cousin of the direct lineage.]

[But, you're still a descendant of the Dragon King.  You've inherited his bloodline. Shouldn't you be valued by the people because you're a demi-human?]

[…….the descendants from the direct lineage can fully take human form.]

It's said that the Dragon Emperor also appeared in a human form.  Horns signify poor control over the bloodline's power.

[…..I just asked something insensitive, I'm sorry.]

[No, don't worry about it.]

[….and, there's something I've been curious about.]

Shomsama then looks this way with his head t.i.tled aside.  Come at Lizzette. Lizette is ready for this question.  Lizette arranges Lizette's hair and stands straight.  This is Lizette's moment.

[That "Ryutei" is…]

[He was the first one to unify this continent pyu—-!?]

Oh no, Lizette bit Lizette's tough!  Why is this happening now?  Worse, it happened in the middle of answering Shomsama's question!!!

[Ryu- "Ryutei-sama" was the first one to unify the continent.]

Uuu, that was so embarra.s.sing, Lizette can't even bring Lizette's self to look at Shomsama's face.  Lizette continues the explanation while looking down.

For the past few hundred years, monsters and demons have been threatening this world.

There was the "Dark Fame Emperor" who used forbidden spells, utilized monsters as his subordinates, and aimed to rule the world. That evil "Dark Flame Emperor" once established an empire, but it was soon destroyed by the "Dragon Emperor". His monsters were all chased away at that time.

Once the "Dragon Emperor" pa.s.sed, Alicia gradually start to decline.

Back when the "Dragon Emperor" was still alive, all races were treated equally, including "demi-humans".  After his death, racism took root and demi-humans were kicked to the edges of the border where they were allowed self-governance.

[In other words, the Emperor fell, his subordinates took over, and brought chaos to the country? Isn't this that saying, "The wicked person beside the Emperor"? This is common in monarchies……..]

[Do you understand?]

[There've been similar situations in the history of my world, so I can somewhat grasp what's happening.]


He understood with just this short explanation, as Lizette thought….. Shomsama may be the person Lizette has been waiting for.

Lizette grasps her chest.  Lizette's heart is pounding fast.  Lizette has finally met the one who Lizette is supposed to serve.


That's why, Lizette whispers into Shomsama's ear and says.

[When Shomsama came out through the door of the "Dragon Temple", Lizette called Shomsama as the "Dragon Emperor", right?]


Shomsama scratches his head with a troubled expression.  Somehow, that expression feels very gentle.  It makes Lizette hold her chest again.

[That place is important for finding the successor of “Dragon Emperor”.]
[Yes, the door of the "Dragon Temple" was sealed with powerful magic.  The only person capable of opening it is the successor to the Dragon's Bloodline.  Shomsama, you have the same dragon scales as Lizette. You can even use flame magic stronger than that of Lizette's.]

In the middle of the forest, Lizette stops.  Lizette gazes straight into Shomsama's eye and then bows.

[Lizette still thinks that Shomsama is the successor of the "Dragon Emperor", that's why, please help Lizette to aid the present Emperor in stopping the chaos spreading throughout the continent.]

[…..I'm sorry, that might be a bit difficult.]


……What?  Shomsama is lowering his head.  Why?

Lizette was the one who requested for help first.


[My first reason, I was summoned to this world by mistake.  My skills might be weaker than the other summoned saviors.  I'm not sure I'll be able to can accomplish anything great.]

Shomsama points his index finger upward while explaining the reason to me.

 [The second reason, after I restore peace to the world, I get to return to my home world.  If I save the current emperor, and then disappear right after that, the world will revert back to this chaotic state.  I'd be abandoning my duties and causing you more trouble. I can't do something so irresponsible.]


Lizette bites her lips. 

What Shomsama said is correct.  Lizette is ashamed for herself being so thoughtless.  Even Shomsama have his own circ.u.mstances.

Lizette has always felt responsible.  Lizette is of the same race as the "Dragon Emperor" and should have also inherited the Dragon's Bloodline, yet can't do anything.

Lizette has already done everything Lizette could just to protect the village.  That's why, Lizette can't free the "Descendants of Dragon Emperor" whom are being manipulated by their ill-intention subordinates.  That time when Shomsama appeared…..and eliminated the "Black Goblin", with a single hit…. He was probably just lost.

[…I'm sorry Shomsama. I said something stupid.]

[…..If it's during my stay in this world, then it's okay.]



[I still don't understand much about this world.]

Shomsama coughs and says,

[But, I want to secure a place to live. Since you've offered to take care of me during my stay in this world, I would like to repay that debt. If you wish to protect the village, then I'll help out too. As for the current Emperor, how should I put it…….. I don't really understand.]


[Lizette, if you really want to help the Emperor restore peace, I will help you…..If you're afraid of fighting, then don't force yourself to do it.]



[How much did you hear about Lizette's talk in the "Dragon Temple"?]


Shomsama turns his face aside.

There might be a high possibility that Shomsama heard everything Lizette said at the "Dragon Temple".  Could that be why, when Lizette was fighting the black goblin, he came to help me?

In truth, Lizette is a weakling.  Lizette is afraid of fighting.  Even so, he came for Lizette.

[….but….I cannot be spoiled by Shomsama.]

Just because Shomsama was able to open the door of "Dragon Temple", I cannot force Shomsama to shoulder this mission.  The one who inherited the Dragon's Bloodline is Lizette.  Helping the Emperor is also Lizette's wish.

What Lizette can do is help Shomsama live peacefully in this world. Therefore, the first thing Lizette should do after returning is eliminate the monster threatening Hazama village.

There is no way someone who cannot save a single village will be able to save the world.  And if Lizette wants to save the village, Lizette must save the person in front of Lizette first.  Therefore, Lizette's first step should be granting Shomsama a peaceful life.

[Ano, Shomsama.]

That's why Lizette says,

[If it's okay with you, would you become Lizette's family?]

For the sake of that small wish.

This is the easiest way for Shomsama to become part of the village.

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The Heir Of The Dragon Emperor And His Bride Corps (WN) Chapter 7

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