The Villain Has Something To Say Chapter 72: My Nightmare Conquered, Who Dares To Fight With Me! (Iii)

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"Will Brother Luo defeat the Seventh Son of Bai Family?"

"A sure thing. That Bai Chi has just reached the Nascent Soul Period for one year, while Brother Luo already maintained at Nascent Soul Period for two years."

"It's too early to close the case. I heard that Bai Chi owns the second-best cultivation resources in Bai Family, which is only a slightest worse than Bai Family's Fourth Son. He has access to incredibly abundant cultivation resources and magic items."

"Whatever, Brother Luo is so handsome. I hope he will win!"

The mumblings of discussion among the audience reached Bai Chi's ears. He tried to act in a composed and calm manner at first, but gradually his expression turned rigid. He drew out his spear and fixed his eyes on Luo Jianqing, while the latter was looking at him as well, smiling.

The Judge Elder announced, "the compet.i.tion begins!"

The very next moment, Bai Chi brandished his spear and pierced towards Luo Jianqing. He moved so fast that the spear turned into several shadows. From the beginning, Bai Chi didn't reserve any of his strength, putting in all his efforts to attack his rival. The spear could barely be captured by eyes. Among all the Tai Hua Mountain's disciples, only Zuo Yunmo and Wei Qiongyin were able to see through Bai Chi's movements, while the others only felt the ferocity of the fight.

Blocking every possible way of avoidance, the shadows of spear pounced on Luo Jianqing. Each single pierce contained the power to deliver its enemy to the gate of death, but no one called a stop. There was Elders ready to cease the rival if necessary, ensuring the survival of the compet.i.tors. For now, it's time to do the best they can to win the contest.

Using his toes touching the ground lightly, Luo Jianqing perfect avoided all the whacks from Bai Chi. Luo Jianqing wasn't in a rush. Just like wandering in a garden, Luo Jianqing was walking in the spear shadows with such calmness. There was no one that wasn't impressed.

An Elder of a minor sect complimented, "Luo Jianqing is worth to be called a legend. Achieving this level of Tai Hua Mountain's Ping Zong Pace at this young age. Is that the second level of the Pace? Bravo! It's so brilliant!"

"Yes, indeed! Looks like he can achieve the third-level very soon!"

Bai Chi kept piercing at Luo Jianiqng, while the latter kept dodging his attack like an uncatchable wind. After a while, Bai Chi was irritated. He connected his palm to the spear, generating the hand seal and casting spells on it. Suddenly; his weapon started to glint with jade-like color. The dark iron spear was s.h.i.+ning splendidly, as if it's turned into a spear of white jade.

Shocked, someone exclaimed, "what happened to the spear?"

The Bai Family's disciple was proud of the trick, "this is the Seven Spears of Bai Family. Brother Bai Chi had already mastered the third spear - White Snow Touches Plum Blossom!"

The audience were impressed.

In the contest ring, the white-jade spear was constantly spinning, summoning a whirlwind. Luo Jianqing's robe was waving along the tremendous gale. Flakes of petals gradually dropping down from the firmament, flower blossomed in the air but was covered by the overwhelming snow until there was nothing left except the endless whiteness.


One spear, piercing blossom!

Snow and plum blossom thrusted toward Luo Jianqing along with that stunning spear. Surprisingly, Luo Jianqing held his ground, didn't even have the slightest intention to dodge. Smiling, He watched the spear getting closer and closer. At the last moment, he suddenly lifted his hand, with two fingers holding tight together, and flicked.

A beam of bice sword light crashed against the white jade spear.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, all the snow and plum blossoms that once fulfilled the sky vanished. Bai Chi lost his weapon. The spear was knocked into the air and landed beside Bai Chi. The glint of the spear completely disappeared. What left was a gloomy steel. Bai Chi belched a mouthful of blood. He stepped back a few distances, nearly fell down.

While Luo Jianqing flew up to the sky, landed in front of Bai Chi in a second.

After spitting blood, Bai Chi didn't even realize what was going on. Before he could think of defense, a bice sword Qi emerged around his neck, almost touching his throat. He s.h.i.+vered, lifted his head in shock, and saw Luo Jianqing stood beside him. His rival was still smiling winsomely, "Cultivator Bai, you want to call it off or keep fighting?"

There was complete silence in the square.

The next moment, the audience burst out a blast of exclamation!

"Less than thirty minutes! Less than thirty minutes! Cultivator Luo only used a beam of sword light, and the Seventh Son of Bai Family was spitting out blood! That is so incredible!"

"He didn't use his sword!"

"What? He didn't even draw his sword! Isn't that a solid prove that, though they are both at the Nascent Soul Period, Cultivator Luo could defeat the Seventh Son of Bai Family easily?"

Hearing what the audience said, Bai Chi was so embarra.s.sed that he couldn't help but shudder. He clenched his teeth, "I will not surrender!"

"Oh," Luo Jianqing replied in a low voice. Bai Chi thought that Luo Jianqing was going to persuade him to admit his failure, but to his surprise, Luo Jianqing said, "then, I will beat you until you give in."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Luo Jianqing hit Bai Chi at his belly and knocked him into the air. Before the poor lad even landed on the ground, Luo Jianqing had already flied to his side and lifted his leg - another merciless kick.

On the bleachers, one of Bai Family's Elders stood up in rage, and roared, "hey! You! Show us some respect!"

However, before he could even finish his sentence, Luo Jianqing kicked Bai Chi right on his face, and knocked the latter out of the ring. Bai Chi already pa.s.sed out and was quickly carried away by his family members. Luo Jianqing turned back to face the astonished judge, and beamed, "Elder, could you please announce the result?"

The Elder finally found his tongue, "sure… sure! This compet.i.tion, the winner is Luo Jianqing of Tai Hua…"

"Outrageous! Since you already win, why did you insist on embarra.s.sing the son of our Bai Family publicly in the ring? I demanded you to stop. How dare you ignore me and still knocked him off? Does Bai Family look like a pushover to Tai Hua Mountain?!"

Sending a Tribulation Pa.s.sage Period Elder to watch the compet.i.tion, Bai Family was indeed a family with solid strength. Normally, the Four Sects and Eight Families would only send Body Fusion Period Elders to attend the event, but this year was different. As if they've made an agreement to give Tai Hua Mountain some pressure, this time, all of them sent Tribulation Pa.s.sage Period Elders, and Duan Hun Sect even let a Da Sheng Period Elder to come as a representative!

When the Elder of Bai Family finished, Yu Qingzi sneered, "you think that Tai Hua Mountain is weak enough to be judged by you guys?"

The Villain Has Something To Say Chapter 72: My Nightmare Conquered, Who Dares To Fight With Me! (Iii)

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