If You Are A Dodder Flower Chapter 33 Part1

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Xia Rou was completely balled up.

Hu Xuan was wis.h.i.+ng really hard that iron could be turned into steel in just a second.

"You! I'm telling you that you need to be conscious of yourself! You should be aware that you're a girl!"

Xia Rou was once again completely lost, her face reflecting this clearly. "And then what?"

Hu Xuan glared at her and said, "Look in the mirror. Look at yourself: you have a small waist and large chest! Don't glare at me - I'm telling you the truth!" Translated by The Novelst

"I'm telling you that you're very beautiful and you're not even blood-related to them. If you were to stay in our house, I'm not trying to scare you when I saw that within three days it would be either my brother or myself eating you right up. It's simply a matter of who gets there first."

"My grandfather is getting old. He probably doesn't have the face to lay his fingers on such a young girl like you, but my father… I can't guarantee anything there."

Xia Rou's brain wasn't functioning properly. For the third time she had a completely lost expression on her face. "What in the world are you saying?"

Hu Xuan had been thinking about this for a while already.

In the beginning, Cao Yang had appeared to be protecting her. At that time he hadn't been sure what the relations.h.i.+p between Xia Rou and the Cao Family was exactly. He had tried to probe with Xia Rou, but she was very cautious toward him so she had refused to tell him.

After Cao Yang had returned, Xia Rou was displayed publicly at the Cao Family banquet, so the rumors of an illegitimate daughter had begun to circulate. He had believed "that was just how it was."

In the end, Xia Rou had personally told him that she wasn't an illegitimate child.

Which meant that she and the brothers of the Cao Family had no blood relation at all?

From that day on he had been thinking about this.

The more he thought, the more he felt his heart burning and his lungs itching.

But Xia Rou herself didn't seem to have noticed anything. It was true that she didn't normally speak with the guys anyway, but she was a blockhead! That stupid girl hadn't even realized!

Hu Xuan felt that this situation between Xia Rou and him was like the saying: the emperor isn't worried, but his eunuchs are worried to death.

Looking at the way Xia Rou was still unable to grasp the meaning, Hu Xuan didn't have any patience left.

He looked at the sky in frustration, then lowering his head to look at her face.

Stupid, absentminded. Just an idiot.

But naturally she attracted men.

He clenched his teeth, "Xia Rou, you're a beautiful girl. The Cao Family is just an entire house full of men. Men aren't good, don't trust them fully. You need to protect yourself, do you understand?"

Xia Rou finally understood.

She was so angry that her face flushed red!

"What nonsense are you on about!" she started. "The people in the Cao Family aren't like you! Just because you would act that way yourself doesn't mean that everyone else would do the same!"

Hah! He hadn't seem her talk like this normally but when she began to defend the Cao Family she had a quick tongue!

Hu Xuan felt that his kind heart had been devoured by a dog.

He smiled coldly, "Fine, make me the bad guy here. Your brothers in the Cao Family are all nothing but gentlemen."

After he finished speaking, he felt that he wasn't calm enough, so he took a deep breath to adjust his emotions. "I'm just trying to remind you that in the end you aren't related to them. That was why I'm making the distinction between a man and a woman. You're a girl and you don't have any other relatives, so you need to be aware and protect yourself."

"I know you think of me as a pervert and Cao Yang as a gentleman. That's because you haven't heard of the Cao crown prince's nickname. That year, the crown prince fought with the vice governor's grandson over a woman. In the end, the grandson ended up with thirteen fractures. My brother saw this personally. I'm telling you - at that time, your precious Brother Cao Yang was the same age as me - eighteen!"

Xia Rou was shocked. Translated by The Novelst

This was something she'd never heard before. From the first time she'd met Cao Yang in the past, he had already become a calm, reliable big brother.

Hu Xuan stared at the look on her face, finally feeling a little better in his heart. He let out a snort, "That time he was still young, so his means of going about those things were rough and simple. After growing up a little he stopped doing that kind of stuff. But I'm telling you that anyone who went against Cao Yang that year, you won't be able to even find them in the city now."

Xia Rou knew that Cao Yang was a little ferocious, and she also knew he was quite impressive and that it made people afraid of him. But if she were to dig deeper, she wasn't actually that clear about the origins of it.

Every time Liang Zihuan met Cao Yang, he would always be nervous and careful around him. This made her look down on him a little in her heart.

Now, looking at how seriously Hu Xuan was explaining this to her, she felt that it might be true that Cao Yang was really a scary person.

It was just that Cao Yang had never shown this fearsome side to her.

"Not is it only Cao Yang, but all four Cao brothers are not as good as they seem. You were protected by the Cao Family which was why the few of us can get along well. But if the ones who are protecting you get the wrong idea, then what will you do? Xia Rou, what can you do then?"

"Those four wolves of the Cao Family, if any one of them forms bad intentions, do you think you could escape? In the end you'd be eaten up completely!"

"Hey! Hey! Are you listening to me? Why are you s.p.a.cing out?"

Xia Rou returned to her senses. She pressed her lips into a flat line and said in a serious voice, "No… Nothing will happen."

She was shocked to hear about Cao Yang's past, which was why she had s.p.a.ced out. But when she returned to her senses and heard Hu Xuan's shocking scenarios, she herself calmed down.

Because she had already rebirthed, she had already gone through it all. What Hu Xuan was worrying about, and the scenarios he presented to her - had not happened in her past life.

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If You Are A Dodder Flower Chapter 33 Part1

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