An Exclusive Love Chapter 128 Be Careful Of My Mother

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It turned out that Li Guicheng was originally a farmer too. He lived quite a poor life when he was younger, but his wife followed him through to start a business together. Just when his business started to make a splash, his wife fell sick and died due to years of overworking and exhaustion, leaving him and their young daughter on their own. And Zhao Jiali looked quite like Li Guicheng's late wife, especially their eyes, they're basically the same.

"This is quite a story, like something happened in the novel." Young Master Shen made a comment after reading, "If I were her, I would've stayed with that old man without causing any trouble."

Ying Qingcang sneered, "I kinda wish she would cause some troubles, then I would have an excuse to punish her."

"No matter what, I will keep an eye on her!" Young Master Shen let out a h.o.r.n.y laugh, "Do you think that old man can satisfy her? She is at an age where she can basically swallow a man whole!"

Ying Qingcang glanced at him. "Why don't you have a try?"

"F**k off!" Young Master Shen threw the file at him.

The second week after Xin Qing came back from abroad, she got a call from Xin Yudie. She wanted to see her in the Children Activity Center, asking her to bring Ah Sha along. When Xin Qing arrived, she realized what an irresponsible mom she had been to Ah Sha. So apparently one-year-old babies could already go to parent-child Ah Sha was two years old already and Xin Qing never sent her to any of those Watching Xin Yudie having parent-child cla.s.s with her Pigeon pair, who was about to turn three, Xin Qing was painfully envious, and she decided to sign Ah Sha up right away.

This Parent-Child Center was the best one in S City, and Xin Yudie encouraged her to sign up the baby music cla.s.s too.

"Nowadays we have to prepare everything ahead. Look over there." Xin Yudie was pointing at a boy that was about four or five years old, "He can already play the piano!"

All of a Sudden, Xin Qing realized all the time wasted that could've been used to cultivate Ah Sha, and decided she would no longer let Ah Sha fall behind at the starting line.

When the parent-child cla.s.s was finished, Xin Qing and Xin Yudie let the three babies play on the gaming match, while she sat and chatted aside.

"See? I told you would come back!" Xin Yudie stared at Xin Qing, "Hurry up and get married, then have a baby."

Xin Qing pointed at Ah Sha, "I have this little girl!"

"That's your niece." Xin Yudie rolled her eyes at her, "Ah Sha has no relation with Ying Qingcang. Don't you think this is a little unfair to him?"

Xin Qing only realized this after hearing that, for Ying Qingcang, Ah Sha was just an adopted daughter, no blood relations.h.i.+p at all.

"Right." Xin Qing suddenly came to a realization, "You and your mom..."

"I have no contact with her." Xin Yudie interrupted, "Why? Have you seen her?"

Xin Qing told Xin Yudie all about that day, how they ran into Zhao Jiali while having a meal, and all the detailed information Ying Qingcang revealed to her.

"She is so lucky." hearing all that, Xin Yudie said after a long silence, "But that is none of my business." She stared at the twins playing on the ground, "Right now, I just want to be with my kids, and watched them grow peacefully and happily."

Xin Yudie turned and faced Xin Qing, "According to what you have told me, she was playing the victim, but now that you're back, she must be aware and scared of you. If you expose her, she's over."

"I don't have time for that." Xin Qing curled her lips.

Xin Yudie signed, "She raised me up and I know her very well. Based on her personality, she doesn't give a d.a.m.n whether you ignore her or not. If she feels threatened by you, she will come and bite your head off like a mad dog."

"Will... will she really?" Xin Qing had a s.h.i.+ver.

Xin Yudie let out a cold laugh, "You really believe that Xin Pengfei was the only one who planned your mother's death? Of course she contributed to the plan. She will get what she wants by fair means or foul. Didn't she send Xin Pengfei to jail at the end? That woman is heartless."

"Woah you really hate her." Xin Qing felt like Xin Yudie hated Zhao Jiali more than she did, but that was her own mother!

Xin Yudie let out a laugh, "The fact is, I'm way more selfish than you are. When she sent me away without any hesitation, I told myself that my mother is dead, I'm an orphan. From now on I only live for myself."

When they parted ways, they made a promise to go to the parent-child cla.s.s twice every week from then on. Xin Qing got in the car and went home, today Ah Che came pick her up.

"Miss, that Xin Yudie girl, does she really change for the better?"

Xin Qing thought and said, "No, she didn't change, it's just that now she has someone to protect. And I'm no longer a threat to her. On the contrary, we have something in common, which is that we are both mothers now!" Then Xin Qing took out a beads toy and showed it to Ah Che, "Look look! This is what Ah Sha wore on the parent-child cla.s.s today, we will go to the parent-child cla.s.s from now on, won't we Ah Sha?" Xin Qing tried to tease her, but Ah Sha already fell asleep leaning on the seat, probably because she was tired after playing all day.

At night, Ying Qingcang came back home. Xin Qing took out the beads Ah Sha wore today again to show off. Ying Qingcang laughed and carried her to the bathroom.

"What are you doing? I've showered already."

"Already?" Ying Qingcang took off her clothes, "Then let's do it again!"

Ying Qingcang pressed Xin Qing into the bathtub. And when she was carried out, her legs were so weak that she couldn't stand on her own. Ying Qingcang carried her onto the bed, then squeezed in and held her in his arms.

"You see, even Xin Yudie is smarter than you, she was right."

Xin Qing picked up the gla.s.s and drank some water, and then turned to look at Ying Qingcang, "What are you talking about?"

"Zhao Jiali." Ying Qingcang pinched the soft part on her waist, "That woman started to get weird again."

Xin Qing widened her eyes, "What... what did she do?"

"She talked that Li old man into taking part in the auction of the new city exploitation right in the latter half of the year, but based on their financial condition, it would be impossible for them to get that project."

"But that Li old man just... listened to her?"

Ying Qingcang gave her cheek a little kiss and said, "Li old man listens to everything she says, bought her a house, gave her 10% of the company stocks. The restaurant we went to the other day? It's a gift for her from him too."

"Oh my, that old man is such a pa.s.sionate lover!" Xin Qing rubbed herself a little in Ying Qingcang's arms, "Xin Yudie said that he seems to have a daughter too."

Ying Qingcang nodded, "Yes, he does have a daughter, she's a year older than you."

"It seems that Zhao Jiali treats that girl pretty well, otherwise she couldn't have turned him into such a love slave." Xin Qing's smile was also sarcastic. "Just wait and see, people like her couldn't keep that mask on forever, she will show her true self soon."

Ying Qingcang's hand started to reach down along Xin Qing's back, but he talked in a calm tone, like nothing had happened, "But she already lost control, keeping a boy toy in secret!"

"How dare she?" Xin Qing was shocked, this woman was just...

"Tsk, I don't see why not. How old is Li old man? He could no longer satisfy her." After this being said, Ying Qingcang slipped his hand into Xin Qing's thighs.

Xin Qing hummed, then clamped his hand with her thighs, "You still want more?"

"Now you have to satisfy me, otherwise when you reach that thirsty age, I won't give you what you want, then you will be sorry!" Ying Qingcang rolled over and pinned her down. Xin Qing let out a sudden laugh, raised her eyebrows and said, "Then I will get a boy toy too!"

"How dare you!" Ying Qingcang jumped on her.

Aunt Tian stood outside the door while holding Ah Sha. After hearing what was going on inside, she reluctantly pinched Ah Sha's little cheek and said, "Let's go. Looks like you have to sleep on your own tonight!"

A few days later, Xin Qing called to mind that there was a very important person she hadn't met yet.

"Nearly half a month has pa.s.sed since you came back, now you remember me." Chen Ming stared at Xin Qing, "You are heartless."

Xin Qing put her hands together devoutly and paid a courtesy call. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! How could I forget? The jet lag really messed with my memory."

"During the Spring Festival, didn't you swear that you would never come back? How come you came back so shortly after, even made peace with him?" Chen Ming stared at the car parked outside the coffee shop, where stood Ah Che, staring at him with caution and aggression.

Xin Qing didn't mention William, merely told him that it was Ying Qingcang's enemy in the business circle who did it. Now everything was clear, she misunderstood Ying Qingcang. As for William, he was related to some old secrets from the Ying family, better kept her mouth shut about him.

"You see, you two separated for a year due to misunderstanding, had to deal with so many dangerous situations, from now on you just can't be so capricious any more." Chen Ming was still recovering from the fear, "Take off your and let me see, I can barely notice the scars on your body." Chen Ming stared at Xin Qing's arms for so long, there were some light scars, which couldn't be seen if one wasn't paying attention.

Xin Qing took off her, there was a pretty obvious pink scar on her left cheek.

"It's okay!" noticing Chen Ming's saddened face, Xin Qing comforted him. "I've seen the plastic surgeon already, they told me that the scars will fade in a while!" Xin Qing wasn't going to show Chen Ming the scar behind her ear, which was a quite obvious one. Good thing was that her long hair could hide that scar. Ying Qingcang suggested several times that they should get married, but they couldn't take wedding photos because of that scar. Xin Qing didn't want a plastic surgery, she wanted to try if she could recover on her own.

"You!" Chen Ming shook his head. "You really have me worrying."

"Hey!" Xin Qing glared at him. "And how about you? Have you found a girlfriend?"

"I heard that you are a famous designer now?" Chen Ming tried to change the subject. Xin Qing wanted to dig out more, but Chen Ming managed to change the subject every time. So this whole time Xin Qing hadn't had a chance to ask him about his love life, and then they just parted ways and said goodbye.

Ah Che noticed Xin Qing sitting at the back seat with frustration, and asked her, "Miss? Do you know where we are going now?"

"Aren't we going home?" Xin Qing looked outside the window, "Wait? This isn't the way home, where are we going then?"

"Hehe!" Ah Che laughed, "Young Master told me to keep it a secret, just wait and see!"

"Didn't you promise me that you will listen to me? When did you betray me again? Hehe!" Xin Qing Laughed back. "Ah!" Ah Che exclaimed. "Can't talk while driving, I'd better concentrate!"

Xin Qing glared at him, but secretly felt pleased. She wondered what trick Ying Qingcang was playing this time, but he seemed perfectly normal in these days!

An Exclusive Love Chapter 128 Be Careful Of My Mother

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