The King of Special Warfare Chapter 159 - The Tenth Unique Domain

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Attack versus attack!

For the whole Dark World, Gu Xingyun, the War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, was very well-known, but in fact, he led a low-key and mysterious life.

The Sword Emperor of Zhongzhou State was so strong that no one could match up to him.

The Hidden G.o.d of Zhongzhou State held herself aloof from the world.

But when it came to the War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, people usually thought about two words.

Profound and unpredictable.

Compared to Li Honghe, the last War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, Gu Xingyun also liked the overall arrangement. But the former had an extremely wide vision on the arrangement, every chess he put on the chessboard was just and honorable. With nothing to hide, he played the fair game. His chess moves were all very obscure, but when the meaning behind the move got revealed, everyone could feel an unstoppable strong tendency.

However, Gu Xingyun was good at playing the dirty game. In twenty years, Zhongzhou State seemed very peaceful on the outside, but the undercurrent surged like crazy. This was the only one War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State that didn’t come from Xuanyuantai in the past hundreds of years. He was in charge of the Zhongzhou State Special Warfare System but rarely raised a hand to fight.

Or to put it this way, he rarely fought in public.

He had a mysterious mind and a very straightforward way of doing things. He was the best at gaining the biggest interest in a negotiation. When he appeared in public, he always put on a mask of a schemer, looking kind and gentle while acting unpredictable and ambitious.

In the past many years, Gu Xingyun gave off a businessman vibe, cooperation and transaction, killing and betray, glory and failure, the changes of top and bottom, right and wrong, good and evil, he rarely got himself involved. But in the past many years, Kunlun City secretly got involved in every big event in the Dark World. He heard the thunder while hiding in a quiet place, he watched the flowers while hiding in black and white. In many things that seemed in a natural process, suddenly the Kunlun City that n.o.body paid attention to became the key character. This War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State now ranked number four on the World Divine List, but in most of the time, he always showed people his side of deep scheming and sophisticated.

Gu Xingyun’s strength was obviously very scary.

But how scary, very few people could figure out.

In all those years, Gu Xingyun seemed to raise his fist in public for the first time today, and he fought with his whole strength.

This was the Gu Xingyun that seemed strange to everyone.

Sharp, strong, as if he was covered with cutting edges. His every move was incredibly aggressive and repressive.

Three Elements Final Hit!

His whole body seemed to turn into a sharp sword, rushed to the Master of Samsara Palace instantly.

Strong airflow gathered around him rapidly. The snow-white, ice-cold sky screen got torn apart instantly, and the sword intent condensed together again loudly. Meanwhile, he was already in front of the Master of Samsara Palace.

Four Moves to One!

The airflow surged.

On the platform, the air around suddenly quaked.

The dust was flying and floating and the high platform exploded all of a sudden. Countless rock pieces flew up due to the impact for a second, then immediately disappeared, turned into the original void. The battlefield went blurry in a wink.

Xuanyuantai had the most powerful sword move.

Kunlun City had the most stable realm.

While the w.a.n.g family of Beihai had the strongest explosive force.

The world-shattering unique technique of Kunlun City, Ten Skills of True Martial Arts, had ten moves.

The eighth and the ninth move were the core realm of Kunlun City.

In the surrounding area within the distance of a hundred meters, everything turned into nothingness in a second.

This was the mark of superiors of the Invincible Realm, but an ultimate superior like Gu Xingyun, with a single move, could turn everything into nothingness as long as he wanted.

“Ha, impressive, this is all you got?”

The high platform disappeared completely. Under the power of Four Moves to One, the void kept swallowing everything around. It reached within the distance of a hundred meters instantly, and it kept expanding.

In the domain, the Master of Samsara Palace, who was holding the sword single-handedly, stagnated her body for a second.

Dozens of the audience all stood up subconsciously. At the very front of the crowd, Ye Wuji was staring at the whole thing with his eyes half-closed, while talking to himself in a small voice.

“Sensei, is the Master of Samsara Palace gonna lose?”

Feng asked Ye Wuji with a low voice while standing next to him. He kept his head low, hiding the unexplainable heat in his eyes, then he looked around subconsciously.

The G.o.ddess Qin, whom he had been dying to have a taste of, wasn’t around, in such an important moment. He wondered what she was planning behind the curtain. In the past few years, this had been the favorite pattern of the Samsara; the Palace Master with the most strong battle strength was in charge of fighting, while Qin Weibai was in charge of operation behind the curtain. In such an important event, the absence of her already got people worrying and anxious. But to Feng, there was only regret.

The most beautiful woman of Zhongzhou State.

Her beauty could make a city, even a country fall to its knees. n.o.body had been or would be a match.


Ye Wuji didn’t look at his favorite student next to him, only shook his head and said in a complicated tone with intense surprise and fear, “Maybe you don’t understand what it means when the Master of Samsara Palace used that move.”

“That move belongs to a unique technique called the 24 Moves of Sword. It used to be the core legacy of the War G.o.d family in Zhongzhou State, and also the unique weapon they used to conquer the Dark World for hundreds of years.”

The corner of his mouth twitched, then he took a deep breath, and said slowly, “This is the strongest sword intent, and its essence is to crush everything!”


Feng was confused.


Tianhai Wuji looked serious and worried. “Including the void of the Invincible Realm.”

Feng opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, in the hazy air, there was a flash of bright sword radiance in the battlefield.

Before the coldness could disappear at the training ground, a hot wave rushed in.

In the domain where nothing should exist, a flash of firelight exploded completely, as if it needed to burn down the void.

The Seventh Blade, the Summer Solstice.

Behind Gu Xingyun, the shattered ice pieces started to burned in the blink of an eye, the extremes of the sword intent changed, and the firelight in orange color swept the whole battlefield.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

The snow-white sky screen that got torn apart by Gu Xingyun disappeared.

Suddenly, a flood current that was hundreds of meters long and traversed the firmament appeared between heaven and earth!

The flood current surged rapidly, like boiling lava.

The Master of Samsara Palace brandished her sword.

Big piles of lava fell down with great strength and vigor, like a long river, from top to bottom, it went straight to the domain where Gu Xingyun’s strength could reach.

That twisted and hazy domain started to swell, and the lava flew all over along with the sword radiance. The Master of Samsara Palace and Gu Xingyun rushed to each other. The sword radiance that seemed to swallow the whole world got brighter and brighter. The bodies of the two seemed to disappear completely, the domain filled with sword radiance and lava kept contracting and expanding over and over again.

Those superiors of the Invincible Realm in the audience almost simultaneously opened their domains.

In the next second, the whole world exploded.

The domain with nothing in it blew up like a real object, the boiling lava raised huge waves that were tens of meters high, the burning temperature rose and expanded, the lava kept coming out and filled everything within the distance of hundreds of meters around. The green gra.s.s got flooded, and the whole training ground was shaking violently. At the very core of the battlefield, sounds of weapons cras.h.i.+ng each other kept ringing out.

Under the sword radiance, there was a sea of fire!

At this moment, Feng could see very clearly that somewhere not far away from him, a superior of the Invincible Realm lost defense for a second under the attack of the lava.

A superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm standing not far away from him suddenly opened his eyes wide. Before he could make a sound, a flood current rushed past right in front of him.

The lava current with extremely sharp sword intent in it rushed past in an instant.

That superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm had disappeared completely. There was a flash in the lava, which seemed to be the only proof of his existence.

This was…

Feng thought of something.

“Chaos, what do you mean?”

Next to that superior of the Invincible Realm with an unstable domain, a strong white man in his fifties stood out and screamed furiously.

The man’s voice was extremely intimidating. Even in the battle between two Invincible Realm experts, fury could be quite charming. “Here we are allies, but you let go of the domain on purpose just now, which made me lose a precious subordinate!”


The Commander of Knights Templars from Northern Europe.

Although he wasn’t any superior on the Divine List, the Knights Templars was supported by the world’s biggest religious organization the Vatican. With this support, the Knights Templars basically ran Northern Europe. Chaos did things in such a high-key way and saw himself as the chosen one by G.o.d. In Northern Europe, even the whole Dark world, he was infamous for being arrogant.

When he heard what the so-called ally asked him, Chaos had no expression on his face. He stared at the whole battlefield with a serious face, twitched the corners of his mouth and said in despise, “Ally? No no no. Heretics from the Dark Knights, do they have the right to join the people of G.o.d? You should be burnt down!”

It was the Dark Knights indeed.

Feng’s head was a mess right now, the Dark World in Northern Europe was full of all kinds of heroes and superiors, and it was the place where the dark superpowers set their headquarters, and even battlefields. Two biggest knights orders in Europe—the Knights Templars and Dark Knights, set their headquarters at Northern Europe. These two were real enemies, fighting all the time throughout the years. But because of the fight between the two, a huge amount of interests and variables were generated. Now Northern Europe was one of the places where the dark superpowers planted their roots deep in.


Holiness and darkness?

Feng’s head was searching for answers rapidly, but suddenly, someone pulled his body backward.

At the same time, he noticed that superior who was a half step to Invincible Realm from Dark Knights changed his face completely, then he screamed “Retreat”.

When Chaos from the Knights Templars meant to kill them, getting close to people like Gu Xingyun and the Master of Samsara Palace equaled suicide. People like G.o.ds in a human form could hurt experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm very easily, even if they didn’t mean to, even if it was just the aftermath of the battle.

Feng turned around subconsciously.

In his blurry vision, the Master of Samsara Palace was still holding the ice sword, but the firelight that was getting hotter and hotter suddenly spread around.

There was lightning all around Gu Xingyun. The lightning condensed into hundreds of 100-meter-long rays of light in a straight form around him, and they kept moving around him like lasers. Dark clouds appeared in the sky. In the loud thundering, the light fell down. The lightning around Gu Xingyun was getting brighter and brighter. It connected to the thunderbolt, making him look like Thunder G.o.d.

Intensive flas.h.i.+ng rays of light kept dancing in the air. The body of the Master of Samsara Palace had left the ground and started to rise.

The Eighth Blade, the Burning Sky.

This was the Eighth Blade that possessed the power of the Invincible Realm, and the sword intent belonged to the G.o.ds’ domain.

The lava and the sea of fire that were pervading outwards suddenly retreated back, and countless lava gathered towards the Master of Samsara Palace, more and more.

The thunderbolt struck in the sky.

A crazy strong wind blew up instantly.

The wind started to blow.

But it wasn’t any strong wind, it was a tornado whirling violently.

A fire tornado!

The wind was blowing with the sword intent, raising a big amount of lava.

The sword intent turned again.

The lava gathered together was whirling rapidly along with the wind. The wind and the fire were swelling in the air, like the world’s most intimidating view.

The fire tornado was whirling rapidly while moving towards Gu Xingyun. It burnt everything down as it moved, leaving a fire sea.

It was condensed, smooth, and aggressive.


Kept fighting!

From the moment the two touched each other, the battle had never stopped for once. All the unique techniques and fierce attacks stunned everyone at presence.

Were they really gonna fight till death?

The lightning and lava crashed into each other. In the battlefield within the distance of hundreds of meters, there were rich and deadly colors like fireworks sparkling everywhere. Gu Xingyun looked calm. He rushed towards the fire tornado, and the infinite lightning whirling around him condensed into a big s.h.i.+eld.

Broke through the fire waves.

Rushed through the hurricane.

Gu Xingyun’s body shook violently. The infinite lightning around him suddenly left him and rushed to the Master of Samsara Palace like meteors without holding back.

The Eighth Supreme Sword Move!

Seven Unique Flowing lights!

The firelight and the lightning took turns to blow up in the sky, and the whole number one training ground became the literal death zone. The fire and the lightning fell on the ground, and the raging fire was burning violently on the ground that just got blown up by the thunder. All of the audience had backed off outside the number one training ground, watching the ultimate battle with serious expressions.

Gu Xingyun rushed forward suddenly.

His steps were getting bigger and bigger, and he was moving faster and faster.

He kept running and das.h.i.+ng.

Untold lightning and fireb.a.l.l.s blew up around him. In the view of a doomsday, he rushed straight ahead like a devil in Eschatology, not caring about anything.


The body of the Master of Samsara Palace kept falling with the whirling sword light.

Gu Xingyun’s body rose up from the ground and went past the head of the Master of Samsara Palace instantly.

His legs were restoring energy in the air.

Gu Xingyun put on a cold face and kept falling, then he landed his feet on the top of her head.


A domain, that was way stronger than before, was born.

The Ninth Secluded!

The bright light from the sky completely faded away in the blink of an eye.

Intense darkness fell on the whole place, the fire went out, and the thunderbolt disappeared. It seemed that everything went back to the way it was.

The darkness.

The void.

The nothingness.

In the dark, the Master of Samsara Palace turned around rapidly.

Without any hesitation.

The Fifteenth Blade.


Hidden in the dark, the sword radiance suddenly lit up.

She wielded the sword and gave a straight hit.

The Shattering of Land.

The Twenty-first Blade.

The whole world seemed to shatter in an instant. In the messy and extremely wild sword intent, hallucination was the only thing that was left.

A figure that was strange to everyone appeared in front of everyone out of nowhere. It looked real yet fake, far away like it was at the edge of heaven.

He took a step, lifted the sword and gave a sharp hit!

This was a blurry yet clear shadow. He moved in slow motion, but with strong will and aggressiveness that could shatter the whole world.

In the images that were both real and fake, he lifted the sword edge.

This was the quietest hit, yet the most violent hit.

The void was endless. There were G.o.ds and devils all over the sky and all living creatures on earth.

After this. .h.i.t, everything disappeared in a flash.

What was invincible? What was the peak?

This sword move was ultimately invincible and at its peak.

Who… was this?

Everyone, including Gu Xingyun, all raised a question mark subconsciously.

In the monitor room, w.a.n.g Tianzong, the Sword Emperor of Zhongzhou State, who saw the shadow with his own eyes, had narrowed his eyes in concentration.

It was this sword move again.

It was this shadow again.

He had seen him in Mount Dibing before, but at the time that sword move hadn’t been fully displayed.

Now he saw him again. With this sword move, he instantly tore apart the domain of the Ninth Secluded of Kunlun City.

In front of that world-shattering sword intent, he felt suffocated even as the Sword Emperor.

The Fifteenth Blade.

The Samsara.

Who exactly was the Master of Samsara Palace?

Whose sword intent did she reincarnate?

This was the question that w.a.n.g Tianzong had the most interest in. After he saw that sword move for the first time, he had started to do secret research on generations of War G.o.ds in Xuanyuantai.

He could basically confirm that the sword intent reincarnated by the Master of Samsara Palace didn’t match with any of the War G.o.ds in Xuanyuantai of Kunlun.

But the reincarnated sword intent was a real thing.

He had seen the sword move, which meant that this person did exist.

Who was she?

Who did she reincarnate?

There was a moment that w.a.n.g Tianzong actually wanted to get in the battlefield and try this sword move that both suffocated and excited him.

The ice-cold sword edge went straight upwards.

Gu Xingyun’s expression went through a great change, then his body rose up suddenly.

The domain formed by the Ninth Secluded got torn apart completely, the darkness was shattered and then gathered by the sword intent. Then an earth-shattering black wave appeared in the battlefield, and it went straight up, pounding everything above it violently.

Gu Xingyun’s body rose up for about ten meters. He narrowed his eyes and looked unprecedentedly cold and serious.

The black wave went straight up.

Gu Xingyun reached his hand and made an encircling position, then smashed down abruptly.


An exploding sound shattered the whole place, and a black domain that was more pure and perfect appeared out of nowhere.

A fatal strike!

The domain in the dark and the black wave swallowed each other.

The most perfect domain fell straight down.

This was the most deadly strike.

Ten Skills of True Martial Arts.

The Tenth Unique Domain!

Gu Xingyun’s cruel smile disappeared immediately, and his facial expression changed completely.

He acted as if he had seen a ghost in the daytime. Though ridiculous, he was stunned and confused, he couldn’t believe it!

He opened his eyes wide. There was not only amazement but also fear in his eyes.

The Tenth Unique Domain below, which was more perfect than the Ninth Secluded, disappeared suddenly.

It didn’t shatter but disappeared in an inexplicable way.

The darkness was all gone, and the earth was shrouded in sunlight.

Only that sword was still rus.h.i.+ng up.

The Shattering of Land.

At the moment when light met darkness, a loud noise rang out on the battlefield, which was mixed with Gu Xingyun’s fearful voice. “The Tenth Unique Domain?! Who are you?!”

The Tenth Unique Domain!

This was the only reason.

This woman, who had the core legacy of the Li family, had been hiding herself from the beginning, till the last moment. After Gu Xingyun used the Tenth Unique Domain, this woman, this G.o.dd.a.m.n woman also used the Tenth Unique Domain in the earth-shattering sword intent.

The real Tenth Unique Domain!

The same unique technique got perfectly neutralized.

But with everything, how the f*ck was this possible?!

When the loud noise faded, the severe smoke, dust and the ashes after the burning spread like a ripple. Countless blood drops fell down in the smoke.

In such a mess, the Master of Samsara Palace stood at where she was in the beginning in silence.

While the War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, Gu Xingyun, had disappeared in the battlefield.

The warm bright sunlight sprinkled down softly, and the sound of rivers running from afar rang out.

Everything was gentle and beautiful.

It was dead silent in the battlefield.

The Master of Samsara Palace stood on the ground quietly, and after a long time, her body moved a little.

Through the black veil under the cloak, she lifted her head to look at the sky. There was something complicated in her eyes. She felt regret, but mostly she felt the attachment from the bottom of her heart.

The past was vague, but the present was at peace.

She took a glance at the crowd who was watching from afar, then turned around and left quietly.

The soft breeze blew away her mumble, and everything felt like a dream.

“We know each other… we protect each other… I want to be selfish for once… It’s hard for me to…”

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 159 - The Tenth Unique Domain

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