Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 519: A Half-Hour Delay Part One

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Chapter 519: A Half-Hour Delay (Part One)

What the host just said made all the rich tyc.o.o.ns that were on the verge of death feel the chill and become extremely serious.

Just one dose left!

Not even the Mandala Lab could guarantee when the next dose would be developed. Maybe it would take several more years, but would they still be alive by then?

For those that weren't being tormented by a terminal illness, they wouldn't understand the pain of living the remaining days of life under a countdown.

It didn't matter how much money you had, when the doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness, no matter how rich you are, you would be scared and unwilling to give up the life in which you got to enjoy all the nice things in the world that money can buy!

At this time, I'm afraid that the monologue of any rich man would be: If I can be given a chance, I'm willing to exchange my wealth for health!

But now!

When there was actually a dose of medicine before you that allows one to trade money for health, what else were they waiting for?

This was the last dose left on Earth!

There won't be another one left after this one is gone too!

One must say, even though one of the only two doses of serum was used already, it would only bring up the remaining one's value! Right now, due to Hawking's recovery, this medicine had been lifted to an inestimable value!

At this time, a wealthy tyc.o.o.n directly stood up and said, “Can I ask, do you accept foreign currencies?”

The Host: “I'm very sorry, right now, we are only accepting US dollars.”

“Then I request for the auction to be postponed for half an hour!” the tyc.o.o.n strongly advised.

“Why? Just follow the preset course of the auction, why are we allowing it to be postponed?” some other tyc.o.o.ns that had enough cash ready also immediately retorted.

They knew how many eyes were on this medicine. So, if people could eliminate some compet.i.tors with some unfair advantages, they wouldn't hesitate to do so.

Indeed, after that tyc.o.o.n said that, it immediately caused strong dissatisfaction from several local tyc.o.o.ns from the Middle East.

“This is unfair for people from foreign countries!”

Some local tyc.o.o.ns snorted. “Since you are here for the auction, why didn't you prepare the money in advance?”

Immediately, the conversation got ugly as some people began quarreling.

The host and organizer obviously weren't stupid. They knew it would be better the more prepared people were.

“We estimate that the majority of our guests here probably need more time to prepare, so, to show our respect to our guests that have traveled far to be here, we will postpone the auction for thirty minutes. Once the countdown ends, we will start immediately,” the host announced.

“Excuse me, what will be the beginning bid price? You should mention it first, and that can scare off some irrelevant people that don't have the wealth to compete,” some rich and powerful tyc.o.o.n snorted and said.

“The medicine will start at $100 million, and each increasing bid cannot be lower than 10 million!”

“Very good!” There was no objection.

Those media reporting all wondered, “Are people really cool with these prices? I can't even make that much money if you give me 30 more years to live, and even if I have that much money, I would rather spend the rest of my life in luxury than get medicine like this.”

At this time, other people scoffed at that comment. “I really hope you get cancer sometime in the future, and then you will know the feeling of despair. Those terminal illnesses can really wear away your willpower and make you collapse both physically and mentally. Things only matter if you are still alive, and if you are not, then nothing matters anymore. If you don't have the energy and health to enjoy luxury, what good would having a c.r.a.p ton of money do? In the face of terminal illnesses, all of your money is as good as paper!”

Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 519: A Half-Hour Delay Part One

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