My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me! Chapter 7.1

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Chapter 7.1

From the appearance of Lin SuCi, he was seated in the reserved position on the side of the feast. The eyes that looked around in the main hall alternated between him and Yan BoShen, especially the head of Mysterious Heart Sect and Dingye, who exchanged a look.

Looking at the disciple's position, w.a.n.g Lichen was stunned when he saw Lin SuCi. He looked back and forth on the tail of his ear for a long time, slowly swallowing Lin SuCi and the small kitten on the top, his eyes brightened. , a smile on the face of Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi did not see.

He hangs down at this moment, sitting on the banquet, knees close together, hands folded on his lap, half lower his head, the afterglow of sight can only sweep to the thigh of the side of Yan BoShen.

The quiet kitten looks very sultry, pleasing to the face and courteous gesture, no one can think of it, he is just a kitten that has just been shaped for a few days.

Yan BoShen squinted at him and looked at him.

The cat and the child sitting on the side of the mouth squinted at the corner of a smile, the eyebrows were low, and the contours of the long, unopened eyes were warm, and the white face was shy and shy.

This is very different from the lively and inferior in Cardinal Sect. He have never seen the appearance of Lin SuCi like this, and he can't help but take a look.

Lin SuCi's long eyelashes fanned, the next moment, he seemed to have some feelings, the eyelashes shook, slowly picking up, his side facing his jasper-like scorpion straight to the feast of the banquet, clear. In the beast of water, the face of Yan BoShen is clearly reflected.

Yan BoShen was slightly stunned, and he shunned the confrontation with Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi looked at him and did not speak.

At this time, there were too many people in the main hall, and they were still in other people's sites. It was not like the four-door door. He couldn't let him go. Lin SuCi was clear and heavy, only hanging down, seemingly motionless, covered by wide sleeves. The hand that lived, but quietly under the cover of the little ones, touched the palm of Yan BoShen, and grasped.

Yan BoShen was deep and stiff, and quickly looked at Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi still maintained the look, the place where no one can see, holding the hand of Yan BoShen deep into his arms.

Yan BoShen was deep and stiff for a moment, and slowly unloaded the force, letting Lin SuCi pull him over.

“The younger brother of the new uncle, the teacher is very good!” As the owner of the banquet, Dingye also took the lead to compliment Lin SuCi, the tone turned and smiled. “It's how it looks like it still… Getting started?”

Lin SuCi's face had a well-behaved smile, heard the words he exposed a shy expression slightly bowed, holding the hand of Yan BoShen, spread his palm, took the opportunity to write a word in his hand.

Slightly swaying and swaying: “My little apprentice is less than three months old and has been able to shape, and what is going on?”

Dingye is also slightly wrong: “…no wonder the younger brother of the younger brother, the child is still a young beast. So, congratulations, uncle, the younger brother is really high.”

A few words of contempt, the head began to sing along with Lin SuCi to praise other disciples of the Cardinal Sect.

Lin SuCi did not care about their words, and buried his head. The position of holding Yan BoShen's wrists has been hot, and he even felt that Yan BoShen had to be scratched by his line.

Finally, he finally received the last stroke. Lin SuCi's side face raised his eyebrows at Yan BoShen.

Yan BoShen looked at him deeply, and the palm of his hand slowly gripped, smas.h.i.+ng into a fist, hanging under the sleeve, and then carrying it up, the sharp eyes fell on the head, and still enthusiasm with enthusiasm Dingye also body.

Lin SuCi knew at a glance that Yan BoShen had read the words he had written. It was only after a leisurely release of the hand, left and right to look around, peeled off a fruit to eat.

Qing Fou was the elder. Anyone who is the head of the Mysterious Heart Sect and Dingye also changed the flowers and told him to talk. He was only as stable as Taishan. He nodded ah. From time to time, he handed over a loving eye as an elder. The heart of the door is a card for a half-day sh.e.l.l, wiped a face, and the words of enthusiasm and chilling can not continue.

In the main hall, the only ones were the highest scores. The other disciples did not have the place to insert their mouths. They only bite the chopsticks and looked at Cardinal Sect. In the eyes of the young disciples, more of them stayed in Lin SuCi, and there were good disciples, quietly pinching a shackle, a piece of paper into a paper crane, and quietly flying over the mat.

Lin SuCi buried his head bitterly, and did not notice.

Yan BoShen saw it at a glance, and even saw that the mouth of the mysterious disciple who released the paper crane was not a good smirk. The palm of his hand hidden under the sleeve turned over. The next moment, the trajectory of the paper crane flight changed. The thunder of lightning returned to the disciple, and the blast of the blast exploded. The nuclear residue wrapped in it exploded the disciple's face.

“What happened?”

The fuss between the disciples spread to the top and caught the attention of Dingye.

When he saw it, he recognized the filthy disciple, his eyes flashed, and smiled and said: “Whatever the children play, the brothers and sisters gather together is a mess.”

Turning to smile at Qing Fou: “Speaking of it, the younger generation of disciples have a lot of disciples, but they are all stubborn children, no one can get the hand, let the uncle laugh.”

Even if he didn't see the process, he only swept his eyes, and his eyes circled around the ignorant Lin SuCi, and he fell into the mouth of the cognac drinking wine. He guessed it.

He put down the chopsticks and said: “Your disciples are indeed stubborn. Teacher, this disciple with poor character is not necessary, and he can't raise it if he receives it. If this character is good, he will develop it in your hands. In this way, you should reflect on yourself.”

Dingye also smiled and rubbed his teeth: “…the uncle teaches you.”

Next to the head of the door, smiled and said: “Dingye's brothers practiced hard, and in a short period of time, they attacked Jin Dan. They did neglect their disciples. They are no better than the uncles. They are also taking care of the disciples under the door. The teachers and sisters are still innocent. “”

“It's too much to say too much,” Dingye was also taken to the door and took two sentences. His face lightened and he immediately took the lead. “Returning to the younger brother is not overdone, in the hands of my apprentice.” … borrowed his three thousand spiritual gems.”

His tone of voice and subtle pauses have a feeling of big problems.

Looking at the palm of his hand, he seems to be curious: “Three thousand spiritual gems, this is not a small number. Can you return to the younger brother?”

Lin SuCi buried his head with a handful of fruit, and lowered his head and mouth, and he couldn't help but sneer.

Yan Boshen saw his reaction, combined with the words written by Lin Su porcelain in his palm before, he became thoughtful.

“This…” Dingye turned to Qing Fou and looked awkward. “It's a bit embarra.s.sing to go back to the younger brother, and may not care about these common things.”

“That is three thousand spiritual gems, then how to say, it should not be dragged on for so long …” The head looked contemptuously at Qing Fou.

Lin SuCi sat in the right end, holding a cup of hot tea in his hand and rubbing the cup. He was very interested in seeing the head and Dingye also sang one and several rounds. He was deeply impressed by their acting skills. Put down the tea cup and give them a drum and cheer.

Qing Fou: “I don't know if I have this thing?”

The head: “…”

Dingye also: “…”

Lin SuCi almost applauded to Qing Fou.

He rubbed his thighs and held back to Yan BoShen, and leaned his hand on his lips. He whispered, “I feel that your master can win.”

There is no ignorance of an elder to maintain dignity in front of the younger. He is a slap in the face, no matter how many moves the other party has prepared.

Lin SuCi relies on the past, directly leaning on the arms of Yan BoShen, the young animal has a high body temperature, and through a thin layer of clothes, it burns into the skin of Yan BoShen.

The intimacy that was relied on made Yan BoShen stiff for a moment, and the hand hesitated for a moment, not launched.

“I am afraid it is difficult.”

His voice was made into a line and pa.s.sed into Lin SuCi's ears.

Lin SuCi's ears shook.

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My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me! Chapter 7.1

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