My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Good Events Keep Coming

Su Ruizhe stewed the chicken soup for lunch according to the recipe, because it was the first time to stew, in the middle of which he constantly tried the tenderness of chicken with chopsticks, and tried the taste of the soup with a spoon. When the soup was almost stewed, he put sliced mushrooms into the chicken soup. These are fresh mushrooms he took out of the s.p.a.ce, which will certainly make the chicken soup taste more delicious. Delicious. In addition to chicken soup, he made a fried chicken wing and cuc.u.mber scrambled eggs.

When he entered the room with his meal, Zhang Yun smiled and said to him, “What did you cook? I can smell the fragrance so far away.”

“It's chicken soup.” Su Ruizhe smiled softly, revealed the lovely dimples on both sides, and then put the dishes on the table one by one.

They dined together around the table. The chicken soup was delicious and crisp. The chicken soup was full of fragrance. After adding the soft mushrooms, the taste became more delicious. The fried chicken wing and cuc.u.mber fried eggs also tasted very good. It was the simplest dishes, but it made Zhang Yun have a big appet.i.te. He even ate two bowls of rice and finished the chicken soup.

Zhang Yun suddenly remembered a sentence: “If you want to grasp a man's heart, you should first grasp the man's stomach.” Zhang Yun felt that his heart and stomach had been grasped by Su Ruizhe.

Su Ruizhe was cleaning his plate when the door was suddenly knocked on. It turned out that supermarket people came to deliver household appliances. Besides delivering goods to the door, the staff also installed them. The service can be said to be very in place.

The air conditioner and was.h.i.+ng machine can be put into use immediately after installation, but the TV can't. There is no cable TV installed in Su Ruizhe's home. In the past, his leisure time with Grandpa was just an old-fas.h.i.+oned radio.

Looking at the snowflakes all over the screen, Su Ruizhe scratched his head with embarra.s.sment and whispered, “Maybe later, I'll go out and have someone come to install cable TV.”

“No.” Zhang Yun gently waved his hand, picked up his mobile phone and made a direct call to the telecom business hall, so that they could install broadband and IPTV on their doorsteps. IPTV is free when installing broadband. In his own rented house, it is very convenient to watch TV with IPTV. And Su Ruizhe doesn't have broadband here. It's not convenient for him to use his mobile phone to access the internet. He might as well install broadband and buy a laptop computer so that he can surf the Internet in bed.

Although Su Ruizhe had some pains for money, he thought that it was fine as long as Zhang Yun was happy, he didn't say much and went to wash the dishes directly.

After was.h.i.+ng the dishes, he poured a cup of water so Zhang Yun can take the medicine.

“Xiaozhe, are you about to start school?” Zhang Yun suddenly asked.

Su Ruizhe did not expect Zhang Yun to suddenly ask about this matter. He was shocked slightly and then answered honestly, “Yes.”

“When? Don't delay your studies.”

“Oh… I see.” In fact, the day he started school was today… But he had no intention of going to school to pay tuition.

Previous tuition fees were taught by his uncle and aunt. In fact, the tuition fee of one year in the city is not expensive, but the meal fee, tuition fee, material fee and so on add up to almost 3,000 yuan. To go to school is also a waste of his precious time to earn money. What he learns is of no use at all. Knowing that the end of the world was coming, he was unwilling to waste money and time on going to school.

“Aren't you going to sell vegetables today? It doesn't matter. You don't need to be here with me. I can do it alone. I just hurt my abdomen, but my hands and feet are good.” It's not the first time that Zhang Yun was injured. He has rich experience in curing injuries. He has a TV and computer, and he is not afraid that he will be bored.

Su Ruizhe's little heart skips a beat when he is mentioned by Zhang Yun. Now he has to make money quickly. There are still many things to be prepared for…

“Then… I can go out?”

“Um.” Zhang Yun agrees before asking, “You have to go to the restaurant first, don't you? Is there enough money? Shall I give you some?”


“Haha, you think I'm stupid? Cherry trees are notoriously difficult to grow. How can you grow cherries that big and good? Your house is not a cherry orchard.” Looking at Su Ruizhe's silly appearance, Zhang Yun shook his head while amused, “It must have come from somewhere else, right? Such a good cherry, you are selling more expensive and someone bought it.”

“Hmm…” Su Ruizhe could only admit it obediently. He was telling the truth that he had planted all these cherries and other cherries himself. It was only because of the convenience of his powers that it was too easy to grow them. Now he knew that he had already shown his horse's feet. Fortunately, he didn't think much about it. -Means showing flaws and revealing the truth.

Su Ruizhe left home in a panic. Su Ruizhe used his old skills again. He went to the alley to get his cart ready and sell vegetables and fruits. He went to the vegetable market on East Street again.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he appeared, he was surrounded by a crowd.

Several familiar aunts were anxiously holding him back. “Young man, why didn't you come this morning? Are your vegetables nearly sold out?”

This child's own vegetables, the estimated amount will not be too much, so the quality of such good things, where can it withstand such a large number of sales every day?

Su Ruizhe smiled shyly. “Aunt, there are many dishes in my family. You can rest a.s.sured that I have something to do at home in the morning, so I didn't come.”

“That's good, that's good.” Only then did the aunts and mothers put their hearts down and began to choose what they wanted to buy.

Su Ruizhe mentioned the price of cherries which is fifteen yuan per one kilogram when he thought of what Zhang Yun had just said. The reason is that there are not many cherries at home. When people listen, they don't dislike the price immediately. They want to buy as many cherries as they can. They just want to wrap up all the cherries here or they won't be able to eat them if they sell out.

The kid's cherries, they don't know what kind of cherries they are. They have a lot of sweet juice. They can't stop eating one mouthful at a time. Basically, everyone here bought two or three kilograms.

Su Ruizhe made a lot of money, and very pleased with himself he put the large sum of money into his pocket.

Then he went to Uncle Wu's shop and sent him 200 yuan worth of dishes.

As a result, we got two good news. Firstly, because of the excellent quality and taste of his dishes, the roast vegetables in Wu Qi barbecue shop are selling very well, and the fruit juice squeezed by him is out of stock every day. So Wu Qi asked him to increase the supply and let him start delivering 500 yuan worth of vegetables and fruits tomorrow. Su Ruizhe naturally agreed with a big smile.

Secondly, Xu Ji restaurant also called Wu Qi and asked him to ask Su Ruizhe to send more dishes. They trusted these fresh fruits and vegetables with their excellent quality. Their business was very popular after they opened yesterday. Moreover, these guests actually preferred vegetables and fruits. Often, there would be a situation of adding orders, which was even more popular than those big buckwheat and vegetables. Today is also overcrowded, just from Su Ruizhe's side of the goods, unexpectedly almost sold out, so they asked him to help rush some to them.

Su Ruizhe was naturally very happy. He felt that good things happened to him one after another since he met Zhang Yun. For example, his eldest aunt offered to give him 300,000 more money for the relocation. Another example is the hot-selling fruits and vegetables. With two big customers, Wu Qi and Xu Ji Restaurant, his daily income can almost double.

Su Ruizhe immediately went to Xuji Restaurant with a large bag of small bags of vegetables and fruits. Xu mother and son thanked him very much. After counting them, they paid him more than 1,000 yuan on the spot and asked him to come and deliver them every day.

After leaving, he went into the s.p.a.ce and counted his money. He found that he had earned nearly two thousand and five hundred yuan today.

Su Ruizhe was in a good mood, so he decided to go to the wholesale market to see if he could buy something cheap and practical.

After two rounds of shopping in the wholesale market, he finally chose a shop selling pure cotton underwear and bought two hundred sets, one hundred sets of his own size, and one hundred sets of Zhang Yun's size. He felt that so much should be enough to last for more than ten years. The price of a pair of underwear is 20 yuan, but because Su Ruizhe bought more, so the shop gave him a discount, and they gave them to him for 16 yuan each, which is a total of 3200 yuan.

There are many good cheap things in the wholesale market. Su Ruizhe wishes to buy them all. Unfortunately, he has too little money now, so he can only take his time.

The author has something to say:

[Small theatre on the street]

Zhan Xiaoyun: Wifey is too stingy. What should I do?

108 tips to Chase Wife: Give him a credit card and let him use it! During this period, you can show your wealth and tyranny to your heart's content!

Zhao Xiaoyun: get!* Su Xiaozhe, look! Credit Card! Fall under our attacking suit pants soon!

*It was originally in English*

Su Xiaozhe: Someone chopped a knife. Was it silly?

Zhan Xiaoyun: I know you want to attract my attention. I admit you won! Pa.s.sword 66666, use it! Don't come back without using it!

Su Xiaozhe: I'd like to brush it, but is your pa.s.sword one digit short? →_→

Zhang Xiaoyun: First one 6, Second one 6… The fifth one is 6. Hum, I intentionally did it, just to see you count, okay? Looks like you're still pretty smart. Remember, a wave of six!

Su Xiaozhe: Oh, it's good luck not to be stolen. →_→

[A small theatre where gold coins fell]

Zhang Xiaoyun: Kaka* must be kept by wifey. (Double Claw Delivery Card)*

*Don't know what they mean but here they are for anyone that knows 卡卡 and (双爪递卡)*

Su Xiaozhe: I must buy delicious food to feed him!

[Father Salted Fish's Little Theatre]

Zhang Yun: Of course, the salary card should be kept for the wife!

Su Xiaozhe: Wow! How happy!

Zhan Yun: Look, this is my credit card. Use it anyway!

Su Xiaozhe: Wow! How happy!

Zhang Yun: Wife, there are always people who want to harm me.

Su Xiaozhe: No fear! I will protect you!

Here are the pictures:

Cuc.u.mber Scrambled Eggs

Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken Soup with Mushrooms

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 11

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