My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – The Apocalypse is Approaching

After a brief explanation of the situation with his superiors, Zhang Yun left Chen Huizhen's affairs behind. Anyway, there are only three days left before the apocalypse erupts. He'll let her go. Anyway, if the woman gets 600,000, she will only save it. She won't buy food or anything like that. It's no different from giving her a pile of waste paper.

It's getting hotter and hotter. It's almost 40 degrees Celsius. According to the climate, September should be autumn. It's really weird. During the day, the sun s.h.i.+nes on the body, and there is a feeling that even the skin is burning up. Gradually, there are fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.

Government departments issued three red warnings in succession, which allowed factories and schools to take holidays, and only some companies and inst.i.tutions were still working as usual. Almost every house in the city has air conditioning. The electric power department is overloaded and has to adopt a periodic power supply. Soon, some people can't stand the high temperature and have heatstroke.

Watching the TV news, those people's eyes were closed and the red-faced people were taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and Zhang Yun's heart sank gradually.

Although he said he had believed Su Ruizhe's words, he still hoped that the apocalypse would not really come. If he could, he really hoped that all he did was work for nothing and that the world would not fall into bloodshed.

However, the pictures in the news proved what Su Ruizhe once said was a sign of the pre-apocalypse. This so-called “heatstroke” those people got will soon dehydrate their bodies and they will die, and then on the night of the b.l.o.o.d.y month… They will all rise again…

Zhang Yun took a deep breath and called Song Chengshu.

“A' Zhan, I told you that the medical equipment was not so fast. I only got part of it now. It's useless for you to urge me.” Song Chengshu complained.

“How is the situation in the city hospitals now?”

“There are people suffering from heatstroke everywhere. There are many people suffering from acute dehydration. Several of them have died.” Song Chengshu sighed.

Hearing that, Zhan Yun's eyebrows wrinkled even tighter. “You'll take the medicine and equipment you've already got and drive to the villa area right now.”

“Ah? I'm still at work… Can I come after work?”

“What the…*” Zhang Yun grabbed his hair irritably, swallowed the swear words and changed his word, “I feel a little uncomfortable, and I don't know if the wound is inflamed.”

“Ah? Really? I'll be right here!” Song Chengshu paid more attention to his friends after all. He rushed out in a hurry and asked for leave from the hospital.

The hospital, looking at his burning appearance, thought something had happened to his family and gave him a quick leave. Medical staff are also human beings, and they also need to care about family members, anyway, most patients only have a heatstroke, not an infectious disease, so they temporarily can cope with this.

Zhang Yun continued to watch the TV news and saw that vegetables, fruits, and meat prices were rising. Zhang Yun thought of pigs, cows, and sheep. He directly found a place on the Internet about the city's farms and transferred a deposit for a dozen pigs, cattle and sheep and he can pick up the goods in the evening.

He called Cheng Qi again. Cheng Qi was a child with some background in his family.

“Yo? The sun rises in the west? Why did you think of calling me?” Cheng Qi's familiar voice came from the receiver.

“How is the situation in the capital?”

“What's the matter? I'm not in the capital.”

“What?! Why are you not in the capital?!” Zhan Yun almost jumped from his stool.

“Why are you so excited? The capital is so hot that Jiaojiao can't stand it. She wanted me to take her out in this weather. We're in City A. You seem to be in S city? Shall I stop by to see you?”

“Rich b.a.s.t.a.r.d!*” Zhan Yun shouted at him in a bad mood, “You buy a batch of food, water, and daily necessities immediately, and take Cheng Jiao to find a safe place to hide!”

*This is another curse word but it doesn't make sense in English so I had to change it*

“Ah? Isn't it heatstroke? Why are you doing the same thing they do in the apocalypse?”

“I'm not kidding you. If you still think of me as a brother, listen to me.”

Hearing Zhang Yun's heavy tone, Cheng Qi slowly turned serious, “Is it really so serious?”

“Yes, find a safe place to hide with burglar-proof doors and windows.”


At the end of his call with Cheng Qi, Zhang Yun called his superior again, only to tell him that the high temperature was probably more serious than he had imagined so that he could prepare more food and water. His superior, however, did not take it seriously. They told him to listen less to the alarm inducing comments on the Internet and hung up the phone to do something else.

Zhang Yun sighed, dying is as natural as living, he did all he could.

After a while, Su Ruizhe also came out of the s.p.a.ce, saw Zhang Yun looking indignant while he was sitting on the sofa, and saw the news pictures being broadcast, he immediately knew the reason. Su Ruizhe sighed silently in his heart. The high temperature will only get worse and worse. In two days, more and more people will die.

Su Ruizhe turned to the kitchen, ready to make something delicious for Zhang Yun, at least to make him feel better.

When Su Ruizhe came out with his meal, Zhang Yun had regained his spirits, and they had a good meal.

Soon after, Song Chengshu arrived. When he saw the energetic Zhang Yun, he was angry and almost left while slamming the door. Unfortunately, he was held back by Zhang Yun.

Song Chengshu brought several boxes of medicines. Zhan Yun took them to Su Ruizhe and put them away. Then he dragged Song Chengshu into the room.

By the time Song Chengshu walked out in a trance, it was almost 6 p.m.

“Go back and pack up your things and move in tomorrow.”

“Hmm…” Song Chengshu's muddled departure seems like he had been hit hard by what he heard.

After six o'clock, the air temperature finally dropped a little. Zhang Yun took Su Ruizhe to drive the jeep in the garage and went to a nearby farm. The pigs, cattle, and sheep that were ordered before were brought out, and they found an empty place and put everything in the s.p.a.ce. Then they went to a car dealers.h.i.+p to buy a Hummer in the form of a loan, with a down payment of 200,000 yuan. As for the final payment, Zhang Yun felt that it should not be considered.

That evening, Song Chengshu came to Zhang Yun's house with his luggage and lived in the guest room downstairs.

The next day, the frightening high temperature came again, even with closed windows and curtains everyone can feel the heat of the sun, more and more people died, some old communities because of the high temperature had a fire in the house, the rising death figures in the news reports are shocking, everywhere there are the sound of ambulances and fire trucks.

In the evening, taking advantage of the slightly lower temperature, Zhang Yun and Song Chengshu drove around the city, bought a lot of petrol, and put it all into Su Ruizhe's s.p.a.ce.

On the third day, the last day before the outbreak of the apocalypse, Zhang Yun and Song Chengshu went online and anonymously announced the possible arrival of the apocalypse, so that everyone could prepare food and water and hide at home and not go out at will. As for how many people will believe them, they don't care.

Without going anywhere, the three men stared at the TV until night fell.

The moon was round and big that night, with some unusual brightness. By midnight, a dazzling red appeared gradually on the moon… As if red blood slowly covered the whole moon.

A Blood Moon appeared, the apocalypse, finally arrived.

The author has something to say:

[The Little Theatre at the Dawn of the Moon]

Aunt: How dare you run with money!? Then don't blame me for taking the case to court!

Zhan Xiaoyun: You go ahead, the apocalypse is coming soon anyway.~

Su Xiaozhe: What happened???

Zhan Xiaoyun: Nothing happened, wifey, let's continue to buy!!

This chapter is thanks to Jessie and Zarate through their awesome support! This is the last chapter I'll be doing for today and as I mentioned in the last chapter, I will try to put up the chapter for the other novel during the week when I have some free time or if I am able to do it today.

The apocalypse is finally here and things should start picking up from here! The chapters are long again as I expected but I can still manage to do them so it's no problem! That evil aunt deserves what is going to come her way for being so greedy and the money she got will be turning to waste paper soon just like Zhang Yun said!

Buy me a if you can!

My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 18

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