My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Getting Out

“Can I use this bullet, too?” Zhang Yun asked with a sudden flash of inspiration.

If so, then should he stop worrying unnecessarily about the lack of bullets?

“Certainly.” Su Ruizhe nodded. “But I need to look at your gun, otherwise I can't make the bullet exactly the same.”

Zhang Yun pulled the gun out from his back and handed it to Su Ruizhe. He uses a semi-automatic pistol. The bullet is a 9mm steel-core warhead, which can hold ten bullets in the cartridge clip.

Su Ruizhe quickly took out a green pea from the s.p.a.ce and held it in his left hand for a few seconds. In a moment, it turned into a green bullet.

To be honest, Su Ruizhe was put into the research inst.i.tute just after he discovered the new uses of his abilities. Later, he overheard the conversations of the researchers and realized that his pea bullets could cause special damage to the zombies.

It's just that the researchers don't want to cooperate with him through normal means, they want to know the secret of his abilities thoroughly. He was reluctant to recall those h.e.l.lish days, and now he just wants to live well with Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun took all the bullets out of the gun, carefully packed them in a small bag, and let Su Ruizhe put them into the s.p.a.ce. He filled the pistol with pea bullets himself.

It's too dangerous to fight these zombies at close range. It's safer to shoot them at long range. When he was at the police academy, he got full marks in shooting training. Now that he has an unlimited supply of bullets, he is quite confident.

“Let's go.” Zhang Yun said as he started walking towards the door.

“Wait a minute.” Su Ruizhe went to the corpse of the zombie dog and pulled out the kitchen knife stuck in its skull.

Zhang Yun only thought that he wanted to put the kitchen knife away, after all, it was a sharp weapon. Who knows at the next moment, Su Ruizhe raised his kitchen knife and stabbed the dog's head hard again. He cut the dog's head in half. Then he took a knife and dug out a semi-transparent crystal of an irregular size like quail eggs from the head of the dead dog.

“Xiaozhe, what is that?”

“This is called nucleus. It's an energy crystal. It's a good thing.” Su Ruizhe blinked at Zhang Yun. “When we find a safe place, I'll tell you exactly what it does.”

“Okay.” After listening to his words, Zhang Yun and Song Chengshu did not continue to ask questions despite their curiosity.

After Su Ruizhe put the crystal core away, the four people walked out of the mall.

By this time, it was getting brighter and they could see around without a flashlight.

However, the blood on the ground was incomparably shocking.

Not too far away, they saw a damaged corpse lying on the roadside. The corpse's throat was bitten off, the face was also mostly bitten off, and the body was scattered, it was very sad.

But they recognized the body from the rest of his face and his clothes as the man in the suit that they were with before.

Song Chengshu couldn't bear to look in its direction, while Zhang Yun raised his gun silently. Just now he saw the corpse twitching slightly. It should be about to become a zombie.

Zhang Yun pulled the trigger and hit the body in the head with a shot. Then the body stopped moving. Pea bullets are really useful, perhaps because they have been modified with an ability. Even without a gun, they can be extremely lethal, and make a relatively small sound, which is not easy to attract the attention of other zombies.

“Is there a crystal nucleus in his head?” Zhang Yun looks at Su Ruizhe.

Su Ruizhe shook his head. “Common zombies like this one that just transformed have no energy crystal. It will take some time to have them.”

Zhang Yun nodded and frowned to see the direction of the bloodstain.

“I'm afraid some of those people are injured. Looking at the bloodstains, I think they should be running towards the back door. Shall we go to the front door?” Zhang Yun felt that the back door should not be too safe.

At this time, the young man who was supported by Song Chengshu opened his eyes slowly. He was still suffering from a low fever, but his face seemed to be better.

“Don't… Don't go to the front door…” The young man said weakly.


“Too much…”

“What's too much?”

“Monsters… Man-eating monsters!”

Zhang Yun remembered the people who had broken the front door gla.s.s of the supermarket before and immediately understood. It should be that those people made too much noise and attracted a lot of zombies. If those people died there, then the number of zombies has indeed increased a lot…

“Tut*, let's go through the back door.”

There's no other way. They have to go through the back door and wait until it's safe before they take the car out.

When they reached the back exit, they saw a corpse again. It was just a mutilated corpse with its head smashed. The four men continued to walk onward without stopping.

In the early morning streets, there were few people, only some stiff bodies moving slowly.

However, as soon as they reached the pavement, the zombies, which were wandering aimlessly, slowly turned to their direction.

“So Close…” This sense of smell is too sensitive?!

Su Ruizhe was not too surprised. Because of their instinctive desire for flesh, they had a keen sense of smell and hearing. As long as there were living people around them, it was difficult not to be found.

“Run!” From the other side, Zhang Yun held up the youth from the other side and ran with Song Chengshu, Su Ruizhe followed closely.

Bang bang bang!

With his good aim, Zhang Yun ran all the way while shooting, which resulted in him killing a total of 78 zombies, and then they rushed into a pharmacy.

Just as Zhang Yun walked into the place, he heard a clear chewing sound. Not far behind the pharmacy counter, a woman with shawls was sitting on her knees, burying her head in what she seemed to be eating.

When Zhang Yun looked closely, he found that the woman was holding a leg bone in her hand… On one side of the ground was a body in a white coat, which had been gnawed on.

Zhang Yun did not hesitate to shoot the zombie woman directly, then quickly locked the shop door, pulled down the curtains and shades, and then moved the cabinet to block the door firmly.

Such an action finally played a role, the corpses did not come back but wandered around.

“Xiaozhe, take away the medicine in the store. I'll go and see if there are any other exits.”

“Okay.” Because there are outsiders, Su Ruizhe found a big snakeskin bag and with the snakeskin bag as cover, he took all of the drugs on the shelves into the s.p.a.ce. Drugs in the apocalypse are also very scarce and sometimes even a cold medicine can be sold at a high price.

“Is it useful to give him fever medicine?” Song Chengshu took the young man to a stool beside the counter and sat down.

“It's no use. It's not a common cold.” Su Ruizhe shook his head, then found a package of antipyretic stickers and threw them to him. “Take this and apply it to him, at least to sober his head a bit.”

Song Chengshu nodded, tore open the package of antipyretic stickers and pasted them directly on the young man's forehead.

The cold feeling makes the young man feel much better through the pain happening in his brain, and his consciousness has really become clearer, but the body still has little strength.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“You're welcome. This is mutual help.” Song Chengshu saw several bottles of unsealed mineral water under the counter, so he opened a bottle directly and handed it to him.

After thanking him, the young man opened the water bottle and drank two mouthfuls, and then introduced himself to Song Chengshu.

“My name is Zheng Jiahe, a student of S University.”

“S University? Why did you come here? It's the suburb, which is far from the big S campus.”

“On weekends, I went out to play with my friends. When I played games in the Internet cafe, the people around me suddenly became monsters.” After saying that, Zheng Jiahe shuddered. “We ran out of the Internet cafe, tired and hungry, and didn't know where to go. We just met some people who were going to go to the supermarket to find food, and we went with them…”

As he spoke, he choked. If they hadn't followed them, his friend might not have died.

“Well, think of the positives, there's a saying that Sao Weng lost his horse, knowing that he is not a blessing*. You may have an ability!” Song Chengshu patted him on the shoulder.

*This just means that its a blessing in disguise*

“Ability? What is that?” Zheng Jiahe looked blankly at Song Chengshu.

Song Chengshu was stunned and looked at Su Ruizhe for some help.

Su Ruizhe laughed and said, “When your fever subsides, you will know.”

After a while, Zhang Yun who went to the back of the drugstore came back and gave Su Ruizhe a look. “There is a small warehouse and a toilet in the back. There is nothing in the warehouse, but there are a lot of windows in the toilet. We can climb out from there.”

“I'll check it out.” Su Ruizhe realized what he meant by that and he went directly to the “empty” warehouse and collected all the medicines in it.

“How do you feel?” Zhang Yun looked at Zheng Jiahe.

“Much better, thank you for saving me.” Zheng Jiahe saw that the tall man was the one who made the decisions among the three men. He sat down and thanked him again.

“It was no problem.” Zhang Yun waved his hand and looked up and down at him. “Do you think there's something different about your body?”

Zheng Jiahe shook his head while feeling uncertain.

While he was talking, the scattered body in the white coat on the ground was suddenly sitting up and everything in the torn abdominal cavity crashed all over the place.

Song Chengshu almost vomited. Zhang Yun was preparing to pull out his gun. He saw Zheng Jiahe stand up and grab the stool he sat on and smash it hard at the zombie.

Then… He was shot directly into a pool of mud…

The author has something to say:

[①Fruit-breaking Theatre]

Big Brother: Ha ha, don't you know the protagonist's law?

A group of people: Wah, run! Here comes the zombie.

Man in Suit: These zombies, seem like they want to say something, hey, no matter what, run away.

Group of Three + Youth:… We don't have any zombies here now. The main character's aura is still very strong. So…

Doctor Song + Youth: Holding the protagonist's thigh tightly

Dr. Song: Well, this young man has a good appet.i.te for me.

Young man: Hee-hee, Doctor Song looks very good for my heart.

So, the protagonist duo: Clearly we are the protagonists, so why is there an illusion of being stuffed with dog food?

[②Small Theater on the Street]

People: This man doesn't look very good.

Suit man: Well, these three people are too soft-hearted to be good partners. Let's break up.

Three people who are too soft-hearted:… Are you sure you can go far without the halo of the protagonist?

Youth: Stupid Song, do you want to give me an ability?

Suit man: Sorry! I dare not question the protagonist! Please spare your life!

[③Small Theater on the Street]

Zhan Xiaoyun: Zombie dog! I stab it! It's stuck!

Su Xiaozhe: Don't be afraid! It's about time…

Song Chengshu: What do you want? Are there any big tricks?

Su Xiaozhe: There's going to be a botanical war against zombies!

Song Chengshu: You seem to be making me laugh…

Zhan Xiaoyun: Wifey, don't you love me? (T_T)

Su Xiaozhe: Huh! Look! Perfect!

Zhan Xiaoyun: Pea shooter! Great!

Song Chengshu: Hey! Young man! Come and see G.o.d!

Young man: Don't call me! I've given up treatment!

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 24

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