My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Dual Abilities

Shortly after Zhang Yun fainted, he began to have a high fever. Su Ruizhe put a heat-relieving sticker on his forehead and wiped the sweat from his body with a wet towel.

During that time, Su Ruizhe entered the kitchen, squeezed a cup of cuc.u.mber Sydney juice out, and fed Zhang Yun the drink.

Curiously, after drinking a cup of juice, Zhang Yun's face became a little better, and his body no longer trembled.

Song Chengshu's eyes suddenly brightened, and he quietly pulled Su Ruizhe aside to ask if there was any mystery in the juice.

“What's the secret? It's just ordinary juice.” Su Ruizhe smiled and shook his head.

In his past life, he spent a long time in the inst.i.tute. He remembers hearing researchers mention that chlorophyll and certain vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits had certain inhibitory effects on the zombie virus. It would be very helpful to eat some fruits and vegetables when the powers were awakened and upgraded.

It was a pity that fruits and vegetables were scarce because of the extreme climate, such as hot summer and cold winter. Vegetables and fruits became luxury goods. It was several years after the apocalypse started that they were able to discover this. Those researchers have also lamented that if they had discovered this earlier, they might be able to cultivate more ability users.

After listening to Su Ruizhe's explanation, Song Chengshu had to sigh at Zhang Yun's good luck. He actually met such a big treasure, which has acc.u.mulated virtue for eight lifetimes.

Because he was worried about Zhang Yun's body, Su Ruizhe didn't have any mood to cook at night, so he cooked a pot of vegetable soup noodles casually, and the three people ate separately.

However, after eating two bowls of noodles, Zheng Jiahe still felt hungry, but he was too embarra.s.sed to ask for more food, so he could only go back to his room with a hungry stomach.

It was Song Chengshu who was careful and found something wrong with Zheng Jiahe, so he spoke to Su Ruizhe. Su Ruizhe just patted his own head. He almost forgot that after the abilities had been awakened, the amount of food consumed became larger. At noon, they ate some mungbean soup, and at night they ate some noodles, which were not enough to fill the hunger. Zheng Jiahe probably didn't have enough.

Su Ruizhe went to the kitchen to heat up some mantou, and then he brought some ham as he put them inside. Song Chengshu was the asked to bring it over to Zheng Jiahe.

Zheng Jiahe was so touched that after thanking him repeatedly, he a.s.sured him that he would fight the zombies well, collect food and never let them feed him in vain. That gesture truly came from the heart.

Zhang Yun did not wake up until after ten o'clock at night. When he woke up, he cried out from hunger. Su Ruizhe immediately took out steamed beef and mantou for him to eat and quickly cooked a bowl of seaweed egg drop soup. They waited until Zhang Yun had eaten and drank enough before they asked him what his abilities were.

With a mysterious smile, Zhang Yun looked in the direction of Song Chengshu.

Song Chengshu was sitting well in his chair. After looking up at Zhang Yun, he suddenly felt his body sink. The whole person seemed to have become solid and weighed hundreds of kilograms at once. The stool beneath his b.u.t.tocks creaked and cracked. Song Chengshu lay on the ground losing all face and could not move a finger.

But the next moment, Song Chengshu felt that the pressure that had almost forced him to spit out his internal organs suddenly disappeared.

Song Chengshu stood up with a lingering fear and asked while far away from Zhang Yun, “What on earth is this ability?”

“Is it the ability to manipulate gravity?!” Zheng Jiahe's eyes glistened toward Zhang Yun, and he felt that such an ability was really overwhelming!

Zhang Yun's face was still wearing that mysterious smile. He picked up a piece of chair fragment and put his fingertips on the surface. He even melted a big hole directly on it.

“Corrosion ability!” Su Ruizhe recognized this power at a glance, which is what Zhang Yun had in his previous life.

“Big Brother Zhang is really awesome!” Zheng Jiahe's face was full of wors.h.i.+p, it was dual ability!

However, Song Chengshu was unable to sit still, a room of miracles, one more powerful than the other, leaving him the only ordinary person! He urged them to go out and get another nucleus. He also wanted powers.

After a little thought, Zhang Yun promised to go out. On the one hand, helping Song Chengshu to get a nucleus to stimulate his abilities is also a good opportunity to exercise his own abilities. He needs to fight to understand how to better control and use his own abilities And there won't be too many people after supplies or something, will there?

They drove the same Buick Business Vehicle that they had picked up. The original owner of the Buick Business Vehicle was turned into a zombie. The key of the Vehicle was still inserted in the Vehicle. After Zhang Yun shot them, the Vehicle belonged to them.

After driving out, they found that many cars were racing out of the city. It seemed that these people wanted to try their luck in other provinces.

In fact, Zhang Yun feels that this kind of person is stupid. The apocalypse is a global disaster. In fact, everywhere is the same. Now that the end of the world has just erupted, the government and the army have not yet had time to respond. It is wise to wait until the government has established a survivor base before acting.

Then they saw some people break down the door of some shops near the street, go in, take some things and quickly leave. Many people lie on the balcony and look down. They are starving to death but are timid. In the future, more and more people will come out to collect materials.

Zhang Yun drove around and stopped at the door of a 24-hour convenience store. The convenience store looks bright and clean. Most of the things on the shelves are neat and unmoved. The reason is simple: the two grim-faced zombies in the shop a.s.sistant's uniform and the corpse near the door that had been gnawed completely with bones showing.

The scene was b.l.o.o.d.y and horrible, but they didn't feel much about it. After getting off the car, they went straight into the convenience store.

Zhang Yun's Gravity ability is actually very useful. Although it is still a newly awakened primary ability, it can control gravity in a relatively small range, but its control is very strong. Before they could get up, the two zombies were crushed to the ground by the gravity he manipulated, and then smashed with a stick on the head by Zheng Jiahe.

Song Chengshu restrained the feeling of nausea, stirred his knife in the head of the zombie for half a day, trying to find a crystal nucleus, but unfortunately, there was nothing in the heads of the two zombies.

Soon there were scattered zombies outside that gathered after smelling the smell that came from here. Zhang Yun and Zheng Jiahe stayed outside the store to stop the zombies, while Song Chengshu stayed inside to help Su Ruizhe collect materials together.

Zhang Yun and Zheng Jiahe solved six zombies in a row, and finally got a translucent crystal nucleus. Zhang Yun wrapped the crystal nucleus in a paper towel and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.

Su Ruizhe and Song Chengshu also came out very quickly. They were carrying two large hiking bags, both of which were filled with filled to the brim, to hide from people's eyes and ears. It's not to guard against Zheng Jiahe, but because this area is a residential area after all. They don't know how many people are hiding at home to observe the movement outside. It's troublesome if the s.p.a.ce is exposed.

Several people had just boarded the car and drove away. From the rearview mirror, they saw someone trotting out of a nearby residential building and rushed into the convenience store they had just robbed.

Unfortunately, there are only those simple foods that can't fill their stomachs and some things that Su Ruizhe left deliberately on the shelves. The rest of the things are basically cleaned up by Su Ruizhe.

Back in the villa, Song Chengshu could not wait to ask for the crystal nucleus to stimulate his ability, but was forced to bathe first by Zhang Yun.

When Song Chengshu came out after bathing, Zhang Yun put the clean crystal nucleus in front of him.

Song Chengshu took this crystal nucleus about the size of quail eggs and looked at it carefully for half a min before he worried, “Can such a big one really be swallowed? Otherwise, I'll pour a gla.s.s of water…”

“Stop with the nonsense!” Zhang Yun rolled his eyes and stuffed the crystal nucleus directly into his mouth.

Surprisingly, it is a very hard nucleus. After touching saliva in the mouth, it turned into a liquid immediately. It did not wait for him to swallow, it went directly into his body. And the next moment, he felt as if a fire had kindled in his stomach and swept over his whole body quickly.

The author has something to say:

[Small theatre on the street]

Zheng Jiahe (Star Eyed): Can I follow you? I can do it!

Zhan Xiaoyun: What did you say!? No, I just need you! I can do everything!

Su Xiaozhe: Bah! What did you say? Go away! You can stay! Welcome to joining this foolish and small team.

Zheng Jiahe: Thank you, sir. I will do it well, no, do it perfectly, emm, killing the dead? Clean? Cooking? All inclusive? Brother, I'm wrong. I shouldn't talk nonsense. Please don't stare at me!

Su Xiaozhe: Well, in fact, you just have to do one thing well!

Zheng Jiahe: What's the matter? All right, please let go!

Su Xiaozhe: It's very simple, as long as you can throw watermelon.

Zheng Jiahe:???

Su Xiaozhe: Well, like this. Boom, the corpse falls down.

Zheng Jiahe:!!! You are the big boss! Please accept me.

Zhan Xiaoyun: No, this man can't stay!

It is said that the small theatre is longer than the text. Let me tell you, in fact, the small theatre is the text, do you believe it?

[Small Theater with Wooden Hibiscus]

Zheng Jiahe: I think my parents live abroad. I don't know if something has happened to them.

Song Chengshu: Foreign countries allow the legal possession of firearms, they must be all right. (Now it must be important to coax your wifey)

Zheng Jiahe:… (Always feel that the flag is impossible)

Su Xiaozhe: This flag scared the □□ cherry! It's all gone!

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 27

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