My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Brain Damage is Not Salvageable

Translator: Jostena YBv4iX

Editor: Callis

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However, when they walked towards the parked car, they saw that the door of their car was unexpectedly open. Looking carefully, they found that two figures were sneaking into their car.


Zhang Yun frowned and strode in the direction of the car. When the two people saw someone coming, they quickly accelerated their movements.

Just listening to the car's ‘boom' sound, the ignition was successful. The two people quickly closed the door with one foot on the accelerator and drove away.


The car was stolen… Now it was troublesome…

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“Wasn't that car yours just now?” The middle-aged man asked.


After hearing what he said, Zhang Yun's eyebrows wrinkled tightly. He was very tired of this person. 

“Didn't you lock the door? Looking at the world now, you didn't even know what to do. Now, what would you do? How would you get out of here without a car?” The middle-aged man nagged and complained.


“Enough!” Su Ruizhe spat coldly, “Now that there are no zombies here, you can go wherever you'd like. Let's separate here!”

What did the middle-aged man understand from Su Ruizhe's speech? It sounded unkind. His eyes twinkled and he adjusted his expression quickly. He said with a grin, “Brother, what I said just now was wrong. Don't take it to heart. How could we go anywhere?”


Oh, you dare to still want to depend on them?

“Without us, you are you, we are us.” When Zhang Yun finished speaking in a cool voice, he strode to the other side of the street. He had to find a way to get another car or find a place where n.o.body could see them to take out the jeep from Su Ruizhe's s.p.a.ce. Either way, he didn't intend to take these three burdens with him.

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“Ah, wait a minute!” The middle-aged man saw the four of them walk away and hurried to catch up.

“Don't follow us! Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude!” Song Chengshu raised the knife in his hand fiercely. He also felt that the middle-aged man was a bit annoying. Anyway, they saved them from the Internet cafe, and it was the most benevolent he was willing to be.


When the middle-aged man saw the situation, he did not dare follow him anymore. He hesitated to walk back to the long-haired woman and the strong man.

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The long-haired woman rolled her eyes at him, then caught up with Zhang Yun and whispered something to him.


Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Su Ruizhe and his friends. When he saw that they had no objections, he nodded.

The woman breathed a sigh of relief, and finally, a little smile appeared on her lips. She quickly dragged the strong man along with her.


The middle-aged man found that he was left alone. He wanted to catch up, but he was afraid of Song Chengshu's threat. He was so anxious and angry that he gave an abreactive kick to a broken car parked by the roadside. 

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The sound of the loud car alarm broke through the night sky…


“Run!” Without saying anything else, Zhang Yun dragged Su Ruizhe toward a restaurant on the side of the street.

Such a big sound would certainly attract a large number of zombies. Without a car, they couldn't escape. Moreover, Zheng Jiahe's leg was injured and he couldn't run very far. Zhang Yun didn't want to take the risk of exposing Su Ruizhe's s.p.a.ce to take the car out. He decided to find a place nearby to hide and wait until the zombies had dispersed before coming back out.


The hotel he had chosen was a two-story building with closed doors, above the restaurant. However, on the second floor, there was a hotel balcony, which was also closed, but a window was open. As long as they could climb up to the second floor and enter the hotel, they were safe.

The zombies had stiff joints and couldn't even climb stairs, let alone walls.


While several people rushed to the door of the hotel, Zhang Yun stepped on the water pipe, reached the balcony, and then reached out to pull Su Ruizhe up.

Su Ruizhe went to the balcony and pretended to pick up a rope from the ground, while actually pulling it from his s.p.a.ce.

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After putting down the rope, they first pulled up Song Chengshu and Zheng Jiahe. In order to save time, the strong man climbed up according to Zhang Yun's method and then turned back to help the long-haired woman.

With the help of the strong man and Zheng Jiahe, the woman was slowly pulled up with the rope.


Just as she let go of the rope and reached for the balcony, her leg was suddenly pulled by someone. She lost her balance, the whole person leaned back, and almost fell. Fortunately, the strong man reacted quickly. He pushed half of his body out from the safety of the balcony and grabbed her wrist.

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They both made a m.u.f.fled grunt at the same time. The man's rib hit the edge of the stone balcony, causing severe pain. The long-haired woman's wrist had been pulled and slightly scratched. She did not know if it was dislocated or broken. The pain made her pale, but she bit her lip and made no sound.


When Zheng Jiahe saw the situation, he rushed to help but found that another man had tried to climb up.

It wasn't a zombie that dragged the long-haired woman, but the middle-aged man. When he found himself in a catastrophe, he immediately ran after them, and many zombies came after him. In a hurry, he dragged the long-haired woman down and climbed up the balcony himself.


“Help! The zombies are behind me! Quickly pull me up!” The middle-aged man screamed loudly. After pulling down the long-haired woman, he jumped up and grabbed the rope, fluttering up like a frog, and tried to climb onto the balcony.

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Maybe it was the adrenaline rush, but he was really able to pull himself up a bit. He firmly held onto the edge of the balcony and straddled his right leg onto the ledge. Just as he was about to roll onto the balcony, something cold and hard touched his head.


He turned his head, trembling, and looked. In the moonlight, Zhang Yun stood in front of him, holding a pistol in his hand. The muzzle was pointed at his temple.

“Go down.”   


The middle-aged man's forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he quickly pulled out an ugly smile, “Big Brother… let's just talk, let's just talk.”

“Go down, don't let me say it again.” Zhang Yun removed the gun's safety and placed his finger on the trigger. The threat within his words was overflowing.


The middle-aged man's legs were shaking a little. He looked underneath him. Four or five zombies were gathered at the bottom, in front of the restaurant. They were stretching their arms out to catch the food hanging in the air.

And on the long street, there were many shadows walking toward this side. If he jumped down, he would surely die miserably.

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He tried desperately to comfort himself, and thought that the gun was fake! How could a real gun possibly be in the hands of an ordinary person when domestic gun control was so strict? This big man must have wanted to frighten him with a fake gun!

With a cold smile on his lips, Zhang Yun aimed at the zombie that almost caught the woman with long hair and pulled the trigger.


With a bang, the zombie had a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in the middle of its head. Without any more sound, it fell straight down.

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“Go down.” Zhang Yun turned the gun back and said to him for the third time.


The middle-aged man felt numb in his hands and feet. He jumped down, trembling, and ran as quickly as he could.

The balcony window on the second floor was very narrow and could only accommodate one person at a time. Just now, because the middle-aged man occupied most of the s.p.a.ce, the long-haired woman and strong man had been squeezed in the far corner. If not for the strong man's great arm strength, the long-haired woman would have had no way to persist until now.


After the middle-aged man went down, the long-haired woman was able to climb up the balcony with Zheng Jiahe's help.

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After closing the window, they opened the balcony door and walked towards the room.


However, as soon as the door was opened, several people were shocked by what they saw. There was a little boy in the room holding a black kitten, hiding under a desk in the corner of the room, showing only two pairs of big black eyes.

“Uh, kid, where are your parents?”  Zheng Jiahe took the lead in breaking the silence and walked toward the little boy with a smile on his face.


The child huddled in the corner and shook his head gently.

“Brothers and sister want to rest here, do you think it's okay?”

  XwKM o

The child thought with his head tilted and nodded softly.

Then they went into the room together and closed the balcony door.

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Zhang Yun looked around the room, which held a bed, a sofa, a TV, a wardrobe and a desk. It was obvious that it was a bedroom. It seemed that the owner of the hotel had lived here.

At this time, there was a sudden sound outside the door of the room.


Zheng Jiahe hesitated for a moment, ready to go check the situation, but when he turned around, his trouser leg was suddenly pulled. He looked down and unexpectedly saw that it was the little boy.

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The little boy shook his head at him, apparently to keep him away from the door.


Listening to the rushed and disorderly sounds outside, Zheng Jiahe thought it was a zombie hitting the door.

“Mom… Sleep… Dad cried… Mother woke up… Bitten Dad… Dad asked me to wait… Can't go out…” The little boy was only about three years old, and he didn't speak very quickly, but Zhang Yun put his fragmented words together and drew a general conclusion.


The boy's parents should have been the owners of the restaurant. His mother should have died of a high fever on the night of the b.l.o.o.d.y Moon. Then, the body changed and the husband was bitten. Before he died, the boy's father left some food for him and locked the door behind him.

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Now, outside the door, it was very likely that it was the little boy's zombified parents…


Zhang Yun dispelled the idea of opening the door and killing the zombies. After the zombies were dispersed downstairs, they would still leave them the way they were. The parents of the little boy, let them continue to be shut up here.

“Meow.” The kitten made a small cry.


The little boy took out a small piece of beef jerky from his pocket, and let the kitten hold it in its paws and nibble bit by bit with its baby teeth.

They're definitely going to take the kid with them and I feel so bad for him to have this happen to his parents T^T

I hope you guys liked this chapter and I'll try to post one a day for the rest of the week if me and Callis can be finished with it by then!

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 30

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