My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Changes in the Apocalypse

Translator: Jostena 

Editor: Callis

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After the group of men with bad luck and muscles were beaten up, Zheng Jiahe threw them out of the villa like garbage and ignored their harsh words. If they dared to appear before them again, they would teach them a lesson.

The injuries were so serious that they all haphazardly patched their wounds and helped each other leave as quickly as they could.


However, Su Ruizhe didn’t agree with the way that Zhan Yun dealt with them. He had actually experienced the end of the world before and was very aware of the dangers of the human mind. For these unstable factors, eradication would be the most appropriate way to deal with them. However, it had only been a few days since the apocalypse began. Zhan Yun and others did not have the same experience that he did. It wouldn’t be easy for them to break their original moral bottom line and kill people at will.

Anyway, he now had a preliminary grasp on his abilities. If those people were blind and wanted to get into trouble again, he would just cherry-bomb them on the road.

The door of the villa was opened with the twist of a key and a group of people entered.

There weren’t many rooms in the villa, and now there were three more people. The sleeping arrangements must be adjusted. 

Yu Dongdong was still young, so he couldn’t sleep alone. They let him choose which brother he wanted to sleep with.

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Yu Dongdong chose Su Ruizhe. After all, this big brother was the closest to him in age, and he would give him delicious food. He naturally liked this big brother the most.

Finally, it was decided that Zheng Jiahe and Song Chengshu would sleep in one room, and Wu Jing and Zhang Shuoliang would sleep in Zheng Jiahe’s old room. Yu Dongdong, Xiao Hei, and Su Ruizhe slept together. Zhan Yun was still in a room by himself.

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Zhan Yun was not happy that he had “special” treatment, and he regretfully glanced at Su Ruizhe, who walked into the room with Dongdong in his arms. If Dongdong had chosen someone else, he might have been able to sleep with Su Ruizhe! 

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Su Ruizhe went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Wu Jing wanted to help, but her hand was injured. She could neither wash nor cut vegetables. It would be too c.u.mbersome to fry vegetables, and she did not want to add more trouble for Su Ruizhe. Although Zheng Jiahe was an otaku, he had two specialty dishes that he knew how to make. He went to the kitchen to help with the fried rice with sausages and eggs; and a tomato egg drop soup.

Su Ruizhe made a roasted yellow croaker with red sauce, fried shredded pork with green pepper, and a chicken curry with potatoes. All the ingredients came from his s.p.a.ce and were definitely fresh and tasty. Su Ruizhe accounted for the increase in the number of team members and made enough food to feed them all.

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But Yu Dongdong did not quite understand these things, as he was very happily eating. His big brother was so good, and he could cook such delicious meals!

Su Ruizhe also prepared milk and fish paste for the kitten, and Xiao Hei’s head was buried in the food.

With such a meal, seven people and a cat were very satisfied.

After eating and drinking their fill, Zhang Shuoliang took the initiative to take the responsibility of was.h.i.+ng the dishes, and the others went back to their rooms to rest. 

As the days pa.s.sed, the world began to quietly change.

First, there was a problem with the water supply. In some areas, water was cut off completely. In some areas where water was not cut off, the water discharged from the tap was very turbid and had a pungent odor. No one dared to drink such water for fear of infection.

Having no food was tolerable, but without water, the situation would be very different. In such hot weather, the human body would quickly dehydrate and die. People had to overcome their fear and try to get out of their house.

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Sadly, however, the zombies had also changed.  The slow zombie period seemed to be over, and their joints became more flexible, so not only could they climb stairs, but they also learned to run. Those who went out at night to try their luck were met with a horrible end. 

In the pitch-dark night, screams rang out constantly.

Through this series of changes, the living conditions were very difficult for people to face, and those living in high-rise residences were no longer safe.

However, when G.o.d closed a door, he often opens a window.

A miracle appeared in people’s sight: they knew that after being scratched or bitten by a zombie, they might not necessarily die, but it would also be possible for them to awaken an ability. 

It’s just that not many people had the courage to face a zombie and ensure they wouldn’t die. So a few days later, there were only a few ability users in S city.

Those who had survived the attack and succeeded in gaining an ability had become people’s “hope”. Being trusted, wors.h.i.+ped and praised by the desperate survivors gave those ability users the illusion that they were superior to others. Some who thought that they were destined to be heroes wanted to make a contribution to humanity in this apocalypse. Some people used the idea of compa.s.sion and love and saw saving the world as their duty. The ability users had many different ideals.

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But then small safety zones sprang up like bamboo shoots.

Because of the lack of communication with other survivors, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe didn’t know about the ability users and the safety zones. They still went out every night to collect materials, fought zombies to exercise their skills and abilities, and to collect more nuclei. Nuclei could stimulate or supplement abilities, which was a high priority. 

Although Yu Dongdong was the only child on the team, n.o.body had any intention of leaving him at home. It wasn’t a peaceful time, and it wouldn’t necessarily be safer to stay at home than it would be to follow them. Even a child needed to face the cruelty of the end of the world. After all, a zombie would certainly not hesitate to bite a child.

Only now the power of the zombies wasn’t too high. There were too few nuclei in their heads. They had been busy for a week, and only seven or eight zombies had nuclei that they could collect. One of them was used to help Zhang Shuoliang awaken his ability. With the help of Su Ruizhe’s vegetable juice, he successfully survived the awakening period and became an earth ability user.

Zhang Shuoliang himself didn’t say much; awakening an earth ability was indeed very suitable for him.

With the support of Zheng Jiahe, being a man with a big brain and a lot of ideas, he quickly developed a variety of uses for his ability, such as earth walls, earth s.h.i.+elds, landslides, earth spurs and so on. With Zhang Shuoliang’s and Su Ruizhe’s abilities, they increased the security of their villa; they built a wall about two meters high and 50 centimeters thick and buried several potato mines in the ground outside the villa so that no one could pry open their doors when they went out. 

But Su Ruizhe did not plan to give Yu Dongdong a crystal nucleus. He felt that Dongdong was too small and he did not know if his body could withstand the attack of the zombie virus. Many children in his previous life were victims of the first zombie virus. Although Yu Dongdong had survived the changes of the apocalypse, it only showed that his body was better than that of other children’s, but it did not mean that his body could compete with the zombie virus. He didn’t want Yu Dongdong to take this risk until he had to.

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Shops near the villa had been plundered and there was not much left to scavenge, so on this day, they planned to go to a bit farther out. As soon as they turned around a corner, they saw a van rush towards them at a very high speed.

Zhan Yun struggled with the steering wheel in his hand while he slammed on the brakes. The tires sc.r.a.ped the ground and made a very harsh noise, pa.s.sing the van in an extremely dangerous drifting position.

However, the van that almost hit them didn’t even stop for a moment, and the driver stepped on the accelerator and rushed forward desperately. 

“Brother Zhan! Drive fast!”

Zhan Yun turned the car around again. He wanted to catch up with the group and have a good talk, so he listened to Zheng Jiahe’s anxious shout from the back of the car.

Looking through the rearview mirror, Zhan Yun discovered that there were hordes of corpses hobbling in pursuit.

“Oh come on!!!!” Zhan Yun scolded fiercely. He started the car and chased in the direction that the car had just left in. 

He wasn’t interested in fending off the horde of zombies. He’ll give it back to whoever started the trouble!

The van in front was a popular model, but of course, it wasn’t as fast as their luxury SUV. They soon caught up with the van in front of them.

The van was not driving blindly. It turned around and drove down a lonely road barricaded with several roadblocks. Just from these crude settings, it would obviously not be an official road.

My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 34

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