My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Human Hearts are Unpredictable

Translator: Jostena vt3ddW

Editor: Callis & Dragon

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

S City was only a prefecture level city, so there were no large military commands nearby. There was only one brigade, stationed in the barracks outside the northern district. On the night of the b.l.o.o.d.y Moon, there was a terrible riot in the barracks that caused heavy casualties.

At that time, the b.l.o.o.d.y Moon happened at night. How could the soldiers know that their companions would die quietly in their sleep, and then resurrect to become these man-eating monsters? 0ncQ8f

Fortunately, the soldiers were well trained, and soon found that their mutated companions were no longer human. After the initial chaos, they wiped out all the zombies.

But n.o.body expected that in less than four hours after the barracks had restored order, another instance of the mutation would occur.

At first, many people didn't understand what had happened. When they could not bear to shoot their comrades-in-arms, they tried to subdue them, but were accidentally injured.

Caught off guard, there were soldiers that had suddenly mutated after being injured by their former comrades. In a whole brigade of more than 7,000 people, in the end, fewer than two regiments remained. Even the brigade commander had fallen victim to the virus, and the command was temporarily taken over by the head of the 8th regiment. d7hALw

The head of the 8th regiment temporarily cleaned up the general camp, and wanted to contact the higher ups to report the situation and ask for further instructions. However, dispatch did not know why the communication channels were all unresponsive.

Understanding that such a breakdown wouldn't be restricted to the barracks, he sent scouts to survey outside. Sure enough, he found that the whole city had already descended into chaos, and the zombies could be seen everywhere, eating people.

It was the duty of soldiers to protect the people. The head of the regiment took initiative and issued an order to rescue people.

But the extreme heat of the day was really not conducive to action. Even if they were strong enough to withstand the scorching heat and rushed to rescue people under the blistering sun, the ones they wanted to rescue could not bear it. So, the time of the rescue operations could only be changed to night. They had fewer soldiers, and there were more zombies. It was not easy to clean the zombies up. In a few days, only one to two thousand people had been saved. pyKuH2

The barracks had plenty of food and water stocked up, but they couldn't support the long-term needs of thousands of people. While searching and rescuing, they still had to find ways to collect supplies.

With no way to replenish ammunition, soldiers could only regulate the number of shots fired, which made their missions more dangerous. But for the sake of the country and the people, the soldiers bravely rushed to their deaths again and again.

My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 39

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