My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Head-on Confrontation

Coming out of the second-hand market, Su Ruizhe became a poor man with only tens of dollars in his pocket.

With a sigh, Su Ruizhe quietly took out a large bag of fruits and vegetables from the s.p.a.ce and took them to Wu Shu's barbecue shop. He came to an agreement with Wu Shu that he would send vegetables to him every day. Although he didn't get much money, he would never abandon small amounts of money knocking on his door.

As soon as he reached the door of Wu Qi's shop, Wu Qi found him. Wu Qi looked at Su Ruizhe's bag with bright eyes and said with a smile, “Xiao Zhe has come to deliver ingredients* to your uncle Wu?”

“Yes, Uncle Wu, look at whether these vegetables are fresh or not.”

“Fres.h.!.+ It must be fres.h.!.+” Wu Qi smiled and collected the large bag of vegetables. He took out two red tickets and asked, “Xiao Zhe, how many vegetables and fruits do you have in your house?”

Su Ruizhe blinked his eyes and suddenly showed some joy on his face. “There's always a hundred pounds in pieces, uncle Wu, do you want it?”

“An old friend of mine opened a small restaurant on East Street and it will open tomorrow. I think the food here is fresh and tasty, so I want to recommend it to him.” Wu Qi said with a laugh.

“No problem. I'll bring it to him tomorrow after I get home and pick it up.” Su Ruizhe was overjoyed. The retail sale is always not as convenient as the wholesale. Besides, these fruits and vegetables are ready-made in s.p.a.ce. For him, they are zero cost, but not convenient.

“That's good, that's good.” Wu Qi took out his cell phone, called his friend, and then gave Su Ruizhe an address to send vegetables and fruits to the restaurant there first thing tomorrow morning.

Su Ruizhe was very satisfied with today's harvest when he bought his own weapon, earned 200 yuan and took over orders for another business.

Su Ruizhe found a place to set up a stall to sell a wave of dishes at the rush hour of work, and then went home after eating two big bowls of sesame oil wonton in a big stall.

As soon as he opened the door, he found another note, of course, left by his great aunt. According to the strong handwriting on the back of the note, he could be sure that the other party was very angry at that time. Su Ruizhe was severely reprimanded for his disobedience, regarding the care of his relatives as nothing, and then pointed out that the school would start the day after tomorrow. They needed to discuss his tuition fees together. They knew that he was in trouble. They could understand his difficulties and would like to help him tide over the difficulties so he would have to go eat at their home tomorrow evening.

*Once again, we see how shameless that stupid family is and how annoying they could be -_-*

Through these earnest words, if Su Ruizhe did not have the memory of his past life, really would think that the great aunt is a kind elder!

Unfortunately, Su Ruizhe knew that he was waiting for a grand banquet. His so-called family members did not really accept him at all but regarded him as a useful chess piece.

He tore up the paper immediately and threw it away. He flashed into the s.p.a.ce, went to the vegetable garden and the orchard to pick the fresh fruits and vegetables that had just come out, and packed them carefully in bags.

After a simple wash, Su Ruizhe lay down in bed. Tomorrow, this business should earn seven or eight hundred yuan. With the income from selling vegetables in the vegetable market, he can go to the supermarket to buy some cheap daily necessities for storage.

The next day, Su Ruizhe got up early and took hundreds of kilograms of fresh vegetables and fruits to the new restaurant mentioned by Wu Qi on Dongjie Street with a heavy trailer.

In Xuji Restaurant, a plump middle-aged woman was busy in the kitchen wearing a chef's suit, while a young man of about twenty-six years old kept looking out in the lobby of the restaurant.

“Ah, why hasn't he come yet? Mom, is your friend reliable?” The young man walked to the back kitchen window and asked the middle-aged woman anxiously.

“Of course, and it's not the right time yet. What's your hurry?” The middle-aged woman is very calm in the kitchen, waiting for the arrival of the ingredients, then she can start to prepare the noon dishes.

As if to prove what she said, Su Ruizhe, with a cart and hundreds of pounds of vegetables and fruits, appeared at the door of Xuji Restaurant.

“h.e.l.lo, is this your order?” Su Ruizhe probed his head at the door of Xuji Restaurant and asked politely.

“Right, right! Was it introduced by Uncle Wu? Come on in!” A young man who could not wait for him to come in at once came out.

When Su Ruizhe came into the lobby with bags of vegetables and fruits, the young man could not wait to pick them up, and opened them one by one, and examined them. To his surprise, all the vegetables and fruits in the bags were extremely fresh, big and full, varied, and looked great. Sometimes restaurants also use some fruits during dinner, so in addition to cherries, mangoes, oranges, bananas and other common fruits, Su Ruizhe also brought two large watermelons.

“According to Uncle Wu, you grow all these at home?”

“Yes, I planted them all in my vegetable field. You can rest a.s.sured that they are fresh without pesticides.”

The young man nodded, picked a tomato immediately, rubbed it on his body, and took a bite directly. The sweet and sour juice immediately entered his mouth. The taste was very good. The young man could not speak, raising his thumbs toward Su Ruizhe, with these fresh and tasty ingredients, they don't need to worry about the restaurant having no business!

The middle-aged woman in the kitchen also washed her hands and came out. She was surprised to see that the ingredients were delivered by a teenager. Then she was distressed. Looking at the child's thin body and the worn school uniform, she knew that his situation was not satisfactory.

*Even this woman is distressed for him, unlike those shameless family members*

“Oh, you child, you see how sweaty he is, and you don't know how to give him that bottle of water to drink!” The middle-aged woman pushed the young man.

The young man put the rest of the tomato in his mouth. Then he went to the freezer and took a bottle of iced cola and put it in Su Ruizhe's hand. “It's hot today. Have some cola.”

“Thank you.”

The two sides then chatted with a few words. From the dialogue, Su Ruizhe knew that the two people were mother and son. The mother was Xu Min and her son was Xu Jie, the owner of the restaurant. Xu Min was also satisfied with Su Ruizhe's ingredients. After counting the vegetables and fruits he brought, Xu Min gave him a total of 700 yuan and they agreed that he would send them some every two days.

Every two days, Su Ruizhe can get a fixed income, and naturally, he agreed to it.

After leaving Xuji Restaurant, Su Ruizhe pulled his cart into an empty alley, and when he came out, the empty cart was filled with melons, fruits, and vegetables.

At the entrance of the Dongjie vegetable market, Su Ruizhe just sat down and set up his stall, and many aunts rushed up to buy his vegetables and fruits. After several days of opening this stall, aunts and aunties who often come to the vegetable market have recognized Su Ruizhe as a young person who comes to open the stall every day. The vegetables and fruits he sells are very fresh and of excellent quality. Although the price is slightly more expensive than others, they can accept it.

“Su Ruizhe?” However, when Su Ruizhe was happily collecting money, he suddenly heard a voice of hesitation.

Su Ruizhe looked up and saw his great aunt Chen Huizhen standing not far away, looking at him in surprise.

When Su Ruizhe b.u.mped into her face to face, he couldn't act like he hadn't seen her. He had to sigh at his bad luck in his heart. Then he had to stand up and say h.e.l.lo to Chen Huizhen, “Aunt.”

“You child!” Chen Huizhen's hatred on her face turned out to be ironclad. “How did a good student run to set up a stall here?! What a shame! Go! Come home with me!”

Then came up to pull Su Ruizhe.

Su Ruizhe did not want to go with her. He quickly stepped back and avoided her hand.

There are many pa.s.sers-by around, Chen Huizhen knew it's not good to fight in the street with a child pulling and pulling, simply said, “You child, why so disobedient? How many times have I been to your house and left you several notes? Have you seen them?”

“Saw them…”

“Why didn't you come to my house when you saw it? Are you trying to hide from your aunt? I told you that your tuition fee was paid by me and you were allowed to come to live in our house. You say that when you were young, you lost your father and your mother ran away with others. Your grandfather raised you up with difficulty. Just a few days after he left, how could you abandon yourself like this? School starts tomorrow. Can you collect enough tuition fees just by selling vegetables?”

*This woman is so fake that it's gonna make me blind!*

Chen Huizhen spoke in a high voice, and now she explained things clearly. In the public, Su Ruizhe felt as embarra.s.sed as if he had been stripped in public.

After listening to this, they all expressed their sympathy for Su Ruizhe and wanted to persuade him to follow Chen Huizhen back. In their view, he has such a great aunt who cares about him and is willing to help him, this must have been the fortune that has been cultivated for several lifetimes.

*I hate when people get into things that have nothing to do with them!*

Su Ruizhe couldn't deny it, nor could he explain it. He couldn't fight with his aunt in front of so many people, or he would be a white-eyed wolf who didn't know how to be grateful to the good people.

Su Ruizhe put his middle finger up in his heart and knew that today's event could not be avoided. He pulled out a smile and said to Chen Huizhen, “I know aunt is good to me. I'm going to go to your house after selling all the fruits and vegetables for today. You see, I'm almost done with them. Would you wait a moment for me to finish?”

“Alright!” Chen Huizhen saw that he finally agreed to go home with her, and immediately waited with a big smile.

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 5

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