Battlefield: Masurawo Chapter 10

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'And so, everybody! I'm borrowing this s.p.a.ce to inform you of a proposal from the management committee!'
With the Sacred Demon Cup entering its latter half, Tournament HQ was holding a party to congratulate everyone for their work. The location, as expected was the plaza in front of Center where- just like during the opening ceremony- round tables were lined up all over the place. But all eyes were focused on Kiris.h.i.+ma Lena holding a microphone on stage.
'As I've said here once before, with over three thousand partic.i.p.ants, this Sacred Demon Cup is a n.o.ble tournament with the right to change the world on the line! When there isn't long to go until the grand champion is decided, is it really alright for that match to take place the same as the other daily matches, unbeknownst to everyone!?'
What rose was a tremendous roar of rejection.
'That's right! That's exactly it!'
Sitting in the corner of the venue with a cup of oolong tea in one hand, Hideo didn't raise his voice, but he wholeheartedly agreed. If they took part in this tournament, everyone understood. Just how high level the matches that took place in this city were. As the days went by and more and more people dropped out, the fights became fiercer, more severe.
Then what would decide the very last pair standing? Anyone would be interested.
Lena went on.
'Therefore, we at tournament HQ held a conference, and determined we'd host an actual knock-out style tournament once there are only eight pairs remaining!!'
A cheer. No objections, as far as he could hear.
If one of those final pairs among this large crowd were him and Wilco. Wouldn't that be the chance for him to change himself?
(… No.)
Hideo quietly shook his head. This wasn't an if. He had to be the one standing at the finals.
"Nihaha. Wilco can't wait to see who'll be left. Of course, we're going to be one of them!"
He didn't even have to say it. His partner's words were more rea.s.suring than anything.
With a large wave of her hand, Lena answered to the
'Thank you! Thank you! I thank you all for such overwhelming approval! The details of the finals will be announced soon. That's all for the announcement from Tournament HQ.'
A respectful bow. Lena let a smile spread across her face.
'That's enough of a preface! It may be a modest one, but let's start by opening up this banquet! You may imagine who will stand at that spot, you may dream of standing their yourself, you may pray for a fight with an old foe and deepen your friends.h.i.+ps! Everyone, please enjoy this opportunity to the fullest! It's time for the MC to swap out!!'
Bathed in claps and cheers, Lena took another bow. The one who rushed up to the stage was a girl in twin tails, dressed up like an idol in a miniskirt. She basked in those shouts for joy as she got the microphone baton pa.s.sed over from Lena.
'Thank you for your continued patronage, it's everyone in the isolated city's favorite idol Kakko~♪. Are we heating up, ya b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!!'
Rather than cheers, this was an overly throaty roar. Thanks to the Obliterating Industries' late night show 'Today's Sacred Demon Cup', she had tremendous support from the blue-collar workers and masks.
"VZ sure is energetic today."
(A former. Colleague…)
Though they had barely talked, he felt a little moved. There was a bingo tournament, a rock-paper-scissors tournament, various events planned it seems. Of course, these were pure entertainment outside of Sacred Demon Cup matches. Hideo was looking forward to the main event, an exhibition match among the eliminated teams.
"Oh, lookie here. It's the newbie."
"Wah. Elize…"
Elize Mithrilite with a wine bottle in one hand. She was already in evil more, or rather, her original expression. It looked like Wilco was already beginning to detest dealing with her as she blatantly retreated.
"W-what do you want…"
"What, I spotted you so I thought I'd say h.e.l.lo?"
Pat, pat, she pat Wilco's head as she said something unexpected. After that, she showily turned to Hideo.
"Hmph. I'm the one who's going to win. I'm the one who'll become a G.o.d. You're the ones who are going to face an unsightly loss at the finals. Understand?"
Well, her pair with Shouki really was strong. It was an ample possibility, but he had just made his determination. For now, he had to say something back. And as Hideo was thinking over what to say,
"… H-hmph, what's with those eyes! It's not like I'm thankful to you or anything, you hear!? I mean spirits are far more important than humans! You got that!? If you get that, then build up a shrine and revere me, good grief!"
She was considerably drunk; after she said that with a wine-flushed face, she left.
"Wha… what a tsundere…"
Wilco shuddered.
"… I see. So that's what true. Tsun is."
"That's right, Master. Last time Wilco was just plain furious."
After seeing that, Shouki came over with a wry smile.
"She might say that, but she's actually pretty grateful, that girl. Said you kept her from stepping off the right path as a spirit… Hideo."
He didn't remember doing anything to be thanked for.
"So what does the b.u.m need from us?"
"I'm not a b.u.m! I'm underemployed! … No, I'll be graduating from that laid-back life once the tournament is over."
"I decided I'd return to this world. Officially joining the Kantou Agency and all. You used to hang around with Suzuran and Takase, you've at least heard the name, right?"
It didn't ring any bells. What could it be? Judging by the proud look on his face, it had to be some famous inst.i.tution.
"I'm going to come back and put the past behind me… well, that's how it is. Next time we fight, I won't be so easy. I'm looking forward to the finals."
Shouki formed a carefree smile and left.
(… Cool…)
Neither one of them had a shred of doubt in their minds they would be standing there. Self-confidence, conceit. He had to regain what he lost when he became a shut-in…
Seeing off the hero's back, Hideo renewed his resolve.
"Hideo, are you having fun!?"
For what reason was he suddenly embraced from behind?
"… Kiris.h.i.+ma."
There was a pretty face when he turned, a double surprise.
"Master. Master, you're too stiff."
"Ah, sorry, sorry. I guess it'll be hard to talk if I'm holding you."
He took a breath of relief as she released him.
"Hey, Kiris.h.i.+ma, good work MCing."
"Thank you Wilco. But you and Hideo really are amazing! You even won the Sacred Demon Grand Prix. How about it, any idea what you're going to do now?"
Hideo glanced at Wilco. Wilco glanced back at him. In short, neither of them had a plan.
"… Well, same as. Always."
"I see. But on the contrary, is that what you'd call a top contender's dignity?"
Is that really what it looked like? Lena's lovely smile had him a little bashful.
"But is it true you cut ties with Obliterating Industries? That kinda seems like a waste… you looked so cool in your suit."
"Yes… Wilco definitely thinks it's a waste, but Master…"
With it being a party and all, he listened to Wilco and dressed himself up a bit. He did have the money. Perhaps it would be nice to come in a suit next time…
"Ufufu, well I'm sure if it's Hideo, he's got something in mind… keep up the pace! Well, I've still got work. Take it easy, you too."
Without nearly enough time to talk, she gave a wink. Lena hectically left.
"… Master, are you actually after Kiris.h.i.+ma?"
"… No. No way. Not at all. That would be, ridiculous."
And after a while. He and Wilco looked back on what they'd done and chatted a bit about the internet and games.
"Yo, ain't that Hideo."
"Ah, you're right. What are you doing tucked away in a corner?"
It was Ryuuta and Lily this time. Meeko and Elsia behind them. From Hideo's point of view, that was a bit of a strange pairing. There were plenty of other people at the venue.
At the same time, Hideo was impressed he had made so many acquaintances in just over two weeks. How useless were his two years in Tokyo? Reflecting on that, he was also pleasantly delighted by this phenomenon.
Meeko smiled at Wilco.
"How are you feeling?"
"Better than ever, thanks to you. Food is tasty."
Indeed, ever since then, Wilco was eating well. Hideo was already full with his small stomach, but Wilco still had a ways to go as she ate at the same pace she started with.
Elsia peered into Hideo's eyes as she had done once before.
"Can your demon eyes see the eight pairs that will remain?"
Some part of it somewhere, her tone was teasing. Ryuuta vehemently flared up.
"Hey, hey, don't ask him that, Elsia! You'll ruin all the fun!"
"Eheheh… you say that, but aren't you just scared you might not be one of them?"
"Hey now, don't take me for a fool, Lily. Even if that is the case, I'll easily smash that shoddy fate, just you watch."
Right, this ambition. He had seen all sorts of individuals since he came to this city, but somehow Hideo had the same high ranking and evaluation as these confident big-talkers. He cared little for Ryuuta's one-sided promise from the front desk, but Hideo got the feeling him and Elsia, just like Shouki's team, were going to remain to the end.
He just had to believe he himself would be there with them to…
"Everyone, lend me your ears!"
An unfamiliar man suddenly barreled right into the middle of their friendly chat.
The tips of his hair curling upwards, his bangs in a seven to three ratio straight out of a shonen manga. Fas.h.i.+onable, tasteful jacket. But his expression was urgent.
In the next instant, the world's truth was divulged from his mouth.
"Roswell really existed!!"
"S… Say whaaaaat!!?"

The ones who screamed with Wilco, alongside Ryuuta and Lily. Meeko and Elsia were so engrossed in their own talks they weren't listening.
"Master. Master, this is the time to play along. What's the point if you don't have some fun?"
"Right, right."
Lily nodded to that one. And regaining himself, Ryuuta scratched his head.
"Nah, I was overwhelmed by his strange intensity… but come to think of it, Roswell itself is a place that actually exists."
Ahahahahah, the three laughed.
Hideo alone was left to the wayside. His eyes met with the man from before.
"My apologies… how could I have forgotten to introduce myself. My name's Kobayas.h.i.+, I'm the lead reporter of Magical Mystery Magazine Reportage, MMMR for short."
"Kawamura. Hideo."


Hideo exchanged a firm handshake.
What was MMMR? That was simple. Constantly proposing how the turn of a magic UFO's rotor could produce a hurricane halfway around the world, its wild arguments stupefied the general public while gaining immense popularity in certain circles. An occult column published in weekly Fry-D. Its reports were periodically compiled under its own Magical Mystery Magazine label.
"… And so?"
"You still don't get it!? My goal in coming here—!!"
He could get this man was at his wits end, but until he explained a bit more, the rest eluded him. He shook his head once. Kobayas.h.i.+'s eyes snapped wide open.
"I'm saying that extraterrestrial lifeforms really exist—!"
"S-say what!?"
Wilco and the others showed exaggerated surprise behind him.
Lily once again broke into jovial laughter.
"I know about monsters and angels and spirits and youkai and G.o.ds are out there, but aliens are a bit… you know?"
Ryuuta was holding his stomach.
"I know, right? In the first place, appearance-wise, this town is loaded with lifeforms far stranger than aliens, isn't it?"
Seeing them not even attempt to believe, Kobayas.h.i.+'s head hung in abject despair.
"Kuh…! I knew it, everyone here's already been brainwashed by the government… I was too late… it's all too late…"
He was quick to get worked up, forceful in his depression, and seeing that, Wilco and the others shared a laugh so… Hideo could no longer sit still.
"No. Umm… I'm sorry my. Friends are being. So rude."
"!? They haven't gotten to you yet…!"
This was a little. A little bothersome, but Hideo had a nature that made it hard to turn away door-to-door salesmen and religious proselytizers. Of course, thanks to his silence and the terribly look in his eyes, they would always turn back on their own, but this man had an intensity that didn't lose to a murderous glare.
"I need your help to save the human race! You'll understand everything if you meat him!!"
Kobayas.h.i.+ grabbed Hideo's arm and ran off before he even had a chance to reply.
"Wait, Master!? Where are you going!?"
That's what he wanted to know. He quite wanted to stay and see the exhibition matches.
"Good luck, Hideo!"
"Tell us all about it later!?"
With Ryuuta and Lily casually waving him off, Hideo was forcibly apprehended.

Since everyone was gathered in Center plaza, there wasn't a soul to be found on the streets. Kobayas.h.i.+ told him to wait at a still, seedy corner and disappeared.
"Even so, master. You've drawn in yet another troublesome one…"
Honestly, he thought so too. At this point, all he could really do was wait… for whatever was going to appear.
"Sorry to keep you waiting!"
Gogo…… gogogogogogogogo…!
Within a bizarre atmosphere where he might hear such sound effects, it appeared. It was no human, it stood around as tall as a child, on the thin side, yet its head and eyes were oddly large, its body silver all over…
"Ma… mamama… Masteeeeer!! A real weirdo finally appeared!!"
Wilco was trembling all over.
Alien. A so-called Little Gray.
"… Wait, master, why are you more disappointed than surprised!? What, were you expecting a silent, book-loving high school girl type alien?"
"… No way. Perish. The thought."
That aside. Kobayas.h.i.+ emphatically explained.
"Do you believe me now…? At this rate, humanity will collapse under the invasion of extraterrestrial life!!"
"S-say what!!?"
Wilco cried out, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with shock at this impending crisis.
"But what's your basis for that!?"
… He may be a little hopeless. This person.
"Hold it. I'm not taking shots in the dark… my years upon years of investigating under MMMR have fostered a superior intuition!!"
Thought it was still just a hunch in the end. Still, a certain detective did say did say the most important boon was intuition backed by experience.
"Umm, so in the end… what do you want us to do?"
Kobayas.h.i.+ suddenly hung his head in sorrow.
"… There are things out there even I… Don't know…"
"Oh really…"
Wilco looked inquisitively into the gray's almond-shaped eyes of pure black.
"Pikopo. Pupipipi…"
"It talked!?"
Rather than a retreat, Wilco full-blown jumped back. Hideo personally thought it sounded more like 8-bit boops than actual speech.
"Piko. Pupipo…"
The gray tried to gesture something out with his hands. He was wearing something like a complex wrist.w.a.tch on his left wrist. It was blinking with somewhat strange calculator digit-like somethings, and the alien was trying to emphasize it to Hideo, the only level-headed one in the bunch.
Do you want to know the time? Perhaps if he was human, but that flas.h.i.+ng display didn't seem to be changing. No, look at it from the other way, maybe he was the one who wanted the time.
"… Is it broken?"
Along with what sounded like an affirmative, the Gray nodded twice.
"S… say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?"
Even Kobayas.h.i.+ cried along this time.
"You can communicate with him!?"
"Master, when did you pick up that unique skill!?"
… Did they not hear him simply ask in plain j.a.panese? Whatever the case, taking out a pen and notepad, Kobayas.h.i.+ began prattling rapidly.
"Carry on! I have to record the whole story, I have an obligation to expose this truth the government's covered up to the world!!"
Hideo refrained from prying too deep. Since there actually was a Gray here, this would inevitably be nothing but trouble.
But what should he ask?
"… Is that. A watch?"
"Piko… buu?"
That was ambiguously wrong, by the sound of it; the Gray shook its head.
Start by thinking back on the situation. The alien was trying to say something about this wrist.w.a.tch-like object. He came from outside of earth. Yet despite that, it was the only thing he was wearing.
He only had the discernment of a modern earthling but,
"… Is it. Something important?"
It looked like he could go at it from this angle. Something important. If it were him, what would he bring when setting off into unfamiliar land. A clock. Money.… he got the feeling the money and weren't it. A visitor from beyond the stars. Then perhaps this wasn't a trip but an exploration? A compa.s.s? It may be a compa.s.s. Something that let him know the earth's coordinates.
"… Is it a compa.s.s?"
The same reaction as before.
… No. no, no, no. Wait, wait. Wasn't he a holder of high enough intelligence to reach a separate planet through s.p.a.ce? The clocks and humanity used would be long obsolete. Wasn't that why he couldn't bring himself to nod?
"… Is it by any chance. A multipurpose device that includes. Both a clock and a compa.s.s?"
Oooooh, the outfield was astir.
Once again, a new action from the little man. Like an old tokusatsu hero, he brought the device to his mouth area. It talked into it, it moved its mouth.
(… I've got it.)
The alien showed it to him, the only one who seemed up to listening to what it had to say. And while it was able to understand what he was saying, it only had the means of conveying yes and no.
Hideo asked with conviction. This alien presumably possessed a means of communication.
"… Is it. A translator?"
The sound of a resounding success.

"Hmm~? This is…?"
As she had once done to infect Javan, Wilco touched the Gray's wrist.w.a.tch translator. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on something.
"… Aah, no way to be certain, but it's probably bugging out."
"You can tell!?"
Wilco opened her eyes again and sent Kobayas.h.i.+ a nonchalant nod.
"Wilco can't make heads or tails of the algorithm or script but… from a rough overlook, it's unnatural. To put it in simple human terms, like there's a hole in the hieroglyphs, part of the stone it was carved into is missing."
Something that a human couldn't even grasp in the abstract, she could pick up just as easily as visual information.
"Ah? Now this is… Mr. Gray, could you please try speaking in a more general sense?"
"Pikopupo… pipopurupopo…"
"Did you get anything from that!?"
"Yes. It's not completely gone-case, so…"
The alien was still able to understand their words. It was simply that his own words weren't translating. The program was operational when he spoke. From its s.h.i.+fts and movements, Wilco had grasped the general workings of the translation system. And.
"Fill it in… chip away… this one probably goes here… Will.CO21 is working. Please wait."
She entered work mode.
Gulping down as he watched over this miraculous marvel, Kobayas.h.i.+ asked.
"You, what exactly is she…!?"
"… Yes. Well. Just that sort. Of girl."
"I see! So that's it…!"
The pen in his hand gallantly dashed over the memo pad. If he got used to it, perhaps he was actually quite easy to deal with. However.
"Will.CO21 is working. Please wait."
"Will.CO21 is working. Please wait."
It was taking a while. Perhaps an unfamiliar language was a whole new ballpark. She was unmoving like a frozen computer. After they had waited around ten minutes, Wilco suddenly snapped.
"AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaah, this is taking way too long!! What gives, Wilco isn't getting anywhere even when processing with a server! Let's change locations to someplace with broader circuits! She'll hack some supercomputer into running in parallel and…!"
Processing it seemed to be a terrible load.
"Hah? Mother s.h.i.+p…? Through this port…"
Pipi, the display on the wrist.w.a.tch translator s.h.i.+fted.
"Wait, wah!? Fast!! Too fast!? Disgusting!? Creepy!? What even is this processor!?"
"Pi… popi…er… linked you to the Mothers.h.i.+p's main computer. A quantum computer not of this earth."
He spoke. His voice was a like broken, badly-acted alien from a comedy skit, but it properly got across.
"Uhah… that was a surprise… so this is quantum computing…"
Her work was complete, Wilco shed a good sweat, along with some nervous cold sweat.
"Thank you. Thanks to you, it looks like I can get in touch with the mothers.h.i.+p now too."
Kobayas.h.i.+ eyes shot wide open.
"Meaning the mothers.h.i.+p is already closing in on earth for the invasion!?"
"That is correct."
After freezing up for an ample few-dozen seconds.
"S-say whaaaaat!?"
Wilco and Kobayas.h.i.+ cried out in unison. Oddly enough, the MMMR Lead's induction was right on the money.
Unbeknownst to any, there was another taking peeks at them from the shadows.
"… Lieutenant! Can you hear me, Lieutenant! This is Smoke!"
'This is Leutenant! What happened, Smoke!'
"Found the target! But that's the least of our worries…!"

"Pardon my late introduction. I am an alien."
"We are. Peace-loving. Humans."


Hideo exchanged a firm handshake with the Gray.
"My name. Is Kawamura Hideo. This is Wilco."
"Nonono, Master!? Didn't that Gray just say something about invasion!?"
"That is correct. This ☆ is…"
Did he mean to say star? It did seem there was still a little influence from the bug.
"Soon going to be under our rule."
"… Why. Is that?"
When Hideo released the handshake and asked, the Gray nodded.
"That is because Humankind is a very belligerent species with a high level of intelligence."
"But what's wrong with that!?"
This time the Gray nodded to Kobayas.h.i.+.
"I was dispatched by the ◆○♪× galactic federation to investigate this ☆."
"W-what? Where again? I couldn't pick that one up…"
"Ah, Kobayas.h.i.+, it's no good. Proper nouns have no corresponding p.r.o.nunciation, so the program isn't converting them…"
"I see, so that's how it works!"
That must also be why he purposely identified himself as simply an alien.
The Gray continued on.
"We are working to preserve the peace and order of s.p.a.ce. For that sake, agents such as myself are sent to all ☆ that reach a certain level of civilization. Based on the report, the government will hand down a final verdict."
Meaning, he left as a preface.
"Whether or not that ☆ is worthy of being our comrade."
"and so…"
Wilko timidly asked.
"It was no good? Earth is…"
"That is correct. We started off by contacting this ☆'s greatest authority, the American government. They promised us peace on earth, but how did that turn out?"
The Gray defiantly shook its head.
"Even now, the conflicts fail to die out. When the species' ethical level is supposed to have sufficiently reached its maturity. If such a species is to advance into s.p.a.ce…"
"… Peace and. Order will be lost… you say."
It nodded at Hideo's meek voice.
"I heard there was an existence apart from the government that has ruled this world from ancient days, and seeing it as one last ray of hope, I came to this tournament that was said to determine that existence. I concealed my status to investigate as a partic.i.p.ant…"
"Wait, you two are partic.i.p.ants!?"
"I just came because I was sure this was where all the aliens were gathering!!"
Just like Ryuuta and Lily had nothing to do with Aliens, Kobayas.h.i.+'s mind didn't even stop to consider a world of swords and magic.
And this tournament's front desk really didn't care as long as one member was non-human.
"But even here, all I have experienced is disappointment."
Hideo and Wilco were barely avoiding any dangerous matches. But that was the rare exception, and a majority of matches in this tournament were battled under the basic rule. From the eyes of one who wanted to avoid violence, the grand winner would be simply the strongest in battle. This would be a world ruled by such an ent.i.ty. Perhaps his disappointment was inevitable?
"And so, this ☆ will have to be brought under our management. From the eyes of humanity, that will likely be seen as an invasion. From humanity's nature, there will be a resistance, we do foresee some tragedy. But in order to avoid a great s.p.a.ce war to come, we have little choice…"
"How could this be… are you saying Humanity will collapse!?"
If that was true, it really would be terrible. There were already plenty of alien invasion movies like that, and it was scary how easy it was to imagine.
"Umm… what do we do, Master?"
"… There are things out there. Even I… Don't know…"
He borrowed Kobayas.h.i.+'s words, letting his thoughts turn on what he would actually do when his eyes suddenly stopped on a certain something.
A cardboard box. It had the logo of Ehime Mikan, a sort of cardboard box one might stumble upon anywhere, and he got the feeling it was moving.
"I blew it, Lieutenant! My cover's been blown!"
'Smoke, hurry and hide yourself! The earth has a magic item called a cardboard box!'
"This is Smoke, I'm already in one…!"
Strangely deep voices were exchanging contact over a radio. Even the Gray finally noticed.
"Excuse me, who is there?"
"Dammit, now that it's come to this, I just gotta go for it..!"
'Wait, Smoke…!'
Shaking off the order from the radio, the box sprung up.
Came Wilco's maniacal voice. She couldn't be blamed. The legs that sprouted from under the cardboard box. No. Rather than legs… there were far too many of them, almost like tentacles.
A few of them reached up to cast aside the box, and what emerged was something like an octopus or jellyfish wearing a military field jacket.
"That's as far as you go, Gray!"
"That form is…! Mars special airborne battalion, Fex Hound!?"
"S-say whaaaaaaaaaaat—!?"
It was a Martian.

"Let me guess. You are the one who broke my terminal and keeps obstructing my investigation!"
"What you're doing is clearly intervening in domestic affairs!"
Smoke said as readied himself with a survival knife in a left tentacle, a ray gun straight out of a children's picture book in a right one.
"This planet hasn't reached the development point yet! Early military intervention's a clear breach of treaty! This'll be a diplomatic issue with the Milky Way Alliance!"
"I am no more than an agent of the ◆○♪× Galactic Federation. All I have done is report what I have seen, the decision lies with the government."
Save us Javan, Hideo suddenly thought. Hurry up and become a s.p.a.ce sheriff.
"Dammit! I knew talking was pointless…!"
'Wait, don't be hasty Smoke!'
Smoke took the initiative.
'Eat this! Martian-trained Close-Octo-Combat!'
The movements of his tentacles flowing out of his body like a stream had captured the Gray's thin slender arms.
"You fool."
The gray let off a faint wave of light from the palms of his spread hands.


With a sci-fi sound that somewhat ignored the laws of modern physics, Smoke's soft body was sent flying smack dab into a concrete wall.
'What happened Smoke!? Answer me! Smoke? Smoooooooke…!!'
For some reason he heard a desperate cry from the radio that brought a game over screen to mind. Like putty peeling off the concrete, Smoke's body fell flat to the earth.
"D… d.a.m.n, he's too powerful…!"
"There is no way you can reach us with your level of civilization…"
The Gray shook his head with a sigh.
"Physical a.s.sault against a diplomat is the real break of contact. And this is only further proof this Mars of yours is a low-level civilization no better than earth…"
Wilco meekly raised a hand.
"Umm… so Wilco's not really following… can someone explain?"
Well, from what he could glean off their conversation, the Gray's ◆○♪× Galactic Federation was a civilization of superior technological might, proclaiming itself the intergalactic police to preserve the peace and order of s.p.a.ce… probably.
Proclaiming that was overbearing and wis.h.i.+ng for the self-governance of the intelligent lifeforms of each planet, a number of planets somewhat inferior in both civilization and military might had gotten together to proclaim themselves the Milky Way Alliance. This had put them at odds.
Either the order to suppress violence, or the freedom fundamental to human rights. Their civilizations had reached the point where they could span the s.p.a.ce between stars, and yet they still hadn't resolved this difficult problem. Because it was so difficult to regulate, their disputes were unending.
There was no way your everyday shut-in had an answer to that one. The s.p.a.ce had already devolved into a quarrel between the Gray and Amoke.
"It's almost like the endless arguing of the cold war."
Kobayas.h.i.+'s expression turned conflicted. That was presumably because it was a problem with no answer. If either side overestimated their own justice, it would advance into a military problem.
"Yes? What is it, master?"
Perhaps she had grown tired of it, as Wilco was there in body but not spirit.
"Let's go. Home."
"… You gave up, huh master."
"The turn of the century past, yet you're telling me humanity can't escape it's downfall!? Nostradamus!!?"
He had no idea who Kobayas.h.i.+ was shouting at, but that wasn't so.
"Arbitrarily. Coming to someone's planet. Shouting this way and that way. I am not amused."
In the first place, he wanted to enjoy the food and drink while elegantly watching the exhibition matches, so what fun was he supposed to get out of standing around by this drab roadside listening to these uninteresting unending quarrels?
"What did you say!? I'm here fighting for your planet's…!"
"I wonder about that. Even if that is the stance of the Milky Way Alliance, doesn't Mars just want a route to colonize the earth?"
"Urgh!? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d…!"
Even if society and science progressed, perhaps philosophical development was more difficult.
(… In that case.)
Hideo cut in between the two who looked like they were about to start grappling again. They were both quite peculiar to the touch, a texture that was definitely out of this world.
"What, don't you get in our way!"
"This is our personal problem. You are to cease and desist."
"I obstinately. Refuse. If you want to order me around. You will have to start by. Proving your own intellectual superiority."
"Oh, master's negative aura's slightly up. He's in serious mode!"
After exchanging a glance, the Gray and Smoke turned to Hideo again.
"An interesting proposal."
"But how do you plan to test that out?"
Hideo took a breath. He stuck up his index finger.
"We're going to watch. A movie."

"I see. A movie is the most developed form of comprehensive art on earth. A splendid proposal to surmise one's intellectual level. Though I have never seen one myself."
They had come to a rental video store. Naturally no one was around, with only the mask at the counter tiresomely flipping through a magazine.
"Hey, look who we have here. Hideo and Wilco. Is the party already over? … Wait, you have quite the peculiar pair with you today."
"Human. It is presumptuous to judge on appearance."
"That's the one place I'll agree with you there."
The mask looked just a little bit pressured by the two small visitors from beyond the stars. He turned back to Hideo as if to pretend he never saw them.
"… Ummm… are you here to see something?"
A nod.
While this was a rental store, it had hopped on board the recent trends and installed private screening rooms with large monitors like one might find at a net café. However, by Lily's order, any 2D works with depicts of excessive moe could only be lent out under the table.
"You're all watching? In that case, take the biggest room."
He took the key and headed straight to the western action movie corner.
"Just look at the number of violent works! Would you not say it speaks to humanity's true nature?"
"How about you try opening your eyes? Their primary weaponry is still gunpowder-based firearms and bombs. That should be more 'n enough evidence to see they're below development point."
The critical situation was watched over somewhat awkwardly by Kobayas.h.i.+ and Wilco.
"So… Hideo, was it? What exactly are you planning on showing them?"
"Master~, action movies will clearly have the opposite effect. The human dramas and comedies are that way…"
The moment he spotted it, Hideo grabbed the tape without hesitation. Wilco and Kobayas.h.i.+ never seemed to grow tired of shouting out in surprise, but he was bored, he wanted to see it again, he was going to get some entertainment out of this.
He didn't know about civilization and what not, but if they boasted an equal sense of ethics, then no doubt they would understand. Not how far their morals had developed, but the progress of humanity's own virtues.
The t.i.tle of the movie was 'Rambo: First Blood'. A monumental action movie everyone had at least heard of.

While the Gray and Smoke were complaining at first, they soon lost their words.
At the city the protagonist Rambo stopped by to meet a dear friend, he is arrested by the sheriff over a terrible misunderstanding. But that ended up awakening his 'wounds' as a soldier back from Vietnam. With numerous deputies in hot pursuit, Rambo flees into the mountains relying only on a single knife.
Yet despite their overwhelming numerical superiority, the deputies are unable to apprehend Rambo. When he was injured, he treated himself with whatever was on hand, using the nature around him to lay clever traps and force his pursuers back.
"No matter how low level your society is, why must he drop even lower to set such primitive traps…"
"Snff…! To think there were such soldiers on earth too…!"
Not that all soldiers were like that… albeit, he could easily imagine the Colonel performing similar feats. The Gray and Smoke were already in Rambo's cage, gulping as they looked over scene after scene.
Rambo narrowly escapes the encirclement on the mountain and manages to come back down to town. But reality is never easy on him. No matter how skilled of a veteran he may be, Ranbo is as alone as he has been since the war. His heart and mind run ragged, at the end of the rope, he's surrounded by even more troops than on the mountain…
The end credits rolled past with a melancholic melody.
"O… oooooh…! What a… what a tragedy it is…!"
The Gray's face looked stricken with grief. On the other hand, perhaps a fellow military man had much to think, as Smoke barely wrung out a tattered voice.
"When he was such a hardened soldier… I see… so that's how it was, Rambo… Kuh…"
Enduring the heat at the corners of his own eyes, Hideo calmly began to explain.
"… That's right. It's not as if he wanted. Money or fame. All he wanted was, to live. In peace. Only that… the madness of war. Wouldn't permit that…"
Basking in the afterglow of the story he had just seen, Hideo said whatever came to mind.
"A soldier of such. Hardy body and combat prowess. Yet a human is only human. The human heart is fragile, and fleeting. Not everyone can become. So strong in heart… that's why to obtain that repose, humanity has a longing for. Peace and freedom."
He carried on through a heavy silence.
"Certainly. Sad events still happen all over the world. But… every time, we come out wounded. By the realization of mistake. The reason being, humanity has the heart to know 'pain'."
Hideo ejected the disk from the reader and returned it to its case.
"I do not know, your history. But. We have already experienced the history you. Attempt to bring upon us. This message was left behind. As the result… if you fail. To comprehend that."
The DVD in one hand, he turned to the two.
"If you are low-brow aliens who cannot decipher a message on this level."
A true light residing in his 'demon eyes'. This wasn't a lie or a bluff, at that moment, Hideo gazed straight from the heart at these visitors from beyond the stars.
"… Come in however many billions of s.h.i.+ps you want. We will fight. But do not forget, when we do. It will be for freedom and peace. Every member of humanity will become a hero surpa.s.sing Rambo. To stand in your way."
Both the Gray and Smoke listened to each word dejectedly.

Once they left the shop, Kobayas.h.i.+ sighed.
"I haven't seen that one since I was a kid… but even watching it again now, it's still a masterpiece."
"At the time in America, it was disparaged for being too strongly anti-war… but master, you were speaking more seriously than usual today."
He couldn't just tell her he was just fired up after the movie. As the night wind blew over him, he had to wonder if it was really alright that he talked so big, acting as if he was the representative of humanity… with a chill, he watched over the Gray and Smoke.
The two aliens were discussing something a short distance away. If at the next instant he heard, "Alright, then war it is," what would he do…
"Master, master. You don't have to be so worried."
"… Why?"
"Nihihi… ever since she got in, Wilco's been playing around on the main computer of the Gray's mothers.h.i.+p. She's pretty much gotten the hang of it, so if the time comes… Nihohahahahah."
What? When the time came, what was she going to do?
"Mister Hideo."
The Gray's words had him turn blankly.
"… Yes…"
Had it taken a turn for the worse? Such worries were blown away as both Smoke and the Gray reached out their hands upon their return.
"It is still unofficial, but we are considering nonintervention from both of our parties in regards to this ☆. Perhaps this opportunity will resolve the cold war between our star systems."
The way he spoke, it sounded like Smoke was in on it too. With a face that was possibly smiling, he extended the tentacle that was tucked through his right sleeve.
"Our higherups are already moving towards mediation… be honored, you're the hero who brought peace to the cosmos! Hideo!"
No, was that really something that resolved itself so easily? Rather, was he just an idiot for thinking so deeply about order, peace and freedom? Wilco also seemed quite let-down herself.
"… Wilco understands how badly you want to retort, Master. But for now, perhaps you should shake hands…"


And like that, three parties representing three different planets exchanged a firm handshake. In no time at all, Kobayas.h.i.+'s compact data collection camera flashed out repeatedly.
"Stick out your chest, Hideo! You just saved humanity from imminent destruction! This is the greatest scoop in MMMR's history!!"
"… Umm, could you leave out. My face…"
"I would also ask you keep this off the record."
"I need ta maintain the confidentiality of my unit…"
The two said yet didn't relent on their handshakes, their smiles (?) uncrumpling. What was this, seriously, what just happened?
"Don't worry… our magazine has a policy of mosaicing everyone except gravure models!"
As expected of weekly Fry-D.

It was dubious whether it was a commemorative photo or not, but the photoshoot finished.
"We pray that someone as peace-loving as you may become the representative of this ☆. Mister Hideo and Miss Wilco, I will give you my win ☆ as an investment towards that."
"Uhaaah. We were up against a true weirdo, so this win is a G.o.dsend."
And in an air as if all was said and done.
"However. Please do take care. Mister Hideo."
"… Indeed. It's probably best if we told you."
The two nodded.
"While we were discussing stuff, we each got word from our mothers.h.i.+ps. There's a ma.s.sive energy reading underneath this city."
"Both of our sides are currently a.n.a.lyzing the specifics, but…"
Then was Lena telling the truth at the entrance ceremony when she said there was an atomic bomb? No, in that case, there wouldn't be an energy reading until it exploded. Perhaps… well, with a decent amount of people living here, perhaps it was just the power generator.
"Net time, not as an investigator, I hope to come as a peace-bearing envoy. Well then, goodbye."
"I also have to get back and report the truth this very instant! You better look forward to MMMR's special feature!"
The Gray and Kobayas.h.i.+ waved themselves off as they made off for Center. Win or lose, it wasn't like they had a judge to begin with but… whatever works. Perhaps it would work out if they asked at the front desk.
Wilco lowered her eyes to the remaining martian.
"… Come to think of it, Smoke, did you slip in as a compet.i.tor?"
"No. I've been stalking that Gray a while. I infiltrated this city on a secret mission."
Smoke said, launching himself under the Ehime cardboard box.
"Lieutenant, can you read!? This is smoke!"
'Hm, you did good, Smoke! That's mission complete! Now get back to base!'
"Roger! You heard him. It was short, but Hideo, Wilco, I won't forget about you two… I wish you luck on your journey!"
The box rustled as it slunk along the earth and vanished behind some corner.
"… Hey, Wilco."
"? What is it, Master?"
"Underneath this city. Do you suppose there's. A nuclear-capable bipedal walking ta—"
"There isn't."
She chopped.
And so Hideo achieved the greatest exploit of mediating the cosmos. But this accomplishment would prove completely useless to him, both in and out of the compet.i.tion.
The Sacred Demon cup was beginning to contract, closing its focus in on the scarce seats of the final tournament—

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