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Looking at this big fat fish, Old Chen was confused a second, then reacted and pushed it away. A fish is worth a lot of money. What's more, this fish looks very big, how could he shamefully ask for it?![please read at translateind0]

“Uncle, didn't you say you would cook fish soup for me if I caught the fish?”  Wei Mingyan had long guessed that he would refuse. He looked innocent and thrust the fish into Old Chen's hands. “I can't cook myself. Even if you give the fish to me, I can't cook it. Aunt is good at cooking. I still remember when I was a child she brought me a bowl of fish soup. It was delicious.”

Speaking of this, Old Chen's heart felt sour. At that time, his family was poor and he couldn't even bear to put salt in it. How could the fish soup taste delicious? Hun Zi's father did not give him food. He saw such a small child digging for food after two days of hunger. Old Chen's could not bear to see this. Only then did he tell his wife to give him some soup.

When he heard that the child was devouring the soup, he also said to his reluctant wife, “This child is one we grew up watching. If we can help him, maybe he will help us in the future.”

Aunt Chen was still unhappy. How precious was the fish? Their family did not eat enough. But still giving some to an outsider. “That's easy for you to say. I'd like to see if the child would help us!”

In other words, she is also a soft-hearted person with a firm mouth. Never the less, she still does it from time to time.[ not reading this at Translateindo? it's been stolen]

Although Hun Zi is bad, he is not bad to his neighbors who raised him from a young. It means that he never steals their eggs and greets them when he meets them.

Others didn't show up either.

But then Wei Mingyan became him. If he wanted to marry Yi Zhilan, the original image of Hun Zi would not do.

His small bench was done. Wei Mingyan took the bench and shoved back the yuan that Chen Tou had given back, and walked home with the bench.

Several neighbors who were enjoying the cool air outside looked at him and began to whisper.

The village is quite large, but everybody likes to gossip. The story of Hun Zi fis.h.i.+ng a sack full of fish spread like wildfire.

This boy used to go to other people's houses to eat and drink together, saying that he would pay them back when he was successful, but they didn't take it seriously. This was Hun Zi, when he becomes successful, they would all be buried by then.

But today, seeing this matter, how is it the same?

A few people discussed it and decided to go to Old Chen Tou's house to ask. Old Chen Tou's son works in the city, leaving only one grandson who goes to school in town. Usually, his son sent back enough money for their family to live, and his life is quite good. Although he is disabled, he likes to stroll around. He is also the kind of old man who has a better life in the village.

When the neighbor knocked at the door, Aunt Chen was stewing fish soup in a jubilant mood. Old Chen was smoking a cigarette. While smoking, he said triumphantly: “What did I tell you all at the beginning, I told you this child remembers kindness.”[if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been copied without permission]

“He used to be too poor to eat, but how did he suddenly think of fis.h.i.+ng when usually he is either huddled at home or going to town?”

“He grew up, he's 21. At his age, it's time to have children of his own.”

“That's exactly what I said.”

Just as they were talking, there was a knock on the door. Old Chen was delighted, “it must be Lao Zhang. They came to me. These people, they could even hear ants move.”

“I'll talk to them and ask them to stop treating the child like a monster all the time. After all these years, I haven't seen Hun Zi bully the villagers.”

[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters anywhere else]

Wei Mingyan didn't know that Old Chen's helping him by explaining to the neighbors. He carried a sack and a small bench to town.

The town is certainly more prosperous than the village. There is a special place to sell things. Wei Mingyan put down the bench and sat down there. He took out the fish in the sack and start fiddling with it.

Fish are still rare nowadays. He took out so many fish that pa.s.sers-by soon stopped to take a look.

Seeing that Wei Mingyan has been sorting them out according to size, a woman tried to ask, “young man, how much is this fish per-catty?”

Wei Mingyan clapped his hands. “I don't sell by weight, I sell by item.”

“The big one weighs seven or eight catties, five yuans, there are three pieces altogether. The two pieces there … weighs three or four catties, they are smaller; one yuan each, and the smallest kind, five cents.”

(1 catty = 600 grams)[we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo]

The onlookers looked at each other in bewilderment.

At present, the price of fish in the market is usually one or two yuans a catty, so buying it would sure be profitable for them. But these days people don't believe such things as a meat pie falling from the sky. Suddenly the small bench attracted a lot of people, but no one dared to buy.

(meat pie falling from the sky = getting lucky/something good out of nowhere.)

So many people looked while whispering, and the ruffian on the bench was not worried. They slowly began to scales from a big fish with a knife. Seeing that the scales would be sc.r.a.ped away, some people could not help asking.

“Young man, what are you scaling for?”

Wei Mingyan kept answering, “After scaling, this fish will sell for 4.9 yuan. If no one buys it, I will take it home and eat it myself.”

The eyes of some people who hesitated just now suddenly brightened, and they lost ten cents. That was also money!

Immediately someone stood up and said, “Can I buy half?”

Nowadays, people's family circ.u.mstances are not very rich, especially in their small town. They only buy fish for meat at festivals. If it weren't for the fish being too cheap today, they would rather look on in envy than buy it.

Wei Mingyan nodded cleanly. With a knife, he cut the belly of the fish and cut it into two halves. “Here, half. I'll spare you a change, two yuans, and four cents.”[please read at translateind0]

Even can save another five cents!

Looking at the big fat fish, the man counted the money from the small cloth bag. He handed it to Wei Mingyan, and left happily with the fish.

All the people present often buys vegetables in the market. They are used to weighing things with their hands. This time they definitely made money.

The first one started the process, and others also rushed forward to buy fish. When the last big fish was left, Wei Mingyan stopped selling.

His pocket was bulging with money, very few yuans, mostly 50 cents, and some change.[ not reading this at Translateindo? it's been stolen]

It should be about 30 yuan, which seems to be a small sum, but in this small town, a strong worker can only get 30 yuan after a whole month's work. That's how much money Hun Zi has saved his whole life.

He was carrying the last fish in the sack. When he was going home he looked up and saw Long-ge coming from the opposite side with his men.

Wei Mingyan smiled at them.

Long-ge hardly hesitated to turn his body around and leave.

His only advantage is that he knows what's going on, and he knows very well that the only thing he can be proud of in this small town is that he can fight. Now that he has been beaten down, and he would be foolish if he is not urged to do so.

Seeing him slip away, Wei Mingyan went back with the fish, knocking on the door of Old Chen's family once again.

“Uncle Chen, where is Aunt Chen?  I want her to do me a favor. “[ not reading this at Translateindo? it's been stolen]

[if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been copied without permission]

Twenty minutes later.

Aunt Yi opened her eyes wide in surprise, “What?  Hun Zi wants to marry my Lan Lan?”

No way!  How can this work?

Her family's Lan Lan is a college student!

How can she marry some sc.u.m!

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