Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 28 Part1

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“Sorry, cla.s.smate. I'm going to cla.s.s.”

She refused and left, even without knowing his name. The cla.s.smate watched her back fade away, something flashed in his eyes and he grasped the handle of his bicycle.

That cla.s.smate is Liu Wen. His family is very well off. Otherwise, how could he afford to buy this bicycle? As a student, before he entered this university, he was only interested in studying and wanted to become a college student by his own efforts.

But when he entered university, he happened to see a girl in a long skirt, with fair skin, sitting by the lake with a mobile phone and laughing at the conversation with the other person on the line. Then fell deeply in love with his cla.s.smate named Yi Zhilan.

Zhilan, what a beautiful name.

After seeing her beautiful face, Liu Wen fell in love.

He quickly launched his pursuit, but her answer was that she already has a sweetheart.

Liu Wen wasn't reconciled. He heard that Yi Zhilan's lover wasn't a college student. What qualifications does he have to be with her?

But, why did she refuse to accept him?

He walked on the school road with a dark face, thinking that a bicycle is not enough. Maybe the man has a bicycle too!

He heard that a company recently launched a watch. If he could buy one…

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“Lan Lan, would you like to go out with us this afternoon?” An Qin is good-natured and cheerful. Recently, she likes to go out with a bunch of cla.s.smates every night.

Recently everyone likes to ride bicycles or stroll together at dusk. An Qin likes this ‘activity' and invites Yi Zhilan almost every time before going out to play.

“I'm not going. I'm going to see Mingyan this afternoon.”

Yi Zhilan smiled and started packing. An Qin shrugged helplessly, “Okay then, you be careful on your way.”

Everyone in the dormitory now knows that Yi Zhilan has a boyfriend. She is still engaged and would get a marriage certificate as soon as she reaches the age of marriage. Every now and then, she would meet him outside.

She began to shout at the others again, “Who's going out with me today?”

One of the dormmates patted her shoulder. “I'm not going, and I'm still tired after walking around last time.”

“I've heard that Liu Wen bought a bicycle and coming with them from their dormitory. If you don't want to walk, you can take a seat on the back.”

The other roommates were not interested, but Huang Miao suddenly responded, “I'll go too.”

The expression on An Qin's face was a little unnatural, but she was the one who asked everyone just now, and of course, she had no choice but to say, “Then come with me this afternoon.”

Huang Miao's popularity in the dormitory isn't too good, probably because she always has a strange att.i.tude. She treats Yi Zhilan and An Qin; who are obviously well-off, coldly and talks with sarcasm. She is also very friendly to other roommates who are not well-off or somewhat poor.

Yi Zhilan is busy with in the daytime and supervising Wei Mingyan's meals in the evening. She also wants to help him look at the company's account books. She really has no time to think about this roommate's opinions.

As for An Qin; She was spoiled as she grew up. Of course, Huang Miao was not used to her bad habit. It's been a month. The relations.h.i.+p between the two is neither hot nor cold, it's just enough to greet each other every day.

That's why, when Huang Miao went out, An Qin didn't look happy. She gathers beside Yi Zhilan and spat out: “Didn't she always despise me, why would she go out with me? Something fishy must be going on.”

“Who told you to shout it out in the dormitory? Come one, come all! Like your in the market… I'm leaving.”

Yi Zhilan had a peaceful personality. Now she lives happily, and Wei Mingyan dotes on her. She can't be bothered to argue with others. She carries her small backpack and waves at An Qin with a smile. “I'll come back at night and bring you delicious food.”

“Hurry up! Knowing that you and your family's Mingyan are that good, you can't even wait a quarter of an hour!”

An Qin felt sorry when she saw the happy little woman. Such a good girl, good looking and good academic performance, why did she have to find a boyfriend so early?

Otherwise, how nice would it be to match Zhilan with her brother!

Yi Zhilan had just walked to the school gate when he saw a man standing at the side of the car with a pair of long legs and a toothpick in his mouth. Although he was handsome, his expression was rather ruffian-like.

She was suddenly fl.u.s.tered for a moment. Those days in the village, Mingyan was always like this.


Wei Mingyan heard the girl's clear voice calling him. He took the toothpick from his mouth and immediately smiled, “Lan Lan!”

When the girl approached, he complained a little grievance, “When I had lunch; I don't know how, but I got something stuck between my teeth. I didn't haven't been able to get it out, and it feels very uncomfortable.”

When Yi Zhilan heard him, she completely forgot the strange thoughts she had just now. She stood on tiptoe and said, “Open your mouth, I'll look at it for you. ”

“Look, it's here. It's very uncomfortable…”

The man obediently opened his mouth, and the girl tried to stand on tiptoe and pick it lightly with a toothpick. After a while, she got the meat out.

She breathed a sigh of relief and landed on her heels. She was about to say something to her lover. But when she saw him with his mouth opened and saw at his silly appearance. She burst into laughter.

Wei Mingyan did not understand what she was laughing at, but he kept his mouth open and asked vaguely, “Well?”

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 28 Part1

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