Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 32 Part1

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Yi Qingqing found Yi Zhilan's school, but she only knew the name of the school that Yi Zhilan took the examination of, and did not know her cla.s.s or dormitory at all. So, she just grabbed a girl pa.s.sing by and asked, “Do you know where Yi Zhilan is?”

There are so many people coming and going in and out of school every day, who would bother to remember other people's names unless they were in the same cla.s.s, so she certainly couldn't get an answer to such a question.

Yi Qingqing did not expect this to happen. According to her a.s.sumption, as long as she finds Yi Zhilan, she will surely find her parents. Then, won't the good days of wearing gold and silver come along?

But why did the first step go wrong?

In the evening, the school began to prepare to close its gates. The students went back to their dormitory or went to the study hall one after another. Yi Qingqing had no choice but to walk towards the outside of the school with resentment.

On the way, she b.u.mped into a girl who was running in a hurry with her head down.

“Ah!  Watch where you're going!”

Originally, Yi Qingqing was in a bad mood after a busy afternoon. But now, having such a collision; the fire ignited in an instant.

The female student, who also fell to the ground, looked up with red eyes and hatred. She saw Yi Qingqing's eyes full of enmity. “Don't you have eyes?!”

Yi Qingqing was stunned, and then her anger rushed to her head.

When she was in the village, although she was a girl, Uncle Yi and Aunt Yi spoiled her and bought her anything she wanted just by crying and asking for it. This also caused her childhood to be spent in the envy of other children in the village.

When she grew up, Yi Qingqing didn't like reading, so she made a fuss and refused to go to school. Uncle Yi spanked her for it. Eventually, she went to school crying, but it was only to play in cla.s.s.

When she finished junior high school, she could not get into high school at all. They had no choice but to follow Yi Qingqing's wishes and let her stop going to school.

She didn't go to work at the factory that was arranged by Aunt Yi, even though it was a leisure job that Aunt Yi got through a lot of pains; she even gave 'gifts' to help her find it.

She ate and lived at home, and also didn't help with work; Which girl in the village did not envy Yi Qingqing? Uncle and Aunt Yi loved their daughter. Even though they don't understand her behavior; not going to school and not going to work, but they were reluctant to drive her out. Yi Qingqing became even more selfish.

Now clearly looking at this woman hitting herself; but still speaking so bluntly, she didn't even think about it, rushed up and directly grabbed her collar, “clearly it was who you hit me! You're the one who doesn't have f***ing eyes!”

The female student who hit Yi Qingqing was Huang Miao. How would she have known that Yi Qingqing would get all riled up like this? Her face suddenly showed some confusion.

Since Yi Zhilan moved away, An Qin has also applied to move out of the dormitory. Huang Miao had no one to hate, but she still had a foul expression every day and even speaks even more loudly and crudely than before.

Although she didn't speak well before, everyone ignored her and let it go. But they all lived in a dormitory with such a person with a gloomy and dark face every day, the remaining girls left in the dormitory were a little afraid.

The boldest and least afraid of Huang Miao was An Qin who left, they consulted several times and discuss it, either to apply for a change of sleeping quarters or to choose to live outside of school like An Qin.

In the end, even the only remaining roommate couldn't stand Huang Miao and stayed at home.

Huang Miao was the only person left in the big dormitory.

The counselor didn't want to force people into this dormitory, but Huang Miao's gloomy appearance is too terrible. No one wants to share a dormitory with her, so she was pushed out.

Accurately speaking, she unilaterally separated herself from the others.

Huang Miao was small-minded. Although there was a rumor circulating in school that she was brought back by a group of students when she collapsed in a shopping mall, it was soon covered by new rumors; but she didn't think so.

Every time she went out, whenever someone looked at her; she would begin to imagine that these people were laughing at her, and her eyes would show some ferocity.

Everyone in the cla.s.s felt that she had a screw loose, so they slowly distance themselves. But Huang Miao thought it was better. They were afraid of her, so no one dared to laugh at her.

But today, although she b.u.mped into someone, she still cursed as usual. It was reasonable that the other party would leave in disgrace, but she didn't expect that the woman would dare to grab her collar.

Today, she actually went to Liu Wen to express her feelings. It was no surprise that the man rejected her. Now she was already full of anger. She was caught by the collar and burst out immediately.

“You b***h, who do you think you are?!”

Yi Qingqing didn't care about Huang Miao's curses. She was born in the village. The shrew fights in the village were not comparable to Huang Miao's. She slapped her.

Huang Miao held her face in a daze for a moment, then rushed up with even more ferocity. Soon the two women scuffled with each other, accompanied by screams, which attracted the attention of the school security guards.

Yi Qingqing miscarried, losing Long-ge's child.

She never thought that she was pregnant. When Long-ge arrived, she was sitting on the sickbed in a daze.

Seeing the man she was following, she immediately complained: “Long-ge, that cheap s.l.u.t beat me. You have to avenge me, Long-ge!”

Her face was full of resentment, but there was no sorrow after losing a child at all. But gradually, Yi Qingqing saw the expression on Long-ge's face. He was cold and didn't show worry for her at all.

Yi Qingqing suddenly panicked, “Long, Long-ge…”

Behind the man she followed for half a year, slowly came out another man. He was handsome, smiling and looked gentle.

Yi Qingqing's face turned white. “Hun Zi…”

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 32 Part1

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