Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 33 Part1

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Yi Zhilan's child was born smoothly. Since she found out that she was pregnant, she had been eating well and sleeping well. She was usually taken care of properly. She didn't even have to open her mouth, Wei Mingyan had already sent it to her.

There was no financial pressure and no emotional difficulties. Even the previous morning sickness was relieved after Aunt Yi came. Her husband accompanied her for a walk every day and there was a room full of books to read. Therefore, Yi Zhilan was very cared for, both mentally and physically.

Soon, accompanied by severe pain, she could feel the child leaving her body.

A pair of gentle hands trembled and touched her face. Wei Mingyan's voice was extremely fl.u.s.tered, but he tried hard to comfort her: “Lan Lan, does it still hurt?  It's okay, it's okay …”

Yi Zhilan knew that her cry had scared her husband. She smiled and asked weakly, “is it a boy or a girl?”

Wei Mingyan realized that he had forgotten to look at the child's gender. Fortunately, the child had been cleaned up and wrapped in a comfortable and soft cotton cloth. Aunt Yi's face was full of smiles, holding the baby's soft little body in her arms and beaming, “It's a boy.”

Yi Zhilan's pale lips curved into a smile, “I want to see the child …”

The child was carefully taken over by Wei Mingyan and placed beside Yi Zhilan. She smiled and looked at the little baby contentedly.

Aunt Yi asked with a smile, “Have you decided what his name is?”

Yi Zhilan heard her husband's magnetic voice say softly, “The name hasn't been written yet. His nickname is Wei Wei, taking the similar sound from ‘Only'.”    

(TN: The Wéi [卫 = a syllable from ‘guard'] in Mingyan's name sounds similar to the wei from Wèi Yi [唯一 [‘sole'/'only'] in his son's nickname.)

“Only?” Aunt Yi was stupefied. “Aren't you going to have a baby anymore?”

“No more.” The man cherished and touched the child's soft little finger. With infinite love in his soft voice, he said: “The birth of a child is too much suffering, Zhilan is also going to school, just one child is fine."

Listening to his explanation, Aunt Yi understood that it was still for her niece.

A satisfied and envious smile appeared on her face. When Wei Mingyan went out to get the towel that Yi Zhilan had already prepared, she said to her niece, “You didn't see it before. While you couldn't stand the pain in your stomach, Mingyan was also sweating, holding your hand and thinking of taking you to the hospital. I stopped him because it's so far away. Even if there were doctors in the hospital, there was no time left, and there were midwives at home!”

“Mingyan really loves you. When the baby was born just now, he didn't even look at it. He came directly to comfort you. Lan Lan, I'm glad you found such a good man. Your blessing is the best Auntie has ever seen!”

Yi Zhilan listened to her Aunt's words. Her mind was filled with the appearance of a man holding her hand nervously, cheering her on, as well as his worried and caring look, with a happy smile on his face.

“Aunty, I believe I will always be happy. ”

Four years later.

Yi Zhilan graduated. She did not go to the school's allocated job but came to her own head office.

Four years later, she is an intellectual. Elegant, always with a shallow smile on her face, not just to be polite, but happy from her heart.

She has nothing to be unhappy about. Her husband's love for four years made her as sweet as the little woman she used to be, so although she was becoming more and more skilled in handling company affairs, she had the same temper as before.

She entered the company smoothly, because Wei Mingyan is good at starting a company, but not very good at management. When Yi Zhilan was still in school, she had to help him solve various problems from time to time. From the first time, the company employees knew that this beautiful young woman was the wife of the Chairman.

No one can say that the two were not a good match.

A handsome and rich man, with a beautiful and elegant woman, coupled with their daily sweetness; Everyone thinks they should be a couple.

Of course, there are also people who want to seduce the richest man in City A, but the final result is often tragic. They lose face and lose jobs, leaving the company miserably.

To be able to enter the Wei Group is a kind of a lucky thing for them. Since they have seen the few that tried to stand out and seduce first, no one dared to take risks anymore and make a joke of themselves. Their monthly salary is already the highest in the industry. If they leave the Wei Group, where can they find such a good job?

There are a variety of companies under the Wei Group. Wei Mingyan usually takes a fancy to some industry and starts to make a bold move, and then by the time it's built and thrived, he had lost interest in the industry.

Therefore, the Wei Group can be said to be recruiting new blood all the year-round, continuously.

This day, it was the Wei Group's job fair again, and the company hall was already crowded with people.

Yi Zhilan quickly accepted the post of Vice President. Although her work was the same as before, now the employees can finally call her Chief Yi.

Because she has been living smoothly, she still had a tender face, with no trace of time on her face. As she went to work in the company; for fear that the young employees wouldn't respect her because of her young face, she specially bought a black business suit to wear.

The night before last, when she stood in front of the mirror in her new black dress-suit, she asked the man behind her, “do I look serious?”

Wei Mingyan replied with a smile, “Serious, I'm sure you can scare them.”

As soon as he heard this lie, Yi Zhilan gave him a grumpy push but eventually went to work in this black dress suit.

Now, in this dress suit, she looked at a large number of people looking for jobs downstairs.

The recruitment has been going on for three days now. She heard that a group of people have been accepted, but there are more people to interview.

Just looking for a moment, she suddenly remembered the doc.u.ment Wei Mingyan left in the office. She got a headache because of the man that constantly loses things, and was going to fetch them.

Huang Miao came to the Wei Group with a high school diploma.

She caused Yi Qingqing's miscarriage and ended a child's life, she was locked up for half a year. By the time she came out, the school had already dropped her out of their student body. Her family also felt ashamed of their daughter who had been in prison and refused to let her stay at home. Huang Miao could not help it. Half a year in prison has completely smoothed her temper. She started to work. At first, she went to those small shops, but because of the hards.h.i.+p, she could not help but steal things from the store. This was discovered by the boss. She was beaten out and didn't receive any salary.

Huang Miao knew she was wrong, and the boss threatened to call the police if she didn't leave. She had to leave in such a mess and find another job.

After four years of muddling around, she is still not reconciled. Looking everywhere to find a job in a big company, but her temperament is really bad. After working for a few days, she would have conflicts with her colleagues. The key is that every time she makes a mistake, she can only choose to resign or be expelled in the end.

Huang Miao is unwilling, she used to be a college student! She is the proud daughter of heaven! Her life should have been very happy, how can it be like this!

She regretted it countless of times. Regretting herself targeting Yi Zhilan because she has money. Regretting on going to that shopping mall. Regretting smearing Yi Zhilan's boyfriend. Regretting her fight with that woman, and ending up in prison.

If she had a good relations.h.i.+p with Yi Zhilan, she would have gotten a beautiful watch like An Qin, but all this had been ruined.

For so many years, the beautiful watches in the display case have been constantly appearing in Huang Miao's mind and have almost become an obsession.

She desperately wants to get a beautiful watch, but she can only look from afar through the window.

Huang Miao applied to Wei Group. Her educational background is quite acceptable for now, but she has no experience, not one bit. The person who recruited her was also very surprised. It was clearly written on her resume that she had been to so many large companies, but it turns out that she can't even do the most basic work.

He was dissatisfied with Huang Miao, but temporarily a.s.signed her of the role of running errands in spite of his desire to dismiss her, but now she is no longer the wayward student who would go mad every time she was upset. She has to bear her temper and send doc.u.ments up and down the stairs.

This is her second day at the company, but she doesn't want to do it anymore.

Whoever said it had good treatment and welfare?! Why can't she feel it at all?

She never thought that it would be because she didn't bother to learn anything. Huang Miao walked in the hallway with her angry face.

Just as she was going up and down the stairs, he saw a little lovely boy with big eyes full of stars, and fair skin. If it wasn't the boy's standard hairstyle, Huang Miao almost thought he was a little girl.

The boy's little face looked up and spoke politely with a milky voice, “Excuse me, Aunt…”

His voice was vague, soft and waxy, which could melt the hearts of any person who heard it. But it didn't faze Huang Miao, because she saw the exquisite watch on the little boy's white fat wrist.

It is very small, but the style is very beautiful, the second-hand is ticking quickly, as if to the beat of Huang Miao's heart.

A dark thought rose up in her heart and she looked cautiously around. Instead of making way for the boy, she slowly squatted down and squeezed out a smile on her face, which had not smiled for a long time. “What's your name, little friend?”

The boy frowned like an adult. For some reason, he didn't like the strange aunt in front of him, but when he thought of his mother's teaching him to be polite, he replied, “my name is Wei Wei. ”

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual Chapter 33 Part1

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