Wealthy Family's Warm Wedding Chapter 44

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Later, Gu Sheng panted hard and prop her head to his shoulders. Fu Yan stood at her side and pulled the thin jacket on her body. He was a little fl.u.s.tered and exasperated because her cell phone rang again.

It's Zhuo Ming, Gu Sheng tried to calm herself, then picked it up and looked at Fu Yan, "I have to pick it up!"

"Let him come here to pick you up!"

Fu Yan can't let her reject again, interrupting his good deeds. Isn't he has to see Zhuo Ming?

Gu Sheng looked at him nervously, but still follow his wish and let Zhuo Ming went to the hospital to pick her up.

"I will spare you today, but next time you will not be so lucky!"

Fu Yan reminded her, and then lifted her chin again, see her red cheeks, unconsciously began to get excited.

"When I'm leaving, what will you do?"

Gu Sheng has never taken such a long kiss. As a beginner, she is studying hard and adapting desperately, but she has recovered her mind at this time.

"Work Overtime!"

Fu Yan looked at the pile of materials next to him, his eyes flashed a bright light, and then he looked at her and said the two words.

Gu Sheng thinks that he is probably a workaholic. Zhuo Ming arrived at the hospital and call her. Gu Sheng was pestered by Fu Yan, kissed and touched, and finally coax him to stop with great difficulty.

"I will send you!"

Fu Yan did not allow her to resist, and directly pulled her away, Gu Sheng panicked and afraid, but could do nothing.

Zhuo Ming saw that someone pulling his fiancee out of the door and got out of the car, he is stupefied.

He was not unfamiliar with the man in the white coat, but this time he held Gu Sheng's hand, and his whole body exuded the kind of “If anybody blocks the way, kill without condoning” grandeur.

"Isn't this Doctor Fu? How come you are together?"

Zhuo Ming saw them approaching, his eyes subconsciously looked at their holding hands, and then tried to remind them in this way.

Gu Sheng didn't know how to explain. Then looked at Doctor Fu who was much higher than herself. Doctor Fu was still so sharp and in his words, there was not the least bit of respect.

"Why do we need to report to you if we are together? An incompetent fiancé who doesn't even know if Gu Sheng is injured. How do you act?"

Gu Sheng looked at him in horror, G.o.d, how can this man...

How can he flare up?

Zhuo Ming was speechless for a moment, Fu Yan opened the back door, stuffed her in, and said to her before closing the door: "Go back and take care of yourself, don't let others hurt you again!"

The words are not too light and not too heavy, but they are extremely serious.

Gu Sheng watched him leave with a gust of wind, her heart seemed to have a gust of wind,  tornado.

Gu Sheng sat directly behind, Zhuo Ming frown unhappily, looking at the woman in the rearview mirror against the scorching sun, "Gu Sheng, sit in front!"

"Isn't lately Gu Yun has been sitting there! I am not used to sitting in a place where other women have been sitting."

After Gu Sheng sat down, she was playing with her mobile phone, even her face had no expression. she was quiet when she finished speaking.

Zhuo Ming looked at Gu Sheng in the rearview mirror. He felt that Gu Sheng already knew his affair with Gu Yun. He was restless and started the car.

"If you don't like this car, I will change it another day, and the position of the co-pilot seat will be left to you alone. How?"

Zhuo Ming looked up at the woman behind, discuss with her with a good temper.

Gu Sheng yawned and smiled. Like gossiping, she asked, "That car, she never sat on it?"

"You hate Gu Yun so much? In fact, she is just young and ignorant."

"So, do you like her because she is young?"


Zhuo Ming suddenly felt he was powerless toward the woman behind him. He was so low and, she was still so sarcasm.

"Gu Sheng is there any misunderstanding between us?"


Gu Sheng thought, misunderstanding? If the child that Gu Yun sheds is not yours, I will go out and be killed by a car.

Zhuo Ming looked at her a little more, just find that her half of the face was swollen, his heart was more agitated. Gu Yun, that woman, wouldn't she drag him?


Fu Yan shut the door of the office, sitting inside, holding a piece of material and then sitting in the chair, and looking for the phone to make a phone call.

"Help me do one thing!"

"What can I do for you?!"

The male voice in the mobile phone is respectful.

"Gu Family's second miss, dig out all her black history!"

Fu Yan's look is cold and solitary, with no temperature.

"Gu Family's second miss, did she offend you?"

He hesitated a bit.

"She offended my wife, and it's equal to offend me! Quickly make her unable to become a person! "

Fu Yan hangs up after the explanation is over, puts the phone on the side and starts to look at the material, his posture is indolent, but the person over the phone is still holding the phone just like stricken by a thunder, because if he did not mishear, his boss said “my wife”?

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Wealthy Family's Warm Wedding Chapter 44

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