Nine Sun God King Chapter 660

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Bao Changshou's expression is calm and collected, he looked at the group of people and said in a stern voice: "All of you listen to me. If you don't want your entire family to be exterminated, then behave a little!"

"If I were to know that all of you are after Qin Yun, I will definitely slaughter your sect or family members to the point that not even chickens and dogs will survive!"

The words of a Half Immortal Realm cultivator filled with killing intent also frightened that group of people extremely.

Han Fenghu is also watching from the side with a blank expression!

He has been watching with a black expression since Elder Wen and the others were killed.

"Regardless of whether you are a Martial King or a Martial Emperor above billions of people! In front of absolute strength, you are nothing but ants! This group of people were Martial Emperors and Martial Kings. They behaved like they were above people but they did not know that there are Immortals beyond them!" Chu Binyu said : "In this world, ultimately the strong are respected!"

Although Elder Wen and the others were strong, they were still too weak in front of the Half Immortal Bao Changshou.

However, they were incomparably arrogant in front of Bao Changshou and even more, they shouted at Granny Ma.

This made Bao Changshou feel that he, the Half Immortal sect master, did not have the slightest bit of dignity.

Therefore, he also flew into a rage and directly killed that group of people!

At this moment, another two Half Immortals from the Immortal Weapon City arrived.

After hearing what just happened, the short bald old elder groaned : " You guys, seriously! why didn't you wait for me? You did not even leave a few for me to kill!"

"Old Cat, there will be more for you to kill in the future, those group guys will definitely take revenge! We have to protect our own businesses! If one of our mines is destroyed, we will destroy one hundred of theirs!" Bao Changshou said.

"En. When the time comes, I'll do these things myself. I've been in seclusion for so long, it's time for some exercise!" the short bald Half Immortal chuckled and said.

Everyone present has no doubts about Immortal Weapon City's determination. They could only be secretly fearful. They didn't even dare to leave this place, not even dare to take out a sound transmission conch to spread the news. That is because there are three Half Immortals watching over this place.

Granny Ma laughed : "I can finally wait here quietly for the results!"

Qin Yun and others rested for an entire day, their injuries are basically healed.

Up until now Xiao Yuelan was helping Qin Yun heal, now she has finally stopped.

It is now evening. Yue Bufeng looked at the sky and said : "The weather isn't bad. When the moon comes out at night, I can start searching for the Devil Beast Kings!"

At this moment, Qin Yun introduced Yue Bufeng and others to Xiao Yuelan. He said : "Yuelan, they are Yue Bufeng, Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng!"

Xiao Yuelan greeted them politely.

"This is my wife, Xiao Yuelan!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Your wife? You.. you actually have such a good wife!" Jian Ruyan curled her lips and spoke.

"Of course my fate is good!" Qin Yun said with a giggle : "Jian Ruyan, if you are like this, you won't find an ideal husband!"

"I, Jian Ruyan, will not marry, no one is worthy of me!" Jian Ruyan said proudly.

Xiao Yuelan looked at Long Qiaofeng and said with a frown: "Xiao Yun, is she from the Long family?"

"En, rest a.s.sured, she won't dare to be ras.h.!.+" Qin Yun immediately said, afterwards sent a voice transmission to Xiao Yuelan. He told her that Long Qiaofeng is a spy he bribed.

After Xiao Yuelan heard this, she also felt a lot more relieved.

Xiao Yuelan looked at Yue Bufeng and asked : "Yue Bufeng, are you familiar with Yue Wulan?"

"I'm rather familiar with her. I'm her paternal cousin!" Yue Bufeng quickly replied, he admires Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan greatly.

Especially Qin Yun. Because he was killed by Lu Lingtian earlier, Qin Yun suddenly appeared and saved him.

"What kind of att.i.tude does the Yue Clan have towards her now?" Qin Yun asked quickly.

"The elders of our Yue Clan wants to use her to capture you!" Yue Bufeng said : "They've been constantly trying to contact Wulan, they want her to seduce you. Furthermore, they would promise her to make her a new disciple of the Yue Clan!"

Xiao Yuelan laughed: "I will tell Wulan, she and I are both in Demon Moon Island!"

Jian Ruyan and the others also did not expect that Xiao Yuelan is actually a disciple of Demon Moon Island.

"No wonder Demon Moon Island made an exception and allowed Qin Yun to join. I never expected that it would be because of this reason!"

Jian Ruyan glanced at Qin Yun and suddenly understood the reason why he refused to join Demon Moon Island no matter what.

Because his wife is inside, it would be pretty easy to implicate Demon Moon Island.

Yue Bufeng looked at Xiao Yuelan and said : "I will definitely not reveal the matter between you and Qin Yun!"

"I also want to keep it a secret!" Jian Ruyan said.

"I will not reveal this matter!" Long Qiaofeng also quickly said.

Jian Ruyan did not know about the matter between Long Qiaofeng and Qin Yun, so she is skeptical and asked : "Long Qiaofeng, answer me honestly. Have your Long family a.s.signed any mission for you?"

"Temporarily nothing!"

Long Qiaofeng knew that Jian Ruyan did not trust her but she felt that it doesn't matter as long as Qin Yun trusted her.

"I don't believe it, the Long family most definitely want you to think of a way to seduce Qin Yun! You can see it now that he has a wife. You should not recklessly try to seduce Qin Yun!" Jian Ruyan said.

"I won't sell you guys out!" Long Qiaofeng said somewhat helplessly.

Xiao Yuelan gently smiled : "The sky is quickly turning dark. We can look for Devil Beast King very soon!"

Long Qiaofeng said : "I won't enter the top 16. You don't need to help me kill a Devil Beast King!"

Jian Ruyan frowned and said : "How can that be? I'm the team leader. I must let everyone get a spot, even though I don't trust you!"

"Up to you!" Long Qiaofeng sighed.

The sky darkened and the moonlight became much brighter.

Yue Bufeng closed his eyes and used the moonlight to search for Devil Beast King on the island.

Half an hour later, Yue Bufeng opened his eyes and said with a smile : "I've found a Devil Beast King. We'll have to walk more than one hour to reach it!"

"Then move quickly, don't let others s.n.a.t.c.h it away!" Jian Ruyan said with some excitement.

"I will be at front, Xiao Yun will be at back!" Xiao Yuelan said and then used transparent power to make herself transparent.

If Qin Yun used the transparent spirit pearl, he could become transparent. It is not as good as Xiao Yuelan.

"Yuelan, you can also become transparent?" Jian Ruyan asked in surprise.

"En!" Xiao Yuelan's soft laughing voice is heard.

"So powerful!" Long Qiaofeng secretly envied her.

Jian Ruyan and Long Qiaofeng both believed that Xiao Yuelan might be stronger than Qin Yun!

They suddenly felt that Qin Yun's origin is even more mysterious. He actually knew such an extraordinary girl and even became husband and wife.

"Senior Brother Yue, is your Martial Spirit the Moon Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun asked.

"Crescent Moon Martial Spirit. It is the weakest among all moon martial spirits!" Yue Bufeng said with a smile, he is extremely polite to Qin Yun. After all, he is his benefactor who had saved his life.

"That's not bad. It can be considered a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens!" Qin Yun is somewhat astonished. That's because not everyone can possess a Moon Martial Spirit.

"It can't be considered a martial spirit bestowed by heavens, unless my martial spirit can evolve to the Full Moon state!" Yue Bufeng shook his head and said with a smile.

This immediately piqued Qin Yun's interest. He wanted to give it a try. Through the Soul Refining Technique, he is able to help Yue Bufeng's martial spirit evolve to a Full Moon.

After Ling Yuner knew of Qin Yun's thoughts, she immediately said, "Xiao Yun, help his martial spirit evolve! If he has the Full Moon Martial Spirit, we can ask him to help us find big sister Yang, it will be much easier that way! Sister Yang's Black Moon martial spirit is the king of the Moon martial spirits! After we reach the Remote Moon Mountain Range, Yue Bufeng should be able to sense her!"

When Qin Yun heard this, he secretly felt pleasantly surprised.

"Senior Brother Yue, is there a lot of people in your Yue Family who possess the Moon Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun asked.

"Not many. Although we all have the surname Yue, we don't all have the same Moon Martial Spirit. Only a few of us do!" Yue Bufeng replied : "Of course, full moon is even rarer."

Jian Ruyan said : "Yue Clan's formidable moon inheritance is nearly extinct. The most powerful one of them is the moon rune. Moreover, among their ancestors there were people who possessed the Moon Lady Inscription Spirit but they did not inherit it!"

Yue Bufeng nodded his head and said : "That's right. This has always been a regret of our Yue Clan!"

Qin Yun is extremely interested in the Inscription Spirits. If he had the Moon Lady Inscription Spirit, he could carve moon runes more easily.

Their party have been rus.h.i.+ng madly for nearly an hour when they suddenly stopped.

"A type of Devil Beast King is nearby!" Yue Bufeng said in a low voice.

Xiao Yuelan said in a low voice: "I sense it too! Come on!"

Woof Woof Woof!

Suddenly, the Devil Beast King flew out. It is a huge three-headed dog and each of it's head have three eyes emitted a mossy green color light. It's over ten meters long and it's skin is coa.r.s.e and rigid and has lots of small thorns on it.

Qin Yun promptly released tree claws, through tree totem, he poured in his power into the ground and transmitted them to the tree roots!

Many tree roots shot out of the ground like huge claws, grabbing the four legs of the three-headed dog.

Jian Ruyan's Mental Sword was the first to fly over, piercing through the nine eyes of the three-headed dog.

The three-headed dog immediately howled!

Qin Yun leaped up and landed from the sky. He punched the three-headed dog's back with his fist. He used Extinction Dragon Five palms' power along with vibration power and poured them into the dog's body!


A smothering sound is heard exploding inside the huge beast's body.

Xiao Yuelan also promptly used her saber to chop off the four limbs of the three-headed dog.

Yue Bufeng kept sensing the surroundings with moonlight. If someone approached them, he would be able to detect it in time.

Long Qiaofeng also did not make a move. She is on guard standing to the side, allowing Qin Yun and others to fight with peace of mind.

Jian Ruyan held both swords in her hands, she unleashed Tian tier sword art. It's power is extremely formidable, easily piercing through the three-headed dog's head.

However, the three-headed dog didn't die. It was merely knocked down.

"Leave it to me!"

Qin Yun took out Lu Lingtian's sword and slashed at the three-headed dog's body, creating a large hole.

Xiao Yuelan and Jian Ruyan worked together to completely behead the three-headed dog.

Pretty soon Qin Yun extracted a black crystal core.

"You keep it temporarily!" Jian Ruyan said : "Tonight, we should be able to kill a few more of them!"

At this moment, Yue Bufeng frowned and said : "About 30,000 meters away, there are two people fighting! Two people are fighting but there are three people watching from the side. The fight is very intense! "

"Who could be doing it here?" Jian Ruyan asked out of curiosity.

"Don't tell me it's an Immortal disciple?" Xiao Yuelan said: "Those immortal disciples are very arrogant and only they would fight with disciples of other sects!"

"We should go take a look!" Qin Yun said : "If it's an Immortal disciple, he must be killed!"

Nine Sun God King Chapter 660

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