Raising A Fox Consort: The Cold Demonic Wang's Sweet Love Chapter 4

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Ice Cold Poison

It's just that no matter how much she tried to escape, the man wouldn't let go.

On the other hand, the more she struggled, the man seemed to subconsciously be afraid that she might leave, hugging her even tighter.

When she was hugged tightly by the man and unable to escape, Su Jiujiu felt the desire to cry.

Although she could be hugged by such a handsome guy and that was her dream come true.

The condition was that this man wasn't that cold ah—

If she were to be hugged by this man constantly, would she become a popsicle?!

If she knew this was going to happen, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn't have jumped on this horse carriage…

While Su Jiujiu desired to cry, it was unclear whether she was too cold or something but the feeling of tiredness surrounded her. In the end, Su Jiujiu couldn't help to be deep in sleep…

Su Jiujiu had no idea how long she had fallen asleep for. She only thought that the originally quick and rapid horse carriage had stopped.

Outside the horse carriage, rang a burst of anxious voices—

“Doctor Lin, are you here?! Doctor Lin—”

“What is the matter, bodyguard Lu?! This old man is here!”

“Doctor Lin, when our family's fourth w.a.n.gye went to Heifeng Zhai to wipe out the mountain strongholds, he accidentally suffered from the Ice Cold Poison. You, quickly save our family's fourth w.a.n.gye—”

“What?! Ice Cold Poison?! That Ice Cold Poison is highly toxic and those who suffer from Ice Cold Poison, if they aren't given the antidote in time, in less than two hours, they will definitely die for sure! How long did the fourth w.a.n.gye suffer from the poison…”

“This…Our family's fourth w.a.n.gye had suffered from the Ice Cold Poison for a full four hours…”

The tone in the last part of the sentence was filled with dread.

Originally, Su Jiujiu had been sleeping and was bewildered with the current events. When she heard the noises outside the horse carriage, she couldn't help to slowly wake up.

She slowly opened the black pupils of her eyes. Su Jiujiu raised her head and looked up.

Right then, the curtains hanging on the horse carriage was also lifted open by a pair of hands.

Suddenly, a burst of dazzling gaze directly shot in from outside.

She was already accustomed to the dark surroundings so Su Jiujiu, for some time, was unable to adapt to this piercing sunlight. She couldn't help to lift her claws and immediately cover her eyes.

Even though she had done this, Su Jiujiu could still feel that someone was coming in. Then, the man under her was carried and lifted out.

Su Jiujiu was hugged in the man's embrace and the man's clothes were wide so it covered Su Jiujiu's entire body.

Therefore, no one else seemed to notice Su Jiujiu who was hugged in the man's embrace.

Su Jiujiu was carried in the man's arms and after she slowly got used to the piercing sunlight outside, she gradually turned her black eyes around looking at her surroundings.

She saw that this place should be halfway up a mountain or some sort.

The surroundings were filled with endless mountains and trees of hundred years stood in great numbers.

In front of her was a simple and crude cottage.

In front of the cottage, there was a fence surrounding it. Inside, there was many unknown plants and flowers planted.

There was a group of ducks but was shocked by the sudden people, leading them to fly all over the place and let out ‘quacks.'

Although this was rather simple and crude, it was a place with great scenery!

The air here was fresh and clean. The birdsongs and fragrant flowers were best suited for masters who want to live in seclusion!

While Su Jiujiu was slowly observing her surroundings, not after a while, she and the handsome guy below her was carefully carried into the inside of the cottage.

“First place the fourth w.a.n.gye here. Let this old man feel his pulse first.”

When she heard this, Su Jiujiu couldn't help to be shocked in her heart.

Before, she was only thinking about escaping from the predators so she jumped on the horse carriage. Who knew that this handsome guy was actually a w.a.n.gye?!

In her heart, she was stunned but Su Jiujiu lowered her head to look at the man who was tightly hugging herself.

Although the man was still unconscious but between the eyebrows, the n.o.ble and imposing manner was born inherently.

As it turned out, he was the fourth w.a.n.gye…

Pondering over this, in her ears came to a questioning call…

“Oh, this is quite strange…”

“Doctor Lin, what's quite strange?!”

Hearing Doctor Lin's words, a man carrying a broadsword on his belt who stood by the side of Doctor Lin inquired worriedly.

Su Jiujiu couldn't help to raise her head and looked to the front.

She saw that by the side of the bed, there was an old grandpa. It was a.s.sumed that he was the Doctor Lin in people's mouth.

Besides Doctor Lin, there was one of the men who stood in the front, clearing the way for the horse carriage before.

Seeing the man's attire, it was obvious he was one of the bodyguards within the w.a.n.gFu or some sort like that…

When Su Jiujiu was carefully examining a couple of people in front of her, she heard Doctor Lin opening his mouth after hearing the man's words.

“It is reasonable to say that everyone who suffered from the Ice Cold Poison, if they didn't receive an antidote in time, in less than two hours they will definitely die. However, the fourth w.a.n.gye had already suffered from the Ice Cold Poison for four hours and he didn't die from the poison. The poison in his body seemed to be slowed down, not worsening. This is quite strange…”

While Doctor Lin talked about this, he had done acupuncture on the man on bed. On his face though, he was confused.

It's just that when Doctor Lin had placed the man's hand flat on the bed and saw Su Jiujiu who laid on the man's body, he was harshly shocked.

The pupils of the eyes stared at something beyond reach and under the bottom of his eyes, it was filled with surprise!

“Heaven! This is—”

“Huh?! How come there is a small fox in the fourth w.a.n.gye's arms?!”

Compared to Doctor's Lin's shock, Lu Zhan who stood by the side of the bed immediately opened his mouth in surprise. The face was bewildered.

Right after, he planned to raise his hand over and pick up Su Jiujiu who was laying on the man and throw her away.

After all, this was his family's respected fourth w.a.n.gye. How could he let small animals behave atrociously?!

However, Lu Zhan's hand just reached over when Doctor Lin immediately stopped him.

“Bodyguard Lu, please wait a moment!”

“Hm?! Doctor Lin?!”

When he heard Doctor Lin's words, he was astonished. Lu Zhan couldn't help to be stunned and held a questioning face.

It was just a small normal fox. Although this fox's appearance was extremely adorable, Doctor Lin didn't need to make a fuss about this?!

Maybe it's because he had sensed Lu Zhan's thoughts, Doctor Lin immediately opened his mouth to explain.

“Bodyguard Lu, you don't know but the fox in front of you is not a normal fox. If this old man didn't make a mistake in looking, this is the Firefox that had been extinct for a long time!”


When he heard this, Lu Zhan was first stunned then he seemed to think of something. His eyes followed closely on.

“Doctor Lin, you said this is a Firefox?!”

Doctor Lin opened his mouth, explaining Firefox's origin in detail.

“Before, this old man was still feeling strange. The fourth w.a.n.gye should've died already due to the poison so how come he is still alive? Plus, the poison in his body didn't worsen. As it turned out, it's due to this Firefox…”

Raising A Fox Consort: The Cold Demonic Wang's Sweet Love Chapter 4

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